Customer service is excellent. Very willing to work with you. Bands are made for bigger sizes wrists.

Pretty cool to get three for this price, but i think it’s cause they are not well made. The grey was much more metallic/silver and after two days of wearing each the print started to wear off, so have been a bit disappointed.

They are softer than the ones that came with the alta originally. Very flexible and fit perfectly. The color in the background is black. I thought it was navy blue, but the black goes great with the black face.

Very cute, came as described, fits good. The band is a little bit thicker than the normal band they come with and the clasp that hold it on are a little difficult but manageable.

I wear this everyday even with heavy lifting and it’s held up. No cracks in the band or loss of vibrancy. I put it through a lot of ‘abuse. ‘ it gets showered in, banded on things daily, and opened/closed frequently and no part of it has ever let me down. This is, in my opinion, the best replacement alta band, and much easier to use than the default bands (what was fitbit thinking with those).

These wristbands were a fantastic buy. I love the floral prints and have had so many compliments on them. I personally think that fitbits are unattractive and i feel like these bands make my fitbit look a little bit less like a fitbit.

  • Excellent replacement for original band
  • Not as sturdy as I would have liked
  • It doesn’t feel like it’s durable

Breathable material and easy to clean. I like that i’m able to remove it easily to clean or charge.

The band seems long at first, so i thought i ordered a large instead of small. Looks like the bands are just made to fit any size, which is pretty cool. Even on a small setting it looks fine with some overhang.

Really like this band – it’s soft and much less boring than the plain black.

I’ve been wearing this strap most of the summer. It is ‘air conditioned’ and makes my wrist sweat less than ones without holes. It is standing up nicely to my rough wear. And it is make of silicone and does not give my arm a rash like some of the cheapest bands.

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I bought this band after loosing my fitbit for the last time using the original band. I am a nurse and every time i would remove my gloves my fitbit would go flying. This band is comfortable and stays put. I have had it for about a month now and no problems.

Features of Lwsengme Silicone Strap Compatible with Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR Wrist Replacement Band Smart Watch Fitness Strap Accessory

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement Soft and Smooth Silicone Watch Band for Fitbit Alta/Alta HR
  • Silicone material: soft and smooth, comfortable materials for daily and nightly wear
  • Watch Band with Clasp and Fastener Only. The Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR Tracker is not included.
  • Fits for wrist size : 5.5″ – 8.1″
  • Light weight and innovative design,very perfect fit when you’re doing sports or travelling outside
  • Whether luxurious or simple, business meetings or leisure at home, there is always a wrist watch strap for you.
  • Choose the right watch strap, and the Lwsengme lets you get in and out of the way, helping you appear beautiful.
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Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I have gotten many compliments. These are made to fit almost any wrist from the tiny to the large.

These are great looking, easy to switch out, easy to clasp and unclasp, and wear very well. Highly recommended to keep your fitbit alta a happy part of your life.

These are adorable and very comfortable. The only problem i have is i’ve worn one for less then a week and parts of the design are rubbing off already. But it’s not horrible and the price was good.

I wear this band all the time and have only had minor issues with a rash – probably because i don’t clean it off as often as i should. It’s adorable though and i like it better than just the plain black band.

Great product, i will buy again in different colors. Great color and wonderful flexible material, easy to change.

I was really excited about these, but the black flowery one came with ‘barbie’ printed across the middle of both sides. As an adult, i don’t feel comfortable wearing that one. I feel as though the picture does not adaquately represent the true pattern, or i got a bad cut. But the other two are usable and came as pictured. The company is very reputable and their customer service is top notch. They offered full replacement of the one i couldn’t use or a full refund.

Replacement Soft and Smooth Silicone Watch Band for Fitbit Alta/Alta HR

One of the pieces from the metal clasp broke off after about a day of use, so i have to throw the band i wanted most away. Of course, i found the piece a couple days later, and it’s pressure fit, so i could have probably fixed it. Edit: seller was very quick to message me and offer a replacement for the broken strap at no cost to me. This more than makes up for the inconvenience of having one break.

The designs are so cute, and they are extremely comfortable. I especially like the buckle, which is much easier to use than the fitbit brand snap. I had ordered the smallest size, and it was a bit big for my wrist, but the material the band is made out of was easy for me to trim to size. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

I love this band and the price is unbeatable. I love the stars on the band compared to other bands that i found that are similar and have circles.

A great assortment of designs on these three black fitbit alta hr bands. Quality, product and price — great. Item was exactly as described.

I wish it came in a smaller size, to get it tight enough the strap basically doubles around my wrist making it bulky. I love the pink and black color though, so i’ll wear it for a while and get something smaller later.

They are great, easy to attach. The middle swirlie one has fairies on it like tinker bell-that was the one i thought i wanted the most, but ya, i’m not a fairy wearing type of gal.

Silicone material: soft and smooth, comfortable materials for daily and nightly wear

So, i was nervous because these are larger than they original fitbit band, and i have small wrists. While indefinitely recommend the traditional band for working out, this is so much more comfortable and wearable to me. I can wear it loose like a bracelet and it doesn’t make me feel as sweaty around the wrist as the traditional band, which didn’t feel right when i wore it loosely. These are so cute and i am really happy with this purchase.

I love love this replacement step for my fitbit alta. I wish they made a dark purple strap. I like the air holes throughout the strap. The original replacement strap from fitbit causes my causes irritation(discolartion)on my skin however i’ve been wearing this strap for 3 weeks and good news no irritation as occurred.

Bands have some kind of funny latch, unlike other alta bands, and they are a bit fatter than most. They are simply okay, but not the best i have found. I do like the variations on the black/grey color schemes.

The material is very soft and the bracelet is not flush with the top part of the fitbit. It doesn’t feel like it’s durable.

Love the feeling and the holes make it lightweight and air it out a bit. Very comfortable and fits great.

Love the various black and white designs of these bands. I noticed the length of these straps are longer than the original strap. These are easy to remove and attach. They are a reasonable price too.

I like this one better than the original alta band. I like the watch clasp better than the snaps.

Watch Band with Clasp and Fastener Only.

The only thing i didn’t like is that the clasp can be kind of bulky if it is on the hand you write with.

I really like the design and the bands are comfortable. I’ve had these bands for approx. 6 months now and i’m on my second band. The downfall is the design wears off over time, but for the price you pay, it’s well worth it.

Fits for wrist size : 5.5″ –