This is the softest, most comfortable band. Especially after having surgery on my wrist and hand and my scars are still a little sensitive. I ordered another one right away.

A little bulky but it protects my fitbit as intended especially when working out and playing with my dogs. I don’t have any issues with the fitbit slipping out of the band as some people claimed. I do have to take the device out to charge it though.

So much more comfortable than original band. Only issue is it is just a little bulky as it sits up off your wrist just a smidge but. If you want more protection, this is your product. I bought the colorful one and get lots of questions about where i got it.

Finally got what i was looking for. 4th band i’ve ordered from amazon. First one was magnetic black which is fine. 2nd one looked good good however a pain to shorten. Still in the box in 3 pieces. 3rd one was silver magnetic. They sent me a small said that was all they had. Connecting the first 3 to the fitbit was a pain. With this one no need to connect, fitbit just slides in. Also provides watch protection due to its design. If you are going out to dinner, sleeping, or doing light exercise the others are fine. If you get serious about working out this is the best one i’ve found. Only issue is charging as it takes a little work to get used to due to its width.

Provides good protection from scrapes and scratches. The fitbit can inserted and removed easily rather than struggling with the catches on the other bands. I do a lot of yard work and some dirt does collect under the edges of the band around the face of the fitbit but that is easily cleaned off when i take the unit out of the band to charge it. Band is long enough to fit around my ankle when i ride my stationary bike. It isn’t the most attractive band out there but it’s the best i’ve seen for my purposes.

Bought this to protect my fitbit charge 2 during outdoor activities. Love the colors and adjustable fit for all size wrists.

Lwsengme X4-TECH Replacement Sport Bands Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2,Classic Fitness Rugged Accessories Wristband Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 HR(NO Tracker)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • FULL PROTECTION❶-It is designed to connect the wristband with rugged case as one piece to protect corners and sides of watch,but you need to take the tracker out of the band when charging.
  • FULL PROTECTION❷-Honeycomb design prevent it from slipping, scrapes and scratches, making it stay in a secure place.
  • PRECISE CUTOUT❶-Specially designed to fitbit charge 2 &fitbit charge 2 HR, giving full access to all buttons on the watch.Furthermore,button slot on each side of the frame is flexible and convenient for you to put into the fitness tracker, which will work on whichever way you insert it.
  • PRECISE CUTOUT❷-Numerous air holes on each side of the band fit small or large wrist size about 5.5″-8.1″ and fit buckle tongues accurately.
  • FREE ALLOCATION:Awesome watchband is lightweight and water-resistant to wear at all season on many occasions for different jobs or indoor and outdoor activities, such as doing some exercises, doing some housework, or on work.
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I work in a coffee shop so i’m always moving and i bang my arms on everything (clumsy) so my fitbit is getting beat up too. This is the best for price and quality. Got all black and it’s wearing well. Will update if anything goes wrong. Bought this in pink, purple, and teal band color and love this band. Have other bands but this one with the wholes my skin feels like it can breath.

I have had my fitbit charge 2 for just over a year and have replaced the band three times already. Fitbit has a poor design for the band on this model. This last time the band broke, i was determined to switch to a garmin or anything else other than a fitbit. However, in talking to several other friends who have had the same issue with their band, suggested looking on amazon for another band and i found this. Other reviews have mentioned that they lost the ‘pebble’ – the actual electronics of the fitbit. I cannot see how that happens if you have it seated in the band properly and attached to your wrist. Even when i take it off, the pebble isn’t coming out unless you twisting and playing with it. Maybe other people are trying to use it with a charge 3 or some other design that isn’t made for this band. Yes, you have to take the pebble out of the band to charge it – big deal. It easily is removable and easily goes back it. This band protects the pebble, is comfortable to wear and i love it.The pebble sits securely in the band, when installed properly.

The easiest band i have purchased it. Does not require you to hook in two different sides – the fitbit charge 2 face simply slides in. There are so many holes to fit a super small wrist to an extremely large wrist. The band reminds me a little of the g-shock watches. I have the white band and wear to work all of the time – does not even get dirty.

The band that came with the fitbit broke a year after i bought it new. Found this one and am so happy. I feel so good about wearing my fitbit and i’m not afraid of it falling off and losing it. Please often ask me what fitness tracker i’m using because it is so stylish in the white.

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Extended the life of my fitbit. I daresay this strap is a much better design than and band the maker has to offer.

My older band started to break down, found this one online, works great for the charge hr2. Nice feel, seems well made, and its comfortable to wear.

I was about to take my fitbit back because it is just so uncomfortable to wear with the band it came with and how it sits on my wrist. I decided to try finding a different band to see if it helped before returning the fitbit. I seen this one, and i am so pleased with this it. Not only is it super soft, protection for the actual fitbit from bumping it into random things, i have a small wrist and it still fits just fine(has numerous holes, ventilation and for wearing/adjusting) i love the multi colors, & most important it makes wearing the fitbit comfortablei haven’t had any problems charging it while it’s inside the band.

Fits nicely and helps protect my fitbit from damages. I had to move the charger around a little to get it to connect but and when i did it started charging. No regrets in buying this and plan on buying a blue one in the future.

The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that they should put 2 loops instead of one to hold the band in place. My wrist is small and it loops almost all the way around. I have to loop it at almost the end to have it not flopping around and sometimes it comes undone. Having 2 loops would help immensely. Other than that this band is great, it protects my charge 2. It is thick but i like that. It’s a very sporty look if you wants something dressier you can swap out the band.

I like it, i wear it when i go work out, its more durable then the bands tge fitbit came with.

Works great, more bulky than i thought it would be. It does a great job keeping my fitbit secure.

Lwsengme X4-TECH Replacement Sport Bands Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2,Classic Fitness Rugged Accessories Wristband Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 HR(NO Tracker) : I’ve been wearing this band for over six months. I work a lot with my hands under some of the most dirty conditions. Anything from working on gasoline engines, being exposed to gas and motor oil, to working at home in the yard cutting grass,trimming hedges, weed whacking and doing remodeling chores. I’ve banged it into objects countless times and the fitbit is so well protected that when i pop it out of the band ( which is very easy to do ), it looks like the day i bought it. I did add a screen protector to it to keep it from getting scratched. At the end of a day of dirty work, i remove the fitbit, wash the band with soap & water and it looks brand new, put it on after showering & wear it for an evening out. This band is really tough stuff.

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The product look great, but my fitbit2 did not fit as snug as was advertised. I cannot charge my fitbit2 with this item on.

Made well, looks like the picturecan’t carge while the band is on.

This is the best fitbit band that i’ve purchased. I don’t have to worry about it breaking on one side and i can work out as much as i want without my fitbit falling. Fitbit needs to do a deal with this company and offer it as a band option.

Very soft band, softer than the one that it came with. Only thing that i don’t like is that i have to take the fit bit out to charge it, which is minor. I love the color and the feel of the band.

It keeps my fitbit safe while i’m working and i don’t have to worry about it breaking or the band falling off. This is a great replacement for the original band on the unit. If you need something that is durable and keeps your fitbit charge 2 snugly in place then this is for you. I highly recommend it for anyone that hits their wrists on things a lot.

My husband has gone through a half dozen bands because of the physical nature of his job. This band is holding up, he loves it and he says it is very comfortable. He now wishes he hadn’t replaced his old fitbit due to the metal piece breaking because the face would have fit right into this band.

Strap material is soft and slightly stretchable 3/4′ wide, 9 1/2′ long with numerous holes in the band at 3/8′ intervals allowing for a custom fit. The cutout for the fitbit is a close fit which should hold the device in place unless the strap is heavily distorted through twisting. The raised cutout protects the face of the fitbit device and as a result the wristband will sit about 1/8′ higher on the wrist compared to the original fitbit wristband. The device must be removed from the wristband for charging, but is simple and easy to remove and replace the device into the wristband.

I was going to buy another fitbit then ran across this. It’s very sporty looking and very stylish.

Unfortunately the one i received has a small tear on one of the sides by the hole for the button on the watch.

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