This has worked very well for me and my family. My child runs cross country and this watch has worked well for him tracking miles, speed and averages.

The distance and time kept was very accurate compared to my previous running watch. Unfortunately, this watch is great for short runs, but cannot endure a marathon or an ultra due to the battery. It lasts ~ 4 hrs when fully charged.

I loved it on the bike, my wife loved it on the bike, so now it’s hers. I had a hard time getting used to the display while running. Maybe it’s just because it’s different. I’ve been running with a garmin 305 for about 5 years. I read other reviews that complained about accuracy, but no specifics on how inaccurate it is. On a 6 mile course that was marked for races that are usatf certified, i ran with the magellan switch on one arm and my old garmin 305 on my other arm. 0 certified miles, the garmin 305 showed 6. 04 while the magellan switch showed 6.

This watch is actually quite giant on your wrist and when it is working is quite good, however, signals are inconsistent and it loses battery very quickly.

My son bought this with his own money, and he loves it. He got it a few months ago and is still using it. It charges great and i think it lasts all day and yhen he charges it at night. He uses it for everyday things like telling time, and also for running to track his time and distance.

Freezes up on start activity. Have to let battery run down. Then recharge, and then works for awhile then freezes again. Now using vivoactive, which is working better.

Works great very useful for distance runners , battery life is not very good though.

I am currently located in afghanistan and the watch works perfectly, it’s a little bit too big on the wrists but overall good product, i would recommend to others.

Signal is not that great but works good.

Out of 5 gps running watches, it’s been the best so far. I think i have got the best watch for the price.

Keeps track of where and how far i’ve run and gives several options for information displays.

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The watch is pretty big and heavy. We bought it for our middle school runner and she hasn’t worn it once.

I was impressed for what i got for the price i spent. The charger works great and its a lot better than replacing small batteries all the time with my other gps wrist computer. Here are the specifications for the Magellan Switch Crossover GPS Watch:

  • 50 meter water-resistance for swimming and water sports
  • 1.26-Inch high-resolution display
  • Customizable to any sport with 9 activity profiles
  • GPS Accuracy Up to 3-5 meters

I actually love the simplicity of this watch. Not fussy, nothing you don’t need. The online user manual has all the info you need to set it up. Some people said it was bulky, it is but i like that it is sturdy and i think it looks cool. The battery is so-so but it lasted on 2 hour runs. The gps was quick to pick up. No frills and works like a charm for the price. I got the hr monitor but i haven’t used it- can’t say much about it.

Battery last for a weeks worth of long runs.

My husband and i bought these for our teenagers as a christmas gift and they love them. They are cross country runners and need to be able to track their distance and time for practice. They were always mapping their distance after their run. Having this is much better as they can check their pace, time and mileage real time. My daughter had a hard time connecting to the gps the first time, but realized she initially tried to make the connection while she was still inside the school (bad reception for everything in there). They are bulkier than a watch, but not bad at all. The screen is a nice size to be able to view while running. They haven’t tried the heart rate monitor yet, but i like that this was part of the product as this will be a requirement going into next xc running season.

This is a very nice gps watch. Only a few minor (but noticeable) details keep it from being perfect. Here’s some of what i considered:1) set-up: (5/5) easy. Easier than most fitness products i’ve done – use the manual and power it on. It will immediately take you through it and it’s easy to do – takes in your biographic data and lets you change some display options. 2) charging/battery life: (2/5). When actually in use, the battery life is fine – lasts over 4 hours when on from full. Easy to tell when it’s done – display tells you.

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Magellan switchbest reviews start when the user can compare two similar products. Here i am comparing the magellan switch with ultega 2k11 ultega navrun 2k11 gps heart-rate computer with chest strap. You can check my review there as well. Both are fitness exercise products designed for a person who would like to have feedback on their routine. The feedback comes from being able to monitor the speed and distance thru a built in gps, and from an included strap on heart rate chest strap. Both of these units do this admirably well. The ultega initially took much longer to lock onto a gps signal, 15 minutes vs 2 minutes for the switch. Once linked, subsequent lock time on both units is about the same at one minute. The chest strap is about identical on both units, although i prefer the metal snaps on the switch vs the twist rubber plug on the ultega.

Yes, this switch has all the great menu selections and features listed and they do work as described by magellan and by other reviewers. I gave it a star rating of ‘it’s ok’, but do want to mention a few problems i ran into and talk about some other details to help you make up your mind. If you like the idea of being able to mount the switch on your bike in addition to having it on your wrist, know this up front;the basic switch is compatable with multisport mounting as in the feature comparison chart but you must purchase the mounting kit in order to do it. The switch does not pop out of the wrist strap like the switch ‘up’ does until you unscrew it and install the optional back mount. After the cost of adding the multisport mounting kit (that is included with the ‘up’ version) you are getting very close to the price of the top of the line ‘up’ model with full features (feature additon of vibrate, altimeter, temperature) seen on the chart. Magellan switch multisport mounting kit magellan switch up crossover gps watch with mounts and heart rate monitorfyi, replacement wrist strap when needed; magellan switch replacement wrist strapyou can also get it to run for 24 hours (internal battery good for 8 hrs)with the optional external battery pack; magellan switch battery extender pack the switch is a large unit to have on your wrist and you can really perspire under it when working out, band is not that comfortable either. Display is a higher resolution, but is actually only 15/16 x 13/16 inch in size, given the overall dimensions of the case, it seems like they could have used a larger, easier seen, lcd screen. Where most lcd screens of this type are harder to read in the sunlight, this one seems to be easier to read when the sun hits the silverish numbers and letters. Any movement or vibration of the switch makes it impossible to read for me, has to be held very still with this small screen and font. Mine takes about 5 long minutes to connect with satellites standing outdoors with watch held out in the open facing up. Then it will drop connection over and over as you walk around or exercise. Heart rate works well when it stays ‘connected’ but that also gets dropped by the unit pretty often it seems.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice affordable GPS for runners!

  • this watch is great for short runs

  • Bad investment, Magellan Switch

The switch seems well-designed, and easy to use. I’ve only recently modified the display choices, and set up a custom profile for a h. T class i do 3 times per week. So far, with two hiit classes logged, and 3 runs, the unit seems very accurate. Pairing with the heart rate monitor is almost instantaneous, and the gps connection is pretty quick. Com are very easy, and the data is very useful, organized, and easy to read.

I don’t really trust the instantaneous pace data. The mileage data is also off.