Bands came today and i must say im impressed so far. Same feel as the one that my fitbit came with (which broke off) color options are perfect. Of course i wont know how long they will last, but i will update.

After having 3 “genuine” fitbit bands (one replaced via warranty) break over the past year between us, we decided to give these knockoffs a whirl and play with color. Yeah, they feel a bit chintzier than the real one, but who cares if these break?. We switch them constantly to go with outfits and no issues over the past month. Sleeping in them, working out in them – no issues. Plus it’s 15 of them for 20 bucks. Considering the genuine hr band from fitbit is $23 (ha) each how could you not go for these?.

Some, if not all, of the bands irritate my skin. I’ve had them for almost 2 months and have been switching the color band maybe every 2 weeks. Last week the rose colored band gave me a blistery rash on my wrist. I was unable to use my fitbit for a week while the rash healed. This morning the bright pink one caused so much itching that i had to take it off after only 2 hours of wearing it. I’m not sure if my skin has suddenly decided it doesn’t like the bands or if it’s only some of the colors. It’s a real bummer but up until now i’ve been very happy with them. I used the fitbit brand band that came with it for a year and a half before it broke and it never caused any irritation.

I purchased this as a birthday gift and she loved it. I purchased before and the bands were just a snap on and the watch falls off. This improved one where the band actually is like a regular watch with actual prongs that secure the band is much better. May have to buy me another set.

I use the grey and the white the most – easy to switch in and out. The fit is exactly like the original fitbit. I get mine larger so during cycling i can wear my fitbit on my ankle.

My original alta hr band broke and while looking for a replacement i found this multipack. It fits perfectly and i love being able to switch the colors out to match my outfits or my mood.

They look almost identical to the fitbit ones and work great. Can’t go wrong with this many colors for this low pricr.

All the colors were vibrant and wonderful. However, one of the bands were broken (see photo) over all though very satisfied with the product. . Hoping i can get broken item replaced.

  • Check all the metal sides when you first receive yours
  • Fit great but look sort of cheap.
  • Can’t go wrong with 15 for 20 bucks.

Maledan Bands Compatible with Fitbit Alta/Alta HR and Fitbit Ace, Classic Replacement Accessories Sport Wristband Band for Fitbit Alta HR/Alta/Ace, 15-Pack, Women Men Kids

  • Premium Material: Made of high quality elastomer, prevents skin from irritation, soft, lightweight and durable, very comfortable to wear
  • Multi Choices: Various colors and two selected sizes for your choices, personalize your Fitbit Alta/Alta HR/Ace to fit your mood and outfit in daily life
  • Buckle Design: Special design buckle, easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely in place and a strap holder to secure the extra length
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Band comes with Fitbit Alta/Alta HR/Ace watch Lugs on both ends, which locks onto watch interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and one button removal
  • One Year Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty
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I absolutely love these bands. I haven’t had any issues with them, and i wear my fitbit at all times, except when charging or showering. The color selection is incredible, and matches every outfit.

I was looking for a replacement band and shocked how much fitbit charges. Plus i didn’t really like the colors. I’m so happy to have found these. They’re even better that the original fitbit bands. Great color selection and awesome price. I think the dark green color is my favorite. Best part is they don’t give me a rash like the fitbit bands do.

Bands have been great so far and easy to switch. Very satisfied with purchase.

The light pink band, which was my favorite, started to show dirtiness pretty quickly and i can’t get it off with normal soap and water. The bright colors are very bright and funky. The brown one is just plain ugly. The gray one has become my favorite. Overall, they have a ‘cheap’ sort of look but work great otherwise. They fit properly on my device.

I love these bands and got a great deal (lightning deal). The only negative is the lighter colored ones, specifically the white one, gets dingy quick. Other things rub on it and color the band and it doesn’t come off when washing the bands. But it’s something i can live with.

As described, shipped fast, good seller. Wife says only negative is that once it gets dirty you can’t clean it. She said she couldn’t get the high dollar fitbit bands clean either.

I like the bands because i have a very small wrist and these band tighten enough to make my fitbit snug.

These bands fit my alta hr perfectly and love the colors. The quality seems to be just as good as oem fitbit bands which cost $19. Great value wit this pack of bands and quality.

Latest update–i received the dark green band a few days ago and can now revise my rating to 5 stars. This set is such a value: good quality and reasonably priced. I’m enjoying my fitbit even more. Seems like a small thing, but it is so fun to change colors to match what i’m wearing. Thank you to the very caring customer serviceoriginal review: so unbelievable. I chose this set out of many many others because i wanted the dark green band. I got 15 bands, but instead of the dark green, i instead got a flesh-toned (pinkish) one. I feel very very disappointed. Update–i messaged the vendor and within a couple of hours received a reply asking me to send a photo of what i received.

Bought this for my wife with the fitbit. She absolutely loves the variety, and they are durable.

Having so much fun changing the bands to matching my outfits. They are made nice and easy to change.

These are smaller than the large size original band. I used to use the hole 4 from the end and with these i use the one 3 from the end. The colors are great, but you do get the same color transfer from dark clothes onto light bands.

Colors are vivid and great color choices. Snaps securely to watch and i have the ability match accessories as needed.

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These bands look great and are such high quality that you can’t tell them from the official fitbit brand. It’s so easy to change out bands that i do it every day to match whatever i’m wearing. The only downside is that the very light colors get some color transfer from your clothes that i haven’t been able to remove. This is true of the real fitbit bands as well so it’s hard to fault these for it. I solve the problem by only wearing the darker colors. There are so many nice color options and the price is so reasonable i am happy with the bands i do use.

They all came in perfect condition and exactly as advertised. Been using them for about 2 weeks and they are holding up well.

I received a fitbit alta hr for christmas, but it only comes with one band. These bracelets work great with the fitbit and they are easily changed to match any and every outfit. Colors are a great variety, i would highly recommend.

After contacting fitbit when spouses christmas present wouldn’t charge they sent a new alta unit and we ended up ordering a new charging cord and then these bands after ended up with a second alta unit.

Beautiful colors, but sadly made of low-quality metals–i have a horrible allergic reaction from the attachment clasps to the alta hr. Otherwise they would be classified a bargain—but i cannot even wear them. So nickle or other base metals that react with the skin. Update: the seller contacted me after i wrote the review and gave me a full refund–it was outstanding customer service–the wrist bands are lovely and the colors are really fun and varied–i did not have any trouble with the buckle–only the clasp that atttaches to the alta hr–i am sad that i cannot use them.

These bands are exactly the same material and look as genuine fitbit bands. They are soft on the skin and very flexible. The colors are also spectacular and vastly different. My favorite are the coral, navy blue, light teal, and red.The only difference i could tell between these and the actual fitbit bands are the clasps. The clasps on these seems to be a color matching plastic while on fitbit they are metal. Blueingi’m not sure if it is a problem with the process or the rubber used to make these bands, but genuine fitbit bands and these have the exact same problem, they turn blue. Firstly, i do not wear jeans with these bands, nor do i rub my legs with them constantly. Both these and fitbit bands turn blue after some wear time. I’m not sure why and it does not clean off.

Great colors and they stay on more securely then the band i got with my fit bit. Don’t hesitate to buy these.

I have worn several of these already. They are a perfect match for my alta hr. Each one looks just like my original fitbit band except more colorful. They are not only a great match for my workout clothes, but look good with my regular clothes. I was afraid that getting so many at such a great price would mean they would look cheap or feel flimsy. I am so pleased that i took a chance. I will update if they do not keep meeting my expectations.

Good product great price colors are a bit bright but hoping they last better than the last ones bought from a different seller fast shipping arrived as described the colors are just a bit bright.

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Got my bands super fast, and best of all- they are amazing. Quality is very good, and colors are vibrant and as specified. Going to check seller’s other colors and buy more.

* it runs one notch size small. * easy to change, great colors, durable, perfectly priced. Almost the exact same as the original fitbit band. It’s a little stiff when you first put it on but after a few hours it’s shaped more rounded. Note that i usually have it on the third notch on the fitbit size small, but on these i’m the fourth notch.

These are great and i’m so glad i learned to buy fitbit bands on amazon. I love all the colors and they all work just great with my fitbit alta hr. Thank you for such a great product at and unbelievable price.

These brightly colored fitbit bands work really really well. They are very easy to put on and take off my alta hr. I change them to match my outfits daily. The color selection is excellent. I did notice when i wore a band for two weeks on vacation that it did start to turn a little dark. I fill a large ziploc bag halfway with cool water ,add three pumps of cetaphil skin cleansing soap, add the bands, seal the bag, and shake like crazy. I let them soak about 10 minutes shake some more, drain, rinse with cool water, and leave them at to air-dry. Straps are very durable and small ring to hold the strap stays in place.

A lot of nice deep different colors and they last for quite awhile but they won’t last forever.

I am very happy with this selection of bands for my fitbit alta hr. So much better than another brand that i purchased, where you press the band onto your wrist. I like the colors and variety.

Love changing the bands to match outfit. One of the bands is missing the part that snaps onto the fitbit, however.

These bands seemed great when we first received them and i probably would’ve left a 5 star review had i reviewed right away. But as i’ve had time to wear different bands in the collection i bought i’ve found two that were missing a metal piece that makes the band actually attach to the fitbit making them completely useless. Also, the buckle part of each one starts to have the color chip off after just a couple of days. I’ve attached photos to show each thing that made me drop a star.

These bands have a nice firm connection and have the same look at the ‘fitbit’ bands that are much more costly. Getting so many bands(colors) for the price was hard to pass up. The only reason i gave them a 4 star rating is because they aren’t as flexible as the original band that came with the fitbit. They just take a bit to break in and then they are fine. I would purchase them again if i needed more bands.

My regular fit bit strap broke and i got these as replacements and for accessorizing. Fits the alta hr perfectly and securely. Some other reviews mentioned that the paint does chip off with some heavy use. Yes this happens but given the cost and the fit which is very close to the actual fitbit strap, these are excellent.

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