I had something similar for my blaze, so when i was forced to ‘upgrade’ to a versa, i knew i’d need some new metal bands. I will say that the versa bands are considerably harder to get on/off than the blaze bands. But that’s not the band’s fault.

This band is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. It holds really well and doesn’t seem to slide around on the wrist. The magnet is incredibly strong, but isn’t bulky or obnoxious on the wrist. If i had one slight negative about the strap is that you have to insert the pins yourself and they’re loose, so it can be a little bit of a pain to insert. The pins do seem pretty sturdy though and you get a spare in case one breaks. I really like this band so far and i’m already glad that i got it. I’ll update in the future on how the band holds up.

The rose gold color matches the rose gold versa perfectly. The band was a little tricky to put on because it’s one piece (so you have to kind of get in there from behind) and the magnet is strong, it kept sticking to itself and bunching up. But it is absolutely beautiful and looks much more classy (and less bulky) than the silicone band the versa came with. This came with three extra pins. I didn’t need them, but i dropped mine on the floor a couple times and i could see how they could come in handy. So happy with this purchase.

Ok – i admit, took a few videos for me to be able to change the band on the watch but once i did – i never took this one off. I work out a lot and i was afraid of the sweat and the metal, but i don’t have any irritations at all. And it holds and closes with the magnet perfectly.Makes the watch a lot nicer looking too :).

This is a great band for my new fitbit versa. I work out 2 to 3 times a week and i sweat. It doesn’t feel gross after a hard workout and doesn’t pull the hairs on my arm like others have. The only thing i dislike is the difficulty of changing the band. They did not make it easy to do. Having said that – the band is great.

We used this band to replace the stock one on a brand new versa smart watch. It fits perfectly on the watch and at a cost that is unbelievably low compared to that offered by the manufacturer fitbit. The major advantage is that goes on and off the wrist easily. No one handed fumbling required. In this case the watch is worn normally on the left wrist, but when swimming it is placed on the right one. Also the watch is removed for charging about every 3-4 days. The band with it’s magnetic clasp handles easily. The area around the clasp show some signs of wear.

Maledan Metal Bands Replacement Compatible with Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite and Versa Special Edition, Stainless Steel Milanese Accessories Bracelet Strap Band with Magnet Lock for Women Men

  • Elegant Mesh Metal Bands for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite Edition/Versa Special Edition. Watch Band Only: The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is not included
  • Perfect Material: Made of leading high quality stainless steel, sleek, elegant, comfortable and durable. Elevates your style for every occasion
  • Strong Magnetic Closure: Easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely. Small size, fits 5.5″-7.5″ wrist; Large size, fits 6.7″-9.0″
  • Precision Metal Connector: High quality and reinforced stainless steel quick release levers, durable and safe to switch the versa bands. Fit seamlessly into your Fitbit Versa interface and make your fitbit stylish and noble
  • One Year Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty. Message us for any need or problem
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Getting it on can be tricky, but it was not that difficult. The band does sweat, it is very comfortable, is lightweight and is easy to clean.

I really like this watch band. I got the rose gold color and it looks nice with my rose gold trim in versa. Not a perfect match but it goes well. This was very easy to attach. I watched a utube video in how to change out a watch band and it was no problem. So far only wearing for 24 hours but it is comfortable on, easy to adjust with the magnet and has an elevated look to it.

I received this product today af i absolutely love it. The black band with the rose watch makes for a great combo. Also received the rose gold band and is also attractive. Easy to attach once you figure how to do it. The magnet is very strong and keeps secured tightly. Highly recommend it as the replacement band. Looks great and will buy additional.

Matches rose gold versa exactly. Easy to adjust strong magnet. Has not budged during vigorous workouts and cycling. Have not worn in salt water yet. I did wear the versa walking on ocean floor excursion in aruba 15 feet below surface and no problem. This band is stainless so should not be a problem in future water adventures. Also long enough to go around ankle. Looked a youtube video to learn how to replace versa bands.

The band itself is aesthetically pleasing. But i am only giving 3 stars due to a few issues. I was under the assumption this was two pieces. It was very hard to put on the second side because it is all one piece and the magnet kept sticking to it in random places. It is very awkward to charge. Since it is one complete circle, it doesnt lay flat for charging and makes it somewhat irritating, but it can be done. The magnet sticks to everything. I felt like a magician today. Random pens, my keys and even a fork clung to it. (the one great thing, the magnet is super magnetty lol)the band itself is very nice. The magnet is strong and i like that i can tighten and loosen it very easily and quickly.

Who would have thought one of the cheapest watch bands available on amazon would make a fitbit look like an expensive smart watch?. It was easier to attach than i thought it would be. It’s very light and easy to put on and adjust. The best thing about it is i am not getting that horrible red inflammation that fitbit straps seem to induce.

I purchased the rainbow (small) and the silver (large). My wrist measured in between the sizes and they both fit fine. They are very flexible and very comfortable. The magnetic closure makes it really easy to adjust (instead of having to unbuckle to adjust). I think it makes the versa more sensitive to my movement too.

I bought a rose gold and a black one to match my fitbit versa and my husbands fitbit versa we both like them very much. The magnet is really nice because you can get the exact right fit and it’s very comfortable. The only bad thing about this band is it does sometimes pull the little hairs on our arms.

When i first put the band on my versa, i was really happy with how it looked. It matched really well with the gray on the versa and it was also very comfortable while wearing. Occassionally, the magnet would slip down the band a bit and i’d have to retighten. My biggest complaint is that whatever the coating is on the band is coming off, so now its slowly becoming more silver than gray. I havent had this very long (couple of weeks or so), so it was surprising go have this happening.

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Great quality and works as expected. I couldn’t find a ‘normal’ band to fit my wrist. They were always too tight or too loose. This allows me to tweak it for a perfect fit. The magnet is incredibly strong, which is something i was concerned about. The only drawback is the durability of the band for use in water, which based on the inclusion paperwork it should not be used in the shower, with lotion, perfume, working out, or while swimming. Maybe it should have been obvious since it is metal, but i was hoping the coating would allow more broad use in water, since the device is water resistant and should be used during a swim or general workout session.

I’ve had this band for about 2 weeks and so far i love it. I was worried about working out with this band because of the material of it but no issues so far. I do have to adjust it periodically throughout the day but only minor adjustments. The magnet has never come unattached. The only thing i will say is it does get caught on clothing. That’s the reason for my 4 star review. I have pulled a few sweaters. So just be careful with that. The band is pretty enough to wear with dressy clothes as well. I got the rose gold color to match the versa face and it matches perfectly. Overall this was a fantastic purchase.

Maledan Metal Bands Replacement Compatible with Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite and Versa Special Edition, Stainless Steel Milanese Accessories Bracelet Strap Band with Magnet Lock for Women Men : I do like the strength of the band magnet (way better than my charge hr one) but i already had the band scratch, which looks horrible. I’m not sure what i did, but i feel like it shouldn’t scratch that easily. Other than that, i do like this band. The weight is good, the color matches well, and the magnet is strong.

This band is comfortable and very stylish. It’s a little confusing to put on, but once you realize how the band will be worn on the wrist, it’s simple. The only problem i have is it loosens during normal use. So, as the day goes on, i have to re-tighten it over and over again. Not a big deal, but not as good as the band that comes with the watch. Still, this one is better looking and feels better, so it’s worth it.

It was much easier than other bands to put on. It’s light weight and the magnet is so strong. Im about to order another color now.

Lavender with fitbit rose gold is the perfect combination. Great material, durable, and makes fitbit look expensive. However, it was a little tricky to assemble.

I’m a stickler for matching so i notice the very slight difference in shade between this band and the rose gold versa. But i’ve asked several people and they tell me that they can’t tell at all, so it’s probably just me. This band is very nice, doesn’t show dirt as much as the cloth bands, and looks really good. The magnet closure does however mess with my cell phone and occasionally turns the screen off (not sure why). And the paint on the magnet part is coming off slightly after a month of wearing it non-stop. I put clear nail polish over it to prevent it from deteriorating further, but only i can see that part anyway. For the price, everyone needs one or 3 of these.

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I bought this for my fitbit versa and i love it. The band is really comfortable for an all metal band. The colors are gorgeous (i got the multi-color). Due to the magnetic clasp it’s incredibly easy to adjust as i like to wear it more loosely when i’m sleeping. The magnet is also of sufficient strength that it doesnt come undone. The only downside is that the magnet is so strong that it will betimes attract other magnetic items.

I much prefer the look of this band vs. I also really like metal mesh bands in general. They look good and are breathable, so you don’t get clammy underneath. Compared to a buckle closure, it is a bit more of a hassle to get on and off and to put on the charger. As you can see in the supplier’s pictures. There is a long strap that goes through a loop. The strap then doubles back and the magnet on the end locks it in place. To get the watch off, i need to unthread the strap through the loop part.

I like this band and it is very comfortable to wear. It was actually easy to attach to the versa as long as the magnet could be kept out of the way. It keeps the band firmly closed. My only ‘complaint’ is that i thought it would have just a little bit of shine.

Strong metal clasp, and matches the rose gold of the fitbit versa exactly (other bands i’ve tried have not matched). However, the side where the band loops seems to stick straight out from my arm instead of curving and laying more flat. In other review pictures i haven’t seen that same issue, so i’m not sure if the one i got has something wrong with it or if other pictures just weren’t taken at that angle.

The band looks great, and so much more classy than the one that came with my versa. I watched a youtube video to see how to change the band and it was pretty easy. I bought a small one which is fine for my wrist, but i can’t get it over my hand. So whenever i take it off (including to charge), i have to completely unhook the band to remove it or put it back on. The magnet is plenty strong and makes it more difficult to get the watch end back into the loop. I suggest if have any doubt, buy the larger size. It’s easily adjustable so it will still easily fit your wrist. Oh, and the magnet sometimes locks onto my laptop keyboard – a minor annoyance.

I love how much nicer this band looks than the factory silicone ones. I did have issues with it snagging clothes as well, which was super frustrating. I ended up with a link pulled out and was very sharp. I contacted the seller and they responded quickly, giving a refund for my purchase and sending me their newly designed band that will hopefully not have that issue.

It looks very nice and feels like a good quality but i do find that i have to retighten the band a few times throughout the day and for that i gave it 4 stars. Since it’s only a magnet closure i did expect that though. Over all i like it for aesthetics. I ordered the large, i’m over weight so i do have larger wrists. I think the large was a good choice for me.

I have quite small wrists and it was a little confusing how to put it on my versa. But over all very happy color and size are great. I do own a apple watch also and prefer this type of band. Name brands cost way more love it.Anyone that says it’s cheap, i say the original one was cheap.

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