I bought these for my wife for christmas and she loves the stylish colors. The bands are business appropriate or suitable for sports activities. She just got these so not sure how hold up to prolonged wear but so far they have been a great buy.

I replaced my original cause after several months it started coming off if i got my arm caught in the jacket, or against something. I replaced it with the purple one and soon after i have already had it come off 2 times. I switched the two parts around on the band and so far it has been ok. If it does keep coming off i will send it back or try something else. I made sure i heard the click each time.

I have no complaints at all. Great colors, very well made, and i think they actually are more secure than the band my fitbit originally came with. My real fitbit band was always detaching, causing my the fitbit to fall off my arm. I’ve had these for a couple of months and that hasn’t happened at all. Highly recommend, especially for the incredible price.

I like to be able to easily change out colors of the bands. I bought these in lots of colors because they were so easy. The only problem i have is i live in a humid area and it can get sweaty under the band.

I love the bands, but the day after i started using it, the teal one already looks dirty from clothes rubbing on it. It is sad because i love the band itself but the fact that it looks dirty makes me definitely not want to purchase more. **update that the company did contact me to replace the band with a different color which is very appreciated, however, i also wore the pink band and now it also looks dirty. I would suggest buying the darker colors as the lighter ones don’t stay the original color.

Was a gift, she liked them, 4/5 quality in my opinion. Meaning almost manufacturer quality.

These are awesome for the price of three. They are durable and fit well to my fitbit. Haven’t had any problems with the band. Wears like the original fitbit without the cost.

They are much cheaper than going with fitbit brand bands, but the quality is not as good. I really like the blue one, but both the pink and blue bands took on a dirty light brown color on the high wear areas that i was not able to wash off.

I bought the small bands because i have small wrists. They are smaller than the small band that comes with the fitbit. They are not as flexible as i would like, but they are still comfortable. They do stick to my skin a little, but not uncomfortably so. I would not recommend these for exercising as they don’t breath well.

Was happy to order and receive the same. Having said that i am very disappointing with the product. After a week of usage while changing the band the metal clip and screws came off. Not sure, if this is just a little defective piece that i got. Update: after posting above review, customer care approached me via amazon messaging service and they offered to ship another one. I understand out of thousands of units produced, there could be a few defective too. They have already placed the order free of charge so hopefully, this time works great because of the awesome customer service, i am changing the stars from 3 to 5.

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I’ve had three fitbit official replacement bands from them just being horribly made. I’m not fought with my fitbit at all. Very sturdy, color combo and really snaps into place which insures your device has zero chance of falling off.

My original charge 2 band started to bubble at the clasp (common problem, fwiu), so it was time to pick up some replacements. I like this style, since it’s what i had on the device to begin with. My observations are that the clips are much harder to use, and that the strap material isn’t as soft/compliant. Neither is a big deal, but it is a noticeable difference from the oem equivalent (which isn’t always the case with knock-offs).

These bands are decent for the price. They look just like the fitbit ones. However, as others have mentioned they are really hard to change. I have to use the back of a pen to push on the button when i remove them. The colors are ok, i love the turquoise blue but the orange is more of a burnt or red orange than tangerine. Here are the specifications for the Maledan Replacement Bands:

  • Premium Material: Made of high quality elastomer, prevents skin from irritation, soft, lightweight and durable, very comfortable to wear
  • Multi Choices: Various Colors and two selected sizes for your choices, personalize your Fitbit Charge 2 to fit your mood and outfit in daily life
  • Buckle Design: Stainless Steel Buckle, easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely in place and a strap holder to secure the extra length
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Band comes with Fitbit Charge 2 watch Lugs on both ends, which locks onto watch interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and one button removal
  • One Year Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty

Nice to have bands to match what i’m wearing. My advice to anyone who wants to color coordinate – just order the larger package.

Love the design and the quality of these bands. Day 5 and holding up very well. Especially wearing during 2 solid days of landscaping.

I like having multiple color options. They are a little stiff so they don’t seem to fit as well as the original (even after wearing it daily for a few months). My original band broke so this is a good option.

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My original fitbit band broke after a year and a half so i ordered these replacements. As far as i can tell after wearing one for a few weeks now, they are almost the same as the original. Easy to clip onto the charge but the size large is smaller. If you have a very large wrist and are using one of the loosest holes on the original band, these size larges probably won’t fit you. I wore the third tightest hole on the original band but the sixth hole with this replacement band.

Great colors; sturdy bands work just as well as pnes that come with fitbit charge 2. Rubber is a little stiff but you can wear it a little looser.

These bands are every bit as good as the fitbit brand. I’ve had mine several weeks and have not had any problems at all. And, i was surprised and pleased that there were more than 3 bands in the package. Actually i received 5 bands in different colors, including the colors shown. I ordered a large which in plenty big for my wrist (7 inches), and i can loosen it and wear higher up on my arm or ankle. Completely satisfied with this purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome Customer service !!
  • its pretty good.
  • Great Replacement Band

I love the colors – these are my favorite wrist bands. I have about 10 different colors. They are durable and easy to keep clean. The colors goes well with my different outfits.

*edit*amazing customer service. After i posted my displeasure with the colors the company went out of their way to message me and sent me new colors of my choice. I got teal and purple and absolutely love them. Will definitely order from again*colors not like the photo at all. Champagne color is more of a tan. Green is much darker than shown.

Bought these for my fitbit and i loved the colors. I wa afraid of the bands maybe falling off or not being secure enough, but so far so good.

My girlfriend was needing a new band for her fitbit and be**buy wanted $38 for a single band. Took a chance on these and couldn’t be happier.

The bands are great for the price. They don’t last forever, but they last about as long as the original band lasted.

Update: meladan (company) customer service amazed me. They’ve reached out to me with my concerns/order and i was fortunate to have my order fulfilled. It wasn’t the same color but surprised me not just replacing the pink but added two more bands as well at no cost at all. They’re really out there to have happy customers and they’ve gained a happy one here. I would definitely recommend this band, especially the darker colors if you are a heavy user of your fitbit. Use the lighter ones on occasion but not on a daily use. Thank you meladan for taking care of me. Well, for the price, its pretty good. However, it does stain (as some comments i’ve read) but i’m thinking you can clean it (which i haven’t yet). So i used the light blue and wanted to change to the pink.

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Vibrant colors / shipped fast / easy to replace. – did not like the fact that the band came off the fitbit twice during my normal course of business.

Colors are very nice but one of the attachments is very difficult to use. I have to use a knife or screwdriver to to get it to work. Normally just my fingernail but not this one. –seller very prompt to respond to problem. Only 1 out of 3 purchased didn’t work out.

When i purchased the charge, i went with the black band as it was more “work appropriate”. I’d always liked the teal, so didn’t think it would hurt to try this set. I even like switching up the pink and teal at the same time (as pictured). Someone recently told me it reminded them of toy story barbie colours. And while they have shown wear (dirty looking), i don’t think it would be different in any brand. Certainly would recommend to others for the value.

I have had one of these on for about two weeks.

These fitbit charge 2 replacement bands fit perfectly. They’re half the price of one fitbit brand band and i got three colors to switch according to my outfit/mood. Would definitely recommend these bands. I have had no problems or issues.

Amazing colors, easy on, has the ‘notch’ to hold extra length of band. Bright but i think other colors will rub easily onto it. Soft bendable and is perfect. Due to reviews i did try to remove and one side came off w a little work ither side was pretty tough but i do love that i can hear it ‘click’ into place.

Material similar to original fitbit band. Needed to replace my fitbit band for charge 2. The connection broke at the point where you connect the band to the fitbit – not sure why as i never remove fitbit from band. I decided not to get a replacement from fitbit since this is the second time it has happened – first time fitbit replaced free of charge. The only pitfall is that the band is hard to remove from the fitbit, can’t beat 3 bands for the price.

The band that came with my fitbit started falling apart within a month of normal use and within 1 year, it was completely broken. I’ve had this for months now and its still in brand new condition. I love the colors and the look of the bands. My only complaint is that its slightly smaller than the original band (the notch i used to wear it on is now slightly too tight. Not uncomfortable but noticeable).