The original bands left mark’s on my wrists, and left a sore spot. These are just like regular watch bands, only made out of soft rubber material.

It snapped on so easily and the color is amazing. Highly recommend to anyone with a fitbit ionic that doesn’t want to pay the extremely high fitbit band price. You can’t even tell the difference. I put my new lavender maledan band next to the original black fitbit band (don’t judge the old band. It’s been through a lot) and the pattern and size are identical. I’m in love and will be getting this band in all the colors.

Needed a new band color without having to drop to much for it. Feels just like the real deal.

Price is good, fit seems perfect (clipped right on the ionic), color true to picture.

I bought the large, navy band and was pleased that the color is truly navy that matches the product image. It’s also more comfortable than the oem band that came with the ionic. The oem band is a little too stiff and rubbery. This one is softer silicone and doesn’t pull hair.

This is a cheap strap and it kinda shows. The band kind of feels light and flimsy which i personally don’t really appreciate. I do understand the appeal if someone is an avid sportsman though. I use my fitbit for day to day activities and sometimes the gym so i don’t need a strap like this. Initially out of the packaging there was also a weird smell which i’m attributing to the manufacturing process. It just smells like chemicals to me so i made sure to give it a nice soapy wash before even putting it on my wrist since i have sensitive skin. Honestly, if you need a replacement and you don’t care too much about the strap. If you’re sort of picky like myself, i would recommend you look elsewhere and do a lot more research before purchasing.

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Maledan Replacement Bands Compatible for Fitbit Ionic, Classic Replacement Accessory Wristbands Compatible with Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch, Large Small

  • Premium Material: Made of high quality elastomer, these bands for Fitbit Ionic are comfortable, durable and water resistant
  • Multi Choices: Various Colors and two selected sizes for your choices, personalize your Fitbit Ionic to fit your mood and outfit in daily life
  • Buckle Design: Aluminum buckle matches the Ionic watch case with special closure to added security
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Band comes with Lugs on both ends, which locks onto watch interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and one button removal
  • One Year Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty

Fits very well and i will purchase others from the same company.

It’s been 3 months and it broke.

It’s couldn’t be any good at this price point.

Original ionic came in grey, which my wife liked, but wanted the baby blue color. These replacement bands are well priced, fit perfectly, and have, so far, survived my wife’s workouts, child chasing, cooking, etc.

It’s the same style and texture as the original band that came with my ionic. The fit and feel are the same as well. I ordered the burnt orange ionic because i loved the color, but i was having a hard time trying to find replacement bands that would look okay. I will be getting more in other colors for sure.

This was a replacement for one i bought a year and a half ago. If this one lasts that long, i’m very happy.

My original bands were starting to tear near the clip that connects to the watch’s body, so i looked for a good replacement, since the original fitbit classic bands were not available at amazon (at least at the time i ordered). Since i was not getting original bands, i went ahead and picked a ‘non-official’ color. I love how my ionic looks with the black version of the bands, can’t figure out why fitbit did not make a black version of the classic bands. Quality is overall good, it feels close enough to the original bands (with more color choices). I only have one complain: the fit is not perfectly flush to the watch’s body (see pictures), there’s a slight line you can see through depending on the angle you look at it, but overall it’s hardly noticeable to me.

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It’s exactly as advertised and perfect.

Very good aftermarket replacement. Feels just like the original fitbit ionic band with more color options.

The lavender is too light, and is closer to pink. It is high quality, and feels very similar to the original band. I’ve worn it a few days now. It’s holding up well enough.

I’ve purchased 2 of these so far. Can quickly switch them out. I’ve noticed that both have gotten dirty (blue edges, looks like ink) really quickly. (i don’t touch much paper at work. ) i would think that was just normal for a watch band but the original band didn’t do that. Hopefully it will clean off easily with a clorox wipe.

Maledan Replacement Bands Compatible for Fitbit Ionic, Classic Replacement Accessory Wristbands Compatible with Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch, Large Small : Some of the reviews for this band had me second guessing whether to purchase or not. Glad i chose to give it a try. It’s exactly like the original band that comes with the fitbit. It just doesn’t say fitbit on it.I’ll definitely be buying a few more colors.

Loved this but it broke last night i haven’t had it for long and the clip into my ionic broke uhhh thankfully i bought two.

I really liked the color options for the bands. Got my band it fit perfectly with the watch and on my wrist. I wore it every day since i got it. I got it in july and the part that connects to the watch broke in october. It did not last as long as i had hoped.

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These bands are a great price. They feel good and they look good. The only reason why i took one star off is occasionally one side of the band pops off from the watch. This never happened with my original band.

Great band, love the color and fit. It secures tight to my ionic and i love that the watch buckle lays flat (my actual fitbit band sticks up and bugs me). The color’s a nice blend of hot pink and purple. One thing that may matter to some, my ionic is a gunmetal color and this band has a silver buckle. It’s not big deal to me, it looks great and barely noticeable.

Fits just like the original. Great prices and fast shipping.

The band looks good, it stays connected to the watch and the metal insert to connect the end of the band to the other side has not popped out yet.

So glad i purchased this, i thought it might have been different than my fitbit punic band butbits identical you can’t even tell i bought it somewhere else.

I bought this replacement band sept 27th. It broke this morning, after 4 months. The small plastic pieces that slide into the slots on the side broke off the band itself. I liked the band for replacement, for the price, and the similarities to the fitbit brand. Good thing i still had my old band (which is coming apart) for backup.

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