Bands seem to be of great quality-2same as what came with my original fit bit charge. Easy to get on and off, as long as you have something like tweezers, so you don’t break your nails if you are a woman. 🙂 they fit nicely and i just use the tweezers to push the lever to unhook them. Snapping on the new band is easy. I change them out daily to match what i am wearing.

My wife and stepdaughter both have fitbits and they love the color options they have now to match their outfits.

If you’re tired to the purple band that came with your fitbit charge 2, these are a nice option. They seem to be the same material as the original band, so they are durable. Easy to swap out makes it a great product for the price. I just wish they offered more of a true green colored band.

I have a charger 2 and these fit perfectly. I have no problems switching them out. Love the fact that i can change the colors up with my different out fits.

I got these for my husband, so he can match his fitbit bands with his work shirts. They are the same quality as what comes with the fitbit when you buy it, and they are a nice selection of colors.

These are really nice replacement bands and it’s fun swapping them out which cuts down on the wear and tear of using just one. They allow my fitbit to become a chameleon each day. The only complaint i have is. There is no darker green, only the loud, screaming green that doesn’t match any of my apparel. There are two of these bands that look like they are very similar in color (according to my eyes they both look like a shade of blue), and it seems one of these could have been excluded so a darker, more useful, green replacement band could have been included. I had to order a darker green replacement band separately.

These fit perfect with the charge 2 and are a great fit on the wrist. And since they come in so many colors, i could theoretically match them to my outfit each day. I’m an engineer and i prefer function over form so i don’t do that, but i could.

I just love my fitbit charge 2 and wanted different bands but they are so expensive. I saw these bands on amazon and for the price thought i would try them. I bought the small and they are perfect. The colours are great and i can change bands to suit what i’m wearing. They are a really good buy and look like the real thing. I would highly recommend them.

  • Just like the Original Band that came with my Fibit
  • Very decent product for what your paying for.
  • Love the colorsdifficult band

Maledan Replacement Bands Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, 15-Pack

  • Premium Material: Made of high quality elastomer, prevents skin from irritation, soft, lightweight and durable, very comfortable to wear
  • Multi Choices: Various Colors and two selected sizes for your choices, personalize your Fitbit Charge 2 to fit your mood and outfit in daily life
  • Buckle Design: Stainless Steel Buckle, easy to assemble and resize, holds your band securely in place and a strap holder to secure the extra length
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Band comes with watch Lugs on both ends compatible with Fitbit Charge 2, which locks onto watch interface precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and one button removal
  • One Year Warranty: Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty

These are pretty decent quality. I love having a variety of colors to chose from and mix and match different color combos. The wrist band is pretty comfortable and is almost identical to the original fit bit bands. There are only a couple things that i found to be annoying about these and they’re pretty minor. The first is that the small wrist bands are about a half inch smaller than the fitbit small bands. It’s not that big a deal as it still fits on my wrist fine but there are times when it can feel too tight. The second thing is it is a little difficult to snap these bands on and off. To get them on you have to really push each side hard to hear the click, otherwise it’s not secure and will fall off. When you remove the band you really have to pinch it. I have to push a pen or flat screwdriver on it to release the strap.

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I can change my fitbit look for my mood or my outfit. I have discovered that if i lightly press the clasp to remove it from the fitbit when changing it comes off easily. If i press hard on the clasp, it will not release. Once i “found the sweet spot” i have had zero issue changing bands. They do stain like previous reviews state. My red band has black on it that will not clean off.

Bands are easy to connect and disconnect from my fit bit, bands are durable, i love being able to change the band to match my outfits.

Lovely colors (although i got two reds and no orange). However, i literally cannot change them out. It has taken me an average of five minutes per band, working with all my strength and a screwdriver. The fitbit instructions say to just press a button and the band will pop off. There is no button, just a teeny, tiny metal rim that is impossible to get a grip on. This morning i got one off but the other would not budge, so i gave up. If anyone has the secret to popping these bands off, please let me knowok, i am updating this review, due to the fact that the manufacturer has been super-responsive and helpful. After my negative review, i heard from them very quickly, offering suggestions for band removal and an orange band sent at no charge. I was semi-successful using a quarter or a spoon, but then i put on a band where i could only remove one side, despite trying for over a week. This morning i had an inspiration to try jewellers needle-nose pliers and the bands popped off immediately.

I am so pleased that i brought these bands. I love the colors and the quality of the bands. I have already worn five different colors. It is fun to change the band to match my outfit rather than having to wear black all the time. I am gong to buy them for some of my friends.

The selection of fitbit bands for a charge 2. We like them so much that we bought another set for someone else. Fill a ziplock bag halfway with water, add 3 pumps of cetaphil skin cleanser, add the bands, shake like crazy, let’s soak 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water and let air dry on a towel.

Received super fast with prime. Only has them a few hours but so far, they seem extra light – a lot lighter than the original fit bit band (definite plus). Colors are what is depicted. Was super excited to try the hot pink first and noticed it has a very noticeable white smudge/difiguration on the bottom left hand corner near the bottom of the corner of the fit bit.

The colors are great and it is good quality. It feels just like the fitbit bands themselves and is the same length (i bought the large). My biggest complaint would be that it is ridiculously difficult to switch the bands out. It took a flat head, some cursing, and a lot of will power to get that bugger off. I was hoping to switch out the bands on a daily basis, but it’s not worth the effort and struggle.

I bought these for my fitbit charge 2. They are beautiful in color and they fit perfectly. The only color i don’t have for my fitbit that i do have in my closet is a bright yellow. Other than that, i am absolutely satisfied with my order. It arrived on time it was well packaged, and i now have a band for my fitbit that matches my uniforms for work.

My original band broke in less than 18 months and fitbit refused to fix it, and i refused to buy another one from them. Found these, and now have 15 for 2-3 times less money than i would have paid for one replacement band. I wear a small in the fitbit band, and i ordered small in these, and it’s perfect. Band is same rubbery material, almost identical. They are not too hard to pop off, just have to push and pull (with a little force) at same time, and very easy to put on.

These bands are a great compliment to my fitbit charge 2. They are well made and very colorful. I didn’t have a problem changing them out. Just be sure to get them snapped in well. Every color you could possibly need.

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Shipped quickly and fit my charge 2. So many colors and bands for a great price. You get 15 bands for just over the cost of one band direct from fitbit. I have had to replace my charge 2 bands from fitbit because this is a rubber design, the fastening clips to the actual fitbit do not last long. I was pleased that these fit my charge 2 and if the clasps separate from the rubber, no worries.

The band doesn’t irritate my skin like the original fitbit band. I can tell the band is smaller than the fitbit band in terms of length, but it still fits.

You can’t beat the price of these replacement bands. Only observation is they do seem a tiny bit off in sizing from the original bands. I find the most comfortable slot is a bit larger than the fitbit band. I’ve been using them for a while now and they seem very durable.

The best thing about these is definitely the price. The next best thing would be the variety of colors. Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. With that in mind, they are definitely not the easy on easy off bands that come on your fitbit. They take a little finessing to get them on and off.

I really like these bands for my fitbit charge 2. For the most part the colors are great, with the exception of the lavender and peach, which are very ‘washed out’ colors ad i don’t really see myself ever using them for that reason. The other problem is that some of the clips on the bands do not work so i can use them. I am just past the return period and found that the attachment clips on the brown band, which i really want to use, are defective. I would suggest anyone buying them try all the bands to be sure they work so you can return them if defective.

Love having the options of all the colors. Cons: it is very difficult to remove the bands. I have to use a tool to remove because the clasps are so hard to push down.

I was worried at first when getting these because some reviews said they were hard to get off. I’ve used all of the colors after having this product for a few weeks and i haven’t had any trouble taking them off at all. Maybe the improved the product after reading complaints but i could not be more happy with my assortment of colors. I think it helped that i looked up the correct way to remove the bands correctly on fitbit’s website and that did help in the long run.

I was disappointed when i hit my wrist just right closing the trunk of my car and broke the clasp on the band that came with my fitbit originally. I have one of the plastic floral print ones i had purchased on amazon to use instead. I like that band but it is not meant for everyday use. My wrist felt like it was suffocating and just was super uncomfortable after trying to wear it 24/7 when i broke the original. Purchased this set about a week ago and i’m soooo glad i did. They are just as nice as the original one that came with my fitbit. Can’t beat the price for all the colors you get. Super easy to switch the bands out.

I saw several different brands and chose this one because of the great reviews. I’ve worn several colors and they all look great. I only had one be hard to take off my fitbit once i wore it but i finally got it off. They click in place very nicely so i’m not concerned about losing my fitbit, like some other brands reviews mentioned. Many of the colors are very similar so i wish they’d have put all different colors in it but none the less, the price is good and i am happy.

Bought these to replace the 1-1/2 year old original band that was peeling up near the face. . She had trouble changing the bands out initially, but figured it out after a couple of times. Cannot beat the price for so many bands.

The band on my fitbit charge broke, and thus i ordered these. I wasn’t entirely sure that i would want to change colors, but i do. The original color i had (plum) is an almost perfect match, but i am enjoying the others, as well, and change them often. They are the perfect length, a nice material like my original one, and snap on easily. I believe the person who posted a review that indicated problems changing them must have had the wrong model fitbit, or perhaps did not understand that there is a little clip that releases the band on the device. Very happy with this purchase.

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They fit well and never fall off , but they get extremely dirty and are impossible to clean. I’ve tried cleaning them with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, magic clean eraser, and nail polish remover. Nothing takes the black marks off. Also they are extremely hard to take off , you need to use a coin or something to press down on the button and sometimes it still won’t come off. Does it with all the color not just white.

I’ve had the pack of 15 bands for 4 days. I’ve worn 4 bands so far and am thrilled with them in every way. I’ve ordered other non-fitbit brand bands and had such a terrible time trying to attach them to the tracker that i returned them. These bands attach and detach very easily. I was initially concerned when i saw the attachment parts were a clear plastic and might be a different material than the band itself but it accepted the tracker easily and the metal parts that need to be depressed to attach the tracker were easy to depress. The colors are great and true to the photo. The orange is a bit more reddish orange than true bright orange. The green is much more of a yellowish green than a true bright green. I thought i’d received 2 blue bands but one is blue and the other is teal. The bands, buckles and loops with notches all look just like the fitbit bands (minus the fitbit name on the loop).

I gave these to my wifey, because she had broken the factory black band. Not quite as thick the factory original, but is the exact same one fitbit sent me when my fitbit had a bubble pop up inthe rubber along the crystal of the watch. She has a bunch to choose from in case she has a mood swing and changes her clothes. Now she can change her watch band to match. I find these be top shelf in all regards. Good buy and shipping was ahead of schedule.

The color assortment is very nice to change up with what you are wearing. They are great to share with your family members. I didn’t give them 5stars because they are hard to remove. They are not easy to remove as the original band that came with the fitbit watch. Sometimes i get frustrated and decide not to change the band. But because it doesn’t happen every time i still change if i’m going someplace other than work. Don’t know if this is a problem with all of them or just the batch i got.

It allowed me to change the color of my watch according to my outfit. Sometimes i even mix colors like blue for my jeans & orange for my shirt. It really is very versatile. They think i have a lot of this watch because it looks different every time i change the bracelet. In essence, i have 15 new watch (or more if i mix & match them. They are also very easy to attach & detach. I “highly” recommended this product. If you have a fitbit charge 2, you’d be crazy to pass this up.

These work perfectly with my fitbit charge 2 and i love that they allow me to change colors when the good strikes. I am so happy i found these when i did.

Really nice selection of colors and when i compared quality to the original band that came on my fitbit charge 2, i couldn’t tell the difference. I could purchase 15 bands less than i could purchase a replacement band from fitbit. Don’t hesitate to purchase these bands – they are beautiful and fit perfectly.

Got these for my mom on mothers day, truly a great value would purchase them again in the future considering how many you get for a great price.

Good bands for a very fair price. Big range of colors and so far my wife loves them.

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