The original band for the fitbit was too small for my wrist. Due to skin irritation, i need a cloth or leather band. I bought this one because it was inexpensive, and fit my clothing style. Pros:- inexpensive- cloth- fits larger wristscons:- not easily cleanable.It begins to have an odor even after washing it frequently with soap and water. The only thing that has gotten it completely clean was placing it in the washing machine, weekly. (disconnected from the face, of course.

Color is as shown and described. It doesnt slide around as much like a velcro or original band does. This is because the band is bit stiff. I was unable to get one of the bands clasped on the watch face and this was due to the fabric of the band. I had to trim just a bit off in order for it to get in place and stick. It is not noticable that i did this.

I wanted a band that wouldn’t show as much dirt. I bought some other colors at the same time, but once i put this navy blue band off i haven’t taken it off. It looks great with my rose gold watch and is very comfortable to wear.

I bought the red and pink small bands. They fit great, easy to switch out. I wear everyday, no complaints.

Husband loves it, soft material and non-irritating. However it was incredibly difficult to get these attached to the fitbit and other reviews mentioned this as well. Once they’re on it’s fine but prepare to be frustrated.

This fits my huawei watch 2 classic perfectly.

A inexpensive way to refresh the look of your versa.

I had the original purple fitbit band, and as others have suggested, after a year of use, it does get discolored and i wanted something a little darker. I would like to note, all light colored bands (whether they are from fitbit or an alternate seller) will get discolored. You do have to wash them regularly. Purchased the all black band, and it’s perfect. It is much stiffer than the fit bit bands, but after wearing it has broken in nicely. Have had for about a month now and i don’t regret it, i might purchase another color.

I’m really impressed by the quality of this band. It is very comfy – i think perfect for work and working out with your fitbit versa. I really like how the gray compliments the rose gold.

It took a while to get the band on, but it looks and feels great. A bit stiff at first but loosens up easily.

I wanted to love this fun band, but i do have a few complaints. The fabric under one of the holder downer things keeps the band from securing properly without a struggle. The strings are from the fabric of the band where it gets caught. The material came pretty stiff. I hoped it would break in and get softer. I knew with it being a lighter color, it would get dirty. So no stars taken away for that. Changing the bands were easy, so there is that.

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Good quality and fits perfectly. Love the bands and would recommend and buy again.

These bands are bar far my favorite for everyday wear when i’m not working out. I only use the silicone bands when working out. These nylon/cloth ones are so comfortable and they don’t slide around as much. Here are the specifications for the Maledan Replacement:

  • ✅Gorgeous & Fashionable Style: Decent look and various neutral colors make your Versa fit for casual occasions and professional purpose
  • ✅Premium Fabric Woven: Prevents skin from irritation; soft, breathable and more comfortable than silicone and leather watch bands
  • ✅Perfect Fit: Freely adjustable stainless steel buckle holds Versa sturdily. Small size for 5.2″-6.7″ wrist, Large size for 6.3″-7.8″ wrist
  • ✅Easy installation followed by the directions: Due to cloth fabric material, the method in while to change band is a bit different than standard bands. With stainless steel spring pins locks seamlessly onto your watch securely
  • ✅One Year Guarantee: Feel free to contact us via email for a full refund or a new replacement without return if you are any dissatisfied

Material feels comfortable on my wrist.

It looks nice, and i love the color, but it’s not going to last very long. I’ve been wearing it maybe a month and its already coming apart at hole. It’s secure on my fitbit, so i’m not worried about losing it, but it’s definitely not going to last another month. Which is a bummer because this is a hard color to find, everything else is either more rose or hot pink.

Color, fit, and feel of the band it great. It is comfortable and nice to have a breathable alternative to the silicone bands. It went on with ease for the most part. One side was a little hard to get installed because the fabric was a little wide, but i think once i wear it some and it loosens up it will be easier to reinstall after changing it out again. Will order more colors for sure.

Save some money on the ‘limited edition’ versa and get this band. A little stiff but so pretty.

This band goes with any outfit i own. It has so many colors in it.

Good basic band to use with a fitbit versa if you don’t wa t to have to take off the unit to shower.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great replacement
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful and Comfy Fitbit Versa Bands

The original one was burning my skin. This band is comfortable and cool. It is easy to adjust the fit and it does ok with water. My job requires my hands to be in water often and the band dries quickly when it does get wet.

Are you a targeted purchaser?this fitbit versa adjustable wrist band is fantastic for multi-sport participants like runners, swimmers, cyclists, or simply just every day exercisers. If you are a male or female who has easily irritated skin when wearing tracking devices or exercise clothing, then this product would be a great fit in your ever day life. Who wouldn’t want to exercise in style and comfort?product detailssome major qualities that this particular wrist band entails are durability, size variety, band material, and band design. Along with the details about the band itself, the convenience of being able to find them in many stores as well as ordering them online with speedy deliveries, makes buying this fitbit band very desirable. Durability: while wearing this fitbit band, you are allowed to exercise in extreme hot and cold temperatures, along with being able to wear it in the water. With its waterproof and temperature durability, you can assure that no matter where you are exercising, you will have a reliable tracking device. Adding to the durability aspect of the wrist band, every band is made with a clasp buckle type which provides ultimate security on the wrist. Having the adjustable wrist band sizes ensures that there is a comfortable fit for every user. Band material: another great perk about this wrist band is the option to switch the band material. In many situations it is very common to see avid athletes experience some form of skin sensitivity or discomfort while wearing an exercise tracking device due to the device being in contact with clammy or sweaty skin.

This is by far my favorite band for my versa. It stays in place, doesn’t irritate the skin, looks great and i do plan to order more colors.

I wish it had a little more yellow and that the buckle had an option of rose gold which i did not see. It does well with every day wear and held up for my workout when i forgot my plastic band. I hope to purchase the wine colored band next 😉.

It’s a great looking band it’s a little stiff i’m sure once it worn in, it will soften up.

Fits my versa great and had no issues changing it out.

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I bought this band to replace my fitbit vera’s band because the rubber loop that holds the band down broke off. I am pleasantly surprised with this new band. For the price, you never know if it’s going to be really good or really poor. It was easy to replace the old band with this one. I will say the sizing on the new band is smaller than the fitbit one because i’m on like the third hole whereas on the fitbit i was on the fifth or sixth. The band at first is stuff but after about 2 days, i had broken it in. I do not wear it in the shower but i did wear it doing dishes a few times and it has held up very well. The color is a little more muted that the photo but it’s still nice. Overall, i’m very happy with it.

I am very pleased with this band. I like it better than the original band. I will probably purchase more colors.

Yes, exactly what i wanted for my fitbit versa. Same connection, beautiful pink.

Initially, the band was very stiff and inflexible, as expected. I suggest that before you wear or review the band, take the 2 band pieces and flex them back and forth a bit to loosen it up. If you don’t, and you wear it right out of the package, the band will be very uncomfortable. I see no cons with this band thus far.

Was very easy to put on the versa. Very comfortable and breathable, i wanted it so i can sleep with it on since the rubber one made me sweat. Very light feeling, i am excited to get other colors.

Easy to swap out the oem band for this new one. Love the dark blue fabric with the rose gold watch . The new band is a little stiff but is already flexing and will probably continue to do so the more i wear it.

If the original replacement bands didn’t cost around $30-40 i would just get it from the source. But otherwise these were easy to install and did look good, complimenting the watch face and my wrist.

This was one of best bands i’ve ever ordered online. If you’re always going to be working out with your fitbit, i wouldn’t necessarily want a “cloth” band. Yes, the bands are very nice, but after working out, there’s condensation under the band. If your always working out, i would go with a medaled-chained band. Both bands are very nice, and yet still around the same price, are great. So if you workout a lot, go with a medal band, if not this band is for you.

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