I was looking for an accurate stopwatch that beeps and is a reasonable priced. I found it in this stopwatch. The buttons have a positive feel, but you also get the beep to know when you hit the buttons. That’s important for me as a motorcycle safety instructor who must time while watching techniques during testing. The sizing is perfect for my female hands. Granted, my hands are not small for a female. I haven’t used it in rain yet, so i can’t comment on that factor.

Not sure what the stop watch is doing but it makes absolutely no sense. I even compared it to 2 other ones where i started and stopped them at the same time and the numbers i got on this one were just out there and made no sense at all. I went to the email they sent and was given an option to not like it and when i tried this i got message i got was that the site cannot be reached. . Cannot even find how to return it, my suggestion is to not buy this and find another company that has one that works and that if there ais a problem, a company that you can reach out too. While all this is true i must add that the company somehow, maybe by reading this that there was a problem and sent me a replacement one and it works very nice. Thank you marathon for the prompt replacement.

After too many years of using old and unreliable stopwatches, i invested in some new ones for my middle school scientists. The kids like the bright colors, buttons that actually start and stop and clear the watch easily. I’m hoping to enjoy these for quite a while.

My son needed a stopwatch to time his own sprints. His watch simply wasn’t practical. After searching all the reviews and finding something budget friendly, this turned out to be a perfect choice for us. It works exactly as stated and there are no issues. Times appear to be very accurate. Of course, he needs to drop three seconds, but that’s not the fault of the marathon stopwatch. Great stocking stuffer for the runner in your life. We could have really used this back in the days of swim team as well.

Easy to use and you get positive feedback from the buttons along with an audible beep so you know you have pressed them. The only thing i would add to it is a button for a backlight since i usually run when it’s a little dark outside and have trouble seeing. Overall though, it is a great stopwatch. As for the 4 stars and not 5, i do have a story to add. I received my stopwatch on the jan. When i took it out of the box i thought it was turned off because the numbers were so faint i couldn’t see them unless i tilted the stopwatch down and towards a source of light. Aside from this, it functioned properly and i’ve used it every day since its arrival. 28th 2019) i am writing this review.

It has a tendency to flop around and when the buttons are struck stop counting off time. The price is right, and for the price you will be satisfied. I downgraded this to three stars because it has no light, which makes it impossible to read in the dark. I think this is an important missing feature. If you don’t need a light then you are more likely to grade this out as a four star item.

  • Great stopwatch!
  • Great value stopwatch that’s one of the easiest to use
  • Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer with Extra Large Display and Buttons, Water Resistant from Marathon
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Excellent value in a full-featured stopwatch. I purchased this for my son and his family who are active in all sorts of sports. Very easy to use and not fearful that someone may break it because of the reasonable cost. I paired it with a stainless steel coach’s whistle as a gift.

I’m a dog walker and though my time sheet app records my time, it is often off by a few minutes at a glance. I’d much rather know by the second how long i’ve been at a client’s house. My boss asked me if something was wrong last week because my times were way off the usual. It’s a secure sounding click when you start it and you don’t accidentally start/stop it when you press it.

My local gym has wall clocks that are either dead or set to the wrong time due to daylight savings time oversights. None of the workers avail themselves of personal initiative to fix these issues so it’s up to me to know what the time is and how long i’m working out with the stop watch. The marathon adanac 3000 digital stopwatch timer with extra large display and buttons, water resistant fits the bill. I have not tried it in the swimming pool, however i do keep it in a ziplock bag for added protection.

I accidentally ordered this digital stopwatch instead of the one i *thought* i had ordered. That fact notwithstanding i like it and if it had a built-in light (which i thought i wouldn’t miss) it would be perfect. I especially appreciate the warranty. If i didn’t have to use it primarily at night, i would order it again, and i have already recommended it to a few friends (we use them for timing things related to dog training).

As an athlete and personal trainer, i’ve seen my fair share of stopwatches. This one is very easy to use and feels more solid and reliable than others i have used. Definitely great value for the price.

Features of MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer, Water Resistant

  • LARGE DISPLAY – Displays minutes, seconds & 1/100th seconds
  • SPLIT MODE – Times single and split events. Freeze split-time display while total timing continues.
  • TIME & CALENDAR – Displays hour, minute, second, month, day and date with alarm feature.
  • LASER TUNED – Laser tuning ensures 1/100th second accuracy.
  • Includes 46″ black lanyard (neck strap)


Works the same as my previous watch of this type from another brand, so i didn’t need to learn anything new about how to work it. Buttons feel more solid than my other one, so it isn’t likely that it will skip ahead two numbers while i’m pushing just once, like some of my other ones did. Easier to grip than the others. Came with battery activated. Arrived promptly from marathon. Update: after less than a year of use, it skips ahead two numbers when i press once (occasionally, but less if i press the buttons carefully. ) also, after a year of use, the alarm would (not too often) go off at the wrong time, so i’ve ordered another one, and will be using my new one instead of the old one for that reason. I usually use the alarm at least once a day, so it has had heavy use.

I bought this to time my child’s spelling homework, which was the gateway to a timing addiction. First, it was how long i was spending eating dinner, browsing web sites. Next i felt i had to take up running since i owned a stopwatch. As i write this review, i am watching the digits count off realizing i only have five more seconds to complete this review–. But what is there to say about a stopwatch?. Only drawbacks i see are battery is not easily replaceable and no light.

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An economical yet accurate time pacer. Have used many stop watches in my 24 year coaching tenure, this stop watch has the feel and functions as those costing 10 times the price. My pick for an excellent product.

This is a great watch to have. Not only can i have it be a stopwatch (duh) as it states in the description, (and is) it can display the time in either 12 or 24 hr format, and shows the day and date. Although everything i’ve previously stated can be confirmed through a cursory glance at the details mentioned on the main page, i have also found out that it is very easy to set time & date, day of the week, has a decently large display, and can go under my work ‘smock’, which is the reason i bought it, since where i work, from the waist up, the only things that can be ‘exposed’ to the outside, are your hands and eyes. Since the production floor is nearly devoid of all timepieces, i wanted to have something to wear that would let me know the time, but would also stay under my smock, as the wristwatch i had kept ‘peeking’ out from under my sleeve, and the supervisor told me to leave it in my locker from now on. I wear this stopwatch around my neck, and under my smock but over my shirt, since that way, all i have to do to see the time, is slightly pull apart my smock between two of the four snaps that keep it closed, and take a quick peek. I also found out one other thing, and answered my own question. Yes, you can turn off the hourly chime. It shows you exactly how in the instructions. Btw, i know the saying ‘if all else fails, read the directions’ but just do it first this time; the instructions are only a leaflet, and are very easy to read and understand. (they’re not from china) so do yourself a favor, save some aggravation, and take the (about 2 minutes) time you’ll need, to read the instructions.

This is a high quality stop watch and an unbelievable value for the price. My husband is a personal trainer and uses this constantly every day while he’s at work to keep clients on track and time their workouts. The buttons are perfectly placed and easy to use. . No need to read an entire manual or spend hours trying to figure out how all the features work. This is very intuitive and easy to use with all the features of stopwatches ten times more expensive.

This marathon adanac 3000 digital stopwatch timer with extra large display and buttons, water resistant is tricky to use at first. I would have been happy with a timer with two buttons. You’ll be hitting buttons for a while until you get the hang of the scaled operating led indicator along the top of the display. Four stars as it is difficult to use.

SPLIT MODE – Times single and split events.

So far i’m rather happy with this watch. It’s simple to use and has a lot of the standard features i expect from your average stop watch. The loop to hang/attach is plenty long enough and the clasp to control that is actually more functional than i’ve found on my previous watches. (i’ve owned for only a month or so at this point. Use it for split times on curling rocks mostly and tie it off on my belt).

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I used it this morning in my spin class. It was easy to operate and easy to see. This is my 4th stopwatch in 9 years of instructing an indoor cycle class.

While it feels a little flimsy and plasticky i’ve been using this for a few months now and it’s perfect. I keep it in my car for using in bootcamp and pt clients and it works like a charm.

It fits right in the palm of my hand, has an understandable interface, and the instructions that come with it are simple with ‘lame-mans” vernacular. It’s all i need in a stopwatch. The only complaint i have is the length of the neck-lace. Maybe it’s because i’m short, but i find it a bit annoying when this stopwatch hangs a little past my thighs. Other than that, i highly recommend it. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and i find the date/time/day-of-the-week feature to be extra convenient.

I purchased this for our recent pickleball tournament for our refs. I found these extremely easy to set up and use. They were in use for timing game time outs and time to start the game. For the three days they were in use for 8hrs a day and worked with out incident. The only issue i have is there are 6 jeweler type screws you need to remove to replace the battery. As of now i haven’t unscrewed the units to replace the battery. I will update once this is necessary. Our club is planning on purchasing 10 more of these for our upcoming tournament in april.

We ordered 12 of them for a meet. It’s not the best brand and it doesn’t usually last longer than a season. Good thing you don’t pay an arm and a leg. However, if you’re part of a swim team, i’d recommend asking finnis to sponsor you and they will give you excellent timers that last for years.


Best stopwatch i’ve ever owned. Keeps time, hourly chime, day, date stopwatch. Lr44 battery is very common button battery, easy to replace.

Wanted a stopwatch to time my exercise walks. This product is inexpensive and does the job. I have not bothered with the alarm feature, but as a stopwatch and watch, it’s great.

It works great for me as i go for my walks. I wear it around my neck and it is easy to read, start and stop. I wish i could turn it off or on when i want to use it. I have messed up my timing at times because some how i put something on top of it while doing some work in the house. But, i still really like it and am glad i got it and it is easy to use.

This stopwatch was a gift for a friend who teaches an exercise class i go to. I am now wishing i didn’t get it for him because everything is much harder now that he doesn’t have to guess when we start and stop our circuits. He has been using it for just a few weeks now and he had no problems using the product right out of the box. I will update if/when the battery goes out or if it randomly breaks down.

I bought this watch to time my triathlete, and in particular splits. We are new to using this function and the directions we’re not that easy for this function, but one we used the watch itself a couple of times it was actually very intuitive. We are very pleased and consider this a great value.


Includes 46″ black lanyard (neck strap)

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