Easy to adjust even if you have a small wrist like i do, they have a 4-snap version for small wrist people. If i close up 2 snaps together, it’s strong enough to keep your charge 2 safe, even for running, though the seller doesn’t recommend for sport. I love this, just wish they came with a few other beads to change out for smaller wrists. I ended up changing the tube beads out for shorter ones cause my wrist is just tinier than most.

It doesn’t fit tightly enough to catch all my steps but it is just so pretty i don’t care. I won’t be wearing it for everyday wear but its nice to have a dressy watchband and it is so much more interesting than any of the other fitbit watchbands. It feels like it will last but today was the first day that i wore it all day.

I have to say when i picked this it was a one in million shot in getting this. My fitbit was large band and started to fall apart which i mean the rubber\plastic was coming apart on my band only after a year. Well i really like the style of this band and ordered it. Now, when i went to order i also almost ordered a large band because of the first band i got. But, instead i went with the small band instead, which i am glad i did. When i got it and after messing with it i got it hooked up to my fitbit and put it on. It slide almost all the way to my elbow. Lucky it had links i could take out. At first i just took on out and tried again. So i took them all out but for the clasp in the band. Since i have gotten the band it has stretched out little by little but nothing would make me mad for that is the way of this material. When people notice the band they like it a whole lot more then what comes with the fitbit.

I love this band, it is so gorgeous, i was a little worried about it popping off, so i gave it a real test around the house, slept with it cleaned played with the dogs and nothing caused it to pop off.

I have bought my 4th color now. The bands allow you to cut-to-size. My wrist is pretty small and i cut it accordingly. It still is a bit loose, but that’s how i wear all my watches anyway. I would tell anyone to buy these. Not the other vendor on here (theirs are waay too big and has no adjustment).

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This band is a refreshing change to the standard ones that look like a watch band. This looks great with my fitbit charge 2 and was big for my wrist but was easy to adjust following the instructions they gave.

I love this band it is beautiful. The first notch is too small and the last latch is too big.

I like handmade products, feels like not being ruled by robot or machine or else lol. It’s really cute when i first try on it, no glue smell like coming out of the bulk producing. It has a smell like what leather should be, and good feeling by the touch. And surprisingly, the snaps provide strong closure to keep my watch safe. The leather is thick, it has multi layers seen from the side, which could tell it is genuine leather. You get what you expect for.

Everything was like it should have been. I sized my band to what i thought but the band didn’t fit, it was too big. I have such small wrist it is hard to fit me. One snap was too big and the other was too small. I would have needed it between the two.

The band is beautiful but is to large for my wrist even on last snap.

Read to end : purchased 9-15-18. It is packaged well, felt good,on, and for a couple of days i was so excited. Then the two smaller straps that are connected to the side with a wrap technique fell apart. One side slipped out and was impossible to put back together. I removed both straps and now have a slim black and silver band. The only reason i give two stars is that even after taking it apart, i was at least left with another alternative way to wear it. I would never buy another with the same design. Updated 10/30/18: after my initial review, the seller contacted me and sent me an updated version.

No way, this band is really impressive. Not too much beads that won’t made me like a 80’s, no offend, classic style fits for most of occasion, my wrist is not large so i can close up 2 snaps, which is available to do some simple exercise like yoga & running without changing band, cause with 2 snaps closed, it’s strong enough to maintain the connector from falling off. Recommendedupdate: they got a black color version now.

I bought the fully in love band. I’m the picture, it is a deep red color, which is what i wanted. What i received was a bright, almost pink colored band which is extremely disappointing. Not happy with the purchase. Here are the specifications for the Marval Power Marval:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅Marval.P new DIY leather handmade watch band, watch is not including.
  • ✅Adjustable size, no need to cut or install, forget about the complex step, 1 sec to put on or take off. Size would be fit for 5.5~8.5″ wrist.
  • ✅Great leather, just cut off from a whole leather, no more added or chemical things, you get what you’ve seen.
  • ✅Steampunk style band, with modern tech watch, technology and aesthetic crossed together, back to the Victorian and seeing the miracle again!
  • ✅Unique gift for any occasion: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day,, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s day etc as a gift.
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This band is much prettier than the pictures. It seems like it is pretty good quality, especially for the price. The only downside is the size, a little bigger for 5. 7” wrist, fortunately the seller made a 4 snaps version for me and promised will upload to all the buyer, the 4 snaps version fits me exactly, i test it and the minimum size could be 5. So if you wear a big comfortably, you should be great, but if you’re close to the small size, you have to tell the seller and get the 4-snap version.

Beautifully crafted with soft leather. It really makes my fitbit look unique. I would recommend this to both men and women. The design is very unisex, especially because it isn’t small and dainty. That’s not to say on a woman it would be bulky.

Pretty, as long as you don’t mind your wrist turning slightly green. Sturdy, but leather does stretch (as expected), so if your wrist is tiny, this isn’t the best choice for you.

Super cool looking, but the blue leather bands wear away quickly leaving white in the most predominant wear locations, the metal from the snap leaves a rust spot on your wrist, and the blue bands actually came off my band, had to reread then through and glue them.

I will be ordering other colors that they have too. This band snaps together and stays snapped until you take it off. You can also cut the extra length off easily. Very nice band, my wrist does not sweat under it. Which is what i was looking for. It is made in china and imported in, but for the price, it’s worth the cost.

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I absolutely loved this fitbit charge 2 band. I loved the two snaps that were way easier to put on. I have rheumatoid arthritis sometimes getting a band on is tough. Unfortunately it broke off where one side of the metal part snaps into the fitbit in less than a week. I wish i could fix it, because it was my favorite 🙁 i hope to hear from the seller and we can work it out because it was stunning.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Updated after replacement
  • My new favorite accessory!!!
  • Got the new version, no problem at all!

I purchased the tiffany blue band and it’s beautifully created with quality leather and materials. 25′ and the smallest size allows for some movement while preventing the face from rotating all the way around. I wasn’t certain if i’d like the accent braids because they aren’t attached around the watch face, but they do not interfere with the wear of the watch at all. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase.

I received this today, on time and as ordered.  the packaging was very nice and the easy to follow instructions for sizing were conveniently located on the inside of the box lid. My charge2 band was in a very cute cinched fabric bag.  now the band, it’s adorable and exactly what i expected. Good quality and doesn’t need my attention for adjusting, i have purchased another band that inquired to cut and install, even hard to wear by myself.  i would/may even buy this again. I would suggest it to friends.

It gives my fitbit a bracelet look that goes with dress up or dress down. I got a lot of compliments when i wore it. There was an issue with one side of the band not clicking into the fitbit completely. I sent an e-mail and within a few days marval. P had sent me a replacement at no charge and did not require me to send in the defective band. I will definitely be looking to add to my band collection by shopping the marval.

The band is underrated by its fancy, tiny look, it do be strong enough to protect my charge2, but still not recommended for fitness exercise. I have got a lot compliments every day i wear it. I wish i could upload the photo to you guys, it just keep failure. This is one of my best buy in 2018.

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