This pedometer is so easy to use and it weighs practically nothing once you set it, put it on your belt or waistband and forget it.

A little tough on the instructions but we got it.

It is small and easy to use, very convenient to wear. This step counter is worth to buy.

I keep it in my pocket and it keeps a fairly accurate step count. It’s probably the same pedometer as others that look the same but cost more.

It’s a very good and very accurate pedometer with lots of features & there are videos on youtube to help you explain how to program it. I’ve counted it measuring it against when attached to my pocket directly above my knee. When hanging from my neck accurate to within 3%. But when i drive my car it continues counting bumps in the road i guess. Not a big problem & the clip is not very tight so it might fall off when using the clip. Overall an excellent accurate device and great incentive to get out and keep moving.

Words are way too tiny making it hard to read, also there should be a back light to help view the display easier. Also a little confusing to navigate and set up. Wish i bought a different one.

The clip is fix very stronger. I use first time , often fall down , but i chang another way , very nice fix.

Have been using this over a year (my second since i dropped the first in some water) and i wear it every day. I check my steps and/or mileage during the day and before i retire at night to see how i did. This little pedometer appears to be very accurate. I also wear a fitness watch daily and often compare the two. I like this pedometer better than the watch which cost 10 times as much, although the watch is waterproof and the clip on pedometer is not. It’s amazing that you can tally up a couple of thousand steps just walking around the house in a day. Add in tennis, walking, running, pickle ball, or dancing and it’s not hard to exceed 15,000 steps on an active day. The feedback from the device is reinforcing so when i have a relatively inactive day, i attempt to do a lot of steps on the ensuing day.

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Maymoc maymoc black 12 month warranty 30 day memory multifunctional 3d pedometer with clip and strap, extremely accurate step counter, walking distance miles and km, calorie counter,this is the first time i have been using the pedometer. You should get one if you think you need one. I bought it for i do everything on the spur of the moment. Take your time to read the guidebook.

I have used this for several days since i bought it, and it works not bad. The data is correct, and its light to wear and carry everywhere.

Have used the product for several months. Having walked, using it 6-7 days a week, walking 3 plus miles on each occassion and ‘clocking’ over 300,000 steps, i have found it works very well. The only problem was adjusting it to my stride to accurate reflect my mileage. It took a day or two, and now find it fairly accurate and very reliable. Yes, would recommend it to even my closest friends.

Here are the specifications for the MAYMOC 12 Month Warranty 30 Day Memory Multifunctional 3D Pedometer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30 day memory: Yes 30 days, that is 23 extra days of memory than the ordinary pedometer
  • Measure, monitor & calculate: Complete monitoring and measurement of daily steps taken
  • Precision: Seamless 3D advanced tri-axis sensing technology built to deliver on all surfaces (climbing, flat surface, running)
  • 12 month warranty and black
  • Sleek design and shape: The sleek design and elegant white color makes it a gadget beyond the ordinary
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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great feedback device for exercising. I don’t start my day without it.
  • Just find out this is not bad idea to buy one.
  • Works very Well

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