These universal fasteners come in quite handy. I just wish i didn’t have to purchase 21 of them when the fastener strap broke on my fitness tracker. I have a garmin garmin vívosmart hr+ and this fastener does the job, although i wish they were a little tighter.

My daughter lost her passholder fastener and her band keeps coming off. Not any more, these fit the adult and kids magic bands perfectly. Great price and lots of bright colors, highly recommend these.

This product works as described. It has a variety of colors to match with what you are wearing. When wearing it with my fit bit, i feel that it won’t pop off like it has in past. I think this a a good solution to the problem that fit bit owners face because of poor manufacturing of the clasp on the fit bit charge. I recommend that you buy this at the same time as you buy your exercise device.

We purchased these for disney to add to our bands as they don’t have one other than a little clip in button. I’m glad we did because the magic bands would have come off in the pool and on several rides.

The only reason these are any stars is that fitbit’s bracelet is so awful you the have to buy these little rings to keep your $125 fitbit charge from falling off. The complaints about this bracelet are voluminous, and fitbit still sells the darned thing. Nothing wrong with these rings, but it’s a shame you have to buy the activity tracker and then buy something else to keep it on your wrist. Many, many equal or better choices now on the market at much better prices.

I’m amazed at the quality of these fasteners. The variety of colors alone is a reason to buy them but they really do the job. My fitbit is getting a lot of use and it frequently opens up only to be saved from these fasteners. I can’t say enough good about them. I’ve put them through quite the abuse every morning and night by putting them on and off and they still stand strong. Thank you for a quality product.

I thought this was more of a hard plastic. Turns out they are rubber band elastic material. It’s complicated to get the strap in the device with one hand but it does its job.

The fasteners i received are great colors, but they are wider than others i’ve previously purchased, and tend to slide off while i’m putting on my fitbit. They do the job once over two layers of band, but i wish they didn’t fall off so easily.

  • A MUST for Disney Trips
  • Perfect fit for Magic Bands
  • Good Fitbit Fastener

MDW 21 PCS Silicon Fastener Secure Ring Specially for Fitbit Charge Assorted Color

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • made from stretchable and comfortable silicon material, protect your skin from the metal clasp and secure the band in style
  • peace of mind with one or two pcs MDW silicon fastener ring
  • colorful,make your loved one hr looks fun
  • specially for fitbit charge and for fitbit charge hr , not for other models includes only the fasteners, no include the band, tracker or any other stuff
  • including 21 pcs quality silicon fastener ring that custom fit for fitbit charge and fitbit charge hr

These small rings add a layer of security to the fitbit band. A fitbit band fastens only by pushing two metal bar studs into slots. While fairly secure, this way of fastening provides no security against catching a part on something. In that case, the band would easily separate. These rings hold the band together to prevent that happening. The rings are sturdy and functional, and the many colors allows for each of us to pick our favorites.

Works for what i wanted, i was concerned after reading about people losing their fitbits. Mine has always seemed secure, but for the minimal cost of these, and added piece of mind, they work well. I have only had one on there for a week so not sure how long they will last with sliding it on and off, but they give you a good supply and a couple extra. It stays in place well and doesn’t slide. It did take a day to get used to, you can kind of feel it there because it doesn’t slide. You could use two if you needed to keep the band closer to your wrist if your fitbit was too large.

My husband and i both have the fitbit charge and already after 3 weeks the bracelets are loose and prone to popping open. Rather than lose an expensive purchase i bought these and they are fabulous. Not only do they hold the fitbit securely i can wear several for an inexpensive, cheerful and bright rainbow effect. Many people at work have asked me where i bought them and have also ordered them. If you have a fitbit you need these.

I lost my fitbit charge after it came unsnapped and i didn’t realize it. When my replacement came, i immediately ordered these security bands. I put two on because i cannot risk a second loss. The same two i put on almost 4 months ago are still on, no ripping or color change. They are snug at first, and still fit today, but became more manageable to pull over the snaps of my fitbit after a couple of weeks. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone who has a fitbit charge. Honestly, this pack will probably outlast my fitbit.

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I ordered these for an upcoming family trip to disney world. Because disney doesn’t have ‘belts’ for their magic bands, i decided to give these a try. With three young kids in the group, i don’t want to worry about them losing their magic bands. I read previous reviews on other sites that said their bands wouldn’t fit disney magic bands, but i found these stretch enough to fit over even the widest parts of the magic bands. Also love all the different colors.

 this is the mdw 21 pcs silicon fastener secure ring specially for fitbit charge assorted colorwhen i bought it, it was for $5. 99it comes in a bag with 21 pieces of various colors. I used the black ones to match my fitbit but i used the yellow ones in the video for demonstration purposes. You simply put it on your fitbit, close your fitbit, then pull it over. This will secure your fitbit from falling off your wrist. It’s advertised for the fitbit charge but it’ll fit the charge hr. It won’t work for the fitbit flex since it’ll be too loose on the flex. This is something that should have come with the fiitbit because i see people losing their fitbit all the time. I think the reason that the company doesn’t provide it is because they want you to buy a new one when you lose your old one. Personally, i think this silicon fastener should only cost a few cents and you shouldn’t have to buy 21 pieces but even at $5.

Love these little rubber secure rings. I have a tendency to lose any kind of electronic work-out gizmo, and when i saw these on line, i knew i had to have them. In the beginning it was a little tough putting it on the band in the right position. But after using them for a few days, it’s like second nature. I just slide them off the band when i need to take it off and slide it back when i’m ready to go. I like to use 2 bands, makes it feel more secure, knowing that the clasp can’t just open up and oops i’ve lost my fitbit. I definitely recommend buying these. And they have plenty of colors to choose from in your package, and they also give you 3 free.

Have used this product for 2 months on my fitbit charge and glad i have it. Thought my fitbit strap was quite secure but used this fastener secure ring as a precaution. When i got the fitbit strap caught in a coat sleeve such that the fitbit completely unsnapped, the fastener held the fitbit in place until i could snap it closed again. Otherwise it would have fallen into the puddle below. It’s easy to slide out of the way when taking the fitbit off and feels comfortable when it’s in place. So far i have only used one of them – not sure why the packaging has so many.

After wearing my fitbit for about 6 months, the strap snaps must have loosened a bit. Within a two week period, my fitbit popped off my wrist 3 times without me realizing it. Luckily each time it fell off in my house and i was able to find it with the help of the lightblue app. I stopped wearing my fitbit as often because i was afraid of losing it. And when i did wear it, i was constantly checking my wrist to make sure it was still there. Then a friend told me about these bands and how great they worked. I ordered them and now again i’m wearing my fitbit all the time. I’m sure i only need to use one, but i feel more secure with 2.

I bought these because i had read that some fitbits were falling off people and sure enough, that happened to me within a month of getting it. Luckily, it fell off at my workplace and a coworker found it, otherwise, i would have been out of luck. The fastener works fine, but the first one broke (as i was putting the fitbit on) probably within 2 months of putting it on. It gets a lot of stretching taking it off and on everyday when showering. Now i know why they give you so many. I just use 1 fastener at a time and that seems sufficient.

I was having trouble with my fitbit charge coming unfastened. I was afraid that i would lose my fitbit and i did not want that to happen. I originally was looking at a similar product, which was the same price as this one but you only received 6 silicon rings. I was excited to find this particular product because you receive 21 pieces. Over 3 times the number of rings for the same price as the products offered by another seller on amazon. I was able to keep several pieces for myself, give some to my mother, husband, and a couple of friends who also have the fitbit charge.

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The bands arrived in a day and a half. Even a “gift” pack with extra bands. When i first opened them up and tried to put them on my fitbit. I was bummed, they were sooo tight. After struggling to get them on both bands, i went on with my day. Not more than 2 hours later i hit my wrist hard enough that it should have been ripped off. . But these awesome bands held it on. The three bands i had on seemed to have slightly stretched which makes it easier to move around now, yet still snug. I will be buying these again.

I really like these, and there were several really bright colors in the pack. I also like that you get 21 of them because they are soft so i’m not sure how long they will last especially if you are taking your fitbit on and off a lot. The only reason i didn’t give the product five stars is because they are difficult to use. I finally got the hang of it but it took me a few days. When you’re first using it, you may need another set of hands to help. Otherwise they do what they say, they keep my fitbit fastened and they are stylish 😄. I would recommend this product.

After having my fitbit charge fall of and get run over, i was on the hunt to find something to secure it better (fitbit was kind enough to replace my charge). I found these on amazon and decided to try them. I received them quickly and there were three extra bands included as a gift. The first day i tried one, i looked down at my wrist to check it and saw that my charge had somehow come undone, but this band was still holding it together.I am a believer of this product. I gave a few to my mom who has had her charge fall of a few times too (thankfully never lost hers). She had been using little rubber bands to try to keep her charge on but she said these bands are much easier to use.

These are perfect for disney magic bands. They saved us from losing our bands at least 5-6 times. I would recommend using 2 if you have small children to wrangle at the parks.

Bought to use with disney magic bands to keep from falling off. I ended up giving some to strangers because we had so many and they worked so well. When we didnt wear them, our bands fell off.

We used these to secure our disney magic bands.

Before i got them, my fitbit would often get caught randomly and fall off. I knew if i didn’t find a solution i was going to lose my fitbit. These have solved the problem. My fitbit stays on securely and i don’t have worry. They do eventually wear out and break. I have had them for about 7 months and have been through two of them. So they last about three months or so. But with 21, plus the little bonus gift of 3 pastel bands, they should still last me a good while.

I would have given this product 5 stars, but my order only had 20 pieces. It’s not worth contacting the seller over, since it’s only worth 33 cents, just be aware that you may or may not get 21. It came with 3 dark blue, 3 yellow, 3 magenta, 3 dark green, 3 light green, 3 orange and then two blacks in a “gift” baggie. I ordered these to replace the broken fasteners on my bands for my garmin vivofit. It works just as it should and i expect it to last longer than the others did, because of the elastic material. Still a good buy, even with a missing fastener.

14-ounce plastic cup set of 4,red blue yellow greeni purchased a fitbit charge for my daughter and ordered these fasteners for her at the same time so she wouldn’t have to worry about it coming unclasped and falling off (more important, i wouldn’t have to worry). These ¾ inch wide fasteners slide on easily and don’t stretch out of shape. One important thing to remember is to make sure the fastener is over both the top and the bottom straps. I highly recommend if you purchase a fitbit charge make sure to order these fasteners for peace of mind,.

These work great on the newer disney magibands. We had several magicbands fall off and get lost on one of our disney trips so we tried these and the next trip and had zero issues. Highly recommended for anyone going to disney world.

When i got my fitbit i read a lot of reviews from people saying they fall off a lot so i came across these and i love them. I haven’t had any issues with my fitbit falling off but i didnt want to take any chances either. At first they’re a little tricky to put on but once you get it on it stays in place and really helps. Its nice to have a bunch of different colors to choose from-you can change them to match outfits or your mood, etc.

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Not sure how it would work with a fitbit but it is ideal for use with a disney magicband. No losing your magicband while in the park.

The strap holder broke on my fitbit band and i ended having to buy en entire second band just for this little loop part :/ than these pop up in my feed a week later. A bit tight for my fitbit 2 as they weren’t designed for this band but they stretch pretty good and come in several colors. So now i can just replace the loop when i need to instead of the $25 dollar band and i can match the loop to any outfit. And they don’t slid around like the original loop and seem pretty durable so far.

The button situation on the fitbit charge will wear out. I got a fitbit charge october of last year and after wearing it constantly i lost the fitbit because the button lost its snap and it fell off my wrist without my notice. Luckily the fitbit company is the best company ever and they replaced my fitbit for free. So i decided to take steps to never lose it again, thats why i bought this itemi received the package with all the fasteners in a clear plastic resealable bag. The photos of the item matches the colors of the fasteners i received. Its a great variety and i think its nice to be able to mix and match colors. They seemed a little small at first but since they are made of silicon, they are stretchy and fit well on my fitbit charge. This set is the best bang for the buck, you dont need this many fasteners really but its nice to share it with your fitbit friends.

I bought these bands because i broke 4 of the 5 bit belts i bought to put on the band of my fitbit charge. These bands are really nice. They are thinner but they work awesome. These bands go quickly when i pull them and they are very flexible. They have not lost their shape and they have not stretched out they are still the same tightness as when i first put them on. I am so very glad i bought these. Love the colors and i have not broken the 2 that i have been using for about 2 months.

My bad, i ordered these for my flex. When i realized they are too big for the flex, i re-read the description which clearly states these are for the charge. It will cost me as much to return them as it did to buy them ($6), so i will toss them. I’m sure if i had a charge, i would love them. I got 21 bands (three each of seven colors) and a “gift” of three more.

I bought these for my fitbit, but not for fashion, just for security. The band of my tracker got pulled off when i was gardening so i realized i needed something else to secure it and these work great. Thing is i don’t need so many. I used two like what is shown in the picture but that was really excessive. I kept the others around to use in the event the chosen one broke, which it never has. Then my son was visiting and looking for some way to secure his watch band since the amount left after the buckle keeper kept catching on things. Turned out these fit his standard sized watch band perfectly and took care of the problem immediately and almost invisibly since both band and fastener are black. Another time a friend with a small child visited and became frustrated that her markers kept rolling off my slightly tilted tv table where she was coloring. Put these bands around them and they could no longer roll. Since then i’ve found other uses for them as well like putting one on the handle of my paring knife near the blade which minimizes the chance of my getting a cut and to hold my sewing shears closed in my sewing basket for the same reason.

Fitbit clasps open and they fall off. This fastener ring works fine to keep it on my wrist. Fortunately, i bought it after my friend lost her fitbit (by mistake, it fell off and she didn’t notice) and before i lost mine. They seem to last a long time and there are plenty when one breaks. Although the picture shows two being used, i have found that one works fine. It fits a bit snug (it needs to) and that makes it a bit tight when you slide the ring over the band. I have to make sure i slide it off on a certain side (the upper side in the marketing picture). Otherwise the ring catches on the opposite band and is even harder to slide on. I’d buy them again, but they are lasting so long i might not have to. I gave half of them to my friend and she did already break on.

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