I love the modification made to this clip. It is easier to slip on (i wear it on my bra), and it still has a tight grip. Because of the modification making it easier to open enough to slide on, the clip itself is lasting much longer then the original clip, and the 3 replacements i previously ordered. Highly recommend this product. I should also state i’ve not had an issue with my fit bit falling out.

Excellent design and build quality. These are slightly different from the original fitbit one clips and from other off-brand replacements i’ve previously purchased. The clip is a little stiffer and has a different cap design, which seems like it should make each one last longer. The clip holds the one a bit more snugly than previous clips i’ve had. I like the color variety and variation. These clips are always going to get worn out at some point from use, so i try to maximize that time and have plenty of backups. These will keep me stocked for quite a while.

These clips are absolutely fantastic. I am perplexed with the negative reviews i read because i find the quality of these to be very good. The silicone seems thick and appears that it will last for quite some time. My fit bit fits better in these then the original clip i had which i had for almost 2 years. It is more secure in this one and this clip is much easier to attach and remove from clothing but yet secure enough that i feel comfortable it won’t pop off. I absolutely love these for the price and the colors are fun. I also got a freebie color which is the white that i took a couple pictures of and attached.

I bought these for my wife when her fitbit holder started disintegrating. The price fitbit charges for a replacement is outrageous. This is my wife’s words on the one rated here: ‘they are a different feeling material than the one that comes with the fitbit. However, they seem pretty durable (so far). I like having the different colors to match outfits.

By the time my fourth fitbit clip broke, i was not eager to call the company for another replacement. That’s when i started searching for after-market products and found the mdw 6 piece replacement set. I have been using them now less than two weeks and love them so much i had to write a review. These clips are way more durable, slide easily onto clothing, and you can switch them out with different colored wardrobe attire. Highly recommend this product. Don’t hesitate on this one, it’s way better than the original clip and i’m pretty sure it’s going to last a lot longer as it feels much more durable and it holds the fitbit one securely in place. Plus the colors are awesome.

This works for my fitbit one that clips to my pocket or waistband. Far thicker than what comes with the fitbit, this is a good replacement. Comes in numerous fun colors. The clip is sturdy, but easy to open to use. The only drawback is that getting the device itself into the holder is very tight, at least when brand new. So although the device isn’t going to fall out, it can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of finger strength. With that said, i’m still glad to have found this product and can recommend it over what is available at fitbit.

I bought these replacement clips in october. The first holder lasted 4 months which i considered to be pretty fair considering the original fitbit one replacement clips lasted the same amount of time. With these clips though you have six at the same price as ordering only one from fitbit directly. I will continue to buy this product from the seller because they are the best replacements i have come across so far. Love the colors and the product seems sturdier.

Update: going strong many months later. I’ve mostly used the same couple of colors. Other than a little separation that i described in the original review, they still look great. Original review:good, but the black end on the clip separates from the color rubber exposing the metal inside right away, but it hasn’t detached and isn’t uncomfortable, so this is a minor issue for the price.

I’m really happy with my fitbit replacement clips. Mine came with the 6 clips along with 2 bands to keep the fitbit in the clip. It also came with a surprise pendant. The fitbit fits well and doesn’t slip out (the bands are really unnecessary in my opinion, but it’s nice that they were included for extra protection and stability). The one thing i dislike is that the rubber tends to slide up the clip portion; however, if the clip is pulled away from whatever it is clipped to beforehand, then this isn’t a problem. I just tend to slide the clip down onto whatever i’m clipping to, so the rubber rides up.

I was so glad to find this inexpensive replacement for my fitbit one factory-made holder. Like others, i had replaced my holder many times at a significant cost. These holders looked like a good option. Like other holders, this one may slip around on silky-textured fabrics. I have been using the black one, and it has held up well under several weeks of use. I look forward to trying the other colors as we head into spring.

I am probably the only person still using a fitbit one, but this replacement worked way better than the one i received from the manufacturer. I purchased the box of 6 with a free 7th included. I am still using the first one from the box. Thanks for the great replacement–and the great price.

Two major differences between these mdw and fitbit brand. I got 6 plus 1 free one and an extra clip so for a total of 7, i paid $16. The 2nd difference is these don’t say fitbit on it which does not bother me one bit and seriously, who cares?. So i got 6 different colors for an extra $2. Customer service is also great. You won’t regret it and i couldn’t tell the difference between mdw and fitbits.

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Great product and substantially better then my original fitbit one clip. My original clip broke and the unit kept falling out of the flimsy rubber holder. This one (or should i say these 6) is much sturdier then my original and has more weight to the rubber holder. So glad i ordered this set and loving the multiple colors too. Here are the specifications for the MDW 6pcs New Version Replacement Clip Accessory Pack:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • New Improved Design: Improved Plastic Cap+Improved Metal Spring
  • Best Value Pack: Including 6 pcs Replacement Clip A Great Value Pack
  • Fun Color to Meet Your Daily Mood
  • Great Gift Idea for Fitbit One User

So far, these appear to be sturdier than the fitbit brand clips. I have replaced my clip several times since the plastic tab breaks off the tip after about 8 months of use. I purchased this pack with the assumption that they would be flimsy as well but they are not. I have been using the same clip daily since i bought them 2 months ago. There is no wear and tear yet. These are also thicker silicone than the fitbit brand clips.

I wear my fitbit one every day all day so it’s no surprise that the original clip it came with finally broke. I spotted these while looking for a replacement and since you get 6 for the about the price of what 2 cost, i thought why not. Additionally, it’s fun to have the various colors to coordinate with your wardrobe. They arrived packaged in a nice little box and work just as well (or better) than my original it came with.

The price on these is great. The fist one i’ve used lasted about 2. 5 months, so i should be about to get about a year and a half out of this pack. I wear my fitbit on my bra between the cups (i’m a ddd, so it’s a thick bra) and after a while the silicone starts sliding off the metal part. I could probably wear it somewhere else and have it last longer, but i don’t want to. The colors are fun if you care about that. I found the little black band that can fit around it unnecessary, since it already holds the fitbit snugly.

This product so far has been better than the original fitbit clip. It keeps the fitbit secure without having to use the included black rubber band. I have accidentally left the clip with fitbit on my shorts when they went into the wash. Fitbit came out working and looks like no water got to the charging area. I clip this with the fitbit facing into my pocket. The only problem so far has been when the clip is put on my pocket, there is some seperation of the material from the hard end of the clip. If you pull it off and then pull down on the material that is on the clip section it touches the end again. Not a big deal but could see this potentially being a problem in the future if it moves up and down enough that it may start to split on the side. If and when this one eventually wears out i have 5 others that i can use.

These work better than the originals. They hold the fitbit one firmly in place and the clip part seems to be a better design than the original. Even if you don’t need a replacement, but these for the fun colors. Plus, since these hold up way better than the originals, you’ll have fun colors to share with your other fitbit one wearing friends.

Perfect fit and has lasted way longer than my original fitbit brand clip or other replacement clips i’ve tried. I think i tried two or three other replacement clips in addition to the original from fitbit prior to buying these. I bought this six pack because of how quickly the other ones all broke – the the hard plastic piece on the bottom of the clip always broke off the other ones within a couple of months, sometimes within a few weeks, and i (wrongly) assumed these would do the same. I’ve been using the first clip from this pack for at least 6 months, probably longer, with no issues whatsoever. Definitely a great buy and this pack of clips is going to last for a very long time. It hasn’t stretched out or gotten loose over time either, which i’ve had happen with other brands. I would definitely buy these again but probably won’t ever need to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better, Thicker and Better Looking!
  • Better holder then the orginial!!!
  • Sturdy Construction

These hold the fitbit more securely than the original clip that comes with the fitbit. The clip portion and the encasement around the fitbit device is quality material – -not to mention a great selection of colors to trade off. Very glad to purchase these — i’m sharing them with family.

The clip that came with my fitbit one wore out?. The metal portion came right through the plastic, so i replaced it with another namebrand fitbit clip. . And the same thing happened. Decided to get this product because of the good reviews. Didn’t hurt that i got six clips for slightly more than i paid for the one fitbit brand clip. As soon as i slipped it on my pocket the first time, i realized how this was the way the clip *should* work. Have been using it for several days now, and i’m extremely pleased with the clip. I paid full price (well, it was on sale supposedly), and would recommend this product.

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The small piece on the back of my fitbit one case kept falling off until i finally lost it. After reading reviews, i decided to buy these cases, especially since we have three fitbit ones in the family. I was delighted after i inspected the items. First, the case is noticeably thicker than the original (i measured the old at. 085′ thick second, i found the original case hard to slide onto my pants but this one slides on easily yet is secure. When showing these to the family everyone changed their cases to these new cases because of the colors. As an added bonus, the supplier added an additional case and two stays just to make the shipment a little more exciting. In this day and age of cutting corners, who would have thought that someone would spend the time to make these better.

This works better than the original. I have had it about 1 year and only used the pink color. For further protection against loss, i use a small piece of velcro. One piece sticks to the fitbit and another to the inside of the case. I have not had the fitbit fall out. If the velcro starts to lose its stick, i just replace the velcro. I have not had any problems with the cap coming off of the metal stay. I make it a habit of removing my fitbit from my jeans by putting my thumb on the end of the metal stay.

I have bought about three fitbit-brand replacement clips by now, and was getting sick of them breaking all the time, so i bought this set instead. The last time i had bought non-fitbit replacement clips, the metal in them bent too easily, but not these. The end clip seems to be on there way better than the fitbit brand, and the metal is strong enough to be put on jeans and still retain its shape. Since my sister and mother also have fitbit ones, i gave them some of the other colors included and they loved them. I’ve had it for a few months now and it has already held up way better than the fitbit brand clip. Will definitely buy them again, if i ever have to.

I dropped my fitbit one last week when i fell – it was loose in my pocket – and we did find it but i thought it might have been easier if it were another color besides black. I looked for these here & was very pleased when they arrived. So i picked the brightest color to wear & i find that the clip is much more substantial than the oem part, also. They throw in a spare, too – what’s not to love.

She hates anything on her wrist, so she is staying with with the fitbit one until it dies. When the clip broke, this set of colors seemed like a no brainer. They are holding up well and she seems to loose her fit bit far less often.

Update 2/2/17: so the first one finally broke after a little over three months of use. Not beyond use, but it makes it a pain to clip it on. Not bad for a cheap product. Update 12/7/16: i’ve been using the same clip for just over 6 weeks now, and it’s held up very well. It’s removed and put back on a shirt at least twice a day. No breakage, still performing as well as it did on day one. I’ve been using one of my seven for 12 days so far, and no signs of breaking. It slips more easily on and off clothes than the name brand one does, which is a huge plus (and part of why that one breaks so often). It does slide around on my bra strap, though, which can be annoying; i guess it’s the price you pay to not have it so tight and hard to get on/off.

They came with an extra “gift” clip, too (in white). There are also a couple of gift bands that go all the way around the clip for extra security in intense sports. I can’t imagine i’ll need them, but it’s a nice gesture. The clips fasten securely and hold the fitbit one tightly, and the colors are really nice. Very reasonably priced, too.

The first time i needed to replace my clip i bought an authentic fitbit clip. They both fit so snugly that over time the soft rubber twists and rips as you take it on and off your clothing. So this time i purchased this inexpensive, colorful set of clips. They hold the fitbit firmly, but the clip part slips easily on and off my waist band.

I’ve been buying these for several years, rather than the overpriced name brand version, and to me they were pretty much identical; i. , i could use them for a while but then the back piece coating would begin to twist and i’d have to use a new clip. So i bought the new version replacement clip not expecting anything different, but i’m happy to report i was wrong: the new version replacement clip is absolutely terrific.It makes it so easy to clip my fitbit onto anything, and removal is equally easy. I’m so happy with the new product and highly recommend it.

These are high-quality replacement clips for the fitbit one fitness tracking device. They attach securely to clothes pockets (i haven’t tried them in any other situations) — from nylon gym shorts to thicker jeans pockets. But, the clips aren’t so stiff that the fitbit becomes difficult to attach or remove from the pocket fabric — i like them better than the fitbit-branded clip, for this reason. The clips hold the fitbit one device securely, also — i’m not afraid of the device falling out. I like this multi-pack, both because of the multiple colors, but also because i have plenty of back-ups in case one of the clips gets damaged or wears out — all for a reasonable price. The ‘triangles’ pattern on the side of the clip is a little different than on the fitbit-branded product, but there’s no functional difference. Also, those same ‘triangle’ cut-outs on the sides aren’t molded as precisely as the fitbit product, either, but it’s not really noticeable — only if you’re really trying to do a side-by-side comparison. I’m really happy with this product in the first few days of using it.

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I actually was still using the original clip that came with my fitbit. The clip is at least 2 years old. It was so battered and falling apart. I has thought of getting a new fitbit when i decided to check amazon to see if they sold replacement clips. I ordered these and they are wonderful. The fitbit is very snug in the clip. I have no problems taking it out or putting back in after charging. I could not be more happy with this purchase and i highly recommend.

My husband and i each picked a color and are still using them 6 months later. The only thing i wish was a little different is that i wish the ‘hook’ was a little closer to the body of the case so there wouldn’t be as much play and thus can fall off the leg of my gym shorts where i wear it. If i hooked it to my waist it wouldn’t be an issue, but i just prefer to wear it on my gym shorts leg. I just have to roll the fabric a little and then hook it so it doesn’t fall off. That happened once and i didn’t realize it so my entire workout on the nordic track did not get recorded. I still gave it 5 stars because i do love it so much.

Only received and started using a few days ago, but these seem to be very good quality. My box contained an extra clip with 2 small bands in a separate plastic bag and a note saying the bands were to secure the fitbit better during certain physical activities. I couldn’t figure out how the bands were to be used lol but i like the extra navy clip and the fitbit seems perfectly secure already.

I wear my fitbit one on my waistband or front pockets everyday, sometimes clipped on my brassiere. I change colors frequently depending on what i am wearing or my mood. The silicon is thicker which makes the fit more tight. The clip appears to be a little wider than the original but not sure if the strength is any stronger. I believe this was a great buy and would recommend them and would buy them again if needed.

These are better than what originally came with my fitbit. This version (i had the old version) is much sturdier. I don’t even need to put the protector band around it. The clip is tight as well, so i don’t worry about it falling off and losing it. I would definitely buy these again. But these are going to last way longer than the first ones did.

I need a new clip for my fitbit because after only 6 months of daily wear, the one that came with my one lost its cap, leaving metal exposed, and considering i wear this on my bra, i was not a fan of two pokey pieces of metal near the girls. After i search, i decided to buy these for a couple of reasons: best price for the most options, great reviews, and sturdy construction. Upon receiving them, i was very happy to see they lived up to expectation. Other reviews billed them as ‘better than the original’, and i would say they certainly seem of better construction. The silicone sleeve feels thicker and the arm feels stronger. Even the cap on the end feels more secure. They fit my one perfectly and they hold firm and fast as expected. Happy to wear and recommend these.

Clip on more securely and easily than the original fitbit case. Great bargain, too, as i purchased 6 and received 7 (a bonus item). Bright, vivid colors that won’t be easy to misplace. Hoping i can find some lighter colors (pastels) by this same company for the lighter colored summer clothing. It’s always such a great pleasure to find a replacement product that is actually better than the original thank you mdw.

I’ve been using one of the six for about 3. I had my doubts–within a week the cap from the clip had pulled away from the silicone (leaving a gap so you can see the metal underneath). However, it’s holding up well. The clip is very, very strong–no worries about sliding out of my pocket with these. Also, the silicone is sturdier and less flexible. This means that it’s harder to get the fitbit in and out. However, if you only charge the thing around every 10 days like i do, who cares?.

You get so many for such a low price and they’re way better quality than the one my fitbit one came with. The material is much thicker and feels like it holds the device within thr clip better. If you buy a replacement of the original it’s about $15 for just one. You get 7 of these better quality ones for like 5 bucks more. You’re stupid if you buy 1 original over these 7 nice ones.

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