I got these fasteners for my husband who’s not into ‘accessories’ so the fact that there is a large number of colors to choose from made him feel like he actually had a say in what he was wearing and he forgot that he was even asked to wear a fitbit. . When in fact all his loving wife just wanted him to start monitoring his own activities for his health so that he’s around longer to help her change her diaper ~ all made possible by these colored fasteners that allows the wife to make sure the husband is taking care of himself. The seller also gave us a gift with our order, extra fasteners, which really is a gift because after my husband gets used to choosing his own ‘accessories’ for his fitbit, i’m sure they’ll get lost and we’ll have to use the extras we recieved. Then when those are lost we will be forced to go shopping ~ ugghhh.~ and buy more ‘accessories’ for him to choose from.

I’ve had one on my fitbit charge since they arrived. Not sure it’s necessary, as i haven’t noticed slippage or problems with the clasp, but ordered and am using as a precaution. I’ve only used 1 of the dozen that arrived, and it’s holding up very well. Looks small, but is stretchy enough to slide on one side. Carefully lift and slide over closed clasp. After a couple of off-and-ons, it’s easy to do. I take my charge off at least once a day, so this fastener ring has had a workout over nearly two months. And, if i do wear it out, i have 10 more in line. My only suggestion to the seller would be to offer a package of all-black.

I bought wocase brand before buying these. The wocase bands are more rigid and thicker which causes them to split on the edges easily. These are more pliable and rubber band like. I do enjoy both brands but i expect to get more wear and tear from these bands. My fit bit normally last a year or gets lost. I am now rounding year 2 with my force my using the bands. Spend the extra 5 bucks instead of $100 in a year.

These are nice to help hold your band in place on your fitbit if you have the charge or the charge hr. I have to wear mine on almost the first spot so i have a lot of give. I can put one of these on and it holds the band down. The band comes with a nice band but you wear it out towards the end so it doesn’t flap around and get caught on everything.

Unfortunately i found out by accident that i needed these fastener rings. Thought i lost my fitbit at a yard sale and nearly went crazy trying to locate it, but found it inside my house where i had carried a bag of clothes for donation and had accidentally flipped the fitbit off. So when i purchased my fitbit charge the fastener rings were the second purchase.

Wonderful little silicone fasteners to secure your fit bit wristband. Sometimes the fit bit wristband will magically catch on clothes, a table edge, something you might be holding or just something you roll your arm over. These nice little fasteners will help keep your band on your wrist and not in the lost & found dept. The variety of colors makes it easy to coordinate the fit bit with your clothes or your mood.

I’m only using one ring and it seems to do the job. So far i’ve been using the same ring for 2 months, pulling and stretching it every time i put on or take off my charge (at least 2x/day), and it hasn’t broken or loosened and shows no signs of wear. At this rate i’m sure my charge will die before i go through all of these rings. The only thing i don’t like is that the rings are just a tad smaller than they need to be, and fit really tight.

I haven’t had my charge for long but it has fallen off a couple of times. These really help to keep it secure. Plus they come in a wide variety of colors. Also, they advertise seven bands, but i got at least 15.

If you have a fitbit charge, you must get them, because sooner or later the charge will get loose and fall off. I found mine in the target bathroom about an hour after it fell off. Since i got these fasteners it hasn’t even been loose. Thank you for a neat little product that isn’t too expensive. I am going to the fitbit website to tell everybody about them😃👍.

The product arrived when expected and in good condition. There was even a ‘bonus’ pack, which is very thoughtful. I have the charge hr (large) and actually do not have issues with the device slipping off, but wanted the bands for added assurance while away traveling. They fit very snug on the band and sometimes i think i’m going to pop it actually. They do serve the purpose they are made for, but to me. It’s not the most necessary and they are very tight fitting on the band itself and i worry that it may stretch out.

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Got these for my fitness tracker and also worked perfectly for my disney magic band.

Bought these for a trip to disney. Great idea to keep your disney fastpass braclet watch band thing from coming apart when you are on the rides. Kept them secure on two adults, a six year old and 9 year old.

I ordered these to cover the ‘surgical stainless steel’ prongs (they’re not surgical grade – i know this because i am not allergic to surgical grade but i broke out like regular stainless) and my rash has improved. Also received 2 extra as a bonus in the order which gave me two black ones which i love. Here are the specifications for the MDW 7pcs Mixed Colored Silicon Fastener Ring:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • only include the tiny silicon clasp that used to secure the band in case it loose and drop!
  • Secure your investment to your health! Dont wait, you will lose it at some point!
  • never worry lost your loved fitbit force tracker
  • fit properly, include only silicon fasten ring, no wristband,tracker,clasp etc…

I was having an issue with my fitbit charge falling off, actually i lost my original fitbit, it fell off, i am wasn’t sure where. So when my charge started coming lose and popping off, i was worried. My friend had purchased these fastener rings for her fitbit. So i purchased them and they are great. My fitbit hasn’t popped off since and they are really easy to just slide over. Love the color selection and that i can choose my color based on my mood for the day. If you are having issues with your fitbit coming off, don’t lose it, purchase these and it will help keep it on.

These work exactly as intended. Having read too many reviews about the fitbit charge clasp coming undone, i ordered these at the same time for the little extra money. I just used one right away on it to protect the investment of the fitbit. I like that there are several and in nice colors that add a little zing. There no way you will lose your fitbit with even one of these on. People who suggested moving this on the side with the holes and then fastening it. Then just scoot it down over the place where the two sides are hooked together — it’s easy. I cannot imagine a problem with fit. Cheap, attractive, easy to use, works — what else could it possibly do?.

I ordered these for our disney world magicbands. There is a little stretch to it so it fits good over the magic band, whether in adult or kids size. There is a variety of colors in the bag. It was delivered when promised. These work great and i’m glad i got them so i don’t have to worry about us losing our magic bands.

I bought these to use with magic bands on an upcoming trip to disney. I have personally lost a magic band and it really takes the magic out of a trip. This fastener seems well made and fits perfectly on the adult disney magic band but not so well on the children’s magic band. The fastener is too large for the smaller magic bands and doesn’t appear that it would help hold them on.

Makes me feel secure that i won’t lose my new fitbit charge.

I purchase the bands for my fitbit charge for both decorative effect and added security to keep the band fastened securely. Several reviews mentioned difficulty in getting the band on. I had my husband assist using a pair of tweezers the first time. We discovered that by placieing the band on the slotted end of the band it was quite easy to place the band on quite easily by myself. The fitbit is quite simple looking. I find the band adds a bit of color contrast to the fitbit. I also purchased a blt of bling from amazon. These charms can be found under fitbit accessories.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • All in all a great purchase. I don’t regret it one bit
  • great solution for people with metal allergies
  • Great for use with Magic Bands!

These are exactly what you pay for. I gave myself some time to leave a review. At first i agreed with a lot of people that these are just a tad too small for the fitbit charge band, but they stretch. They obviously need to be tight to be effective. There’s good value in the number you receive, but i do wish there was an option to choose the colors. My fitbit’s black and my wardrobe tends heavily towards matching it, so i don’t care much for the neon colors. I like to wear two of the fasteners so it covers/protects the clasp, and thus i’ve gone with the blue and black so far. The gripe i have – and suspect others share – is really with why fitbit’s design makes this product in such high demand.

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I have not tried the bit belt brand but these work absolutely fantastic and you get more of them for the price then bit belt. They are very solid bands with a tight fit so they hold the fitbit charge band snugly in place. However i’m very disappointed in how they are shipped regarding the shipping price point. You get this little bitty nice clear plastic commercial style zip lock bag placed in this really really big over sized amazon box with air cushion shipping bags in them. Seriously they could have fit 20-30 packs of these bags in the one box. Shipping was fast as always form amazon, but these could have easily been shipped in a mailer envelope for a third of the cost. The fact that they supplied me 3 extra ones labeled as a gift was a nice added touch by mdw. I split them up between friends and family. Product alone gets a 5 stars. Knocked it down to 4 for the overpriced shipping and packaging i was gouged on.

We purchased this for our drive down the east coast. We were able to charge three cell phones and two ipads. I would suggest it to anyone doing long distance driving.

This product is pefect for securing your fibbit. I have been using the fitbit charge for less than a month and it’s popped off on several occasions, even when properly fastened. One or more can be used to secure your investment.I’ve already spent too much time retracing steps. I would suggest buying these even if you have not experienced a problem, you can leave one on the band and slide over each time you put it on. I am excited this has worked so well.

I give a hearty recommendation for this product and also the seller. Don’t understand why people are complaining about these not fitting a fitbit charge. These fit my fitbit charge so well. The key to using these is to slide them all the way to the middle of the band that has the holes before you take off your fitbit. Then when you’re ready to put your fitbit back on pull it over the two straps; that way you don’t have the ‘under strap’ getting in the way. They stretch really well but bounce back into shape so there is no problems with them getting ‘stretched out’. I wash my fitbit with these fasteners on with soap and water every night and it dries fast. Also surprised they don’t irritate my skin. Was worried it would rub against it but it hasn’t bothered me at all. The seller sent me several extras as ‘gifts’.

Excellent idea to secure your fitbit from snapping off your wrist. As you know the belt buckle in fitbit charge is not secure enough and sometime the belt buckle tends to come off from the wrist band and in my case it completely slipped off my wrist and fell to the ground. I was concerned that it might slip off w/o me noticing it and might lose it. These bands help to secure the belt buckle to the wrist band.

Fitbit’s design fault is a win/win for mdw. In the first week, my fitbit popped off three times when it caught on something. I started checking it several times daily to make sure it was secure. I accidentally stumbled on this product when browsing on amazon (dangerously bad habit). Now, i can relax because i have the mdw fastener ring/band. Being made of silicon reduces any possibility of contact dermatitis. I received a few extras as a gift.

My company provided a fitbit charge for free (awesome) as part of a 2016 get fit campaign. I read reviews on it, and was a little alarmed to see the reviews saying that the charge was bad about falling off. As amazon is prone to do, products were suggested based on my viewing history. The package came as quickly as expected and contained a total of 10 fasteners in different colors. It’s cool that they added 3 as a little free gift. So far so good with these keeping my charge on. It’s helpful to keep them on the upper side of the charge band (where the holes are, not the connectors); it is much easier to put it back on that way. Worth the small investment imho.

My wife and i both wear a fitbit charge. My wife had a problem knowing that her fitbit had actually fallen off, and left it in a starbucks while we were traveling (which we did go back for, and found it. Mine came off while leaving a hotel room, which i didn’t notice until we were an hour down the road; the hotel did find it, and mailed it back to me. Since we doing a lot of traveling, and solve the above problems, were purchased the 7pcs mixed colored silicon fastener rings and haven’t had problem since with the fitbit’s coming off our wrists. I originally thought the price was a little high, but since we we both left our fitbits behind and were lucky enough to get them back, the cost is very small investment to prevent the loss of these fitbits.

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I was looking for a watch band keeper for a ‘timex kids’ tw7b998009j my first timex silver-tone watch with blue nylon band’ – which we really love but it comes undone for lack of a keeper. I don’t know how i got to ‘colored silicon fastener ring’ for fitbit, and seems like for disney magic bands (we also have those). Midwec sent the 6 pack selection plus a 4 piece gift set of more colors. Two of the colors in the gift set were perfect for the timex. They included a sweet note about how they are a new seller and would appreciate feedback, with an email: [email protected] Timex kids’ tw7b998009j my first timex silver-tone watch with blue nylon band.

I don’t know if i just flail around more than average people, but i was having a heck of a time keeping my fitbit charge on my wrist. Since i bought a pack of these safety rings, there have been multiple times that i have looked down and my fitbit was completely unfastened- and held on just by the one of these safety bands. The price is great, and the pack comes with quite a few different colors. It is a snug fit on the fitbit charge’s wider band, but it does fit. And in a day or so it has stretched out nicely to the point that it looks like it was made for the charge band. I’ve shared some safely bands with friends, and everyone has been glad to have them. A new fitbit will cost a lot more than this, so buy some and share.

These fastener guards worked perfectly. They made our disney band very secure. My husband didn’t lose his band with product.

These fitbit charge bands work very well. They are not so tight that they are impossible to put on, but they are tight enough and strong enough to hold the band securely.

My fitbit charge was starting to get a little loosey-goosey where the clasp fastens to the band, so i got these before i lost my fitbit altogether. It works great and my bag of 7 came with a free gift of 3 extra colors. I was afraid it would affect the fit of the band but it is very low profile and i don’t even know it is there. I wish there were more black bands instead of colored ones, but that’s not really a big deal. Would purchase again and would recommend to a friend.

In the past i have spent much more on these for the ‘name’ thinking it would hold up better. We use for our disney magic bands and my kids fit bits. They do need help to get them on, but that doesn’t bother me.

These have saved the day more than once. My strap seems to come open on my fitbit often. My only complaint is that they are a little small for the charge, i think they are sized for the narrower strap. My first fastener lasted almost a month, so it is good that they come in a multipack. Overall, these are great and do the job.

I used these to secure our disney magic bands on a recent trip so that they wouldn’t accidentally pop off. They are quite snug and may require some assistance to slide into place once your band is snapped, although i was able to secure mine by myself. They even worked if you remove the outer piece in order to make the band fit a child. They are not as snug and you may feel better using more than one when using in this manner, but they will stay in place if your child doesn’t mess with them too much. I like that they went back to their original size when removed so that we can use them on future trips.

I would give the product 5 stars but i found them a bit overpriced. The biggest plus is they work. My band came loose but because of the fastener ring the fitbit did not fall off. I wish i had the choice to buy just one color (black) because you don’t even notice that it’s on the band because it’s the same color. 00 for 7 rings is very pricy but the fitbit cost 138. 00 so i can’t complain to much because it keeps it secure.

I had recently lost my fitbit charge and was angry with myself because i kept telling myself i needed to find something to keep the band together if the clasp came open. When i purchased my replacement fitbit charge, i immediately went online and ordered these fastener bands. They work fantastically and fit my charge perfectly. I can wear my fitbit charge without any worries of losing it again. The seller even included several ‘gifts’ with my purchase. If i ever need anymore of these bands, i will definitely buy again from this seller.

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