Just received this yesterday as i needed a replacement for my fitbit one’s clip on holder was broken. Great colors– exactly as shown here. My clip ends are not black however. They match the rubber color of the holder. I noticed that the clip does not hold as tight as the original fitbit clip on did. That is both good and maybe a little bad. I had trouble putting on the original clip on due to the extreme tightness of the clip. These clip ons are definitely not as tight making them easier to put on. The negative may be that they are a little slippery and might come off of your clothes easier. I felt the thickness of the rubber was comparable but did notice the rubber felt smoother and not as grippy as the original.

I actually like this fitbit case better than the original one. I love that it comes in fun colors, instead of boring black. I also found that it is easier to clip on and off, which for me is good because i rarely clip it to my pants. If you do clip it on your pants, pay more attention to it when pulling your pants up and down. It will come off easier than the original because the material it is made of isn’t as ‘grippy. ‘it came with a ‘free gift’ that i don’t understand. It’s just a little rubber band thing, and i can’t figure out what you’re supposed to use it for, but i appreciate the gesture. I just bought a single clip in blue. I only gave 4 stars because i was disappointed in the shade of blue. It is not teal or turquoise as it appears in the photo, it is more of a sky or powder blue.

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I got this product because the original clip broke. There is a plastic piece at the bottom of the original (see the comparison photos) that broke off (and is nowhere to be found. ) the plastic piece shields a metal fork that is annoying to have hanging out of your pocket, or to put over your pocket. This replacement clip fixes my problem. It looks very similar to the original one, minus the ftibit branding. As you can see, it looks like the craftsmanship on the rubber triangles is not as up to par, but that is not a problem for me. I plan on putting my fitbit in my pocket and leaving it there for the day, not inspecting triangular windows in the rubber. I have only had this less than a week, but i will update when/if it breaks to let you know if it lasts longer than the original. I have a feeling that it will since it actually feels a bit sturdier and heavier. Edit: it also came with the ‘gift’ seen in the last photo.

Fits adequately, however, didn’t last. The covering on the metal clip part started to peel after a couple months, then it was in my pocket, got snagged on a door jamb, and bent out of shape. Fell out of my pocket a couple months ago, and has never been found since. I would recommend, and i’ll be doing this with future fitbits — pay the price and buy the official stuff from the fitbit company. Not saying their stuff is gold, but it’s longer lasting in my experience. *update*so, i was very surprised to find the company i bought it from sent me a complimentary pack of clips. I personally can’t use them (since my fitbit is gone), but i have a couple friends that still have the one, so they may use them. I’ll leave updated feedback after they’ve used them a while. But at any rate, the customer service was really nice.

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5 years, my original fitbit holder’s plastic tab at the back cracked and fell off leaving a piece of metal sticking out. Eventually, the silicone that was wrapped over the metal started cracking from the pressure i had to use on it in order to clip it to my clothes. I decided to buy a pack of 10 since these are not the original fitbit holders. I was afraid the quality would be lacking a bit, especially when i read some of the reviews. I figured if i buy enough, i’d have enough backups. 🙂 i was pleasantly surprised when i received these. They feel exactly like my old fitbit holder felt. They clip easily to my clothes although the silicone that’s wrapped around the metal clip does slide up a tiny bit if the fabric i’m trying to clip it to is thicker (e. , jeans’ pocket), but not much. It stays on wherever i clip it and i have not lost my fitbit yet (fingers crossed). I’ve been using it for 2 months and although it comes with the plastic bands for securing it, i haven’t felt the need to use them. These replacements are decently priced and, after using them for a bit, i have confidence that they would hold up well.

I bought this to replace the black case miy zip came with. It still worked well, i just had a hard time finding it when i took it off since it was black and i have black counters. I keep the zip in the case inside a pant pocket, not clipped on. I’ve had it pop out of this and the original case while wearing it clipped on, even while facing inward. The silicon case keeps it from slipping around inside my pocket since the surface is somewhat ‘grippy’. It has the same plastic cap on the end of the clip that the original fitbit case has. I imagine that this will come off like the original has been reported to do, but for the price, it’s no big deal to replace.

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Here are the specifications for the MDW Colorful Replacement Clip Holder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • replacement clip/case ONLY, not include the tracker
  • delight color, make it looks fun
  • switch color to meet your daily cloth style
  • the plastic end of the clip was improved to be more strong and durable
  • Third Party Replacement Accessory, NOT official Clip

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very close to the original!
  • customer service was great
  • So glad I bought these!