The original band that came with my fit bit didn’t let moisture out and so i got a rash around my wrist, this leather one solved that problem. Looks good, made well and has held up.

It looks like the picture, it keeps falling off my husband’s arm.

Love the darker leather color and it’s nice to have a casual look with a fitbit than the sportier bands.

Good looking band, we’ll see how long it will last.

So far durable and seems to be durable.

Second one i’ve bought for a gift.

I initially reviewed this product as a ‘really nice band. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. I purchased one for my husband for christmas and it broke in august. (it didn’t get a lot of heavy wear, so we expected it to last longer. ) i did order a second one, because we liked the less formal looking leather, but i would only recommend it to others with the caveat that it may not last too long. Fortunately, it wasn’t too expensive. Hoping the second one lasts longer.

It fits into the fitbit perfectly. The leather is great quality and it looks great.

This product is better than the fitbit bands.

This is a good quality product and it fits well.

I purchased this for my husband. It is just the right look for him. He has been wearing it for about a month now. I’ll update the review in a few months.

This looked really beautiful. However it was too small for a man’s wrist. Here are the specifications for the MeanLove Fitbit Charge 2 Band:

  • MATERIAL: Good Quality Genuine Leather Wristbands
  • Fit: Perfect leather replacement strap fit with metal clasp for Fitbit Charge 2 (Tracker is NOT included)
  • Metal Buckle: Fitbit Charge 2 bands Replacement wristbands for your Fitbit Charge 2 with stainless steel metal buckle ensure the stability
  • Installation: Specially designed connector, easy to install and remove your fitbit Charge 2, no tool needed
  • EXPERIENCE: The wristbands for Fitbit Charge 2 are sweat,rain and water resistant, the band with holes for skin breathing, give you comfortable wearing experience. 30-days 100% Money Back Guarantee & 6-month replacement warranty. Any quality problem for product, please feel free to contact us and we are standing by to assist you
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I love it ❤️ nice quality and well packaged.

The band look just like the pictures. My original band on my fitbit is size small and i wear it on the 5th to 6th notch from the smallest sizing. This band is very close to the original band size. I’ve switch the band on and off a few times. It a little harder to get on and off than the original bands, but nothing bad. If you are sensitive to metal then you might want to take a look at the pictures because you can see what looks like little pin heads next to the part that you attach to the fitbit. The little pin head things are little latches that attach the band to the metal part that attaches to the fitbit. If you slide them they will detach the leather band from the metal part that attaches to the fitbit. Anyways the things that look like pin heads will touch your wrists so if you are sensitive to metal it might irritate your skin. The band looks very nice and i have only worn it a few times, but i would recommend it.

Looks great, i just love it. Will be great if they offer a darker color too.

Looks very nice, but the metal seems to scratch easily.

I only give this a 4 because th color is carmel.

Nice quality leather and stitching detail.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A really nice and relatively elegant band
  • Too thinagain.
  • The band look just like the pictures

It’s a nice leather band and is comfortable, but the color looks nothing like the picture. I ordered it twice thinking they had just sent me the wrong one by accident. I’ve attached a photo of what the band actually looks like. I do like the metal connectors, which matches the edge of the fitbit nicely and isn’t too shiny.

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Easy to put on fitbit and really has a very classy look to it. Good quality, doesn’t feel cheap or like it’s gonna fall apart tomorrow. If you like a nice traditional watch look for your fitbit you will not be disappointed.

Here’s the thing, it looks and feels great. The problem i keep running into with these leather bands (i’ve bought others) they are too thin. . I want a leather band that is wide. I don’t want a feminine watch band, are there any makers out there that can make me a leather band that is as wide as the original rubber that comes with the charge 2?.

We originally received the light brown instead of the dark brown. We had set up the return, when i got an email from mean love. I explained to them how we got the wrong color and i was doing a return. They told me to keep the original band we got and they will ship us the correct color. About a week or so later we received the dark brown in the mail. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase and the customer service received.

Had it for a couple of months now. Seems durable, looks good and is comfortable.

Silver clasps accent the fitbit screen.

Love the leather band and receive lots of compliments. It’s a dress up or dress down band.

Looks casual, somewhat stiff but its bc its new.

An inexpensive option for a fitbit band, in my case the original band had started to peel as many of them do. I was tired of the blue, and while it was decent enough it doesn’t look professional. This leather one after only two weeks or so of use seems to be holding up well. Wonder what will be like in six months or a year, not sure it would last that long, but so far so good. One thing to note is that i ordered the original fitbit with the long band, and that band is about 2 centimeters, or three quarters of an inch, longer than this one is. If you need and use those last two or three clicks of the long band this isn’t a good choice for you.

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