I absolutely love the style and shape of this band. Love that i can get my instagram, calendar and email notifications. Although i’m super bummed i can’t get my text notifications.

I had the version 2 and now 3. The most affordable fitness watch. I love the sleep analysis feature.

If all you’re looking for is something to track your general heart rate, show you the time and your notifications, and show you some weekly stats, this is an amazing choice for the price. It’s not mind-blowing, by any means, but what they fit into this thing for 30 bucks is pretty cool. Heart monitor seems works for me when i want it, but i’m not sure about the accuracy. Only thing i really would like on this thing is the option for an always on screen, since the battery life is not really a concern. According to the app, the band is at 42% and i charged it last 18 days ago. I do also know the always-on display is a bit tricky when using oled displays like this one has, but it would still be a nice addition.

Not as many features as my old under armor activity tracker.

Excelent and very comfortable to use.

I use for step counts and i like the water proof feature.

Exelente banda inteligente la recomiendo al 100, más para controlar la calidad de sueño.

  • Great value with all the basic features
  • Shower proof and great battery life. Nice screen
  • It works like it should

Mi Original Xiaomi Band 3 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor 0.78 OLED Display 50M Waterproof Fitness Tracker for ios,Android -Balck

Does everything it was suppose to do. Don’t even realize i have it in anymore. Battery last for about a week and charges fast when you need it. When you get the app it allows you to set goals and bluetooth works well also with my iphone xs.

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Light band, variety of tracking options, cheap. I find weird that the band is different than the one i bought for my husband just a few weeks ago, and both are supposed to be originals. Better instructions will be highly appreciated.

I got two of these for my kids for christmas. They like wearing them as watches and like to see all the stats and compare how many steps taken. It’s easy enough to charge the device, and the battery lasts really long- almost a week between charges. I was advised that i could put both bands on the same app, but that is incorrect. You can only pair one at a time, a bit of a bummer. I found two other apps that could be used for the second band, i was just hoping i’d only have to add one app on my phone. It’s a great price for all the stats it keeps track of.

It’s not a good product, don’t trust it because when i don’t have it in my pulse, continue to count the steps?.

Good watch for activity tracker. Only thing for charging need to remove from belt and put on charger. Ideally charging port should be out and no need to remove belt every charging.

High performance and value but low price.

At first it was only chinese but with the update that loaded upon connecting to the app, it flipped to english. Does so many things for less than 1/2 the price of the big brand namesi highly recommend it.

Low price, heart rate monitor, water proof, long battery life.

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Based on the features and a price of about $30, it felt like a bit of a risk to get a mi band, but the reviews were favorable and i gave it a shot. Setting up the phone app and getting things synced took some time and effort, but there’s lots going on and many options and i’m not a default kind of guy. From that point, it’s been tracking steps flawlessly, taking my pulse when asked, vibrating when i have a notification from my phone, giving me the weather report and analyzing my sleep. The screen is fine, except in bright outdoor light. The band is comfortable and replacements are dirt cheap. The phone app isn’t the slickest, but everything’s there. Scrolling and selecting takes time to learn but becomes second-nature quickly enough. It did make my wife jealous, so i bought her one, along with about a dozen bands of assorted colors. Now that we’re both counting steps, neither of us wants to be the lazy one, so we’re both walking way more than before we got our mi band 3s.

I’ve hasd this watch for a few months now and it is amazing. I would reccoment buying it from banggood. Com because it is much cheaper there.

Comfortable, and genuine results.

I only used it for a couple of hours, so my experience is very limited, but for that short amount of time it was a great fitness bracelet, very comfortable on my small wrist (very lightweight), easy to set up, very customizable settings. I don’t understand why people pay over 100$ for similar fancy brand bracelets.

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While the battery is really impressive, the heart rate detection if far from even correct. This is particularly true when measuring fast heart beats, say after exercise. For example, the read out is ~60 when the actual rate is over 150.

Impresionante el producto, tiene muchas aplicaciones y es muy fácil de usar además de que es muy cómodo y con mucha elegnacia.

Worth the buy if you’re into fitness and watching your health.

Really like the fact that the battery last for at least two weeks. It tracks my sleep and it’s pretty accurate when it comes to the number of steps. I had problems with my fitbit alta counting driving on bumpy surface as steps.

We got it july 25th, use it nonstop, and it’s at 35% on august 13th with no charges yet.

Battery not as good as band 2 but still better than most out there.

Me encanta, tiene todas las funciones que realmente necesito. Batería de larga duración, fácil configuración.