Pros:comfortable and lightweightlong lasting batterybudget friendlylooks greatcons:some of the features weren’t intuitive at first (these are my first wearables). But they did have live chat support and they were able to help figure things outoverall i’m very happy with the product especially considering the price point. I especially like the step counter. It is helping to me to make a point to walk more.

Fits great, not too clunky for my wrist movement. Can wear at work as a service provider moving heavy objects with my hands and working with equipment. I like how the band has a knotch to snap in to hold it in place so the tail isn’t flapping around. Heart monitor took a couple of weeks to recognize my sleep pattern, as i always wake up in the middle of the night at least once. It motivates me with a ‘good job’ and claps animated hands on the screen when i reach my setep goal. There’s a mindfulness feature that times your breathe in-breathe out to help calm your heart rate (and mind). Super awesome toolmy coworker bought his, same exact tracker, the same week i bought mine and we didn’t realize it until that friday. We cimpair regularly and tease each other to help us do bettersuper fundon’t spend the money for a fitbit when you can have this little friend at your side.It’ll support your needs, i promise.

I was looking for a basic step counter to meet a goal of 10,000 steps per day. I got so much more at a low cost. The heart rate monitor was a pleasant surprise as well at the training mode. I haven’t explored all the apps yet but can unequivocally state this is well worth the price. It is barely noticeable when wearing it and very attractive as well.

I have tried a fitbit before, but this device is much better and the price is way cheaper. It has a lot of features that help me track my fitness and makes my life easier. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fitness tracker and doesn’t want to overspend on other brands.

For starters, i have had no problems with this watch. The watches battery is spectacular, i’ve clocked in 8 days without having to charge it. The heart rate monitor seems accurate, and the distance/step tracker also seems to be accurate (when compared to a fitbit). The sleep tracker is a great touch, with the addition of selecting certain exercises on the watch itself (to get certain statistics to graph onto your fitness app later). The app they provide for the watch is actually quite detailed, and well polished. It even has serveral customizable options that you can change for your watch; for example: weather, call/message notifications, alarm notifications, music control, timers, and even remote picture taking. On a final note, it also seems to be quite water resistant. I’ve only worn it in rain, but i can tell that it might even work if you accidentally wear it in the shower. Weather feature is somewhat accurate, my only complaint is that it is usually off by 10-15 degrees. Nonetheless, this is a great watch.

I have tried several fitness trackers in the past few years including well known brands, but i can tell you that this product stands out. I get all the same functionality, and more for less than half of what i paid for my last fitbit. I use the sports modes almost everyday and provides very accurate results. Something that i really like from this smart band is their sleep monitor, it tracks the number of hours you sleep. I have changed my sleeping habits and it has made such a big difference. I wake up so energetic and ready to go about my day. I appreciate that the seller followed up with me to make sure i am satisfied with this item, and offer help if i had any problems. I also checked out their website and they have very useful tips on how to set it up, how to use it, and you can ask questions if you don’t know how to use the smart band or the app.

MICROTELLA Fitness Tracker, Activity Watch Waterproof, Smart Band with Step Counter, Sleep Watch, Calorie Counter Watch, Fitness Tracker HR, Smart Fitness Band for Android and iOS

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor : This smart fitness band tracks and records your heart rate, steps, calories, distance, exercise duration, and sleep patterns.
  • Multi-Sport Mode Tracking with GPS : Track your exercise data using the 14 modes available. Modes include running, walking, hiking, riding, dancing, treadmill, tennis, basketball, football, etc. Using your smart phone’s GPS you will also be able to map your workout route.
  • Notification on your smart band : Get notified when a new call or text message comes in. Calls, SMS, SNS: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger. Never missed a notifications ever again.
  • Extra Features : Sedentary reminder, remote camera shoot, media player control, find my phone, set alarms, IP67 water resistance, call alerting, guide breathing, weather, and much more
  • Smart phone is required. Compatible with iOS and Android. Works with VeryFitPro App. Up to 7 days of battery life and less than 1 hour for full charge. Band fits men, women and kids
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I wear this fitness tracker daily and find the band is very nice and sturdy. This tracker is very easy for me to use and the battery life lasts a while before you have to charge it.

This review is for the customer service. Got this fitness tracker for my mom, but unfortunately the band ended up breaking a month in. We contacted microtella’s customer service, and to our own surprise, we got a response within 24 hours, and had a replacement band(in a different color than the one we ordered, no less) processed for us within the same day. If that isn’t good customer service, i don’t know what is. A great value for the price.

I had a fit bit hr and really liked it though it stopped working and fit bit’s customer service, or lack of customer service is what made me purchase another brand. This works as described though i liked the hr’s features and app much more. This is must my preference and should be reflected in this product. One thing i did notice with this is when sleeping, or just going to sleep the underneath light is very bright. I still have to give it 5 stars, good product and great price.

It’s very easy to use and provides accurate heart rate without requiring a chest strap. I especially like the sleep tracking feature. I’ve purchased one for my wife. I’ll likely purchase others for family and friends. I’ve used numerous other heart rate monitors over the years (all requiring an annoying chest strap). They were all disappointing. The microtella is a breath of fresh air.

After reading the great reviews i decided to give it a try, and i am happy with my decision. I have been using it for over a week and i still love it. First impression is it’s pretty stylish and good looking, (mine is green), and it’s pretty light. I use it to track my sports activities and receive message or phone call alerts. I like kayaking, so water resistant is a nice bonus. Battery life is also decent. For 40 bucks, it’s certainly a good buy.

I love the microtella fitness tracker. It seems very accurate and with the app it’s easy to stay on top of my steps as well as my sleep. I love how i can bluetooth pair it with my phone and i can still pair my headphones (many bluetooth devices won’t allow that). It gives you the weather, your hear rate and you can even get your messages on it. Overall this is a great product for a great price. It’s also very sleek and comfortable enough to sleep with it on. Ps it sends a clapping notification when you reach your goal so i think that’s pretty cool.

Update- so i sent the company an email to request a replacement, they got back to me fairly quickly (but i stink at checking emails so i saw it oct. One of their reps sent me a new what h and sent me the packaging to send the old one in. When i went to bed, it was at 70%. When i woke up (9/10 hours later) it was at 66%. It was wonderful seeing my sleep tracked and my heart rate. This is such a good watch, and i’m so thankful the company worked with me. If i could give more stars, i would.10/5 super highly recommended :)old review – tldr/ i had a defective watch.

I’m not one to leave a review but this is impressive. I am a heavy equipment mechanic i bought this to track activity at work and i can’t believe how rugged this is i destroy normal watches in a month and yet i have only had this three weeks it is still going strong i definitely recommend it for the price and quality.

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The fitness rx is an amazing device. After trying it out, i love it. I can’t go about my day with out it. Besides the great fitness feature that it offers, i love the messaging and call alert. I absolutely love that i can read my messages on the screen and not have to pull my phone out. The music control is amazing. I can change the songs just by tapping on the screen. I am more then satisfied with it and that price is very affordable compared with other devices. I will definitely gift a few of them out during the holiday season.

Loving my new fitness tracker it has everything i need, the water proof feature is my favorite. Definitely recommend this product.

My 7yr old grandson loved the red microtella. Works great and he hasn’t stop moving.

MICROTELLA Fitness Tracker, Activity Watch Waterproof, Smart Band with Step Counter, Sleep Watch, Calorie Counter Watch, Fitness Tracker HR, Smart Fitness Band for Android and iOS : I originally just wanted a device that would count my steps but this does so much more. I can even see my texts on it. I love how long the battery life lasts i don’t have to charge it nightly. It’s more like weekly so sunday nights i plug it into my iphone square and it charges all the way to 100% in like an hour.It’s super efficient and i love how you can choose a different clock face whenever.

I counts my stepsdislike: hard to use. Many functions do not work as expected. I use it only for step counting and if course telling time. Wanted to know when email comes in, but this only worked when i checked on the iphone and then i was not able to use other functions. But soon it told me that memory was full, so i turned this function off. It works for the main reason i bought it, how many steps when playing table tennis in the club. I got over 4000 steps when olaying for an hour. Typical chinese translation.

I purchased the microtella fitness band seeking a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands and so far i’m very satisfied with the quality of hardware and software features for what i paid for. The hardware itself has a sleek design with a nice eye catching color palate. The watch face itself plugs into usb ports just like a thumb drive in order to charge; wristband is easy to remove when needed and stays sturdy in place when in use. The software heavily focuses on fitness tracking but also has phone functionalities such as music playback control, sms preview, phone locator and much more. Would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the more popular and expensive fitness trackers.

We got this for our 11 year-old son as an alternative to a fitbit because we didn’t feel we wanted to buy an expensive fitbit and have it broken. The app works with his iphone. He tracks his heartrate and steps and sees his messsge notifcations on it. It is splashproof, he has gotten it wet once when he forgot to take it off in the shower and again when he washed his hands. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who has younger children wanting a fitbit. In all honesty, we got his 13 year old brother a fitbit alta and he actually hardly uses it and hasn’t found it as cool or interesting as the microtella fitness tracker his brother wears.

The app is very easy to install and connecting it to the band is very easy. However learning how to use the watch takes time. There is too many options and you can get lost when using the touchscreen. After a few days i was able to navigate the menus and how to use most of the festures. The packaging looks very professional. I would recommend a bigger user manual because it is hard to read. Their websites listed in the box also provides good information and videos to get the most out of this product.

I can’t see the screen during the day, which is the major issue. Prob returning it if i can’t find a fix to this. If supplier wants to reach out to me to help fix this, great, please do.

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Purchased this as a gift for my son for christmas (after he specifically asked for a fitness tracker to be healthy). Within 4 days after him putting it on, the latch for the band broke off. He was outside and could not find the latch piece and almost lost the fitness band itself. Very disappointed, based on reviews here, it seemed like a good starter fitness tracker for kids wanting to be healthy in the new year. Have submitted a warranty claim but have not yet heard back. Updated review:after submitting our warranty claim to microtella, we had a new band at our doorstep within two days. My son has worn the fitness band now for 4 days after getting the new band. Hopefully this one will last.

First of all the heart rate monitor doesn’t seem to work well. It miscalculates all the time. The step counter is mostly accurate but make sure you don’t bang your hand/wrist/arm on something hard because it could count as a step. Surprisingly when i sleep it does not count steps when i twist and turn. The first day of use it did count my twists and turn when sleeping. But somehow it learned not to count my twists and turn which is a relief because i thought it was going to count my steps every single night in bed. The sleep timer can mostly be accurate. I tested it out one night, i looked at the time it was 11:23pm exactly. I did fall asleep pretty quickly. I looked at the sleep time it said, started 11:28 ended 7:20. What you have to do is get up and move around to end sleep or mess around with the fitbit options to end sleep to know that you are fully active again. All the other options are fine but not the heart rate monitor.

I have purchased a few different devices and they were all name brand. Within a year all of them required charging twice a day this one starts out with over 3 days charge. Do not through your money away on another name brand device as they cut cost by giving you cheaper battery storage on day one. Well buy these now before they become a name brand as they are setting the bar over 5x higher then the name brand devices.

This product started off great. However the more things i tracked the harder it was to keep it charged. I found that i was having to charge it at least twice daily. Really far off from the once a week claim. Revised review; the company contacted me and sent a brand new one with a prepay return envelope.

I had used the nike+ fuelband for years, when it finally terminated function i was in search for a new one. I needed waterproof protection and enjoyed seeing how far i managed to walk during a typical day. The microtella fitness tracker does those things and keeps track of my sleep schedule and heart beats. I’m very happy with my purchase and i recommend this product.

Microtella fitness band is the best smart band i have owned. I’ve tried other fitness trackers in the past, but this one is definitely on top. The packaging was very professional and explains very well the features of the fitness band. I like the design and how easy it is to charge. The app integration is so seamless and using the fitness tracker requires no effort at all. It automatically starts working once you put it on. It keeps track of your steps, calories and sleeping patterns, and shows it on a graph. The watch has multiple faces you can change to. The screen displays my texts and lets me control my media player. The gps works great when i go for a run or biking. I am very pleased with this item. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

The interface is pretty simple, and the app works fairly well. I bought the watch to replace a failed garmin hr. The usb charging setup is great – no cable needed. Band is of good quality, and works well. I just hate the heart monitor. It puts out inaccurate data. When my heart rate is 66, it says 56.

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