The nurses at cardiac rehab recommended this product. My routine consists of a warm up, treadmill walking/jogging, elliptical, recumbent bike, monark arm cycle, weights, and cool down. No matter what activity i’m performing, the hr on the mio alpha 2 always matches the hr of the hospital system which uses three electrodes stuck to my chest and a wireless transmitter linked to the computer at the nurse’s station. I feel confident that when i complete the cardio rehab program and go back to my own gym that the mio will help me stay within safe heart rate zones and beep and turn red if i go over the max hr i programmed. App compatibility is not very important to me. This device does the one thing i need it to do extremely well.

I needed something to wear during workouts that would display my heart rate. Once in a while it seems to be way off, like yesterday morning it reported my heart rate was over 180 for about a minute. That could not have been right. I found one recurring problem – whenever i synch the iphone app with the watch the app will freeze when the synch is finished. I have to kill the pp and restart it to see the data that i just uploaded. I like the size of the display, and the flashing light that tells me if i am in my target zone or not. These are useful during a workout.

I had a fitbit watch which is very accurate and has a good app but it is very uncomfortable , rigid strap and very bulky so that is why a bought the mio: i am very happy with itthe strap is very soft and nice and adjust perfectlyto the wrist , even in a small wrist as mine. I can in read it even in the night without glasses ( i am 60). It has different screen settings.

I was skeptical reading the reviews that it wasn’t going to be accurate. It was either exact or within a few beats from my polar chest strap, which i did a few times to check accuracy. So nice not to wear a chest strap and wash the strap, etc. I guess the watch is user dependent because i don’t doubt the other reviews. I like the flashing light to watch my heart rate zones if i am sprinting or going interval training in the gym. (flashing yellow to pink with hr zone changes, etc.

The heart rate monitor works very well. I ride bicycles and mount the heart rate monitor inside of my wrist. It works very well and it isvisible with a quick glance. The large display also very useful. But your instruction for a standalone use is poor. Push button functionsare not defined, short or long?. The connections for smart phone or tablets are absolutely useless when you ride at 25 milesper hour, you need to watch the road ahead of you, cars pedestrians etc. Also your data conection to android devices is not useful. You must have a computer with usb port to charge the watch, so data should be transmitted to a computer directly.

Bought this as i wanted a heart rate monitor that was waterproof and not a chest strap. It does those things awesome. When i received it, it was on the older firmware and needed to update it to get the daily activity tracking. However, i was only able to update it via the miogo app my iphone (i usually use an android phone and was told at the time was having issues updating using an android). After updating the firmware, i’ve been using it daily throughout the day and during workouts and it worked with no problems using strava and mapmyride. One of the only things i wish would improve is the apps/integration with the data it gathers using the miogo app with google fit. Other than that, it is a great heart rate monitor, and would buy another one again.

I have been using this device for about 3 weeks paired with an iphone 6 and multiple apps. I have used it for cycling, running and metabolic training. I bought this device because i wanted no chest strap and i wanted something mostly for hr and calorie counting during metabolic workouts. I did not want a fitbit-style all day activity/lifestyle monitor. I did consider the fitbit surge as an alternativethe pros:1) no chest strap2) works reasonably well for running, walking and cycling activities3) charging and battery life are good4) mio go app enables setting parameters for the watch and goal hr zonesthe cons:1) does not work when my arm gets sweaty during metabolic workouts (hr readings as low as 34 when manual pulse is easily 150)2) the apps generally stink3) bulky and awkward wearing location on forearmthere are 2 apps for use with the device: the mio go app and the fit trip app. Both sync with the device but neither are particularly good apps. Fit trip may be ok for premium. I have previously used map my run which doesn’t work with this device. It may have in the past before underarmor bought the app suite. Wahoo app works with it although the functionality of this app is basic.

This is an excellent no-frills watch that is meant for athletes. It records and displays laps, heart rate, and exertion (estimated calories); it transfers that data to a smartphone. Update it also has excellent battery life. Excellent : tough watch; lean ‘sporty’ aesthetic with no visible buttons; very long battery life; big, visible display with backlight; accurate heart rate; sweat/waterproof; color led that signals heart rate zone; easy paring with iphone app; automatic data transfer. Update: the battery is still going strong with 2 bars (out of 3) after 5 weeks of use, and i still haven’t charged it. Not excellent: buttons are awkward; interface is terrible — think 1980s digital watch (*); watch band ‘tail’ comes loose easily; double-tapping the screen to turn on the backlight is touchy(**). (*) avoid the maze of button pressing by entering your initial physical stats into the app instead of the watch. The info transfers when you pair the watch to the app. (**) it’s a button, not a touch screen. It requires more than a touch but less than a push.

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After waiting for about 2 months i was thoroughly excited to see it was on sale. I purchased the product under the assumption that it would be in full working order. I received it in perfect condition, the packaging was secure and safe so you know that they care for the product and customer. I have not tried the app yet; however i got this for purely heart rate monitoring during the day. Since many reviews on youtube recommended this product even comparing this to a polar t60 which is a strap required hrm. Keep in mind this device needs no straps. The battery lifeexcellent it lasts days and doesn’t ware out after one session. When in continuous heart rate mode it lasts for 20-24 hourswaterthe mio alpha 2 is water resistant for 30 meters. I have used it in pools hot tubs and oceans.

Pros: price, customizable, comfortable, accurate, simple. Cons: missing features other more expensive hr watches have, when bending the wrist at a high angle for push-ups as an example, it looses the reading but comes back after 10secs. I bought it on sale when it was half or third of the price of other hr watches. Was debating on a chest monitor but figured i didn’t want the hassle of taking it on and off, plus i didn’t know how well my phone would work with it. This is a standalone unit, so no compatibility issues. I didn’t know if i would use it much but after i used it i started to understand my limits of how hard i could push myself. I tested the accuracy with the old school method of my finger over an artery (instead of another hrm that might be just as bad). Looked very accurate and quick response time. I set it up for just hr and lap times for weight lifting.

I finally figured out how to work this about 2 weeks in. There are hardly any instructions available, and the vids on youtube are strictly reviews, not ‘how to’ type of vids. I’ll attempt to make one for this watch. Definitely worth the money to track calories burned/hr and separately sync with a phone app. Batterly life is 7+ days if you’re only using it for time and exclusively for workout/heart rate/calories burned a few times a week. Stand alone time, not working out and only wearing it is probably 2 weeks, charging is a breeze with adapter it comes with. Also, if you rapidly shake your wrist twice back light turns on, comes in handy when you’re running at night and want to peek at hr or if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to see the time. It’s not a pretty smart apple watch, but i wouldn’t wear a $150+ watch at the gym. No need to be texting and answering calls if i’m working out. I just needed a hr and calorie monitor to properly track my fitness journey.

I am an avid runner/weight lifter and i like to monitor my heartrate when working out. I have tried several different brands of heart rate monitors (with and without straps) and i have to say that i prefer this one so far (i have only been using it for several months). I researched this specific brand and other more expensive models relentlessly before purchasing and i’m glad i went with this one. I live on a tropical island where the humidity is constant and it is hot so i sweat more than the average person, my old polar would get finicky when sweat touched it but this mio does well. I love the distance tracking and i love the size of the number display. I like the design of the wrist strap but i can foresee it wearing out after using it daily, hopefully i can just buy a replacement for that to fix that problem though. The only disadvantage i have with this so far, and it is kind of a bigger issue, is that there is no backlight when scrolling through different screens. Because it is so hot where i live, i prefer to do my running early in the morning before sunrise so it gets difficult to look at my distance/hr when it’s dark out and there is no backlight. This is the one disadvantage that may prevent me from re-purchasing this watch in the future. For the price you can’t beat this though especially if you’re a daytime runner or gym goer, it’ll get the job done.

I’ve been using this for months now and while i’m still disappointed with the lack of features in the supporting app, though they are steady improving that, this has one feature that is really worth calling out. If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that is rock solid reliable during any training activity, this should be on your list of considerations. It gives you reliable monitoring for everything from running (easy to monitor), to weights, (harder) to the rowing machine and pull ups(very difficult). I find it quite comfortable to wear but i’m very large framed, smaller framed people may find the size a bit awkward it you want something to wear when you’re not working out. I have not used the activity tracking features, so i can’t comment on those, but if you’re looking for an affordable highly accurate heart rate monitor, this fits the bill quite well. Here are the specifications for the MIO ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Get accurate wrist-based heart rate during exercise.
  • Track workouts plus all day activity, including steps, calories and distance.
  • Store up to 25 hours of workout data.
  • Sync wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) to popular fitness apps.
  • Water resistant up to 30m (3 ATM / 100 ft.).
  • Compatible with Mio PAI App (Personal Activity Intelligence).
  • Have questions about your Mio? Contact Mio Global at 1-877-770-1116 (Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm PST) and kindly refer to the user manual for instructions and troubleshooting.
  • To add all day activity tracking, easily update your firmware via Mio GO app.
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My first device was the alpha. They are similar but the alpha 2 has a softer more comfortable wristband and a backlight. I only use the device to track heart rate. You turn on the heart rate function when you begin your workout. When you are done, you turn off the heart rate monitoring function and it becomes a fitness watch. If you leave the heart rate monitor on 24/7 the battery will only last a day. If you turn off the hesrt rate function, the battery will last for several weeks. I use it with the miogo app. This watch will also interact with several other heart rate apps such as endomondo and polar beat.

This is an excellent heart rate monitor that does not require a chest strap. You activate hrm by pressing and holding the button on the right hand. The device outputs your heart rate continuously throughout your workout until you turn it off with a press/hold of the right button. I need to get in shape and lose weight. I want to do it in a manner that i don’t hurt myself. I tried this last night during an hour long treadmill workout. I was able to use this device to tune my workout by tweeking speed and/or inclination to keep my heartbeat in a 5 bpm range. Output was smooth and continuous, changing by 1 or 2 bpm most of the time. For newbies to fitness, targeting a heart rate range is important.

So i saw some of the iffy reviews on this and decided to give it as go. Got 2, one for myself and my wife. So after some runs and miles here is what i have found. Battery life is great with this watch. The heart rate monitor is right on, now remember this is a running/bike watch, if you are doing allot bootcamp training and moving then it will move around and give odd readings. The timer is perfect, the lap control works perfect. However, the distance or gps is soso. Sometimes its right on, some times off as much as 7 tenths mile.

Very accurate hr without the chest strap. Lost a star because of lack of cycling feature, but great for running, jogging or walking. I agree with other reviewers that wrist band buckle/clasp mechanism needs re-design. It has two small prongs at the end that press into two corresponding holes in the wrist band. This pressure-held design allows the end to catch on things and then flop free until it is pressed back in place. The hr monitor itself is about flawless. Requires smartphone to access workout data (another minor gripe). Look forward to future wristband clasp design.

Big and easy to read display. The larger color led is also easier to see from the corner of your eye when my attention is required on the road (when cycling). The great battery life is what made appeals to me. I hate the idea of charging my devices every time i had to use them (comparing to other power draining hrm with gps, etc). So far, it lasted me for about 5-6 rides of about 3+ hour duration before the next charge. The silicon band is comfortable and slightly stretchable, but i am unsure how long the plastic pins holding the strap ends will last. Overall, happy with the product.

There are already numerous reviews of the alpha 2 and you should review them before you buy it. But the fast and dirty is that for $120 you get a handsome watch with an accurate heart rate monitor. It does not track ‘steps’ and owning 2 very inexpensive but good step counter wrist bands i can tell you that a heart rate monitor will motivate you to push your exercise more than a step counter. For example, last night i did my typical 30 minute elliptical workout but watching my bluetooth connected ipad to the alpha 2 with an app that clearly is watching my heart rate, i pushed to get my heart to mhr (maximum heart rate) to 150. I’m 69 years old and need to push my limits. I worked up a sweat, had a mhr of 150 and an average of 120. With a step counter you think, ‘great’ i did my steps, but did you really do a workout?. With the alpha i push harder. I had no problem with the recommended android apps or ios apps connecting to the alpha.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty Awesome HR Monitor
  • Don’t get a sweaty arm when you exercise
  • Very accurate!

Recently started supervised cardio rehab and needed a heart monitor to keep my exercises under control when not in the supervised activity. Tested this against the professional medical equipment and it was within a couple beats/min at both low and high levels of activity. It actually does a lot more than i need, but it has nice large numbers which i can see easily. It also has 3 or 5-led colors — depending on how much detail you opt for — which let you quickly see what range of activity you’re in. The only negatives so far:battery lifespan: ‘the battery lasts for approximately 300 charge cycles. If charged on a weekly basis, the battery should last for at least 5 years. ‘entering your weight via the android app: you have to step your way up/down from 375-lbs. To get to your desired weight. (if you set up thru the watch button interface you can change digit by digit rather than stepping up or down a pound at a time.

I purchased this product as an alternative to replacing the garmin fr70 fitness watch with heart-rate monitor (blue) and so far it has worked nicely. Don’t get me wrong, i still like the garmin heart rate monitor since it gives pretty accurate readings. However, the idea of using a strapless heart rate monitor was, in fact, what attracted me to this product in the first place. I’ve been using it daily since i purchased it, and the battery life has been pretty decent. In fact, i’ve only charged it twice and only for a few hours in the last week. The readings are for the most part comparable to what i usually get with the garmin. Although sometimes it could be off by 5+/- calories, give or take. —-i’ve worn both at the same time while doing different activities in order to compare them. — i’ve also been using the watch with the mio go app and so far i have no complaints. The only thing that is sometimes a little uncomfortable, which is not much of an issue once you get used to it, is that you must wear the watch above your wrist bone on the lower forearm.

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It’s usable in that it gives you a fairly good idea of what your heartrate is much of the time. However, there are too many times when it shows bizarre or just incorrect readings, usually from losing contact with your wrist. I use it primarily during weight training sessions, and often find that in order to get a true reading, i have to wait til ive finished my set and well into my rest between sets before it settles in on a realistic number which i can confirm with thumb on wrist timing, which means im not getting an accurate result when i need it most, ie, in the middle of a set or shortly thereafter.

My primary reason for purchasing this watch was to track my heart rate while swimming. Mio advertises this watch as waterproof for swimming, but they are not super clear (last time i checked) on the performance of the heart rate monitor in the pool. I have been pleasantly surprised with performance in the pool, however i had to work on getting it adjusted properly to pick up my heart rate consistently. In my case, i had to move it around a little and experiment with a few different positions, and tightness. Eventually, i found that my right arm, placed higher on my wrist, and very snug works well in the water. Probably water temp, your style of swimming, and your wrist muscles/skin/etc can impact results, so you’ll need to try it to see if this is a good solution for you. In my case, i’m using it in an indoor pool with the water temp in the low 80s. I swim briskly (not slow), and really push myself. Heart rate monitor performance outside of the water is very good, don’t need to wear it as snug, and wrist location for me hasn’t been as critical. This is a great option, if your not a fan of chest strap when running or exercising outside of the pool.

I have an abnormal heart rhythm and have been advised to monitor my heart rate during exercise. I can’t wear a monitor that uses a chest strap, so after doing a great deal of research, i decided to try the mio alpha 2. I am currently using at while also being monitored on a wireless telemetry monitor in a cardiac rehab program and it is consistently within 1-2 beats of the monitor there. It’s very accurate and easy to use. The syncing with iphone is also very good and a great way to keep track of heart rate zones for training purposes. If you are looking for accuracy and a strict heart rate monitor this is the product to consider. No other frills, but that’s what the ‘activity monitors’ are for.

I’ve used it for running and swimming (breaststroke). Heart rate measurement is quick, reliable and accurate. Battery life exceeds my expectations. Never tried any apps; just the watch. The led indicator is extremely useful to know if you are in your training zone quickly without having to read and process the actual numerical value. The design is pretty good though a smaller unit would be even better. Their costumer service is good too: the used unit i bought on amazon had charging problem after two months, so they sent me a new one in exchange, free of charge.

The watch met my expectations, the heart rate measures are accurate, not difficult to set up and really comfortable to use. Great advantage over the chest-strap watches. The cons: it is not possible to switch from hr to time back and forth, when the crono is running, this is a feature that the timex chest strap watch has with a toggle key. Really important feature for runners. Not possible to see the time registered per lap, not in the watch, not in the miogo app, not even in the csv file exported from the miogo after a workout. The watch is registering that info but it is not possible to see it. The two issues mentioned can be solved, thru watch firmware and miogo app software updates. Hope mio alpha pay attention to these issues and work on it, i would give 5 stars if it wouldn’t be for those issues.

No frills, but if you mainly want constant hear rate monitoring, without having to push the button, this gets the job done. I didn’t care about counting my steps or any of that stuff, but just wanted constant heart rate monitoring during my workout, without having to wear a chest strap, and this was the best product i could find.

Mostly i use it for swimming to control the hr in a range. However, it is not accurate sometimes. I don’t know if it is related to water. Don’t expect it would count your steps during walk. It needs gps device via bluetooth, such as mobile phone. Yet my mobile phone has good app to tell me where i am and how many steps and how far i walked. There is no need to duplicate a worse app as mio in my mobile phone. In this case, i could only use it for swimming. I have to use fitbit for walking. Based on price vs feature, i think it is a bit expensive for only heart rate besides it could not offer an ekg i expected not even a heart rate over time.

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