Fast delivery, great product and easy to change to suite me. The ‘yellow’ is orange but that was ok.

I’ve been using them for about a month with no problems.

Excellent – would definitely buy again.

Nice set of bands, especially for the price. Colors were true to the photo.

They attach easy and look just like my fitbit band.

The bands are what i expected. The straps are little longer then i expected , which is why 4 stars. The colors match the pics & give me a nice variety to match my outfit or mood.

Awesome product, price and fast dependable shipping.

Very pleased with this purchase. They interchange easy an look great2 👍🏻👍🏻 up.

Fabulous, better than i was expecting, don’t go to bricks and mortor stores, you can buy it all here at a much better price.

Easy to change and lota of color to choose from.

I swap out bands all the time and have not had s single one break.

Great for value for the price. The only issue is some of the pins are really hard get in the slot.

Good bands,6 pack – you can change them every day.

This product should have more colors. As well the bands have left a rash.

Exactly as described loved the variety of colors.

They are the larger size, but i don’t mind. They seem to me, at this point, to be just as good of quality as the original band that came with my fitbit. Definitely a steal at the price.

They fit perfectly, but i take issue with the part that keeps the extra band down.

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Girlfriend was very happy with the product and colors.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth the money!
  • The colors match the pics & give me a nice variety to match my outfit or
  • Close but no cigars 3 out of 5

Would highly recommend these bands, they are better than the band that came with the fitbit itself.

The bands fit the frame just fine- so thats a 🌟2. The colors of the bands are great – so that’s a 🌟3. The design of this band falls 2steps short from fitbit bands -🚫🌟🌟4. The quality and quantity of this band makes up for the poor design- so that a 🌟.

I like the colors but it was a bit misleading. I thought i was getting the whole set up not just the bands.

I purchased these bands along with some additional frames to change the look of my fitbit blaze. These bands are very close to the band that came with the fitbit. There are 6 bands the red, green and orange are very vibrant. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to change the look of their blaze.

This purchase exceeded my expectations. The quality of the bands is awesome, the colors are nice and vibrant and the quantity of bands for the price makes them even better.

Wish they came in a smaller size, but these are excellent. The quality is awesome and the color options are sweet. Definitely a must have if you own a fit bit blaze.

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