It was hard for me to pick a rating for this watch band. As for this he band itself, it works exactly as it should. The color matches the watch and the clasp holds well. I’ve used it both for biking and running and find it works great. I was worried about the weight, but once it’s on my wrist i don’t notice it. I also actually find it less sticky than the original band my watch came with. So all is great with the band. Once you actually get it on your watch. However, it is extremely hard to attach. The directions it came with are useless.

Love the band but it’s starting to come apart.

Love the black band so much that i’m now purchasing the silver tone. No scratches or nicks so far. Go to jeweler to get links removed.

I decided to buy this watch band to replace the band that came with my garmin forerunner 235. I recieved the item on time and nothing was damaged or missing from the package. The band has a great feel and look to it and it was pretty simple to find out how to remove or add links and switch out the actual band. It comes with all the tools youll need – many reviews were negative because of the poor quality in the tools. However, i took my time and was careful with removing the pins and had no trouble whatsoeverthe only negatives were that the instructions are pretty useless, its very hard to see and understand. The tools quality is poor but shouldnt be an issue if you use care in using them. Overall, im very pleased with the product and would recommend anyone to purchase it. If your not familiar with how to replace the band, you can always take it in to a watch shop and they would be more than happy to do it for you.

I was skeptical based on the price, but i’m very happy with this watch band. A bunch of my coworkers also got this watch, and when they saw my band i got a lot of comments. I also notice how much nicer my watch looks than my coworkers’ with their standard rubber watch bands. It’s not as comfortable for running because it moves around a bit, but that’s to be expected. I wear it in the shower and run with it with plenty of sweat and it’s holding up well.

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Much more comfortable than the silicone band. Not as snug, though which may skew during workouts, but no major issues. Again, much more comfortable than silicone.

Key specs for MoKo Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch Band, Universal Stainless Steel Watch Band Strap Bracelet for Garmin Forerunner 235/235 Lite / 220/230 / 620/630 / 735XT Smart Watch, Black:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Personalized Your Garmin Forerunner 235 / 235 Lite / 220 / 230 / 620 / 630 / 735XT Smart Watch with this refined replacement stainless steel wrist band.
  • Band can be installed onto Garmin Watch Lugs(not included) on both ends precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and one button removal.
  • Durable and sturdy. Unique design of three holes on both sides of buckle for adjusting the strap length slightly.
  • High-tech surface finish and premium stainless steel watch strap fits your device and feels comfortable on your wrist.
  • Fits 5.51″-8.07″ (140mm-205mm) wrist. Comes with one removal tool and 2 screwdrivers for adjusting the length of band. 18-Month warranty.

Comments from buyers

“Great for Running. Horrible to setup.
, Great Design
, Exact fit, looks great

A great watch band, with buttons to prevent accidental release. But i recommend taking it to a watch repair for sizing. The instructions were printed very small with little written instructions.

I really like this watch band over the silicone one that came with the watch. Significant improvement of the appearance of the watch. Much more comfortable if you get it adjusted properly. The adjustment tools that came with this band were junk and broke. I had to order a better tool from an online watch repair store. Beware that because of the metal buckle you can scratch others if you are not careful.

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Band is the quality i expected for the price. The sizing tool it comes with is very cheap and broke when trying to remove the first link. I also broke my other sizing tool as it seems the pins, no matter which way they are pushed, do not want to come out. Have used my sizing tool with no problems to size many other watch bands. Update:the seller contacted me and offered to send a new silicone band for no charge because of the bad experience i had with their metal band. I received the silicone band promptly and the quality is as good as the original garmin band if not better. Because they went out of my way to at least try to make me happy i am updating my review from 1 to 3 stars.

 first let me just say, that i did not anticipate liking this band. I didn’t expect the band to mesh visually with the existing watch face, however, since i got a rash every time i wore the garman band that came with my forerunner 235, i had to do something. This band fits perfectly on the watch and the black metal has a satin finish which i think looks very good with the existing watch face. It is extremely well-made with a double locking mechanism. Even my husband was extremely impressed, as he has bought third-party bands for his garmin fenix 5 in the past and they were not nearly as nice as this one. I have used it in the shower and the bath with no problems and have had it several months now. I will say that i don’t wear my garman every day. I usually only wear it on weekends or camping trips. I am delightfully and thoroughly pleased with this watch bandnote, the band looks shinier in the video than in real life. In real life, it looks more satin and less glossy, but i didn’t have the best lighting.

I’ve had it for a month now and is still scratch free. I am not known for babying my watches either. I wasn’t sure if i would like running with a metal band because i figured it would move around to much and make it hard to flip my wrist to see the screen. I was able to get the size just right so it fits snug enough to not move around but not so snug that it’s pinching my skin. I was surprised to see it come with an actual vice for removing the pins. The vice is plastic but easily strong enough for the job. Just don’t be a dumb dumb and put pressure on the pin without lighting it up properly or you will bend the pin on the vice. The directions tell you to look for the arrows on the band to know which direction to press but the band doesn’t actually have arrows.

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Snug fit keeps the hr monitor working. It looks less sporty than the rubber band and it’s not too heavy. But, the black scraped off with moderate use very quickly, which is why it is only getting 4 stars.

When the standard band wore out, i decided to go with metal instead of silicone. This is perfect, no more sweaty smelly wrist, which is embarrassing at meetings. It came with all the necessary tools to install the new band. Removing links was easy as long as the pin removal tool is inserted on the correct side.

Much classier look for a fitness tracker. The original broke, so this was a great buy.

Great value and super heavy duty quality band. The seller puts allot of items to help adjust but the instructions are very bad only reason i dropped a star.

It’s nice, sturdy and easy to install.

I purchased this band because i was having an allergic reaction to the original band that comes with the forerunner. This band looks great and has eliminated the allergic reaction. Thank goodness that my husband is handy because he was able to switch the bands out, as well as, take 4 links out of this band to make it fit on my wrist.

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