The clamp part feels a little cheap (minus 1 star), but otherwise, i do love it, and it’s held up through my krav maga classes.

Great, glad i bought it because i will not shower with the watch on.

The original band was too heavy. The company did a great job in contacting me to remedy the issue. They are sending me a replacement band to use.

The tool that comes with it made it easy to install the new band. This is so much nicer than the strap that came with the garmin. Garmin should consider making this the standard band or at least an option at time of purchase.

Zero stars for the link tool, which is a piece of junk. I’d rather them just not include it and reduce the price. Band is solid and has held up well to kayaking, golf, and other outdoor use.

Otherwise i like the band, but i have to take the watch into a store. The link removal tool cracked unde the pressure.

My husband prefers this style of watch band, so i was thrilled when i found this style for the vivoactive hr. He’s very happy with it and it has held up well for the year he’s had it. Doesn’t snap open unexpectedly and isn’t scratched up. Had to take a link out because it’s pretty long.

This watchband helps make the garmin vivoactive look and feel professional at work, at weddings, and at other fancy events. While i prefer the rubber band for doing activities, this band is the perfect compliment to looking good. Unfortunately, the tool that is provided to remove the pins to make the band smaller is weak and i broke the pin trying to remove links, but am overall happy with the product.

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I recommend both product and seller.

I was extremely careful and the tool is flimsy and broke. I had to go to a jeweler and they used a heavy duty tool to remove links. Aside from that, this looks nice.

Comes with all the necessary tools to replace the old band with the new one.

My garmin vivoactive was quite uncomfortable to wear. This band has resolved this. Putting this band on was quick and easy. Here are the specifications for the MoKo Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band:

  • Personalized Your Garmin Vivoactive HR Sports GPS Smart Watch with this refined replacement stainless steel wrist band. Watch NOT included.
  • Band can be installed onto Garmin Watch Lugs(not included) on both ends precisely and securely. Easy and direct installation and removal.
  • Durable and sturdy. Unique design of three holes on both sides of buckle for adjusting the strap length slightly.
  • High-tech surface finish and premium stainless steel watch strap fits your device and feels comfortable on your wrist.
  • Fits 5.74″-8.26″ (146mm-210mm) wrist. Comes with one removal tool and 2 screwdrivers for adjusting the length of band. 18-Month warranty.

Band fit the vivo prrfectly and all of the necessary tools were provided to resize the band to fit my wrist.

My original band of silicone tore into where you buckle the strap. The rubber just tore into on the non-buckle strap. I ordered this band because it’s metal. It lasted a year and a half. During that time, my only complaint is the black finish at the clasp wore off at my desk. I tend to rest my wrists on my desk surface while i use a keyboard. After about 18 months, the clasp broke. It was very functional for 18 months. I’d give it 5 stars if i could still use it. Because the clasp didn’t last longer, i’m giving it 3 stars.

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Band is made of high quality material, and looked good in the packaging. I’m giving it 3 stars because it does not match up with shape of the watch, narrower than watch and did no have the slight overlap that the original band has. Makes it look like something you might have jerry rigged to work instead of some made for this watch. Plus side, it was cheap enough i won’t loose sleep over it.

Kind of a pain to remover a couple links but once i learned the trick it was piece of cake. The band is great it hold beautifully. It has never popped open even while sleeping. I hope it will be available when i need another one in the coming years.

Looks great, a little difficult to clean.

The original garmin silicone rubber wrist band caused really bad irritation on my wrist, almost like a poison ivy reaction. With this new metal band i can continue wear the viviactive hr watch. At this date, i’ve worn the watch with the new watch band for about a week now. The irration is gone and the band and watch look great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Link removal tool is a piece of s***
  • Does not match the lines of the original watch band.
  • Good watch band but not durable.

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