It has been 3 months since i got two of these for my kids. They really like it since the very beginning and still happy with them. They like all the type of exercises they can track and now they challenge themselves with the steps they do per day, even with us. It charges super quickly and the charge last almost the week. For the price it is a great deal.

Does what is says it will and the charge lasts for days.

After 1 wk had charging issues, replacement sent.

I even told a friend about – i really like the features especially the price. I had a fitbit for years and really did not want to spend $119 to replace my old one. The only downside i have found is that the lose it app does not sync with very fit pro; but, i work around with my apple health app.

Unfortunate though, a piece fell off my watch after a few months. I’m hoping it can be easily replaced because i do really like this watch.

I had to upgrade i had the slim fit more fit bands but they fall off easy once the bands get a little worn, i got tired of losing my more fit and having to buy new bands. The more fit dare o are very easy to use, connect up quickly to your app. Also give heart rate and are waterproof, really. And they buckle on and off so dont fall off. The dare also has a couple different options rather then only tracking steps, they also have options for cycling or jogging. If all you need is a fitness tracker or sleep tracker then you cant go wrong with a morefit, the quality for the price is amazing.

moreFit Dare Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Waterproof with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Sleep Monitor Exercise Watches Pedometer Step Counter 14 Sport Modes for Women Men Kids

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅【12-Month Warranty】12-month worry-free product warranty with strong tech support and perfect after-service.
  • ✅【Heart Rate Tracking】All-day heart rate monitor can track your heart rate everywhere and know your real-time physical condition.
  • ✅【Sleep Tracking】The sleep monitor automatically track your sleep duration and gather all data in the App, take action to improve your night and make the most of a day. Set up silent alarm in the App and wake up in fresh mood.
  • ✅【Calls & Messages Notifications】Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display; never miss the messages that matter
  • ✅【14 Sports Modes】Tracks your performance in sports like riding, running, and badminton and delivers in-depth reporting to your smartphone. Add 3 sport modes to the tracker from 14 sport modes. Connect to your phone’s GPS to map out the distance.
  • ✅【Built-in USB Plug】Easy to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable and dock needed; one single charge gives you up to 5-10 days of working time
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I had used a fitbit zip tracker on the belt for years, but when i lost it, i decided to try the morefit dare tracker for more features at less than half the cost. I have worn the dare for a few weeks, using it to count steps and pulse rate. And i have downloaded the veryfitpro app to my iphone. But i have not paired the dare with the iphone via bluetooth because i am afraid of the tracker’s access to my contacts. And without that pairing, the dare cannot work as a watch, a feature that i would like. I don’t use the iphone much as a telephone and don’t want call notification, but i do use it as a computer. It has 2500 contacts, some with much data that i want to keep private. From the user agreement and privacy policy, it is not clear whether the veryfitpro app can access just telephone numbers, or all the other data. So i just used the un-paired dare for steps and pulse. After a few months of that, i stopped using it and gave it away.

My son has been wearing this for a few weeks and so far so good he really likes it only reason it’s getting four stars it’s because it doesn’t stay charged for very long. It works for the day no problem but will run out before the second day is over.

I’m blown away by the value of this smart watch/fitness trainer. I’ve used fitbit and polar, both were far more money and did less. 95, there is no better bargain. Used it and bought one for my triathlete son. Will tell everyone at the fitness center as well.

The battery last a long time. The count is a little off sometimes but it works well other wise.

Bought for my husband (who is a machinist). Very sturdy, durable, high quality, and long battery life. Works just as well as my daughter’s fitbit charge 2 (and about the same size) for much lower price.

I love this is alot like a fit bit but a fraction of the price awesome.

He says it’s easier to read. Like the fact you can change the face of the clock.

My fitness watch arrived on time, and in good condition. It works well, and serves its intended purpose. I mostly use it for walks and biking. Haven’t used the app feature yet.

In the world of $250 smartwatches, this fitness tracker serves efficiently performing most of the function as a smartwatch. Tracking the heart rate is a very important aspect to know about the health and with the right smartphone, all the data can be evaluated in a very affordable price. I’m very satisfied i decided to spend less on a fitness tracker compared to a smartwatch as i’m getting all the functions i want.

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This is an awesome product for the money. It’s comfortable and easy to use, the band is very secure and durable. I use it primarily to track steps. I’m not convinced that it’s terribly accurate for tracking sleep, but steps and heart rate seem pretty accurate. It does require that you take approximately 30 consecutive steps before it starts counting them. I don’t mind this feature as i’d prefer to actually be getting steps in rather than credit for just moving my arms. My one complaint would be that the app doesn’t give the option to have competitions with other users. Otherwise i really like it and have recommended this product to many people over fitbit or other high priced trackers.

Loved the price and love the tracker. It definitly is motivating me to be more mindful of exercising.

moreFit Dare Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Waterproof with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Sleep Monitor Exercise Watches Pedometer Step Counter 14 Sport Modes for Women Men Kids : Works exact as it is supposed to. All information is on the phone application. Certainly a lot cheaper and i think better than the other “fit” model.

I recently bought the more fit and i like it so much, i bought one for my wife. Tracking my sleep and heart rate has been extremely helpful. The veryfitpro software is fantastic and it’s to have a watch again without having to fish out my cellphone all the time. I’ve been practicing mindfully lowering my heart rate with the heart rate monitor on, it’s amazing how well deep breathing can bring calm.

I bought this for my little girl who wants a watch, heart rate monitor and activity tracker. This one meets all of her needs with a great price. The battery last about 7-10 days, and its counts for steps are very accurate when i compared with my husband’s fitbit. It synchronizes with your cell phone so you can get message and call alert as well. To me it is a great product with a little price tag.

The battery is long lasting. I’ve only recharged the watch once in 3 weeks, great. Steps are accurately counted and loaded to my phone.

Having had a fitbit in the past. I can assure you the morefit products gives you a much better value for money. My watch band did end up breaking, i wrote to the company and they answered me the same day and assured me they will send me out a replacement right away. We like it so much we are going to try out the new halo from morefit next.

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Due to this watch my mother has now started keeping note of her steps and has started going for regular walks. This product has helped in creating a healthy habits in my mother and daily walks are part of her routine now which keeps a check on her sugar levels.

I had older morefit and replaced with this one.

I tend to lose track of time when working on the computer. Morefit keeps me aware of my daily activity (or lack of). Morefit gives me a little buzz and tells me to ‘move your body’ when i sit too long. Its easy to set daily goals and i’m encouraged to exceed them. Also, and most important for those of us on strict budgets, it does everything for $30 that my daughters $200+ tracker does.

This tracker is a replacement for a previous tracker. I definitely prefer this device to the previous one. The data you get is tremendous. I have been able to provide my doctor with heart rate, etc. He was amazed at how much info is available. I will definitely be ordering more for gifts.

I recently bought this activity tracker for my son since he wants to measure his activity. It has all of the features; a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep tracker, and different modes for activities such as basketball, running, etc. It can even connect to his phone to show his activity status. Since he is in middle school and he has to walk around alot, he can measure his steps and set daily goals. I feel that this is an interactive way to be active and maintain a strong lifestyle.

I’ve used a name brand fitness tracker for years now. I see the value in using them but the pricetag is a bit steep when it comes time for a replacement. I received a morfit slim tracker as a gift and really liked it but wanted a broader set of features. When i saw this model, at this price point, i didn’t hesitate, and i’m so glad i got it.It’s got a number of premium features that my name brand tracker lacks, the app works perfectly with my mobile device, and i even like that it has an integrated watch. I haven’t worn a watch in years but i find myself checking the time throughout the day now that i can. I haven’t had this morfit very long, but so far i am impressed. Factor in the price point compared to the leading name brands and i’m blown away.

I like i can track my weight, and i see my sleep pattern along with the workout tracking.

This is my wife’s favorite fitness tracker with beautiful design and easy interface, she loves this, she can use this just as a watch, and can easily tracker her steps for the day and etc.