This measures wrist movements. According to this i walked 2 miles while i was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. The old fashioned pedometer on my waistband is much more accurate. Stimated around 1000 steps per mile.

I’ve tried lots of fitness tracker before but some of it are really hard to used and easily to broke. So i decided to look more fitness tracker and i found this brand. It is very pretty to use for exercising because it has all what you need for. I like how it looks like to me and its good for my hands. I loved the color also 😍 i just set it up easily and it works clearly when i tried it.

You would swear you had the ‘real thing’. This is just what my wife wanted and she uses it every day. The bluetooth interface is great and easy. Plus saving the data in the app is as easy as pie.

It very accurate for keeping my step and caloric count. Comfortable, i didn’t realize i was wearing it while i was working out. Very easy to set up and connect with my phone. For sure i’m gonna buy an another one.

Very easy to set up and user friendly. The battery has a few days between charges and then it charges fast. It’s light weight and durable so you can wear it all day and even for sleeping. I do wear it at night to track my sleep, it’s so neat to see my sleep patterns.

I bought this because my fitbit battery would not charge. Excellent fitness tracker for the price. Bought several for friends just because i wanted to. The fact you don’t have to have a proprietary charging cable makes it even better. Would highly recommend to anybody. Don’t let the price fool you. You will not be disappointed.

  • Amazing Fitness Tracker for the Price
  • I like it
  • Good for fitness goals

I get all my phone notifications and can read them on the screen. Syncs with my phone pretty accurately with sleep and steps. I charge about once a week, sometimes less if it’s a busy week with steps and phone notifications. So glad i bought this instead of a bulky expensive smart watch.

It was a nice fitness tracker. I have used it for about a week and it has been tracking my sleep pattern well. You need to download an app and do most of the stuff there. They connect through bluetooth. The watch reminds you to get up and stretch every couple hours, so it is great for people who have office jobs.

Could use better battery life but otherwise it’s pretty good. Sometime have to mess with it to get the time to sync up.

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The design is stylish and it provide a lot of information.

This does a good enough job tracking steps, but it will not sync up with myfitnesspal to track movement. Im accustomed to wearing an analog watch, and having to touch the screen in an effort to see the time is aggravating to me. So i find myself wearing this and my watch. Ive only had this about a week, so i may return it for a device that will sync with myfitnesspal.

Features of moreFit Fitness Tracker, Solo Waterproof Exercise Watch Active Sleep Alarm Monitors Pedometers for Walking, Steps Miles Calories GPS Counter, Smart Wristband Bracelet for Women Kids Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Replacement Bands link :
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】 0.96 Inch Colorful OLED Screen Display with Better Visual Experience. Comfortable Strap with Buckle Design.
  • 【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】 Automatic Sleep Tracking, Steps / Distance / Calorie Counters, Kinds of Activity Mode Options, Calling / Message and SNS Notification Alert
  • 【HEALTH MONITOR】 Get Your Whole Day Data Details from EveryFit App After Pairing with Smart Phone. Pay More Attention to Your Health, Be More Fit.
  • 【BUILT-IN USB PLUG】 Take Off The Host, Plug Host USB Side Into PC or USB Charger, 2 Hours Charge for 7 Days Working Time
  • 【12-MONTH WARRANTY】 12-Month Worry-Free product warranty, Strong Tech Support and Perfect After-sales Service
fitness tracker

activity watch

Sleep Quality Tracking

Tracks your sleep automatically including your Wake, Light and Deep sleep with detailed data reports in app.

Smart Notifications

The tracker vibrates and displays call and message notifications right on your wrist(SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Activity Tracking All Day

Record the number of steps, distance, calories, minutes of activity on your wrist; view your health data on the tracker to get a general idea of your progress towards your goal. Track children’s daily steps, calorie, active minutes. They will be happy to move more and grow healthy.

Easy to use

Download the app “Everyfit” to your mobile device. Turn on the Bluetooth and scan for the fitness tracker. Keep the fitness tracker near you (0.5meters or nearer).

Please note: this tracker requires iOS 9.0 & Android 4.4 above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Cannot work with Samsung J3, S7, Windows Phone, IPad,Computer or Tablet)

Easy USB Charging

The Fitness Tracker has a sedentary memory that reminds you to move after a period of inactivity to stay active

Built-in USB plug make it easy to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable and dock needed. Fast & Easy Charging Remove straps and plug directly into a USB port on a computer, mobile/tablet charger or power bank.

IP67 Water Resistant

Wear the tracker running in heavy rains and washing hands will not damage the tracker. Do not wear it when showering or swimming.

Sedentary Reminder

The Fitness Tracker has a sedentary memory that reminds you to move after a period of inactivity to stay active and keep fit.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was worry it will be to big for me. The features on the fitness tracker are really awesome and i have no issues with that so far.

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When you first time to use it remember charge full power than download app everyfit.

This product exceeded performance expectations. It fits even the smallest wrist, syncs to multiple devices without problem, and works very well. My daughter’s all have been more incentivised to become more active. They tease each other in a good natured manner about how many more steps they have. It also works really well as a subtle yet effective personal alarm to help each of them wake for school in time without a loud alarm waking everyone else up. Now for the bad: unless you use the black band, the other colors get gross and cannot be cleaned. They stain and get kind of gross looking. So, either get multiple colors to switch out, or just stick with the blackbeside that, you won’t regret the purchase. My daughter’s that each have one are 10, 12 and 13.

 in this video we take a look at the morefit slim hr fitness tracker. This is a lightweight and cheap fitness tracker that has sms notifications and even features heart rate monitoring functionality.

But i thi k he will like it.

Brought this for a 10 years old girl’s birthday present. The color already attractive to her, plus she’s very sporty so it’s a perfect gift for her.

Replacement Bands link :

It’s a perfect gift for parent, my father likes it. It also has a small bag to store it. It will be better if it has heart rate monitor. Bigger font than other brands, so it is more convenient for the old people to use.

This watch is perfect been using it since i got it and it counts my step and it also give is me notifications.

I’ve been working out and i’ve always told myself that i really need a fitness tracker. I wanted something that was of high quality at a low price that wasn’t expensive because i dont see any reason why a fitness tracker is over $100 when a lower price works perfectly. When i first layed eyes on this i fell in love because it had simple design yet looked like a high quality fitness tracker. Everything that is mentioned that this fitness tracker is capable of doing is true. I love that it’s also customizable in the type of exercise your doing and that you can change the menu. If you want to change the type of exercise your doing or the menu you will need to download the app on your phone and connect through bluetooth. The app keeps the record of everything you have done mentioned in the description only if you keep it synced to your phone’s bluetooth. Also the battery life is amazing it’s capable of lasting for more than one week which is great for a fitness tracker.

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I have bought and returned a bunch of watches because they weren’t working correctly or they didn’t fit. I love this watch because the battery life lasts for over a week. I use the alarm which wakes me in the morning. I only wish i could use it in the pool for water aerobics and stop syncing with my husbands watch. His watch beeps when i get mail or a phobe call but my watch doesn’t.

This watch is amazing and cost way less than some of the watches that do the same exact thing. I have had it for 2 months now and i have no complaints. If you are thinking of getting a watch for everyday try this one it tells you the steps, cal burned, distance, stop watch etc.

Super easy to link to your phone and to set it up. Sits well on my arm and overall very comfortable.

【UNIQUE DESIGN】 0.96 Inch Colorful OLED Screen Display with Better Visual Experience.

I thought this would be a boring little watch but it’s kinda cool. It only has the one button and you have to change the settings and stuff from an app but it’s pretty nice. Bought it for my mom and i hope she likes it this christmas.

Loved it helps with heart rate. Bought for my son who has some health problems. Works great, easy to connect to phone. I think it’s just as good as fitbit. Easy to charge, keeps charge for over a week. My son won’t wear it to bed, says it is uncomfy then but otherwise it comfortable when adjusted during the day when he remembers to wear it.

This fitness tracker help me so well with my daily fitness plan. I can wear it not only when i’m doing my fitness but while i’m found my housework because it’s waterproof. I’m surprised by the good price and how good it is.

【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】 Automatic Sleep Tracking, Steps / Distance / Calorie Counters, Kinds of Activity Mode Options, Calling / Message and SNS Notification Alert

【HEALTH MONITOR】 Get Your Whole Day Data Details from EveryFit App After Pairing with Smart Phone.

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