Works better than my old fitbit alta, this one does all the same thing but includes heart rate monitor. Overall this is a great product.

I really want to give this more than a 3 however my steps don’t always count. I’ve only had this for a day and i stayed at 4692 for over an hour. I wasn’t sitting on the couch either. Hoping to figure out why it isn’t tracking steps all the time.

I actually purchased 4 of these for the grandkids christmas presents. So far they’ve been functioning as described and the kids love them. The only issue has been that a few won’t sync with the kids’ cell phones or tablets. Not sure what the conflict is but they did sync with their parents’ phones, which works out all right. They can still view the results on the tracker so it’s not an issue. It’s still early and they just started using them so i can’t attest to their durability.

Software quit working, even with reinstall 3 time,starts with red screen than go’s white and none. There is no other way to contract u. Comlike the product, not the software.

I’ve had this watch for about a year now. As a lifeguard i’ve had to jump in many times with it on and i’ve had no trouble with it. Easy to charge and fast too. Only thing though is that the heart rate is not reliable.

Bought it as birthday gift for 8 year old girl. Came on time and boxed very well. Looks a little bit big on my daughters wrist but she does not care. We have had it for 3 months now with no complains. Works as promised and it is a great buy at the price.

moreFit Fitness Tracker, Slim HR Plus Heart Rate Smart Bracelet Pedometer Wearable Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Sliver-Green

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✔ All-day heart rate, activity and auto sleeping tracking accurately, gently tap the screen to check data
  • ✔ 14 multiple sport modes help you get a better understanding of fitness level and improve the accuracy of tracking reports
  • ✔ Long charging intervals brings you convenient lifestyle, stay works 7-10 days after fully charging it
  • ✔ With just a flip of your wrist screen turns on, view the time and steps with a quick glance after paired with a phone
  • ✔ Easy to set up, the date and time of the tracker is sync once paired with VeryfitPro app on smartphone
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Graphics (pre i should say lack there of) are very rudimentary.

I got this for my daughter because she wanted to keep track of her steps everyday. I’m going to use it for goal setting with her steps to help her become more active. She likes that there is an alarm on it to help her wake up in the morning. Overall, we are very pleased with this tracker and would recommend to others.

Definitely a cheaper alternative to track your fitness and other health things. I love that it tells you to get moving when you have been inactive for to long. The only grievance i have is the battery life.

Works great but the color gets very soiled looking fast. Select a darker color band and you will be very happy with it.

Very happy with my purchase.

I ordered the green one and color was as expected and fits really well. Perfect watch and step counter at a wonderful price.

Far exceeds my expectations. I love this fitness tracker. You will not be disappointed.

I have had this for a few months. Very durable, very reliable but i had to give it only 4 stars because every time i try to link it to my phone i have to restart the device. I would definitely recommend purchasing this item.

Bought these for the wife and kid after the high dollar fit (bit) devices crapped out. Both fit (bit) devices died after a failed firmware update and they wouldn’t honor warranty or replacement. Things we liked about the morefit1/4 of the cost of major competitorsheart rate monitoring is goodsleep monitoring as wellthe ease of charging via any usb port with no proprietary cable a huge convenience. Battery lasts for several days/week. After almost a year of use they held up well and are sturdy devices. I don’t believe steps are 100% accurate when compared to other devices but they are within a couple hundred/per day so good enough for us. The iphone app leaves a lot to be desired but for the price i would buy again. Currently have one being replaced via warranty after almost 11 months of usage because the led screen quit. Took some back and forth emails to customer support in china (i assume) but overall they were responsive the following business day and handled the situation well. Their new color device looks like a nice upgrade.

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The watch does everything it is supposed to do. Customer service answered all of my questions, regarding charging and syncing the watch to my cell phone to make it change over to daylight savings time. Very nice service department.

Pretty good tracker, nice band. I wore this in my pool with no problem. I still can’t get it to track my sleeping but maybe with some more troubleshooting it’ll work. I thought i could pair it with my ipad air2 but it doesn’t pair with ipads – only iphones. It had no problem pairing with my samsung phone. It certainly has more options than my fitbit charge 2 (which i forgot at home hence this very inexpensive purchase). Very pleased with it so far. Update: i got this to pair with my ipad air 2. Now everything syncs just fine. ( had to turn bluetooth on phone off – so simple but that was the problem).

moreFit Fitness Tracker, Slim HR Plus Heart Rate Smart Bracelet Pedometer Wearable Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch,Sliver-Green : It does everything it says it does with decent efficiency, all at a very low price.

However i had to stop using it because when the corresponding app is on my phone, it won’t let my phone sync to my car anymore. Took the app off and the problem immediately resolved, so it was directly connected. Sad about this, because i really liked the tracker.

After 4 full days of use i am very happy with the performance, but have found that unless the device is synced to my phone alarms it doesn’t ‘wake up’ automatically. One would think the elevation of heart rate from sleep to wake would be sufficient. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Had good battry life and the hr sensor is pretty accurate. *more accurate than my old samsung gearfit 2the screen is a little too bright at night but it makes it easy to read during the day. You can safely take a shower with it and wash your hands without taking it of. Good buy for people who dont want to spend 100 bucks on a real fitbit.