I’ve been waiting to do this review. I’ve had this watch for about 2 weeks now. To start, there really isn’t much to this watch. There are a lot of features advertised but i have still yet to figure out how most of them work. The sleep tracking is not accurate, at all. I have a 2 year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night and on nights that he’s had me up and down 15 times (no exaggeration) the watch tells me i’ve had 7. 5 hours of sleep and only woken up twice. The heart rate tracker seems to be accurate sometimes. I have a heart condition that has my heart rate always above the normal range and the watch often tells me my heart rate is in the 60s.

I bought some smartwatch as a gift before to my friend. This smartwatch is affordable to me and also include several functions like calculate the step, heartbeat, distance or calories you spent. Compare to the apple watch, it may not have too many functions to use but it includes the basic functions for me to use. And it is enough within this kind of price. I hate to wear a watch like a toy or a plastic one, however, this one is not as same as those, it looks more delicate.

I have had other trackers but the morefit hart has a lot of features i haven’t had on previous ones. The color display is large and easy to read with a screen saver that allows you to add your own pics. A new easier to use usb charger is definitely appreciated.

Considering i only wanted a pedometer i am super happy. It was easy to setup and sync with my iphone. I am receiving notifications on my watch as well. As long as you are not expecting iwatch it’s awesome. The only reason i did not give 5 stars is the screen is hard to see in the daytime, if it was just a bit brighter but certainly not a deal breaker and still a great deal.

It does everything it said it did, i haven’t had any issues so far with the watch or the app. Also really like that you can personalize your own screen saver how you want it, and that it can store up to three messages. Other watches just show you have a message and you can’t see it all but this watch has it where you can read the whole message. Only thing was when changing face of watch you have multiple choices but the manual says to go through the app and device setting but you don’t have the choice, you actually do it on the device it self by holding down on the screen. Not a problem since your still able to do what it says you can.

*update aug 5th 2019*i am updating my review for the soley based off of my customer service experience. I reached out to them after i wrote the review, after going round and round a few times we came to a reasonable agreement. If i could give this half of a star i would. It is a great fit and i like the style ,the color, and the price point other than that it is garbage. First it doesn’t track blood pressure as it claim to do, which is one of the main reasons i bought it so i could have a log of my bp. Secondly it won’t charge, and well as you know in order for it to work it has to charge so now that it is dead i can’t use it. And lord have mercy the app is straight trash.

I am very well pleased with my fitness tracker. It is light weight and very comfortable. The battery goes dead very quickly if you keep all notifications turned on. I turned most of them off, i don’t need some of them anyway. I haven’t taken a shower with it on, so not sure how water proof it is. I like that it comes with a screen protector, and i like the way it charges, very easy to use. So far it doesn’t seem to be to hot on my arm in the heat, and we’ve been in the 90’s a few times already. I like that it has different clock styles. I can’t see paying hundreds of dollars for a watch when this works pretty well. Absolutely love the blue color. I haven’t had any problems with the app. Overall, i would recommend this product. The only thing i would like to see different is a lifetime warranty.

Inexpensive option to have a smart watch. Shows you steps, calories, tracks sleep, walking distance, bpm, has a stop watch and find my phone feature.

Looks great on (nice sporty look) and has so many great feautures for such a great price. Time, text messages, activity tracker, alerts and so much more. One of my favorite parts is that it’s waterproof.I got the black one for my husband and now i want the pink one. I’m always looking for gift ideas and this is definitely one of them. It’s a steal at this price.

I got it for my husband who is in the army and is always trying to keep in shape. He loves that it tracks everything and keeps it on his app. He is was using his iphone and he would always drop that. He loves using this because it’s on his wrist m, tracks his run, his heartbeat, and he is now checking out his sleep cycle with it. I love that he still gets his messagess on his long runs. Best part is when he is swimming he doesn’t have to take it off. I think the best part is being able to use it in the pool.

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The morefit hart pedometer smart watch for men, is without a doubt the best watch i have over owned for my exercise tracking and the other features. Over the years i had two (2) traditional watches with 3 or more buttons that required a complex series of steps to set up the features and i usually gave up. I was using the everyfit, which was an improvement but after receiving the smart watch, in 24 hours i had loaded the software on my phone, entered my profile and have been wearing it and using it every day since. All the features, time, steps, distance, calories expended, heart beat rate are easily seen. The stop watch is great and i have connected the sms alert. Last but not least, after four (days) of 24 hour use, the battery charge is only halfway used.

It’s bigger so you can see it better. It reminds you of s normal watch. Like the fact you don’t have to take the watch off the band to charge.

I’ve been using this watch for a while now and feel i can comment on it. I didn’t want to spend $300 on a fitness watch and this one does everything i wanted to do at a fraction of the cost. Some of the features i really like are how my texts caller id show up on the watch oh i don’t have to dig my phone out of my pocket to see who is calling or what the text is about. Also i find the drink water reminder very handy. The app is good and it was easy to sync my phone to the watch. On the negative side the watch had to be set on the last hole of the watchband to fit my large wrist. I ordered a extra large band and the fit is great now. 22 mm is the width size you need. Here are the specifications for the moreFit Fitness Tracker Smart Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅【Larger Color Screen】1.3″ IPS color technology, an alternative to TFT screen. Updated high definition, brighter color display. Health and fashion coexist, making the watch no longer monotonous.
  • 🚶 【All-day Activity Tracking】: Accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep.
  • 💪【Fitness Tracker with 8 Sport Modes】:Switch 8 different sport modes on watch directly. Built-in advanced 3D sensor and pedometer to accurately count your steps, calories burned & distance achieved.
  • ☎ 【Get Call & Messages Reminder】: Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn, WeChat etc. ) notifications on display; never miss the messages that matter.
  • ❀【Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring】:Measuring your heart rate all day automatically, and you can also set up real-time heart rate tracking or manually tracking once you set it up in the app.
  • ✉ 【Satisfaction Guarantee】: Fitness watch offer 30-days money-back policy, 12-months new replacement warranty. Email address: [email protected]

It’s an amazing watch with almost all the features that it explains in product description. Measures the steps count more accurately and syncs data with my phone automatically. It has got an fabulous magneticcharger and battery charges very fast and stays for multiple days. Although i expected it to be a little larger by seeing the image but overall, it’s a good one for the price paid.

 i like this watch because it has a lot of features. It is really easy to install it with your phone. I am using it with my iphone 7 plus and it works perfectly. I had a pile watch but mine broke didn’t want to spent a lot of money to buy a new one so i bought this one and it literally almost the same it was all the features that i most used from my apple watch.

My mom’s girlfriend actually swapped her fitbit for this one. She really loved the fact that the face – and therefore the letters- were much larger than hers. My girlfriend also liked it a lot as she’s into larger yet simplistic watches but she graciously gave it up (although i have a sneaking suspicion that i’m going to be making another purchase for one of these before i know it). It has great functions through the app, is easy to use and paired quickly and easily.

Its good size and sleek looking. Strap is also very good – it looks and feels good on the hand. Does everything it states it does. I used it for a week and i dont have many compaints. I was surprised by how quick the watch vibrates as soon as i receive a whatsapp message. It counts steps, heart beats(bpm), calories, miles, sleep. It does all that pretty well. Battery- on a full charge it runs for 2 full days which is not bad for a big screen and color screen. My only complaint is that the app does not provide enough settings options such as being able to choose a constant watch face picture but it does provide the option to save any picture as the background for the watch face such is pretty cool.

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It is my second tracker because the first i presented to my daughter and now i could compare. So follows some points why it is better than my first. He has a nice soft watch band and it is really important for me because i use it 24/7. Large clear symbols and it is incredibly convenient not only at night. One charge is enough for a week and in addition to all functions it shows sleep phases. But if you like to sleep midday, it not tracking your sleep, only at night. And all functions – steps counting, heart beat checking – works perfectly.

I wanted to buy less expensive watch for my purpose and i found this one with good design, slim, light weight with great features. I loved the feature of showing messages. I was like a person will miss most of the phone calls and after having this it alerts me with the vibration and not missing any calls. Off course it does have other nice features like bpm, calorie burnt, steps, sleep time etc. The app that i installed for this watch is good to track of my health data.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Manual didnt explain how to change face of clock correctly you do it on the watch instead of app
  • Best Fitness Watch
  • Works well for its intention

Fitness tracker having most of features what i need like watch activity tracker with heart rate monitor , sleep monitor , steps counter , pedometer. I am getting all smart notifications of calls messages etc. Start and stop watch for my daily running activities. And easily find my phone whenever i forget my phone. One click photograph for my selfie photos and easily sync with my android phone.

Got this watch for my dad mainly because the screen is a bit bigger. He’s been using it for a few weeks and loves it. I did help him pair it to his iphone and after that he was able to figure it out himself. He uses it mainly for the step counter for his daily walks but this smart watch also tracks your sleep, calories burned, heart rate and you’re able to read text messages on it. The magnetic charger is a neat function. The only thing my dad wishes it’ll do is be able to pick up calls also but for the price its a overall good deal.

Make no mistake this is not a replacement for the apple iwatch or the huawei watch 2 that i use. My wife has a fitbit versa and has had problems with it giving accurate readings. The step counter on this watch works really well and it also gives you calorie counts based on movement, has a sleep timer and your notifications will sync to the watch as well. For a $35 step counter with a few more features this is excellent. It is a great entry into getting used to a smart watch. You can set alarms on the app and it will respond on the phone. This watch does not have access to the full google play store but for $35 that’s not what it is meant for. I think this is a great starter model to not spend too much to see if you like the idea and then maybe move up after.

This was for my kids who are 8 and 9 years old. Bought two which are different colors. But as far as water resistance it says ip68, which is good but can’t find anywhere online for a depth. But we took swimming and they worked fine and they took a shower with no issues. Battery seems to last, even though nothing stating how long. They wore them 3 days and then charged but they probably could get another day out of them. Would be nice for more info online on the watches. Would be nice to have more options for the faces. My kids love the calories and step tracking. We walked so much and made goals for calories lost. The heart rate is great and they loved that too. Just wish they would give more info on the watch.

My granddad is a huge fitness junkie and i’m hoping to get him something to help him keep track of his vitals. Upon inspecting,this watch is sturdy in my hands,not heavy. The colors are bright but the watch itself is understated. I think muy grandaddy will be able to utilize it effectively because it seems fairly user friendly.

This smart watch accurately records my steps, heart rate, and sleep. I compared by wearing both this one and my fitbit and compared all the data. This watch charges with a magnetic charger and the charge lasted me awhile. The wristband is a soft but sturdy silicone and it seems to secure pretty well to avoid losing it. This is a great device for the price. It is also waterproof and looks really sleek when it is on.

I purchased this item during prime days. After charging the unit and downloading the app it synced up immediately. Once in the app i was quickly able to set my particulars and started using it. I like the sleep tracker, which appears pretty accurate. The pedometer seems accurate too. While i have not been on my bike with it i do like the optional sport modes and hoping they will accurately track any exercise i do. The app shows daily and weekly activity which is helpful. I have not used it in water and i do take it off while showering so i can’t address the waterproof claims. All in all and for the price, i like it.

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I moved my rating from 4 to 5 stars simply because i had only owned it a day or two , but now that i have been using it for two weeks now it is one of the best purchases i have made it a long time. I works flawlessly and simply. It’s light on the wrist and is as handsome as an i watch and better looking than fitbits with a light and snug fitting band. The money you save makes this a no brainer.

The bpm is not accurate which makes me wonder how accurate the rest is?. I like that you can switch the watch face to one that shoes se ones as i use that function several times a day. The band was a little short for me i could latch it but the ends would not stay under the guards. After a week i bought a different band and am liking it more now.

Amazing multifunctional sports watch. If you’re looking for an easy to use smart watch this is it. It comes with a screen protector that you can apply to your watch. I was able to change the screen saver and font color of my watch from the app. Using the app, you can also update the time. I was able to set message notifications from my facebook, whatsapp, and regular text messages. There are also plenty more apps you can add to view your messages like line, linkedin, and more. With this watch you are also able to track your steps, calories, and heart rate. You can change the sports mode to your liking depending upon what sport you are playing at the time. There is also a stop watch function and you are able to take photos with your phone by using your watch.

I purchased this after my fit-bit took a dive. It’s a very good activity tracker given it’s relatively cheap price in comparison to a fit-bit. The one thing that really caught my eye was the fact that it is waterproof. I have tested this theory in our water trough as well as being able to wear it while showering. The find my phone feature is amazing. I have a toddler who loves to hide my phone, now i can always find it. All in all, this is a great product and i will probably purchase another for my wife shortly.

This is a steal for the price. It works well as advertised and customer support is superbthe watch’s color screen is very nice. Both step counting & sleep tracking have been well done. I also like the reminders for various phone messages, drink, & being idle. Customer support is the most expedient & best that i’ve come across. The response from the supportpersonnel has been same day or next, thorough; considerate; and superb. Manuals & personal instructions were provided quickly to make up for the concise booklet that came with the delivery. I would recommend this watch to anyone interested in fitness tracking and more.

I’ve had the watch for about 5 days now and there’s nothing a can really complain about. If you are looking for an affordable watch, this is the way to go. I’m an apple user but didn’t want to spend too much on an apple watch. This device looks very similar to it and the functions are great.I mainly use it to message reminders and to see who’s calling when i’m not near my phone. Another cool feature is you are able to use the watch to locate your phone, and use the watch to take a photo via your smartphone. It sure how accurate the step counter is, but compared to my other devices, i think it’s spot on. If you are looking for a affordable smart watch, this is the way to go.

I am very pleased with this smart watch. It does everything i need it to and i find the app easy to use. I turned off the hr monitor because i didn’t like the blinking green laser and it seemed inaccurate. That’s the only reason i didn’t give 5 stars. I love the vibrating notification when i receive texts or phone calls on my phone. My phone is often in my purse, with the volume down, and i don’t realize someone is trying to reach me until the watch vibrates on my wrist. The step tracker seems accurate and the watch itself is slim and attractive. It looks like a much more expensive smart watch.

Looks stylish and elegant, sleek at the same time. Easy setup with the app, turn the bluetooth on and connect with your phone. Shows heartbeat rate, count of steps, calories burned, miles covered, sleeping habits4. Worth the money- why pay for expensive fitness watches for $300-$400 when you can get this in such an affordable price. Charges comparatively quicker and stays for days long.