This works as well as my fitbit and i like the sensor button. The side button on my fitbit kept catching on things and it finally broke off, causing me to look for new fitness tracker. Innovative charging design with the usb connector in the wristband, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of another charger. Especially like the cost, which is a third the cost of the cheapest fitbit.

Bought for my husband to keep track of his activity and sleep. He has gone through multiple trackers and wanted one that had a “watch” like clasp to avoid him losing yet another. This works very well, haven’t had any issues with it since we set it up the first day. If i could only keep him from leaving it on the sink after his shower. Good purchase for the price.

This has worked for me with no problems whatsoever. It has a home button that cycles through the modes. Time (you can choose from 3 faces in the app)training (you can choose specific activity with the app on your phone)heart rate (touch; it’ll monitor your heart rate for 45 seconds, hold and it’ll keep going, idk exactly how long)steps: this seems like, duh, but it’s how many steps today. You can set goals and when you reach your steps for the day, you get a buzz and a little trophy showscamera: if your camera app is open on your phone, touch to camera then hold takes the picturemusic: i haven’t used this but i’m assuming it pauses your musicreminder: when the next one will beyou can add alarms for getting up. This is great for me because i’m deaf and can’t hear an alarm clock. It checks your heart rate periodically and you can also check it by touching the home button 3 times. This is great (again) for me because i have anxiety and i can check my heart rate, meditate, check again, repeat until i get it back down where it belongs. I do wish you could set a resting heart rate number and have it buzz if you go over. That would be very helpful for people with anxiety disorder.

I would have ordered a different color, had i known in advance that the picture of the blue band is so inaccurate, if not deceiving – it’s actually closer to a royal blue; it’s nowhere near the more cobalt hue pictured. But, for the price, assuming they’re more accurate than some have tested, it’s a pretty decent value. I’m a bit surprised it’s not more waterproof, when similarly priced alternatives from other brands claim you can swim with theirs. In my case they weren’t intended for swimming. As others have noted the instructions are inadequate, at best. You’ll have more luck figuring out how to get the most out of these watches via online user videos, which seem to be plentiful for the brand. We purchased four of these at christmas and so far they seem to be holding up well enough, even for teen and pre-teen ages. In the week they’ve been in use so far, they’ve endured lots of walking, running, jumping, and playing. Be warned that the software is not compatible with amazon fire though, which could be a deal breaker for some, as it seems pairing this with a phone, tablet or computer is the only way to use most functions, including just setting the time. We purchased four of these for two very active teens (boy and girl) and two very active pre-teens (boy and girl) as something of a trial run to see if they’d use them enough to warrant a more expensive option.

The setup was really simple, and it worked well. I used it for almost 30 days and then it wouldn’t charge. I contacted customer support (an email address) and got a response after a few days. They explained how to fix the problem. I was ready to send it back, but my husband was able to clean the contacts and get it to charge. I really rely on it for the time and step count. Good:adjustable wrist band with bucklestep count is decently accuratewater resistantapp integrationnot so good:battery life diminished after the second chargesleep tracking doesn’t allow for naps or split sleep (sleep for a while, up for over an hour, and then back to sleep)have to be close to the phone for alerts to work. Most bluetooth devices can be used within 150 feet. This one is only about 25 feet.

I bought this one for my girlfriend, and she loved it. It is thinner than the one i have. In the picture, the color of watch looks like pink, but in reality, it is much darker just same as the picture uploaded by the seller.

  • This fitness watch is totally worth it!
  • This has been doing a great job. The app is pretty simple
  • It works well!

I’ve had this since november 2017 as a replacement for mi band 2, which i lost after a year or so of use. Mi band 2 had a wristband that you just push a small knob into a hole–it’s not very secure and i think mine fell off while i was changing my clothes. So when i realized it was gone, i searched amazon for another tracker that had a band that was more like a watch, like this one. It functions almost identically to mi band 2. The only thing i really needed is for counting steps and displaying time. The reason i chose this tracker after reading through reviews for many other similar devices is that this counts steps quite accurately compared to other devices in similar price range. After wearing it nearly everyday since receiving the product, i’ve noticed that it does indeed count steps quite accurately. Syncing with my phone is really easy with the app and another thing this has over mi band 2 is that the app can write to apple health, whereas mi band 2’s app didn’t connect in anyway whatsoever with apple health. I don’t have it connected with my phone all the time because i don’t want to waste battery on either device. So when i forget to sync it for more than a week, i lose any data that is more than 1 week old.

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This is my second purchase, after ordering one for my daughter i ordered one for myself. She asked for one for xmas she is 8 and didn’t want to pay fitbit prices. I can’t across this and glad i did. It records everything, even receives text messages and calls.

I have had fitbits for years. I have always used that brand because it had a great reputation. Rerecently, i misplaced my tracker in a move. I decided to research some other more affordable options. The morefit slim hr plus is awesome. It is easy, stylish but most especially comfortable. The strap is soft and doesn’t irritate my arm. I am so glad i took a chance on morefit. I will be buying these as gifts for family and friends.

I have been looking for a fitness tracker that works well and is not really expensive. I came across this and am very impressed. I just started exercising and have found that this helps keep me motivated. It also helps me to know areas that i need to work on and improve as i continue my fitness journey. I absolutely love this fitness tracker.

Tested this tracker after working out this morning. I compared the heat rate (manually measuring) and it’s very accurate. Another good feature is the wrist band which easily adjusted like traditional watch band. Best of all it comes with a bonus mobile ring stand.

fitness tracker

activity watch

Sleep Quality Tracking

Tracks your sleep automatically including your Wake, Light and Deep sleep with detailed data reports in app.

Smart Notifications

The tracker vibrates and displays call and message notifications right on your wrist(SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Activity Tracking All Day

Record the number of steps, distance, calories, minutes of activity on your wrist; view your health data on the tracker to get a general idea of your progress towards your goal. Track children’s daily steps, calorie, active minutes. They will be happy to move more and grow healthy.

Easy to use

Download the app “Everyfit” to your mobile device. Turn on the Bluetooth and scan for the fitness tracker. Keep the fitness tracker near you (0.5meters or nearer).

Please note: this tracker requires iOS 9.0 & Android 4.4 above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Cannot work with Samsung J3, S7, Windows Phone, IPad,Computer or Tablet)

Easy USB Charging

The Fitness Tracker has a sedentary memory that reminds you to move after a period of inactivity to stay active

Built-in USB plug make it easy to charge with any USB block and computer; no charging cable and dock needed. Fast & Easy Charging Remove straps and plug directly into a USB port on a computer, mobile/tablet charger or power bank.

IP67 Water Resistant

Wear the tracker running in heavy rains and washing hands will not damage the tracker. Do not wear it when showering or swimming.

Sedentary Reminder

The Fitness Tracker has a sedentary memory that reminds you to move after a period of inactivity to stay active and keep fit.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was sent a slim 2 as a replacement for the morefit tracker that i had before that stopped working. Initially, the slim 2 worked great. However, i’ve had it about 6 months now and am finding that it really is disappointing. The first thing is that this is not able to be paired with other fitness and health apps, nor am i able to import the information from the morefit app into another app. The other disappointment is that the call, sms notification feature gradually gets worse; unless i’m within 5 feet of my phone, it will not notify me of incoming calls or text messages. It’s great for tracking steps, but the fact that the only app it’s compatible with has so few fitness, health and exercise tracking features and the device is unable to be paired with other apps is too bad.

I bought it to use as a fitness tracker but honestly my favorite feature has turned out to be that i can read texts on it and receive phone call notifications. It even works if my phone is in another room so i don’t feel like i have to have my phone with me all the time. I feel like the heart rate monitor is actually pretty accurate. I haven’t had to charge the battery since i bought it and i’ve had it 5 days now. Overall a great product, easy to use, never have a problem syncing and i would definitely buy this before you consider buying a more expensive ‘brand’ product. Just make sure you download the veryfitpro app and not the veryfitpro 2. 0 app for this particular product. I will likely buy a few as christmas gifts for friends.

It’s small, light, and works great with my iphone. I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker for a while but didn’t want to spend a lot of money to get a fitbit or apple watch. Until i got this thing, i had to have my phone in my pocket to track all of my steps and use a heart rate monitor. Now, i have it all on my wrist. My only bit of confusion was figuring out how to charge it. Then i read the instructions and realized one side of the watch band pops off to reveal that the watch is a usb dongle as well. Overall, i am a satisfied customer.

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This app for this watch (veryfitpro) syncs with google fit which syncs with the myfitnesspal calorie tracker. Cheap and effective alternative to those overpriced ripoffs.

I bought 3 of them for my kids for christmas and they love them.

It was very hard to program, so i gave it to a computer savvy friend who also couldn’t do it. To the best of my knowledge, it is still traveling around. Your service and assistance was first rate so you have a lot to be proud of. Sorry it didn’t work out for me, but i hope it finally gets a home.

Replacement Bands link :

With the instructions not making it completely clear how to plug it in or start things up, it’s still easy enough to figure it out. I charged it until the red light went out. Then setup was easy enough in the app. I was disappointed to realize it doesn’t include a function to monitor heart rate. I should have read things more closely. Still it’s a great monitor for the price. I like the remote function for the phone camera and the phone finder.

It does almost everything the name brand tracker could do. I had a name brand tracker, it broke, they tried to get me to upgrade for 50%, but i got the same model and it broke. This tracker does everything that one could with three major exceptions: – it does not let me input my calorie count – so there is no food diary- it does not count flights of stairs – but you can set it for lots of other exercises. – it does not automatically measure exercise – you have to put it in exercise mode. Other than those three major things it is a good buy so far. It holds a charge longer and i can charge it by plugging it in straight to the computer. It does not require a second attachment like the other name brand model. Update 2/7/2019 i had this tracker for a year. I deducted one star from the rating, while still a decent tracker for the price i developed a rash where the green light on the back makes contact with with the skin.

At 290 i almost always have to buy a bigger band, but this fits with two chicks to spare. It’s comfortable and is making it fun to keep track of my steps and check my heart rate :).

For the price, i really like this tracker. The band is soft so it is comfortable even when wearing it to sleep. One thing to note, if you use walking poles your tracker probably won’t recognize your steps. I’m think of attaching it near the bottom of one pole. It may track the steps then. There simply isn’t enough movement at the wrist when using poles to signal the tracker. Update: i realized the the band is large enough to hold around my ankle. Now when i walk with my walking poles, i strap the tracker to my ankle. That gives a more accurate reading.

** the band slider that keeps both sides of band together broke after 5 months and the replacement i ordered didn’t fit. I will keep looking for a replacement band. Other than that it still works like expected**i bought this because i recently had foot surgery and my dr told me to watch how many steps i am taking. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a fitbit and this looked like a good product for the price. Easy to download the app and sync up. The charge lasts several days, i haven’t set it up to read txts or alert me of phone calls, because it didn’t seem necessary for me, but maybe eventually i will. I have had it for a few weeks now and i really like it. Not too big and i have kept it on while sleeping with no problems.

This is a great, cheaper alternative to most heart rate monitoring fitness trackers. It is sleek and comfortable to wear. It charges quickly and holds charge for a while. My only issue is that the app that comes with it can be temperamental. I keep trying to turn on my call alerts and sms alerts but it won’t let me. Each time i turn them on then hit the check mark button, it thinks forever and then takes me back to the home screen where it says these alerts are still turned off. Not sure if this is something i am doing wrong or not. I can’t say that i would recommend this for someone who really wants to use their watch as a notification center for their phone. But as a watch, activity tracker and hr monitor, it does a great job. The alarm function works well too.

【UNIQUE DESIGN】 0.96 Inch Colorful OLED Screen Display with Better Visual Experience.

This is the 2nd time i bought this watch. Download the app veryfit pro. I use it as an alarm, it will vibrate to wake me up. Great settings if you have a stationary job, i set it so it vibrates every 31 minutes to get up and go for a walk. You can also update your steps, if you want a goal of 10k steps a day or 22k steps a day or anything in between. I think this would be great for a older person that’s a little techy since it sinks up with your smart phone.

I really like this fitness tracker. This is my second one since christmas 2017 however. My first one i wore every day and eventually wearing it outside all day in a steady rain did it in. This newest purchase charged but the screen would not power on after many hours of charging, so i contacted the manufacturer about the problem. They always responded and we were moving toward them sending me a replacement. However, because i like the simple design, function and use of this product i just kept charging it. And eventually it did come to lifei love that the bands can be easily replaced and are inexpensive to replace. I am looking forward to seeing how i like this buckle style compared to the previous closure. It should be more secure and since i wear this every day as a substitute for a regular watch that is important.

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The step tracking is crazy inaccurate, i seem to average 500 steps while getting dressed, taking a shower, and driving. I do speed walk and hike a lot so i use it for that. And when i’m out doing errands i like the text notification. Otherwise, for $30 it’s a decent buy.

Even better than my mom’s real fitbit alta because it has a heart rate monitor. The app is decent, tells me a good summary of my sleep at night. I am super glad i got this instead of a real fitbit because i don’t use it as much as i anticipated and i’m happy i saved money. Also has an outstanding battery life. Goes 1-2 weeks between charges depending on how much it’s used.

I just got this and i’ve only been using it about theee days. It is a great buy for the money. I like it much better then the previous model i had of this brand. For one thing it looks like the more expensive brand out there. I like the buckle on the strap. I have a small wrist and the fit is better because i can adjust it smaller. I can see the time in brighter light. The other one i couldn’t see the face in sunlight. This battery is lasting longer between charging. I was able to set it so it only shows when i tap the screen as opposed to raising my wrist.

I love the long battery life and how durable it is in water. I just make sure to dry it off really well after using it in the pool. I wish it had more exercise settings, like swimming, but otherwise i am very satisfied.

Got this for my 10 year old. It’s easy to charge, she can navigate the app without help, and hasn’t needed the app (she doesn’t have a phone) since the first day. She uses it for time, steps, calories (for reasons of eating more), and pulse. She has worn it in the pool, bath, and shower.

【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】 Automatic Sleep Tracking, Steps / Distance / Calorie Counters, Kinds of Activity Mode Options, Calling / Message and SNS Notification Alert

This is a good watch the app that goes with it was a little finicky at first but i updated my phone and it worked. The only issue i’m having is that i constantly get a “device is disconnected” message and i can not receive call or texting notifications from my phone to watch. I have trouble shooted and tried everything the internet is suggesting and it’s still not working. Other than that i enjoy the step and calorie tracker.

This little tracker surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect at this price point, because my only other tracker was a garmin vivosmart. I mainly wanted a step counting tracker that i could wear as a watch with a clear touch display. This has been doing a great job. The app is pretty simple, but it does what it’s supposed to. Since i don’t use all the bells and whistles like call display or messaging info through my tracker, i disabled everything unnecessary in the app and have been tracking steps, distance, sleep and activity. The battery lasts me for almost a week. (but keep in mind, i’m not utilizing all of the options) charging is super easy and fast with the usb. I definitely think this is worth the money.

Second fitness tracker i’ve tried. First i tried the coffea one, but it stopped pairing to my phone after 3 days. This one has worked great except it never notified me of anything except the alarm function. So i’ve stopped using it for that and am just using it for hr, time, and step-counter. I don’t know how accurate the hr is, i have nothing to compare it to, but if its somewhere in the ballpark of being right, i’m fine with it. Wish i could’ve gotten it to work with my text notifications, but it’s ok.

I really am impressed with how many options the watch has and it’s design is great too i hate big watches and this is sleek and comfortable. When you first open the box and slip the watch band off make sure to pull at the downward angle it will slide right off of you do t you could snap the charger. It charged really quick and held a charge for me all day. I used the active setting at the gym for 36 minutes and it was spot on.I have the fit bit and i think i like this one better not just design but especially for the price tag. I love that i can sync up to my phone and receive messages. It was easy to configure with the app. It has date and time and charging battery visible at one touch. This is an easy watch to use and i am not a tech type of girl so i was very pleased to be able to understand it quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing how sleep patterns work.

【HEALTH MONITOR】 Get Your Whole Day Data Details from EveryFit App After Pairing with Smart Phone.

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