Only thing you need is a smartphone. Is not compatable with computer, android tablet or ipad. This is a more affordable way to tack steps, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, pms tracking info for women. It is very easy to use and understand for my 13 year old. It needs to be charged once a week. I would recommend this product. If you want to track food and water intake and daily weight. Use on pc, ipad or android tablet please go to the more expensive brands in the $100.

Actually, i bought this activity tracker for my wife. She loved it as she is able to track her heart rate, blood pressure and other health activities. It has a physiological period reminder, which my wife loved the most. The display is clear and bright and the single button interface is user friendly. The battery life is amazingly good. Great product for the price and would recommend this one absolutely.

I have used this watch for two weeks. My main reason to buy this watch is for bp monitoring. Initially had prob;em phone recognizing the watch. The issue was resolved by turning on location. The h band software worked but required both blue tooth and location on. I also had issue with no phone notification. The support person suggested using morepro software. This software allowed me to turn of location once the watch was recognized by my android phone. I still was unable to get phone notifications. After i turned on microphone in the phone settings under app on my phone i started receiving phone notifications.

This fitness tracker is exactly as described and exactly what we wanted. I am so is pleased with the color and quality. It has alot of features and easily get paired with your cellphone.

It is not great, but it is serviceable. I bought this thing to monitor my blood pressure exclusively. For that purpose the general setting is horribly inaccurate. The personal setting on the other hand is fairly good given proper calibration. First, you need to take your pressure from a source that you know is accurate. You then need to take pressure on this device, you will not a discrepancy. My preference is to get 3 data points from each and average them. Then adjust the device accordingly to the accurate pressure (if accurate says 150, and the device says 147 you set the device to 150. It will then read in range correctly.

I like the automatic blood-pressure and pulse monitoring as well as on-demand. The sleep tracking is a little flakey, not always recording when i go to sleep or take an afternoon nap, but it mostly works. It’s handy to know how many steps i take each day. The kcal burned seems to be only calculated on the steps and not on my body’s basal metabolism or the fact that some steps are during sports or climbing stairs, and thus burn more calories than just walking on flat ground. The charge seems to last around 5 days and it charges relatively quickly.

  • BUY THIS WATCH !!! If u need to monitor your BP
  • Impressive so far, and comfortable to wear!
  • Watch works giving Blood Pressure, Sleep Quality, Heart Rate, Steps and notifications.

Easy to use and track your all daily fitness activity. I bought this for my dad to monitor his daily fitness activity and he is loving it. You won’t be able to beat the price for the all the features that comes with this tracker.

I mainly brought for the blood pressure reading so far i’m enjoying this product it’s doing just what the manufacturer stated it would do i have charged it once it lasted for 5 days before recharging.

I’ve had my watch for a week and couldn’t be more pleased. I had my doubts when i compared it to the bp watches that cost double and triple but so far, i’m very impressed. I’m a big guy and initially thought the watch and band were too small but it looks good and i’m able to read the face easily. The watch was simple to pair with my iphone and i haven’t had any trouble using the data. I’ve used the watch while swimming laps at the gym with no problem but when i wore it in a hot shower the screen went wonky for an hour or two so now anytime i’m in hot water i take it off. I’ve checked the hr and bp numbers against an omron cuff and they’re pretty close. Make sure you set the bp private mode to “on” and add a setting from a cuff-style device. The sensor is not as accurate as the cuff but i’m more of interested in fluctuations. Overall the watch suits my needs and for the price, i’m more than satisfied.

Based on my initial review below, customer service reached out to me and sent me a new tracker free of charge. The new one works most of the time but has to be turned on and off occasionally as it seems to get stuck and quit tracking steps randomly every few days. Decent product for the price and customer service is good but i went ahead and bought a fitbit instead. . The blood pressure tracking is way off also – i manage high blood pressure and this tracker gives very sporatic false readingsterrible product. Setup was easy enough, the app is a bit hard to navigate and is translated in broken english but the watch itself, although nice to look at, doesn’t work all. Wouldn’t track steps or function. It tracked 10 steps then stopped working. Currently processing a return to amazon. Disappointed to say the least.

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An affordable solution to watching my bp. Took awhile to get the software to work with my phone. However, the features are so helpful. I was using a fitbit but it didn’t include the blood pressure. Best investment i could make and with it under $50, it is very affordable.

Features of MorePro Fitness Tracker Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Color Screen Smart Bracelet with Sleep Tracking Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women Men

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  • 24/7 HR & BP monitor: MorePro fitness tracker monitors real-time heart rate and blood pressure automatically all day. It also records sleep date, steps, distance and calorie consumption. Get your health and activity data statistics via app easily, which help you have a healthier lifestyle.
  • Reminder function: Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder. It Reminder function: Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder. It brings convenience to your life.
  • Color screen & waterproof: Using 0.96-inch IPS color screen. Bright and high-definition display provide clock interface in different colors and styles. MorePro fitness tracker can be used while raining, taking cold shower (not for hot shower) and swimming. Easily handle various situations in life.
  • Easy to Charge: Built-in USB plug,do not need any charging cables and docks. Easy to charge with USB block and computer. One full charge gives you up to 5-7 days of working time.( Note: battery lasts 3-5 days by heavy loading ; Battery lasts 5-7 days by light loading )
  • Compatibility: The app requires iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and above with Bluetooth 4.0. (Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet),( This item does not work with Samsung J3, J5, A3, A5, Huawei P8, Windows devices)
fitness tracker
activity tracker

heart rate monitor

blood pressure monitor


sleep tracking

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor real time heart rate all day. Analyze your heart rate status in real time on the APP.

Blood Pressure Monitor

24/7 hours blood pressure monitoring. Know your health condition to adjust your lifestyle.

Daily activity tracking

Accurately track your steps calories, distance and duration time, also map your running path with smart phone GPS supporting.

Auto sleep monitor

Automatically monitor your sleep, displaying data on App including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours and wake up time.

message notification

Physiological Period Reminder

Remote Photo


Smartphone notification

Sync MorePro fitness tracker to your smartphone and customize notifications including messages or the apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc. Then check messages on your wrist.

Physiological Period Reminder

A feature can be used as a timely reminder of the user’s different physiological states.

Remote Photo

Turn on the Remote Photo function in the app. Make taking photos easier and get a better photography experience.

Sedentary Reminder

MorePro fitness tracker reminds us to relax when you sit and work for a long time. Help you stay energized and healthy.


Product Description:

Wanna have a friendly companion recording your daily health and activity data to help you form a good habit? MorePro fitness tracker is your best choice!

We offer 30 days full refund, 3 months replacement. Your no worries and satisfied purchase starts by clicking “Add to Cart” button.


CPU: Nordic 52832

Sensor: KX023-1025

HR Sensor: PD70-01C-TR7

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Dimension: 264*21.4*12.3mm

Battery: 150mAh Li-polymer

Charging Port: USB

Charging Time: About 1.5 hours

Weight: 25.3g

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The blood pressure monitor is what sold me on this one. It keeps up with everything. Gives me a reminder if i’ve been sitting too long, hourly heart rate and blood pressure checks. Sleep quality, waterproof, steps, and on and on. Unbelievable how great it is at such a low price. Oh yes, and the app is great too.

This is a great fitness tracker. It has the time on it and it monitors your steps and heart rate. The band is adjustable in size and comfortable to wear. It also tracks your blood pressure and sleep patterns within the app. It reminds you if you have been sitting to long. This is a great fitness tracker.

It may not be the most accurate, but none of them truly are. This little guy can really track what you are up to though. I love the fact that it takes constant heart rate readings automatically. I had an old one that did not. It has been pretty comfortable to wear, only a couple times it got in the way. But i like the fact that its a little bigger, i tend to be hard on wrist devices and that extra meat stands up better to wear and tear. The battery seems decent, could be a bit better. I have had it about 3 days and it needs to charge. But when i got it, the battery was only at about 80% or so. If i charged it all the way it might last the whole week.

I have had this tracker for two weeks so far. I have had to charge it 5 times, which seems a lot for such a short time period. It easily syncs with my iphone, and i get notifications without any issues. It has some good features, but i believe they could be improved. For example, the tracker counts my steps, but adds more steps than i actually walk. The sleep tracker tracks my sleep, but counts reading a book on the couch as sleep. It also keeps track of my blood pressure and heart rate, but the measurements always stay within a few points or beats of each other with minimal changes, even when i am active. I do enjoy how comfortable this device is to wear. I rarely take it off, and sleeping with it isn’t an issue. The display turns on when you adjust your wrist, and the sensitivity can be adjusted through the app.

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I picked this up for my 8 year old who is dying for an apple watch. The features and specs of the watch were perfect for her. It is a tad big but not to bad for her wrist. But being waterproof almost makes it the perfect watch for a younger one to get started with. It has been one day but the steps seamed to be accurate heart rate and blood pressure were prety spot on. This is a great buy if you need a fitness tracker and do not want to break the bank.

This tracker gets 5 stars for 2 reasons1. Tracks sleep with great accuracy. I have couple of trackers but they all have one issue when tracking sleep, that is if you happen to be awake in the middle of night and then fall asleep they don’t track correctly. I don’t sleep that well, and at times i loose my sleep in between. Most trackers end the sleep cycle if the awakened period is a little higher, and then consider a new cycle messing up the whole parameters. This sleep cycle does not seem to have that issue. I have tested this for 4 straight days since i got this. At this price point not many trackers do blood pressure monitoring. It might not be perfect to the extend of professional blood pressure monitors, but at least an indication in the 90th percentile, so its good enough for me.

24/7 HR & BP monitor: MorePro fitness tracker monitors real-time heart rate and blood pressure automatically all day. It also records sleep date, steps, distance and calorie consumption.

It started out well, but ended up using it just a couple weeks as my 11 month old puppy ate it. Well, she didn’t totally eat it, she just chewed it enough that it stopped working. Very few fitness watches check for bp in fact i only found 4 on amazon worth looking at. I have recently been diagnosed with hypotension, low blood pressure, and it’s hard to find a watch that measures blood pressure accurately. I tested this against two other monitors i have and against the mourners at the doctors office prior years ago. One must expect a 5 to 10 point variation between meters & it was well within that range versus all the others. I’m a pharmacist and used to sell medical supplies, so i know what to look for. I’m gonna buy another one of these.

Like this watch so much, much more advanced than my previous watch. Good quality and good looking.

The best fitness tracker i got so far. It’s very comfortable to wear even if you’re sleeping. And for me it give me the accurate vital signs and some other features are important especially if you’re monitoring your activity. Absolutely recommend this one.

I like this watch and the app. It appears to be very accurate. It was even pretty accurate during my hospital stay. I had my vital q4 and each time i would check my bp when the nurse did for comparison. I’ve had this watch for about a month i think and so far so good. I just checked my bp on my unit at home to compare and as the picture shows it was spot on. I included what my private bp setting is to show that unlike some other watches this one doesn’t just give you that same value no matter what, it appears to give accurate readings that vary from the baseline provided by the user. I love the extras on this unit menstrual tracking and a system to track ovulation and best time to try for a baby. I also love that i can set custom notifications such as reminders to take my meds. What i wish this watch did better:track sleep.

 i’ve been into trying to monitor my daily exercise lately, and this watch is an inexpensive and efficient way to do so. The strap is comfortable and adjustable, and the screen is clear and easy to read. The watch says its waterproof, and though i haven’t submerged it for long periods, i have expsosed it to moisture quiet a few times and haven’t experienced any problems.

Surprisingly simple to set up, and far more comfortable than i was thinking it would be. Accurate step, heartbeat, and sleep monitor.

Reminder function: Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder. It Reminder function: Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder.

My son wanted an expensive tracker but i was hesitant as to cost. I found this cheaper solution and couldn’t be happier with the results. I was surprised at how vibrant the screen is.

I admit, i bought this watch with low expectations, based on the old “you get what you pay for” idea. I am genuinely impressed at how good this ting actually is. It performs for me pretty much exactly as advertised, it’s super easy to set up, and easy to use. Bottom line; do not even waste your money on an apple watch. This does everything it can, and more. It’s also more slim and less breakable. Strongly recommend this watch.

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I heard it was not a good fitness tracker but i was surprised it work just like it said. Like most expensive fitness watches but it does a great job. If there’s problems with the app 1. Go to setting on your phone app an allow what you want. Reminder for phone call, sms & fb etc. If you don’t want personal data store go to no login. The only down falls are not able to take bp while running or sometimes it lose connect to the bluetooth (about 2 or 4 meter range).

My fitness tracker arrived yesterday and i immediately put it to use. The required app is easily found in the google play store, and works well on my samsung s9+. The display is bright and clear, and turns off automatically after a few seconds and comes back on just by rotating your wrist. The single button interface is simple to use, and the whole feel of the unit is very good. It is very comfortable to wear. Besides counting your steps it will automatically monitor your heart rate every 30 min. And blood pressure every hour. It can even alarm you if your heart rate is above a user configurable limit. You can also view the historical data to compare days or recognize trends. This seems to be to be a really great feature for those with potential health issues, as this could at least provide their doctor with data over time.

I had a few technical errors with my first band. Got a hold of customer service and they replaced it right away for a newer model that works perfectly. It’s definitely one of the more accurate ones that i’ve come across. If you were worried about your health or you just want to monitor your body throughout the day this is a good purchase to do so.

Works well with the hband app. Went to disneyland and walked around all day and compared to other step counters and it’s very accurate. Keeps track of heart rate and blood pressure with no interaction.

I was skeptical of the features on this fitness tracker because of the price. My wife has a $200 fitbit with fewer functions so i didn’t have high hopes for the morepro fitness tracker at a fraction of the cost. It’s really really cool though. I’ve been wearing it for 4 days now and love it. It sends data to the app on my phone without any fuss. It tracks all sorts of different metrics. It looks nice, and most importantly, it’s durable. I spent 6 hours felling trees and clearing brush while wearing it and it didn’t receive a scratch. The integrated usb charging means there’s no cords or docks to worry about. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Color screen & waterproof: Using 0.96-inch IPS color screen. Bright and high-definition display provide clock interface in different colors and styles. MorePro fitness tracker can be used while raining, taking cold shower (not for hot shower) and swimming.

This a great fitness tracker that is very affordable and a bang for your buck compared to those from fitbit. There are many great features that are very useful such as the find your phone feature which helps so much and has saved me already, the gps feature also is great in order to monitor my runs more accurately, it all ties in nicely with the app. It has a very long battery life and works perfectly. Also just to clarify the watch had a built in usb to charge itself you just have to plug it in to a usb port.

First it does not connect from my phone through bluetooth as usual. But it does easily connect when you simply run the h band 2. Even after my samsung galaxy s6 edge plus connected, it does not show in my ‘bluetooth connections’. It stays connected and reports my info into the h band 2. Odd, but if you close the app it stays connected but some features stop for instance ‘find my phone’ only works if you leave the app open. I found the pulse rate accurate (i average 57 to 62 bpm as i have documented at doctors’ offices and on my pulse/o2 finger device. I read many reviews before choosing this morepro fitness tracker hr. I am happy for the price with its performance and quality.

I’m giving thjis watch 3 stars only because the app is great. It also accurately tracked my steps and the it has a automatic sleep monitor and heart/blood pressure monitors. Now for the cons: it isn’t comfortable to wear. I could never figure out how to change the dial. The blood pressure readings were off by more than 20 points every morning. I have low blood pressure and its important to keep track of it. I can tell feel the effects of when it is low and used a cuff to double check the watch’s measurements. While the cuff had me at 80/63 the watch measured at 122/81. If it was off a point or two i would understand, but being that wildly inaccurate isn’t just unacceptable, its unhealthy. Also, the sleep tracker stopped working 2 days in.

Easy to Charge: Built-in USB plug,do not need any charging cables and docks. Easy to charge with USB block and computer. One full charge gives you up to 5-7 days of working time.(