I just bought this a couple of days ago so i’m still testing but i realized there is a sleep function that you have to turn on. Just like the running option, you have to long press for 3 seconds to activate the sleep function before you go to sleep. If you look at the pictures, the one with only an hour of sleep was the first day(not activated), the one with close to 8 hours of sleep was the one when i guessed that there had to be a sleep function for us to activate. Hopefully this helps everyone.

This is a great watch for the price. I bought one for my husband and one for me and it was very easy to set up and use. I am amazed at how much information it tracks. My only reason for 4 stars is that instructions are very short with no problem solving information or page online. We found a few times right after recharging it seems to lose connection to the phone but finds it again when it wants, not when i want.

This watch is great, especially for the price. I picked it up as a fitbit alternative and i have loved it so far. The watch has a sleek look and feels lightweight on my wrist. Setting it up only took a few minutes and the iphone app is very straightforward. I love the ability to track sleep, heart rate. It also tracks blood pressure, and i’ve never had a watch before that could do that. It’s really coolone of my favorite features is that it plugs directly into a usb port to charge, with no charger or cable necessary. Overall it’s a great watch, and at such a low cost it’s a must buy.

So far i haven’t had any issues with tracker, easy to use. Easy to read display and accompanying app very user friendly. Phone location option comes in handyif you misplaced phone. Only complaint is the battery life is short and requires recharging more often than say the fitbit trackers.

The tracker was incredibly compact on me with restricted adjustment. The step measurement had to be set a good deal bigger than preset size for my top to get the job done accurately. The blood pressure perform was way off but heart rate was fairly precise. The display is dazzling and uncomplicated to perspective. I returned this item as in general it was disappointing for me. Fit is more for a lady or kid with smaller wrists in my opinion.

First off, this display screen is crisp and brilliant. It was absolutely useless out of the box and took a bit to entirely demand to a usable point out. It capabilities great and my only gripe is that the wrist bands arrive at a odd angle out of the watch encounter. The band feels powerful and appears high-quality. I will update if some thing destructive comes about, but so far i am definitely liking it.

So significantly, the watch is lovely, i used to have a fitbit and i can say for fifty percent the value it delivers you with the very same features. I will update all at the time i have attempt this watch for a week. For now i can say it can be really great and for the price tag it was a fantastic get.

Fantastic quality and very good price.

  • I really wanted to love this tracker.
  • A cool fitness watch with great tech features
  • Blood Pressure Feature.Wow

MorePro X-Core Fitness Activity Tracker Color Screen, Sleep Tracker Waterproof Health Watch with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Step Calorie Counter Exercise Pedometer for Women Men

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    by entering your model number.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate BP Tracking : Everything starts with health. Automatically and effectively track your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the day and night with your MorePro. It also can track your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and GPS map during running. Receive full suite of smart notifications.
  • Reminder function:Receive call, SMS and SNS (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other apps) notifications. Female physiological period reminder, alarm clock, heartrate warning and sedentary reminder. It brings convenience to your life.
  • Auto Sleep Tracking & Alarms:Automatically track your sleep duration from 6PM to 8AM, through the APP you can see how long you’re in light, deep, REM sleep and get personalized insights to learn how to get a better rest.
  • Waterproof & New design with USB Charge:You can wear it in the shower, swimming, surfing, so never worry about making a splash from bubble baths to beach days. Just charge with any USB port (no cable needed). 1-2hour full charge gives you up to 3-7 days of working time.
  • Compatibility: The app requires iOS 8.1 & Android 4.4 and above with Bluetooth 4.0. (Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet). There is an adjustable strap, and the wearable length of the band is between 12.95cm (5.1 inch) min and 23.15cm (9.1 inch) max.
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Sleep and bp tracking seem to be on point. Im not super happy with how it charges. If it isnt positioned exactly right it wont charge. Took me 2 days and 5 different outlets to get it to sit just right. Yest, not needing a separate charger is nice.

This tracker exceeds my expectations. It tracks my steps, heart rate and my sleep. Inform me the text, email or events.

I looked at just about every version of this tracker sold by amazon, and, for me, this was the best choice. I am vision impaired, and the screen numbers on this model are readable to me. The pulse and blood pressure readings jibe with readers i already have. The iphone app links to the tracker via bluetooth, and it posts a daily notification to sync. The usb re-charger feature works well.

Am a nurse and comparison checked bp at perform and it was in just 5 or so mmhg. A variation of five-10mmhg is to be envisioned with diverse measuring devices. Actually i intended to purchase the blue waterproof 1 by morepro but accidentally purchased this one particular. I like the 4 tracker display possibility on the experience if that a person. It does every thing it is aupposed to do. It’s about four days now and however haven’t had to charge once again yet. It offers you tiny badges when you fulfill your health goals. It syncs conveniently with bluetooth- there was no problem there.

My mom was wishing a fit bit and i gifted her this a person. She is happy that she can monitor so a lot of matters with this. He is preserving records of her footsteps each individual working day, her blood pressure and so forth. I am content for her pleasure.

I’ve had the far more pro x main, for two days now. It is far better than the fitbit cost 2 that i experienced for a year and a fifty percent. The sleep monitoring it’s far better, the heart rate monitoring is about the exact same as the fitbit. The blood pressure checking is astonishingly exact. The fitbit did not do that at all. And the sleep checking is extra accurate than the fitbit i would buy this again.

Terrific fitness tracker, came with an almost comprehensive demand. We acquired it on friday and we billed it right before use to make certain that it would be at entire demand to check the battery life. Monday morning hardly any battery made use of. The digital camera element only allows you choose pics from it in the app it will talk to you to download if you want to monitor your progress on your cell phone. You also have to keep the app open up at all periods for your tracker to stay connected in buy to get information updates.

I just got the watch yesterday and i can say i like it. I’m a significant dude and it fit my wrist with added area and i was not guaranteed it would. Also all of the features do the job, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, step etc. My only dislikes are i am not confident how precise the step counter is mainly because i consider it counts each time i swing my arm. Also, i would like the screen was a lil more substantial/greater for reading notifications, i turned individuals capabilities off. I would like i could change the color on the screen to white as an alternative of the neon eco-friendly color. But it works with the morepro application in the play retail outlet and connects with my pixel 3 xl, and i believe it related to the dress in os application. This is my initially smartwatch, and i think it really is well worth it.

I was worried about the blood pressure not currently being right so i checked it to my property by meter. But i identified in the mobile phone application in the v11 settings the bp. In there i was equipped to alter it to what my household meter was studying. Then i took readings on the two. I could not the be happier.

Alright i definitely needed to make these ast top notes after having for a few days of used and had to take a star off1. Steps are off adds in my wrist movements as well2. Sleep is off i wake up at 2 and 4 am attimes and it registers me still sleepinguntil 9 am or 103. Keeps telling me to open the band. No where does it explain what that meansgot it today so i have 2 issues, one it’s adding steps just because i move my wrist. Second i don’t get notifications of my gmail mail or aol notifications. Now for the plus, i like to have a pulse and bp tracking and i like the options to change the face styles since i really like big print cause of my eyesight and i can switch it for work so not everyone can view items across the screen. It came ready to go that is another plus. Here is another item that i didn’t find in the book nor would i have known unless i played with the settings there is a usa or lb and measures setting.

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So, i’ve now had the tracker for a few weeks. Today, i did a lot of walking. I had my iphone in my purse which was crossed over my body. The iphone app registered 8230. A couple hundred ok but 3000???i also woke up and the tracker initially indicated that i slept 3 hours. Later it changed to 6 hours. However, it didn’t record almost 3 hours from 4:40 am to 7:50. I have until february 12th to return it. I thought a little discrepancy in steps wouldn’t bother me but it’s so inaccurate.

I have been on blood pressure medication for a year and i’m never where i can check it when i need to. I can check it on my watch and do so much more.

I have had this for a few of months now, the blood pressure is not correct. I have to consider meds to control mine and i have 2 blood pressure machines, plus i know how to acquire mine manually, it always reads like i have close to fantastic blood pressure. I can not tell you about the actions taken portion but from what i have noticed, it estimates, so all over again not accurate. The sleeping element all over again how am i to tell if it is accurate, but at least it stops the hubby from griping for the reason that i can fake i am functioning on my undesirable behavior of being up all night time. I am not unhappy with the solution, but i want i experienced of expended my 50 on a garmin vivofit. In any case this tracker is decent, but in no way should you depend on it is really readings. I definitely am sorry to have to give it this kind of assessment i was hoping it would be much more accurate.

Alright i actually appreciated this tracker for measuring my actions and reminding me to get up just about every thirty minutes. I even appreciated that it tracked my cycle. What moved me from providing this a five to a three is that when you are on your cycle it tells you to ‘change your sanitary pad. ‘ then it suggests rest and modify your sanitary pad. ‘ then it suggests ‘change your sanitary pad ahead of your function out. ‘ then ‘ change your sanitary pad and have a good night. ‘ properly you can explain to a man wrote this due to the fact we really don’t get to relaxation when we are on our cycle, we really don’t all put on pads, and we never need to be informed when to alter our ‘sanitary products’. So i have not figured out how to flip off the personal notices devoid of it turning off the tracking. Come on builders get a clue.

Uncomplicated to see and convey to time working day or evening(incredibly massive figures). I like to be equipped to see my heart rate all the time and blood pressure. The bp readings isn’t really as accurate as i experienced hoped, but it ideally will display when my pressure is far too significant. That is the principal purpose i wanted it. It does read shut to my house bp reader. I like the way it costs by plugging straight into the charger and would not have to have cables.

I am a runner, and was on the lookout for a fitness tracker that could switch my watch so i didn’t have an arm comprehensive of gizmos. My necessities were: h2o evidence, has a stopwatch element so i could time my runs, pedometer of class, extended battery daily life, and i preferred that this one particular experienced a blood pressure reader. Also, the price is suitable in that i am not interested in investing hundreds on gizmos. I despatched it back again the day right after it arrived. The screen was large and clear, it appeared very good adequate for a fitness tracker, i was enthusiastic about it. But i guess i am old fashioned, and several of you will disagree with me, but to use it adequately you have to use the app so you can change some of the functions on the watch (for case in point, the stopwatch won’t instantly perform, you have to go into the app to convert it on or some thing). That is high-quality more than enough, but in looking through the consumer settlement for the application, they generally inform you they will be accumulating your personal details (like your browsing history and the microphone?) and shipping and delivery it back to china. They do supply the option to not sign up with the app and log in as a guest or a little something. And then they explain to you that if you never like how they are accumulating and making use of your info you can complain to the acceptable regulatory authorities. I get that most providers are accomplishing that in any case, and i recognize their transparency.

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I was wanting for a fitness watch that measured heart rate and blood pressure. At first considered i would have to expend a couple hundred for it, but this is definitely an incredible product for the price. I enjoy the way it syncs with my iphone and can hold keep track of of my bp all over the day. Even has a sleep tracker, which is some new info for me. My spouse was so impressed that we ordered one for him.

The color of the item is extremely beautiful,and i like this purple. Whilst mywrist is thin,it does not slip. You can watch the time by shaking it,it can report my motion with no carrying my cellular telephone,so it is very convenient!charging is rapid,and the selling price is cheap,i like it!.

I like this watch, but bought it to monitor my pulse and blood pressure during work out. I took my bp and pulse with a professional machine while at the same time monitoring with this watch. I did this a couple of times and the reading was 20+ points lower on the watch than the prof. Machine reads so i will be returning it as this watch doesn’t work.

There is a lot to like about this tracker, i have to admit. Not having to have a proprietary charger (with their stupidly short cables), being able to monitor my blood pressure on a whim, the accuracy of both the blood pressure and pulse monitoring, and the large time display that lets me see it even without my reading glasses are among the features i like best. Unfortunately, there is a deal-breaker in mix. This tracker does not monitor my steps accurately, because i can’t swing my arms when i walk. I have to be using my hands to touch nearby objects to maintain my balance. I expect that the same problem would present itself any time a person carried objects, pushed a shopping cart, or did anything else that kept their arm from swinging freely while walking. I was able to wear my fitbit on my ankle and get very accurate step counts in that way, but that doesn’t appear to work for this tracker. I’m heartbroken, but i have no choice but to return it and continue my search, possibly even returning to a fitbit, which i didn’t want to do.

I have had this watch for a little less than 2 weeks now. But there is something that is very consistent. Elevated bp only when i go to work and i mean for the entire time. When i am at home, my blood pressure is normal, but when i go to work, be it day or night. My blood pressure is significantly elevated, going from low 100s/60-70 to 130-150/80-100. This tells me that this tracker is very good. I only work 3 times a week and the days are not consistent, but the correlation between my bp and work is an eye opener. I guess i will not be working any overtime and spending more time at home lol.

For the most section i like the watch. There is just just one factor i wish i could set the sedentary alerts to when i want. I perform evening change so i want to established them to 2pm to 3am. But it will not let me and it says that individuals hours are unreasonable. I agree but i still want to established them to those people occasions and it will never. Also just a heads up you will will need to established the private bp options or the bp reading through are all around the position.

This is a multifunctional resource that tracks your footsteps, your heart rate and even your blood pressure. I genuinely like that it can be charged with no a wire. It also helps women track their cycle, even though i advise you switch off the reminder.

So awesome fitness tracker for the selling price, 100% suggest. This watch will work fantastic, and has all of the attributes i was seeking for. Report steps, sleeping time and even cal. It’s also light-weight and comfortable, i can wear it to play basketball.

eleven/twelve/2018i just acquired the watch nowadays. I have not applied it yet but it appears great. I will be offering a update in a week or two to see how it operates.

When you try to view your heart rate it takes several seconds, and does not appear to record constantly, provides a value every 30 minutes in the app. The sleep tracker seems to be a bit faulty.

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