I really like the look of this watch, but the blood pressure reading is not very accurate. I have the ability to get manual blood pressure readings and this watch runs on the high side. Its seems to be about 10 mmhg higher on systolic pressure. And 7 higher on average for diastolic pressure mmhg. I don’t feel confident saying that this is good for accurate readings :(.

I work in a restaurant kitchen and this watch is waterproof. The display has big enough numbers that i can read it even with my arm down by my side. The watch charges using a usb port. Just take off the watch band and plug the watch in to charge.

Ok i had 2 fitness trackers before and they never adjusted to my sleep patterns this one did on the 2nd night i wore it. If your a 3rd shift worker this is the tracker for you. The blood pressure monitor is very close the only 2 things i don’t like about this tracker. Is it’s not set up for us measuring until you down load the app and change it to us measurements and it does not link with google fit or any others. The wechat one i can’t get it to link at all with it.

I am elderly and therefore not to savvy when it comes to fit watches like this. I will say this though–the people behind this product were so helpful to me. They gave me video to watch and information on questions that i had. I am concerned with my steps, the time, and the sleep and i get the first two all the time. I do not fault the fit watch, it is the owner lack of knowledge. There is so much more to the fit watch but i as i said am not savvy and i am happy. I do like that it is waterproof and after getting used to the band material i am fine with that now too. It is soft and others i have tried were kind of brittle.

I’m not a gadget guru so i was looking for something that was easy to use, synced with my phone, and was comfortable to wear. My fiance bought us matching ones for christmas as we near the start of our new year commitment to getting healthier. It’s so much fun to compare our stats from the days before and talk about our goals together while checking our progress on our morepro fitness trackers. I’m accepting and enthusiastic about the realization i’m becoming a ‘gotta get my steps in’ woman y’all may see power walking the parking lot at lunch.

I was happy with this producti spend some time researching before buying the watch. I needed a watch that take my bp. -blood pressure readings are pretty accurate (differs by a couple of points but is really easy to use it. The watch came fully charged, and the battery last 3-4 days (because of my personal settings). I can read my sms messages when i get them, and see who is calling me (i set the phone for sms and calls) but you can decide your preferences. (i have an iphone 6 plus and i had no problems setting my watch. Watch comes with a black and blue bands. Easy to charge and easy to use. Update 06/27/19i don’t want to mislead anyone, specially with your health. The watch bp is not accurate no more. Readings around at 120/80 every single time. My bp went up over the past two weeks but watch continues giving false readings.

I recently misplaced my fitbit but didn’t want to spend such a large amount of money replacing it. This activity tracker has all of the things that i was accustomed to from my fitbit and works relatively well. I really like the app and have attached photos from different screens within it. The blood pressure monitor works better than i expected. It was very close to measurements with my actual bp cuff. When the watch gave me a 114/76 reading, my bp cuff gave me a 112/70 reading right after. The sleep tracker is not as detailed with sleep stages as a fitbit, but it still gives a good glimpse of sleep health. The layouts on the app are very user friendly. The watch display itself is also easy to use and fits well on my wrist. Overall, this is a great activity tracker for someone wanting something similar to a fitbit without the expense.

Key specs for MorePro X-Core Fitness Tracker HR, Waterproof Color Screen Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch with Step Calories Counter:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ➤High Definition Color Screen: Easy-to-read 0.96” IPS full color screen with high sensitive touch sensor. Provides you clear display and responsive touch interface. Adjustable band suits for your wrist size
  • ➤Real-time Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: Built-in AD and 3-axis acceleration motion sensor. Monitors heart rate all day automatically, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your workout. Tracks your blood pressure in every moment, more sensitive and accurate
  • ➤Various Powerful Functions: Pedometer, distance, calorie, remote camera, sleep monitor, heart rate and blood pressure monitor, alarm clock, incoming and text message reminder, sedentary reminder, find phone and countdown. Just take it with you wherever you go
  • ➤Notifications Alert and Sleep Monitoring helper: Syncs the notifications of calls, messages or the apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc. Monitor your sleep patterns by displaying data in the App including deep sleep hours, light sleep hours, awake hours and so on
  • ➤USB Charging and Wide Compatibility: Charge the battery for about 1.5 hour from the USB connection and stay work up to 3-7 days standby time. Just pull it out and plug in. MorePro app requires IOS 9.0 & Android 4.4 above with Bluetooth 4.0 (Smartphone only, not for PC or Tablet)
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Comments from buyers

“Useless app
, Like it. Don’t love it.
, Decent replacement for my fitbit

Less than half cost of other moderate brand items. Only difference is – it actually works. Love the connection to recharge, can do from anywhere with any usb port. Even charged from car while on 3 hour road trip. Only thing that could be added is a non prick method to read blood sugar levels. Thank you for a great product.

1) i found the rotate wrist to take photo is clever but not practical. I already use my phone to take pictures so why is it on the wrist band if the wrist band cannot take pictures???.And why take a picture if you cannot delete?. 2) i have to keep resetting the data e. The amount of steps i want to cover for the day. It should stay set until you change it.

Couldn’t be happier with my fitness tracker. All readings have been accurate so far. Waterproof effect is particularly good. This tracker has the find my phone that will make your phone ring if you cannot find it near you. Would recommend other people to buy.

I bought this watch during the holiday season, and wanted to give it a couple of weeks (after deciding to keep it) before leaving a substantial review. Interface: the watch has a nice, bright & bold interface by default, with the option to switch to an analog watch face (in the app). As showcased in the picture, it displays the bluetooth connectivity, date, and day of week. Connection – the connection is pretty strong. At work i can go upstairs and still get notifications from my phone downstairs, so long as i’m directly above it. Note that if you restart your phone, or simply clear all the background apps, the tracker will also disconnect. To reconnect, i’ve found that simply opening up the app and letting it sit on the homepage will alleviate the disconnect. Sleep: please do not get this watch if you’re looking to track sleep: as shown in the pictures, the sleep monitor is severely inaccurate. As someone who sleeps an average of 7-8 hrs per night, i’ve found that this tracker habitually places me at an average sleep span of 1-2 hrs. However, if you’re not concerned about this feature (as honestly i’m not), then it certainly is not a deal breaker. Notifications: notifications are great, displaying the first couple of sentences of a text message/social media notification. In the app, there is also a feature to receive notifications from all phone apps. While i was initially excited about this, i quickly found it to be a nuisance, as the tracker will, in this mode, alert you to ‘messages’ that aren’t present. I would suggest to the developer to allow custom apps to be selected in the ‘other apps’ notification option, upon the next firmware upgrade.

This activity tracker looks similar to a fitbit charge 2. The band is nice and thin and has a soft outer coating. Nice metal clasp and not plastic like some other bands on here. The screen is a good size for viewing messages or incoming calls easily. There is also an app you can get so you can see all of your stats from the day. I’m not sure how accurate the heart rate monitor is yet, i will have to try it out a bit more.

Doesn’t need charging for 3 days. I don’t think it’s very accurate on wake up times, cause i wake up multiple times in the night and it only calculates them if i get up and walk but that’s to be expected. I do wish i knew how many times i actually wake up but i’m assuming those are the ‘light sleep’ areas. Shows higher when i feel like it is.

This tracker i believe is pretty good. Just like all the other trackers that are even more expensive than it. What really truly irked me was the mobile app. It didn’t have the tracking info and the metrics that i was looking for. I still got a whole lot of better information from my microsoft band and app. So i need info on distance, route, elevation, splits and others. Sorry but this tracker and it’s app just didn’t give it to me. The three stars was for the tracker.

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I’ve used my watch for about a week now. There were a few kinks, but their customer service is very responsive and seem exceptionally eager to help with issues and make things right. As others have mentioned, i’m dubious of some of the readings, but they seem ‘relatively’ accurate — by that i mean once you are used to what they read out and the amount it is off for you personally, you can make adjustments and they seem consistent. I’ve not yet changed from ‘public’ to ‘private’ bp measurements, which require calibrating to a known accurate bp reading at the same time so not sure if that will help, but will make an amended review with the results once i have a chance to get that done. They continue to work through some issues with the app and acknowledge that it is a bit buggy right now (nothing serious — i found most issues are corrected by ‘logging out’ then ‘logging in’ again). Again, customer service seems quite eager to have feedback so they can pass it along to app engineering to improve the product. While it isn’t perfect by any means, i’m quite pleased with it now that i understand and can work around the foibles. For others less tolerant of a glitch here or there, i’d say give them some more time to perfect their product.

This fitness tracker/watch does what it is supposed to do. And it holds a charge for about 3 days which is really very good. It’s rather clunky in its styling. If you have a small wrist, it looks bulky and you’ll have to tighten it almost all the way. Style: 3 starsfunction: 4 stars.

This was my 3rd attempt at buying a less expensive tracker. The first 2 were horrible in many ways. Did not like the reviews of fitbit or the fact that you needed a special charging device. Like it very much, easy set up and works nicely. Syncs data to my note 9 easily. I like the bp and heartrate monitors, i think they might be a touch lower than my omnion. The only thing i would like improved is to have calories burned shown instead of kcal. I think you will be pleased with this purchase. I am a hard sell and i am sold.

Bought this for my husband for christmas. He put it on immediately and has used it every since christmas morning with no issues. It holds charge for a good amount of time, it quite accurate on heart rate and steps, and has a very easy to read display. I would definitely recommend this fitness tracker to anyone looking for good quality and accuracy.

The heart rate monitor works pretty good, the blood pressure monitor sucks, not even in the same ball park. The sleep monitor starts my sleeping monitor at 12:00 midnight and u get up around 4 every morning so it has my sleep as poor, wish i could reset it. But since i bought it mainly for the heart beat monitor, i give it a 3update: after 1 week the bp monitor became very un-accurate. My bpm were an honest 61 and this devise had me between 99 and 115.

 i gave this a few days before review so i could fully use it and give an authentic review. It gives you an app to download which is really easy to use and link the watch to. It has many features, which is really nice. It tracks your steps, running, how many calories you burn, sleep patterns, and even has a menstrual reminder for women. I like that you have the option for it to vibrate when you get a text or message from facebook or other platforms. The overall physical quality of it is also really nice. It’s comfortable and easy to wear all day.

I bought this to get a ‘gauge’ of sleep, hr, and bp. Not to rely on, but to monitor stability, trends, etc. This has a very strong battery life (lasts for a couple/few days at a time most of the time). The functionality is consistent, there isn’t much (if any) noticeable fluctuation. It seems to have a bit of a time connecting to the app at times, but for the most part, it is reasonably reliable. I’m not sure of the accuracy of its bp. Everywhere else i go, my systolic is 15 to 20 points past where the watch says, but the diastolic is within 4 or 5. Not necessarily complaining – it does show that my bp is fairly steady when i’m not working out or stressing myself, and hr seems to be fairly accurate most of the time (although when i’m working out my hr seems to jump to at least 90 – 100 at low levels, and much higher during cardio – at these times the monitor doesn’t seem to be nearly as accurate, but i’ll watch it a bit closer to see if how far off it registers. Overall, these are great for monitoring trends and consistency/stability of vitals. Not quite sure you’ll want to use it as a basis for any medical issues, though.

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I have been looking for a fitness tracker for quite some time. I don’t like spending a ton on things i’m not sure about so for this price, it was hard to say no to. The instruction manual is easy to follow and i got it synced to my phone with no problem. I’ve tested the step count and it is pretty accurate. I’ve also tested the heart rate and blood pressure. I love the sleek design of it. It doesn’t feel like i have a huge smartphone on my wrist. You can set it up within the app to allow calls and texts to show up.

Let me begin by stating that i thoroughly read the amazon reviews of the morepro x-core fitness tracker when i made my purchase and had some idea the quality of product i was purchasing. I will go on to say that i am very pleased with the product. I purchased a fitbit charge 2 for my wife and was impressed with the abilities and sleek design of the product. I have to say i was a bit jealous and wanted a tracker for myself but did not want to spend the amount she paid for her device. I also recently began experiencing erratic bp and wanted a device which would track and trend my bp over an extended period of time. The morepro x-core seemed to fit the bill. I was concerned with some of the reviews of the morepro product line (battery life, bp, pulse and sleep accuracy, poorly written instructions, band quality, etc) but decided the price was within a range i was willing to risk. I have had the product exactly a month and am very pleased. The battery will last about 4 days and this is wearing it 24/7. The bp/hr/sleep tracker are not “accurate” but think this is due to nature of relying on a light and sensor to detect pulse and the higher end models are most likely not any more accurate.

I purchased this product for the blood pressure function. I have had a fitbit for several years but recently i’ve developed a systolic pressure problem and need to monitor it more frequently. Pros: b ,i can review my data daily giving me the high, low and average. I find it is within 5% of manual pressures which is close enough for me and gives me relative info to share with cardiologist. I am still learning how to use but so far i am very happy. Con: i wish i could download data to do better analysis. I have downloaded google fit which is suppose to sync with tracker but no data is present as yet. I was reviewing data today and discovered heart rates above 155 which i need to receive warning as i have a history of svts. I reviewed settings nd hope that i now receive a notification so i can verify rate with manual check. Conclusion: as a nurse of 40 years i would recommend tracker especially if there cardiac concerns keeping in mind tracker results should always be manually validated for out of range results.

I bought this clock for my mother, and she really likes it. She tracks her sleep, steps and calories. They are not completely accurate, and sometimes the number of steps increases, but on average, everything looks good. The app is very easy to install and connect phones.

I had an excellent experience with morepro customer support and after-care. There was an issue with the band on one of the trackers i ordered and i needed just the buckle replaced. I contacted support for help and they went above and beyond for me. My partner and i are using these to help with tracking our steps, heart rate and to monitor his blood pressure while we are out and about. The bp sensor was what attracted us to it. We had no issue setting up everything in the app on our phones (older androids). Fyi it’s important to set the base for your bp so the reading is more accurate. You can also set your stride in the app. We are very happy and though i just bought a new fitbit, i will be opting to use this tracker instead. It has more features, is attractive and feels comfortable on my wrist.

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