Purchased for my fitbit & was very happy. Colors are nice, these are not ‘cheap’ looking. Very comfortable, easy to clean.

I liked that they had a buckle to lock it so the band does not accidentally come off your wrist.

So much better than the stupid design fitbit offers, which has resulted in my loss of two flex trackers, due to the flimsy clasp coming undone. This securely attaches my tracker, and the various colors are lovely. Everyone needs lovely colors in their life.

I’ve been through countless official, fitbit licensed bands and had all of them break in a matter of months. Since purchasing and wearing these bands every day, i have had zero issues. Quality control is great, longevity is excellent, and i will certainly be ordering more and recommending them to othersmoretek bracelet band for fitbit flex replacement band with chrome clasp accessory wristband (black/brown/coffee 3).

Better and more functional than originalmany colors available to coordinate.

I had a hard time finding brown, tan colors.

I like these – just wish they came in different sizes – i have small wrists and need to use the very last hole so there is a lot of band left.

These are great they fit better than the original one that came with it. Plus i couldn’t fine them n any local store,the price was cheaper for three than one.

These are exactly what i needed in a replacement band for my fitbit. The clasps are more secure and the colors more neutral for me – a guy.

Perfect fit and they are tougher that the original strap.

I love it, i wear black a lot:).

This is the type of fitbit flex band i like – the buckle type band. I wanted the brown colors so this threesome works out perfect. They are a little bit stiff but i have others that are stiffer. I received the product fast, if not faster, then predicted.

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Little cheap looking but the black doesn’t get dirty and the clasp is safe.

The bands are exactly as advertised on the amazon website. I prefer the style of these bands over the ones provided with the fitbit flex–specifically the metal clasp and silicon fastener ring (similar to those on the fitbit surge band) which allow a better, more secure fit of the band on my wrist.

Great product, seems like strong material, great price for 3 wristbands.

I got the set of coffee/black/tan fitbit flex bands with the buckle. They function as expected and the colors suit adults. I have a small wrist, though, so i’m aware of it pressing on the top and bottom, while there’s a gap big enough to put a finger through on the side. When i wear a small original style band i forget i have it on. These are neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, just awkward because of the immense overlap underneath that keeps it from bending. They’ll fit a larger wrist better, and might me advantageous if you’re losing weight and will need to make a lot of adjustments. I’ll be going back to the ones without the buckle for my everyday bands after these wear out, though.

Like them, but they are rather stiff. Would prefer if they were softer. Hard to complain with how inexpensive they are though.

I love the colors and the buckle that keeps the flex in place. Nice adjustable size for days i want a looser or tighter fit on my wrist. I mostly wear the nude shade so it’s almost undetectable.

I bought this because i really wanted the nude fitbit band to match some of my outfits without sticking out too much. I really like the look of it and is comfortable so far, but as some have mentioned, it does collect a little bit of water/sweat (or condensation) so i had to wipe it down after a week, but it’s not that big of a problem. The brown color is actually more of a maroon color, but i like it better. Edit: i’ve had the band for about a month now and the bands are still in tact. The coffee color attracts a little bit of dirt because it’s a lighter color, but not that much and can be easily wiped off.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very secure but a not very flexible
  • They’re OK, a bit awkward for a small wrist
  • Almost flawless

I got them due to my original fit bit band kept coming undone and i lost it while out riding my horse. I did find it and so i wanted something basic for my fit bit when out and about so i would not be having to search for it. Will fit just about anyone, unless your wrist is extremely small.

Feels pretty comparable to the band you get with the fitbit, i really like the watch style closure instead of the metal bit on the original band. The only issue is that the color description is inaccurate for the band on the left. I expected a dark brown because the listing is “black, brown, coffee” but it’s not brown at all it’s like a deep purple/burgundy color. Luckily it still works for me, but it would have been nice to have a flesh tone band because the lighter brown is way too light for me.

I bought these when a different set of replacement bands broke fairly quickly after i began using them. These work great and are made really well. I recommend them if you’re looking for replacement bands for your fitbit.

Fit as expected and looks great.

I love this band, and the fact that i can adjust and secure it with a buckle.

Been using for a couple of weeks now. These replacement bands work great. Love the “watch style” clasp.

Love the option to change daily.

A little stiff but works well and do not have to worry about it falling off my wrist.

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I like to match my fitbit band with my clothes and these are perfect and afforadable.

Good bands of good construction.

Bought for my mom to replace her broken bands.

First, and most importantly, the clasp seems sturdy as well as the opening to insert the fit bit. The colors are ‘as advertised’ and delivery was as promised. This did not earn a 5 star rating as the bracelets are a bit stiff and not very form-fitting to my wrist. It is not really uncomfortable, but i have a small wrist and (even on the smallest setting) it looks a bit clunky. I am, however, wearing the taupe/beige one today and it looks fine and (as i said before) is not uncomfortable. My other bracelets are softer and more pliable, so perhaps i am just not accustomed to this type of bracelet. I do like the option of lots of colors and these colors are a nice addition to my collection.

I have been using these for a couple months and think they are great.