So i was hesitant to buy this watch because of a lot of the poor reviews on here. I gave it four stars because for my needs it fit the bill. I say fit (in past tense) because i broke it already and that is where the back up plan comes in. I purchased it with the square trade protection and seeing how i broke it after 5 days boy am i glad i did.It broke because i stopped using the watch strap when i ran and had it clipped to my pants and it unclipped and fell onto the street and cracked. It still functioned but the touch screen lagged after that. So i called square trade and they sent me an amazon coupon for a new one as soon as i took it to fed ex. So that is the back up plan part and i couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was to replace. As far as for the few days i had the watch these are the pros:1. Tracks miles, pace, and plays music through bluetooth headphones with the option to use wired headphones and you don’t need your phone with you.

Full disclosure: this is the first gps watch i’ve ever owned and i’m not much of a runner. That said, i picked up two of these for my wife and i to train for a series of 1/2 marathons we will be running in the near future. Included in the packaging was a micro usb cable/charger, wrist band, clothing clip, headphones, and the device itself. Set up was painless, my only recommendation is to set up everything on the watch first before pc/smartphone setup. The watch body can be slid into either the watch band or the clip which makes it like an old ipod shuffle (but more awesome). They both hold the watch firmly and the band is about as comfortable to wear as any sports watch. The included headphones are the in-ear/over the ear variety and work just fine. They will also take phone calls from the watch if paired to the phone. As the watch also functions as a pedometer i’ve been wearing it as a regular watch. It’s a little chunky on my wrist but no more than a larger watch.

This is a great device for loosing weight or just staying fitdevice pros:accurate gps even inside (i use at work in a concrete and steel building with no issues or signal lossheart rate at a glance when working out. Bright display so you can even see when its bright outsidereally has a lot of customizable options for almost everythingyou have the ability to hook up bluetooth headsets for wireless exercise. Easy wifi connection and auto sync when on wifi with your moto actv acct. On motoactv website you can schedule workouts and set and track goalsdevice cons:heart rate monitor not made for big guys im 6′ 320 lbs tight on my chestbig con not waterproof. I wear all day and almost forgot when i first got it that its not waterproof so when i went to wash my hands almost put it under the faucet. Be careful it does have a rubber cover over the usb and headphone jack but stillbattery doesn’t last too long. I wear it all day (not all day in exercise mode) but i have to charge it daily (not a big deal to me)but charging the battery is fasti also wanted to take a second to talk about motocast and motoactv. When i got my device the motocast website was down so i was not able to set up anything but i contacted motorola and they had it up and emailed me back the next daymotoactv:this website for maintaining and scheduling your workouts are awesome. You can also set and track personal goals that you have and also can see your tracked gps runs.There is also a competition section that is really cool that you can join and create competitions for like any sort of exercise with your device.

Amazing product, excellent price, no device on the market has the features of this motoactv. I’ve been using it in my running and it works great. Did the software updates and it works perfectly smoothly fine. It has and monitors everything. Actually we bought 3, 2 for my sisters and 1 for me. I still don’t know what was the reason why motorola stopped manufacturing them since they are the best watch for sports out there. Some of the similar watches have gps, heart monitor and things but none of them have mp3 player built in. The product is amazing and the 3 of us love it.

You have no idea how much i miss my motoactv. I loved every one i had, which is about three in the 5 years i’ve had one. I don’t know what it is about them that i keep breaking. Nothing against the seller, it just didn’t last very long. I do miss the convenience of having an activity tracker and an mp3 player all in a little device.

I bought this a year ago (feb 2014) and with all the ‘issues’ people have been reporting with theirs i intentionally waited this long to review it. I will say i have had no problems with mine at all. It is the best device i’ve ever used for running. It reports gps, time, distance, pace etc and stores 8gb of music. The music uploads incredibly easy as it syncs with windows media player and itunes. There is no device on the market that i know that has all the features of this device. I pair it with jaybird blue bud wireless headphones and go. My runs are usually shorter (3 to 5 miles) and i have no issues with battery life. Some people have reported the device gets corrupted from sweat. I just ran yesterday morning in a steady rain for 4 miles and this isn’t my first foray into rain and snow.

  • A great fitness watch ahead of it’s time!!!
  • I liked mine, but it would take a while to
  • Buyer Beware – from a runner and engineer

I have used this for 2 golf rounds so far at 2 different courses. It’s a great tool for golf, you just need to remember to click the button on the unit when you hit your ball. The fact that you can go on the portal and look at your round over google maps is really cool. I bought the heart rate monitor and the cadence/speed monitors. They are somewhat tempermental to set up when i first got them. The past 5 rides i’ve had good luck with them. The motoactv portal to see your workouts/golf rounds is just phenomenal. The one down side is a poor battery life. I have been able to work around this and just make sure that it’s either turned off or that i charge it before doing something.

I read several reviews before i bought this item. I liked it so well that i bought one for my son for christmas. Especially for the price, i am amazed that it gives me 1) total distance covered and lap distance if i choose. 2) speed-current, av and fastest. 3) max and min altitude 4) heart rate and cadence (with appropriate sensors) 5) a map of my activity, with local roads or streets, viewable in 3 different magnifications. 6) an mp3 player with bluetooth. Sometimes i change the name of what i’m actually doing to get the info i want. For instance, when i’m walking i choose cycling because i want speed rather than steps. One little annoyance is the touchscreen is easy to accidentally input something you don’t want. That will be less likely in summer when i don’t have on long, heavy sleeves.

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A complete workout devicebefore buy this device i was using a combination of ipod nano, polar heart monitor and a nike sportband to do almost everything i’m doing with motoactv. As you can see i was looking like a geek guy running with all these devices attached on my body. When i realized that price was dropped i started to read as many reviews as i could and seeing a lot of people saying good and bad things either. After a month using my new device here is my thoughts:positive:- only one device to carry during workout- wireless capability (wifi sync + music through bluetooth + heart rate band)- quick gps searching- well built- cheaper than ipod nanonegative:- good software but nike still being more user friendly- drain battery quickly (i’m using gps + bluetooth + heart rate band together)- expensive accessories (if you pay full price, i paid half price here at amazon)conclusion:i’m very happy with my choice, despite minor issues i think if motorola still working to improve this device, it will be hard to beat. Maybe they’re working on next generation to this device either.

I was really impressed with this watch when i first got it. I used the bluetooth headset with it to play music from my itunes. I also used the motorola chest strap to monitor my heart while working out. I have not problem at all with the music playing side, i like it very much and have had no problem. I also loved the software and i found it amazing that everytime i got home the watch would upload my work out info automatically through my router. So all i had to do to keep track of my work outs was to go online and login my account. This is actually what i love the most about this watch. But then:after a couple of days the watch would start having problems getting the data from my chest strap. This is something that happens a lot on heart monitors, but it is usually beacause they are low on battery, or there isn’t good contact with the skin. Neither of those was the case, for some reason the watch would freeeze up or something and stop working, and this is only a few days after i got it.

Yup, i bought it after learning there was a price cut. I bought after reading multiple negative reviews. But with the price cut, with what it offers, and its negative reviews, i still thought it was worth the risk. There’s still plenty of positive ones. I was just so excited over what it offers that i got 2. Pedometer/gps fitness watch/heart rate monitor/music integration, what?. No other product is like this, dare you to prove it to me. I was so tired of my ipod, i needed a new music toy. I’ll update this every so often. But since i changed the distance after my run since it wasn’t calibrated, it treated it like an indoor run and the data was all messed up.

Features of Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player with Wrist Strap (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Precisely track your running and cycling outside via GPS and in the gym; wireless upload of your workout data to the Free MOTOACTV Training Portal.
  • MOTOACTV 8GB smart MP3 player learns what songs motivate you.
  • Set goals and start racing against them; audio coach gives you updates and keeps you going.
  • MOTOACTV is sweatproof, rain resistant, scratch resistant with intuitive controls. Touchscreen display adjusts to sunlight.
  • Included in the Motorola Retail Packaging: MOTOACTV 8GB, MOTOACTV Sports Wrist Strap, Single Output Wall Charger, Motorola SF200 (stereo headphones with mic), Clothing/Belt Clip, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide

Precisely track your running and cycling outside via GPS and in the gym; wireless upload of your workout data to the Free MOTOACTV Training Portal.

For some reason, the instant i decide that a tech-type purchase is the most awesome, the company that makes it pulls the plug. It wasn’t even out of the package before hp dropped it. Microsoft zune, infinitely superior in all ways to the iclone. Multiple nooks, palms, hell, i even had a blackberry. This sport watch is yards above the competition. Once i put a custom rom on my second one, it was far better than the sony (1 and 2) and i like it better than the samsung. I haven’t tried the apple watch because i don’t use any product made by the sith lords.

New updated review and rating: motorola has since fixed the software bug that i complain about below. What also fixed this issue was factory-resetting the device. I refuse to ‘root it’ as one user suggests because i think the running apps are even worse. The motorola gps and portal are pretty accurate and they now have an ‘export’ feature, so you can tcx it out to one of your preferred sights. Overall, since the reboot and software fixes, this device has served me well since nov. 2012 (today is april 1, 2013). . ============================================================================================================================================old review::::::::this old dying dinosaur of a company just can’t get their acts together, can they??i was initially very happy with this device; it did everything that it was supposed to. I’m a runner who loves to run and listen to inspirational music and have accurate running stats down to the second and tenth of a mile. Fast forward to a month later and there is now a software glitch. Some type of ‘multisport’ functionality was added.

Okay- i don’t normally write reviews, so i just wanted to give my own experience. I read a lot of reviews before i ordered one. I ordered from amazon so i could return it if i didn’t like it. I wanted a device i could hook up to ant+ and ble (bluetooth low energy). What i didn’t like is i could only to one type of device at a time. I had upgraded my bike to a 2011 trek madone 5. It wouldn’t hook up to my iphone without an ant+ adapter, which was around have the cost of the motoactv. I was already tired of the bad battery life on the iphone and wanted something that would last with out a solar charger on my bike. Yes, i had a solar charger with a battery built into it to keep my phone alive with a display for my rides of 2 hours or more.

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First, let me explain what i was looking for. I am a ‘casual’ runner – i typically run 3 or 4 times a week for 3-4 miles. I have previously used my ipod nano, which has a great size, great battery, but no gps, which is hard to give up once you start. The built in pedometer is simply no match for gps. The alternative is to use my android phone, which has everything (gps, apps, music, internet, etc), but is simply too bulky for me to use. I’ve tried multiple straps, holsters to mitigate this, but it still seems to always be in the way. Also, battery life isn’t that great, especially if i’ve used my phone all day and don’t have time to charge before i run. So i was looking for a device to merge the capaibilities of these two – specifially a small watch-like device that includes at a minimum gps, music, and user friendly logging software. The motoactv is afaik the only device on the market to include gps+music, throwing out the multitude of otherwise excellent gps running watches. Being the first device to meet this criteria therefore places it far ahead of the competition for those who can’t run without music, like me.

I was very cynical about this product at the beginning and spent more than a week reading reviews and comparing it with other similar products, and still wasn’t sure about it. I ordered it anyway because of its two distinct features; the earphone jack and radio. It arrived on time and the packaging was as advertised. A month later i wore it for a marathon run which was a very rainy day. It not only survived but thrived. It’s been 4 months since i bought it and love it.

We bought two of these to run long distance and put all our music into it. It let you synchronize fast songs to faster tempo runs, you organized them online and downloaded them into your watch from the computer. I loved mine initially, but it would take a while to get a gps signal. I accidentally dropped my husband’s on my kitchen floor months later and the screen cracked. It was a small crack, but in that instant, his didn’t work anymore. It was a lot of money down the drain for it to break so easily. Also, when we were running a half marathon, it lost the signal twice and messed up our timing. I couldn’t hold my wrist still on the jogging stroller or it would stop on me mid-run, very frustrating. I had to make sure my wrist would always bounce to keep it from stopping. My husband ended up using an ipod for music and his phone app for mileage and timing.

MOTOACTV 8GB smart MP3 player learns what songs motivate you.

I love it more than i thought i would. I can’t believe motorola didn’t continue to develop this product. It’s more amazing than any ipod i’ve ever owned. It’s a pedometer, a watch, and a bluetooth music player. The gps tracks/maps my runs. It syncs with my phone and i get text/call notifications. It’s great for a treadmill workout, or a 5k, or just a day running errands. I’ve even used it as my music player while skiing. I love this with my bluetooth wireless headphones.

Be aware, motorola/google has ceased providing software updates. The site where workouts are uploaded to is unsupported and on life support. If you can find one at a deep discount, it’s a great 1st smart watch. Let’s you get a feel for what’s important as you shop for a much pricier one.

I’ve been using this for a little over a month now. My poor little mp3 player had died so i needed something to play music with and this was in the price range i was looking for. First the good: the gps has worked swimmingly well, to within probably 1-2 100ths of a mile every time. Lock on time can be a bit squirrely with it locking within 10 seconds to taking well over a minute, this is with the same run. It’s not an unreasonable wait by any means but it would be nice if it were consistently fast. The software is pretty darn good (excluding the mobile app). Everything is pretty intuitive and quick. I really like how you can race against yourself if you’re running the same route, i really wish they would expand this so you get more notifications on how you’re doing against your old self. As of right now it tells you twice, at 50% completion and when you’re close to the end. Updates at 10% completion intervals would be fantastic.

I wish this fitness watch wasn’t discontinued. I was so happy to find a fitness device that would allow me to track my activities via gps, keep my time/distance, bluetooth connectivity and allow me to leave my phone at home. This watch accomplished everything. I enjoy running past those that have a phone strapped to their arm or stuffed in their pocket and cords dangling everywhere. Bluetooth headphones (bluebuds x and plantronics backbeat go 2) synced quickly and i have never had a problem losing the signal. Gps locks in pretty well, not lightning quick but adequate. I have only lost gps connect a couple of times in heavily wooded areas. Having 8gb of memory leaves a ton of room for music and if not there is also an fm radio. The online tracking software is pretty cool, although i admit i haven’t utilized it much. If you can still get your hands on one of these go for it.

I was incredulous about buying the motoactv due to it’s cancellation from motorola- i read the reviews and numerous forums- took the leap and decided that this was the piece of gear i needed to keep me on track while training for a marathon. I run around 16-20 miles a week. Gps locks on in less than a min- hr monitor locks in very quickly- i have the watched paired to motorola s11 hd headphones- which works flawlessly. This piece of gear tracks hr, mph, calories, altitude, steps, distance and pace– i’m sure there’s more but really that’s all that matters to me. The kicker in all this you synch it to your itunes playlist and you have music for your workout. I wear it on my wrist with absolutely no issues with blue tooth connectivity and it will verbally tell me my pace and any other information i want it to. I also have no issues with uploading my workouts to motoactv. Com and it syncs flawlessly with my app that is on my phone. Don’t hesitate- you won’t be able to find anything that tracks this much info, plays music and fits on your wrist.

Updated review: i wrote a review about my first impressions with this device. After using it for a longer period of time i have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the best things i have bought. I am just an average fit person, but i want to do better. I want that motivation to push me. And this device does just that. The inbuilt training plans are awesome. And the device acts like a good trainer with minimum but critical intervention.

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Set goals and start racing against them; audio coach gives you updates and keeps you going.

I bought this device 2 months ago. I wanted all in one with music and ability to monitor multiple workout with gps. I must say i am impressed by its perfomance. I use it to run, ride my bike, as a pedometer, watch and even for yard work while i can play my music. This was definately the best choice of the devices i looked at i am very pleased it was worth every penny. Even my collegeus and my patients at work think it a great watch. I was also inexpensive so i got th 16 gb so i have my full load of music. The battery consumption is good it only died on me today after 5 hours of bike ride while having the screen on and blue tooth on which i did not really need. However i did not loose the work-out it saved it before it went off. So i was able to retrive it once i got it charged.

I’ve been using the motoactv sports watch for about 2 months now and i have to say, while the product is loaded with features, it can be very temperamental and downright flaky. When it’s working, it works great. The readouts are configurable, it looks nice, it plays music, it tracks my runs and loads the data to a website. The unfortunate truth is that, it doesn’t always work great. Here are is list of frequent problems that i’ve had with the device:1. The watch tends to freeze up when i undock it from my computer and i only undock it when i’m going for a run. This means that i have to fiddle with it for a minute or two to get it working. On some occasions, the watch reboots after freezing and wipes out all of my music. I use the motoactv blue tooth heart-rate monitor withe the watch. On more than a few occasions, i’ve had to pair/unpair the heart rate monitor several times before it would work. None of the things that i mentioned are huge problems, but it’s very frustrating to have to deal with this stuff, standing on the sidewalk in the morning trying to get the thing to work. Another problem that i’ve had is scheduling workouts online. There isn’t any documentation on the best way to schedule your workouts.

Why wait months/years for the new wave of smartwatches to roll out?. ‘they’ have been making them since 1999. This one from motorola came out about 3-4 years ago, was marketed as a fitness gadget. . But it shows phone notifications (incoming call, text messages, facebook, twitter, weather) and even has a blinking led light (only blinks white) like a blackberry (and most android phones). All you have to do is download the motoactv app from google play and it walks you through the bluetooth link set-up. I’ve only had it an hour, but so far, it’s working flawlessly.

So prior to my purchase of the motoactv, i tracked my indoor runs using the nike+ app on my android device, and a garmin forerunner 305 for my outdoor runs. However due to the constant need to sync my garmin via usb to pull run data the nike+ became my one and only run tracker. The garmin was great however it was a bit too much for this weekend warrior. So in comes the motoactv, and i could not be happier. Motoactvi purchased the device with the watch band, it is a comfortable fit and is very adjustable. The device as a whole has this wonderful black and red design on the band and looks great if you wanted to wear this device on other occasions. It’s strengths:small form factor with a great weight and feel (good quality)syncs via bluetooth, usb, and wifihas a built in music player that syncs with your itunes playlists. The motoactv app on android only allows you to read texts and answer phone calls. The price is comparative to the nike+ sportwatch and nike fuelbandcontains workout plans, challenges, and social media connections much like nike+you can use previously synced workouts to challenge yourselfweaknesses:because of its size text input is punishing as it uses a rotary type input for inputting text (such as for user names and passwords)sweat hasn’t become an issue but it collects a lot under the band where the back of the device is exposed. Gps satellites take a bit longer than your phone or garmin would (5 – 15 seconds)no auto sync function that i know of, you must still go through the menu and select wifi syncgps tracking on the map isn’t 100% accurate however it suffices for someone who runs more roads than trail. Battery is powering a lcd screen causing the battery to deplete in approx. 5 hours (gps and a bluetooth headset hooked up)this is a great device for someone who wants to justify the purchase, it’s a music player, a bluetooth smart watch and you never have to hook it up to your computer. For the price it matches nike’s options on the market but offers so much more.

I’m suprised that this watch its still being sold, for about twice what i paid for it a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fine device that does what it’s supposed to do. Still i find odd that motorola no longer supports it. Take a look at the online forums, there is no longer anyone caring for users that have problems with the watch. I couldn’t pair it with my new lg bluetooth headset, i went to the support forums and found out that the watch it is somehow being ‘discontinued’. So, i still use it for my runs, but it cannot play music anymore. So beware, you might be paying a steep price (it was $130) for a thing that has no support.

This item looks great but does not really function all that well. I didn’t realize that this item is outdated and it’s hard to find software that works well with it but if you just want to use it as a watch is perfect. I however wanted to use it as a smartwatch and it’s really not a smartwatch but i still like the look of it.

MOTOACTV is sweatproof, rain resistant, scratch resistant with intuitive controls.

Included in the Motorola Retail Packaging: MOTOACTV 8GB, MOTOACTV Sports Wrist Strap, Single Output Wall Charger, Motorola SF200 (stereo headphones with mic), Clothing/Belt Clip, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide