Has worked really well for both my husband and i, did a 30 day challenge btw us and the app worked great.

Had a problem with setting up the facility id, but customer support responded in 24 hours and it’s working great.

Makes it fun to compete with friends and get fit.

I have been using my myzone fitness belt for close to four months now. A majority of the reviews on amazon for this product are good but there are a decent amount of bad ones. As someone who uses my myzone daily, after reading poor reviews, it is very obvious the reviewers took the product out of the box, strapped it on and went to the gym. For some reason they chose not to read about how to use the device and then when they did not know how to use it, ran to amazon and wrote a poor review. Nearly every complaint i have read on here could be simply addressed if the posters took five minutes and read directions on the companies website. It probably took more effort to write the poor review posts than actually reading about how to use the product they ordered. For those customers who will actually use their belt correctly and read to small amount of reading required to use it, here is my expereince with it. Yes it was a little intimidating at first but after about 7 minutes of reading i was off to the gym. First work out was greatsecond work out i played around and tried to see how high i could get my heart ratethird work out my myzone upped my max heart rate from the previous work out and i could barely get into the green. I emailed myzone and in less that 8 hours they emailed back and adjust my max heart rate lowersmooth sailing since then.

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Make sure to follow up for a facility code, other than that, so far so good.

Great for working out to track your zones. Make sure you do a test for accurate heart rate.

MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Real time feedback on heart rate, calories and effort. Live display of data via smartphone app, watch or ‘in club’ displays.
  • Unique MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) designed to reward effort to promote fair competition with MYZONE users all over the world.
  • Internal memory (16 hours of exercise data) for those times you don’t have your smartphone.
  • Uses Bluetooth and ANT+ communication protocol to connect with 3rd party Apps & devices. 99.4% accuracy to an EKG/ECG machine providing data you can trust.

I just purchased this fitness tracker and was having trouble getting the belt to turn on. It would beep once to turn on and then beep three times to turn off. After contacting technical support, i learned that you have to be moving after putting on your belt (not at complete rest) or it won’t register your heart rate. Also, try moistening (lightly) the black pads on the back side of the red strap. I was so confused when they said ‘moisten electrodes. ‘ this helpedi’ve only had this for a few days, but i’m really loving its accuracy and information. The calories and heart rate are so much more accurate than my fitbit alta hr. I only knocked off one star on my review because it was a bit complicated to understand at first. My advice is to take your time to read the instructions and visit their website. I’ll be back after a few months to update if it’s still functioning as well as it is now.

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Found another for less before it arrived. I’m sure that it would have worked fine. I wasn’t pleased about having to pay to return.

I have used the mz-3 for about a month now. As a heart rate monitor its the best i have used. Since it is the only one that i have used, this is faint praise. The nice thing about the unit is it appears to be very accurate. Putting your exercise effort into color coded boxes also makes it fairly easy to read and use. If your working out and looking to loose weight, you learn you need to keep the reading within a specific range. If your 20 years old that heart rate and effort will be different than someone that is 50 years old. The unit, when setup, has your age, weight, height, and bmi. These all play a part in what your effort reading will be.

The point system keeps you motivated and it’s way more accurate than my fitbit.

A great motivator and intensity tracker for fitness. Best one in the market in my opinion.

So happy i heard joe rogan and his friends using this. It’s been so much fun competing and challenging myself.

Most accurate heart rate monitor i have bought. I’m a personal trainer and i’ve recommended this product to many of my clients.

I purchased the my zone belt in march to help me keep track of my calories burned, heart rate etc. This belt has really helped me improve my overall fitness.

Love that the battery is rechargeable which makes it practical to use everyday without having to worry about buying new expensive batteries.

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Sometimes it takes a day or 2 tonsee ur workout in the app. Then ur thinking t didnt download and it is lost. It will come the next workout downlod.

I love the divice when it connects.

MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt : Fast delivery, product works well.

Fits great, very confortable, forget i’m wearing it after 30 seconds. Seems fairly accurate, maybe a little low on the heart rate percentage but close enough for me. It seems like it takes longer than necessary to connect the app to the belt mostof the time, but it’s just part of it i guess.

The product was bery good actually. My wife already had the mz-1 so updating the app for the new device was real easy. It is slightly bigger than yhe mz-1 but it works better. My wife no longer experiences ‘non activity’ readings during her workouts and she doesnt habe to have her phone present to record her workout sessions.