I used to have a jawbone tracker, which was just a mess of problems. Since that failed, i’ve been looking for a new tracker. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, so i jumped on this one after reading through reviews. It has a ton more features than my jawbone had (and the jawbone was much pricier) this band also seems well made. The app was easy to find and download. The band came half charged, and charged up the rest of the way pretty quickly. The band paired with my phone without any problems. Directions are informative, everything was easy to customize from the app. The band is lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

This is my second fitness tracker. I cannot ask more for the price. It tracks sleep time, steps, and heart beat very well and consistently. The data seem to be accurate. I don’t use fancy functions so cannot comment on them. Battery lasts more than a week. Sync is as simple as bring up the app. No need to push a button to do it. On the other hand, the app has a significant flaw and needs to be fixed soon. The app will lose data when traveling among different time zones. Also, the ‘lift the wrist bright screen’ function needs to be more sensitive. As is, it requires significant amount of arm movement to light up. Can we have the possibility to adjust the sensitivity or change the trigger algorithm?the only thing i would suggest to the manufacturer is to keep up the good work and make it even nicer. Pay attention to fit and finish.

Considering how expensive fitness trackers are, the value in this one is pretty fantastic. I wear it on my ankle and i find that is is much more accurate that way. The strap is long enough for me to fit it there and it’s very soft rubber band makes it suyper comfy. I have definitely upped my walking each day when i check in and see that i haven’t hit my goal. I thought it was very easy to sync with the app and enjoy analyzing my exercise and sleep through it. I would definitely recommend.

This was a christmas present for my daughter. She was using her phone to track her steps, but would forget to carry it around the house. The battery life is very long and so incredibly easy to charge. All of the features on the watch are accurate and very easy to use.

The tracker is sleek & lightweight. I am able to wear it 24/7 with no irritation at all. It is very fashionable & looks like a nice piece of jewelry. I love the connection to my cell phone so that i may view all my info.

I bought this because a co-worker recommended it. I have to admit that i was pretty skeptical because i had a fitbit that died on me in less than a year and so i was unsure that this one would be any better but it actually tracks more than my fitbit.

  • Great Watch but Confusing Instructions
  • Great, easy to read and follow instructions.
  • Pretty awesome little tracker!

I like the price and for the most part it works well. My only gripe is i must sync the watch each morning to get my sleep results. Other than that issue i would recommend this fitness watch for those wanting to track their activity. It also alerts you when a call or text is coming through on your cell phone and you can read the text on the watch. It also vibrates when your preset alarms go off. You can also set a do not disturb time frame(s). I would recommend this to my family and friends.

I wore this watch and my apple watch at the same time surprisingly this one tracked the exact same steps as my apple watch. Also this one is cheaper and i don’t have to deal with having an external charging cord.

Purchased it to replace a garmin that was chewed up by our dog. This one has many more functions including heart rate monitor for half the price.

So i bought this thing to try out because i saw all the options on it and, well they looked like something i had to have. It arrived quickly and was easy to set up. The pedometer works just fine and the watch is nice and sleek. I love that i can plug it directly into my phone wall port and charge it from there. The other features let you time your walking, badmitton, running etc on it too and has a remote camera option. All in all i am very very pleased with it and will more than likely buy another for my husband.

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I have worked in sales for fitness trackers and in comparison to all the brand name trackers this one is just as good if not better for the price. I love the text and call alerts feature. The price is right, the performance is better.

Features of NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Pedometer Waterproof Sports Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor Calorie/Step Counter for Kids Women Men Christmas

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Consumption, the Distance Measurement, Monitoring sleep, Find Your Phone, Photo Remote control, music playback controls
  • Synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit, phonebook synchronization, Vibrating Alarm, never miss an incoming call SMS / WhatsApp / FACEBOOK / SKYPE / Instagram.
  • Requires Android 4.4 or higher and or iOS 7.1+. OLED display and slides in full screen, internal memory for storing data of more than 7 days (for permanent storage with APP )
  • Long battery life, charge the battery for one hour from the USB connection and use the Fitness Tracker for 5 days in standby mode. Bracelet TPU (skin friendly type)
  • ANALYZE YOUR SLEEP QUALITY BY HOW LONG YOU SLEEP AND HOW WELL YOU SLEEP (Light/Deep Sleep Duration, Awake Times). SET SEDENTARY REMINDER TO DO EXCISE DURING LONG HOUR OFFICE STING TO KEEP HEALTHY. With the anti Lost feature and you will never lose your smart wristband. You’ll get Serious versatility that can even transform your phone into a Remote Shooting Camera to control the shots by simply waving your hand!

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

When buying one of these for so cheap, you kind of assume that you’re not getting a time of the line item, but boy was i proven wrong. I wear it while i’m at work to keep track how busy i am. There’s no reason to buy an expensive tracker, this one is dare i say nearly perfect.

I have put this tracker to the test the past few days. I have been looking at them for a bit and finally got on. I love that it notify me of txt massages and calls (can’t have my phone out at work). I wear it to bed and can see how i slept. Also can see how my heart rate was during the day.

I had bought myself a fitbit and my husband stole it. I wanted a new tracker so we could both track our weight loss journey but wasn’t ready to pay that price again. This is equally functional and even more stylish. The app is very user friendly and so easy to use. Honestly, i like this tracker just as much, if not more than my old one.

Thanksi have discovered the no. The most impressive part of it for me was that i can use it even without the veryfitpro app. Though there are very many good options are given in the app, i am a kind of person who would rather stay away from iphone. This very item is perfect for me as i can use it without the app, as well. In doing so you can still track your heart rate, pace, average pace, burnt calorie amount, steps. You can also choose modes like running, cycling, walking or track just steps without choosing any modes. I am planning to buy another one soon.

It does exactly what you require – monitor your activity levels and the strap is comfortable enough that you can wear it all the time and since i purchased it – i have been able to increase my exercise (its a powerful inducive to action) and lost a bit of weight. Its well worth the cost and perfect for people who just want a bit of encouragement to work out a bit and doesn’t break the bank like some of the other gadgets out there.

I had used a fitbit previously but for $35 why not try it. The good: it keeps time, counts steps, measures sleep and gives you reports on your smart phone. The bad: only 24 hr data capacity. If you don’t sync daily, the data is lost. Lots of features that don’t do anything. It’s got a basketball and other modes but it only tells you how long you have played and relies on you to turn the modes on and off (i could do that with my timer app on my phone). My particular tracker appears to be very pessimistic. My wife’s fitbit measure 10,546 steps and my tracker has 7,564 steps on the same hike.

Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Consumption, the Distance Measurement, Monitoring sleep, Find Your Phone, Photo Remote control, music playback controls

It does everything i need and the price is perfect.

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My husband and i both have been wearing the larger name brand fitness tracker for a while, and when i got this one i was blown away. It has all the features of my old one, plus many more. The size is perfect, not to big or to small. And the battery life is awesome. I can charge for a few hours every couple of days and i’m good to go. Will never buy overpriced again, as this one is better than the high priced tracker i have been wearing.

There are typos on the watch in some places where instead of the correct spelling of ‘button’ it is ‘butten’. I’ve recently owned a samsung gear s2 and i actually like this this encompassing yet simplistic watch. The app works well enough and you can link it to other apps like google fit. The music change option is simple, you hold your finger over the ‘button’ and it skips to the next track (which actually will start my music app automatically on my phone if it isn’t already running). The notifications are the only thing that are a bit weird since you can receive who you got the text from and the first word of the text message.

 i think this watch is awesome. I always wanted a fitbit but they are too expensive so when i came across this one for the price i had to buy it. I believe the watch is made and sold from china so the instructions are slightly lacking clarity. If you are tech savvy though, it is easy to quickly understand how to make the watch properly work. I made an instruction video on the basic usage and app functions in order to try to help others because i do believe it is a good product, just confusing at first.

Love that it tracks even my sleeping patterns and heart rate. It really keeps me accountable on getting up and moving more.

I’ve only been wearing this for a few days and so far, this is a great, affordable option for a fitness tracker. It does everything i need it to do. During the day, it gives me discreet notifications for phone calls, emails, texts, and other reminders i set. After work, the exercise mode monitors my heart rate, calories burned, and distance i traveled. At night, it tracks my sleep and tells me how many hours of deep sleep i’m getting. It makes me conscious of my health all day, rather than just for the time i’m working out. Only reasons for 4 stars instead of 5 is accuracy and comfort. I know i did not get 9 hours of sleep last night, and the heart rate monitor is a little wonky. It drops down to my resting heart rate when i’m not actively looking at the heart rate monitor on the app even though i’m still in the exercise mode. As far as comfort, i don’t like the thickness of the tracker itself.

Synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit, phonebook synchronization, Vibrating Alarm, never miss an incoming call SMS / WhatsApp / FACEBOOK / SKYPE / Instagram.

This fitness tracker is a great affordable alternative to fitbit. I purchased this to try it out before committing to paying for it’s pricier name brand cousin and it does everything i was hoping. It tracks your steps (i walk a lot for work) and heart rate automatically, lets you set alarms and notifies you if you’ve been sitting still too long. It lets you set daily goals for steps, tracks your sleep patterns, and program your target weight via the veryfitpro app (i have mine set at 10,000 steps/day for now). Charges very quick, was fully charged within an hour and lasted about 6 days. The app also syncs with the apple health app on your iphone. The only thing i had trouble with was getting my sleep data to show up on the app. I work a graveyard shift so my sleep hours are weird-it was a little bit of a learning curve getting it to track at first. You have to remember to sync the app with your watch before midnight, otherwise it will not log your data in the veryfitpro app. I will be buying another one for my wifefitness tracker, newyoudirect heart rate monitor pedometer activity tracker smart watch wrist band with sleep monitor calorie/step counter bluetooth 4.

I love this fitness tracker. So far i am only monitoring steps walked. However, it does so much more. Looking forward to learning about all of it. The set up was extremely easy too. I received on the promised delivery date and it was packaged.

 i love it and i’m about to get my bff one for her bday.

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I really really really like this tracker/watch. It’s so neat and practical and comfortable to wear. I had a watch for several years i wore all the time until my son lost it when he was a toddler and hadn’t found another that i could tolerate wearing so i bought this thinking i could just wear it during exercise but it’s so comfortable i haven’t needed to take it off even to charge in nearly two weeks. It’s still at 28% battery life now. I’d buy another in a heartbeat.

I bought this mainly for the step tracker and the fitness tracker. The price was reasonable as well. I like to use the sleep tracker after i have been at the gym to see if i sleep better after exercising sometimes i do and sometimes i don’t i like to see the difference. I like the heart rate feature especially when i am exercising it is nice to know how fast my heart is beating. Overall i am very happy with this purchase.

So i really want to give this 5 stars, but there is a serious problem that i can’t solve no matter what i do. I bought this on april 14, and have worn it every day for about 2 and half months. It tracks steps, heart rate, all the stuff it says it does very well. I even tested it by counting my steps when i went for a walk and it was only off by 2 steps out of the 300 i took. Butthe app doesn’t work (at least not for me). I downloaded the app, paired the device with the app, and it started tracking my steps, heart rate, and sleep. But it stopped tracking it for about 4 days. Then stopped and only tracked my heart rate for 5 days. Then stopped everything completely now for about a month.

My wife uses this tracker and likes the way it measures and displays the heart rate. She learned that the heart rate reading is more accurate if the tracker is placed on the inside of her wrist rather than on the outside. She is still learning how to use its many functions and the way it interfaces with her iphone. It is easy to charge and has retained its charge for a long time (many days). Considering the very reasonable price for this tracker, we have rated it with 5 stars.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher and or iOS 7.1+.

After buying another tracker for my son i decided to buy myself one. Unlike him i’m a little out of shape so i wanted one that also tracked my heart rate. This one is perfect for me as it tracks everything i need it to, it’s made well, and it cost way less than an actual fitbit. This is my second purchase from this company and i’m very happy with it.

I like this,it fits great and seams to work pretty good. The band is tight to remove for charging but is ok. My only downfall on this is the sleep doesn’t work for me. With it being automatic i can not set the sleep schedule on it, and once your awake it doesn’t record again. For this reason i only gave it 4 stars. Everything else works great. 2/4/18 on the sleep now it’s been a couple days i finally got the sleeping part to start working. It automatically starts counting your sleep at midnight and goes from there. I’m up late so it counts that part as being awake.

I am surprised how well this works. I had a fit bit that recently died. It was ok and at times not accurate. I have been wearing this one since it came in and it works so well. It is accurate and most importantly the battery life is great. I wore it for 3 days and ran twice and i just now today had to charge i again.

I love this fitness tracker so much. It’s very similar to the fitbit but much more affordable. It syncs to your phone so you can track everything from your exercise to sleep patterns. It’s very easy to program and i really like that you don’t need another cord to charge it you simply remove one of the bands and plug it directly into the usb ports. I highly recommend this tracker for anyone who is looking for a fitness tracker that is well priced.

Bought this for the wife it seems to work better than her old name brand fitbit. This unit easily has as much or more information available and battery stays charged about a week. I might just order myself one, great unit.

Long battery life, charge the battery for one hour from the USB connection and use the Fitness Tracker for 5 days in standby mode.