Would work well when they wore it.

I’ve been shopping around looking at different fitness trackers as i try to get healthier. For the price this little fitness tracker has amazing features. The included instruction manual was pretty easy to understand and i had it up and running in a few minutes. The battery is strong and has held up to daily use well. Between this activity tracker and more expensive name brand activity trackers i would choose this one hands down.

She seems to like it over many others we purchased & returned.

I really wanted a fitbit but couldn’t see spending that kind of money. This is very comparable to a fitbit for a fraction of the price. It is a little bigger than a fitbit but not too much. It tracks my steps, sleep, calories burned and i get my phone calls and text messages. It does not have a heart rate monitor but for this price who cares. I love it so much i bought one for my daughter.

Bought these for my 12 and 10 year old. They’ve had them for almost a year now. We did have to buy replacement bands because of some small tearing but other than that perfect.I did also buy the fit bit ring to keep it from popping off. For someone looking for motivation but doesn’t have the funds for a fit bit or garman, i would highly recommend these.

For the money, the tracker provides good information. It’s a bit ambitious with the step numbers and the sleep tracker isn’t as accurate as others, but this is a great way to get started with tracking your health.

Works really well and is super cheap, great value.

Two words can accurately describe this tracker: great value. I’ve owned *another name brand tracker*, and although this model doesn’t track heart rate, i like it even better than the expensive alternative. I’ll start with the fit: it’s very lightweight, great colors (i got the teal/aqua color) and the actual unit is removable from the silicone band which makes it wayyy easier to charge. My *name brand model* was too awkward, and i was constantly adjusting it to make it comfortable. The band material on this one doesn’t drive me crazy like most, and if you splash a little water on it when you’re washing your hands, it wipes dry easily and quickly. It is secured with two metal pieces that fit snugly but easily into the slots on the band, which i was worried might not be secure enough, but after riding a few hundred miles on my motorcycle the past few days, it hasn’t budged. I should add that my wrist is on the small side, almost exactly 6′, and i have the metal fasteners in the last two slots, and it’s very comfortable. I went the first two days without needing to recharge it, so it already has a better battery life than my *name brand model*, even though i get a ton of facebook notifications and texts, which i set to sync with the tracker. I love that i get a little vibration to notify me of every message, (and even the text of the sms, so i can see if it’s something i need to respond to right away, or if it can wait) so i can leave my phone in my purse without missing a thing. Now the features: the app is very easy to use.

  • Great, inexpensive tracker
  • Tiny but mighty
  • Great Tracker, Excellent Value!
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NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Smart Band Activity Tracker Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Monitor Wristband Running Pedometer Exercise Android 4.3 iOS 7.0

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fitness Tracker – Counting steps distance calorie ,Alerts Setting up , Setting your working out target ,Monitoring your sleep,SMS Reminding, Call Reminder, Incoming Calls Show,Camera Remote Control.Resistant to water in daily life
  • Fit For: iphone 4S or above (iphone 4S, iphone 5, iphone 5S, iphone 5C, iTouch5, ipad3, ipad4, ipad air, ipad mini etc IOS 7.0 or above system) Android 4.3(LG ,Motorola,HTC ,HUAWEI etc) or above, Bluetooth 4.0. Not Fit For: Lenovo, TCL, Asus phone
  • Note: After turn on bluetooth of your phone, please don’t use your phone to connect directly, use its app veryfit to connect the smart bracelet. Download the VeryFit 2.0 APP from Google Play Store and Apple Store.Easy to set up following the instruction
  • Light as feather,with advanced coloring and never fade,you are comfortable while wearing TW64 which made with ergonomics,tested with 48 different positio. Life Waterproof. Record daily activities, you could check daily activities of 7 days including steps, distance and calorie consumption in the app,come with a charger.

Got it for husband so he could track his sleep. It works great now he knows how he is sleeping at night. Also loves how it also tracks his steps which helps with his weight loss. Very easy to set up to track progress.

I have been using this fitness tracker since may and i love it. It helps to keep me accountable for sure. Additionally, i have found that since wearing this tracker i have lost weight, no doubt because i love seeing the number go up on my “steps”. The design is smooth and the display screen clearly shows you how many steps you have taken, hear rate, etc. You can adjust the band which is also nice.

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I loved this fitness tracker, until the electronic tracker fell out of the band during a trip to nyc and was forever lost. The tracker disengages from the band easily so i sort of knew it would be a matter of time before i lost it. I paid $15 to see if a fitness tracker would work for me. It did, so i think i’ll invest in a better designed one like fitbit or jawbone. The new you tracker was a good test.

I bought this for my 9yr old daughter on sale and she loves it.

Bought three of these for my kids in different colors. Not all the bells and whistles of the ‘fitbit’, but i’m not about to hand my kid a $100 item to wear around everyday. Will stay charged for several days.

Keeps me motivated by setting goals and buzzing me when i’ve been sitting too long. Only thing that stinks no heart rate monitor. But other then that great product for a decent price i would recommend it to anyone and i have.

Got this, then hesitated, then asked 12-year-old if they wanted it. And asked me to get another one so we can walk and work out together. I didn’t know it sent text messages. Pretty cool, and the sleep monitor function is something our kid loves–just to prove she slept. For the money, i can’t complain.

Recommend getting the strap with buckle closure.

The grandkids love them once they are setup.

So my daughter bought a 30 off brand fit but that didn’t work so i said this would be the last try and it turns out it works awesome and just as good as a fit bit and i think i will have to buy my self one.

Let me start by saying i received a fitbit alta from my husband for christmas. I wanted a fitness tracker, but felt guilty about him spending $130 on one. So, i had him return that and tried this one for $16. I have only had it for a day, but i’m in love so far. I started by charging it up overnight just to make sure it was fully charged. Then i downloaded the fitness tracker app using my google play app. I pressed the small button on the side of the tracker and the app was able to find the device rather quickly. It synched right to my phone, which set the date and time for me. I was worried this would be in military time, but it comes up with the standard time. I set how many hours i wanted to sleep and how many steps i wanted to walk per day.

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The product works well enough, but the charging mechanism is extremely annoying. It doesn’t fit well and unless you can hold it down for hours, it doesn’t charge.

Bought this for my 11 yo daughter’s birthday. It works for what she needed it for. The charger isn’t something that you can find if lost, so keep up with it.

I bought this for my wife who just wanted something to track her steps while she was at work. Her only dislike so far is that it has to be charged every other day.

I bought this for my 9 year old son. It was an easy purchase for the price because he just wanted to be like his friends who all have fit bits. This tracks his steps and has a clock on it. It pairs to my phone, and is easy for him to use. The steps may not be super accurate, but its a cheap motivator for him.

Probably the best thing i’ve ever bought for less than $20. This looks just like the fitbit charge hr. That was the last fitness tracker i owned. Didnt want to spend another $50 so i looked around and got this for only $17. Easier setup than the fitbit plus the screen is bigger which i really like. I just hope this fitness tracker is more accurate than the charge hr.

Only downside, have to set the time manuelly, it should sync w watch.

I like this watch very much but i wish that it was made to read the whole text message.

For the price you pay it’s pretty good. I got it for my daughter who loves it. The biggest problem we’ve had with it is resetting every time we charge it. After only having a few months it wouldn’t start back up again. I contacted customer service and they are sending me a new one. I’d give it about three stars, however the customer service has been really good and that is why i have given it four stars.

What a great deal on an awesome product. I would never have spent so much money on a fitbit so this is perfect. I even bought one for my mother.

I absolutely love it and for the money you can’t go wrong. Does everything as advertised. Would highly recommend if your not a name brand person. This activity tracker does everything most of the expensive ones do. Also love the text and call alerts, very handy. Also use to set alarms for morning and night to take my heart medications. You can’t go wrong for the money.