This wristband makes the fitbit look more like a watch or a bracelet. Comfortable to wear and not too bulky nor too heavy. The links can be removed for a better fit. However the tool included to remove the links isn’t all that sturdy. Mine broke but fortunately it broke on the last link. Also, the clasp was on backwards so i had to switch that around as well. I gave it 5 stars because it looks amazing and i’m always getting compliments on it.

Color matches perfectly, i get tons of compliments when i wear this band. Links were easy to remove for proper sizing. I would recommend to anyone that’s wants to dress up their watch or add a nice band to your collection.

A very nice looking to her fitbit.

Product arrived quickly, it is exactly as it appears in the pictures. It fits good, it may be a little small for someone with larger writs, i have a 7” and it fit perfectly. Will order again from this supplier.

This stainless steel band is very well made and makes the charge 2 look more dressy which is what i was looking for. It takes a little time to remove a link if you want to make the band smaller, but the tool is included and there is a video on utube to show you the way. I am happy with this purchase.

This band is a beautiful product. Perfect for someone with elastomer sensitivity. I did have issues opening the clasp. I had to use pliers to open it. You shouldn’t have to do that. The seller did reach out to me in good faith and offered a resolution. To me, these days that is impressive. I would order from this seller again.

Came nicely packaged, absolutely beautiful. Rated it 4 stars since the tool broke halfway through removing the first pin. Luckily there’s two more in the bottom but since i need to remove links on both sides, i hope i don’t one for each pin. Will update once i’ve adjusted it and worn it.

Key specs for Nigaee Compatible For Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, Stainless Steel Fitbit Charge 2 Replacement Band, Rhinestone Bling Accessories Metal Wristband Strap for Women:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed specifically stainless steel replacement band for Fitbit Charge 2.
  • Comes with a special tool to resize the band.
  • Fits for wrist size: 5.5″ – 8.1″ .
  • Watch Band Only. The Fitbit Charge 2 is not included.
  • Delighted varied styles and colors fit your mood and outfits in daily life. Not only sporty but also fashionable accessories, creates a strong statement for yourself.
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Comments from buyers

“Beautiful, good quality!
, Beautiful
, Very nice

I really love this it’s so shiny. The top part is easiest to undo to remove it so go for that side and not the bottom. Im so glad its metal now it wont break.

They exactly what they promised love them.

I love the band its nice but. . The only thing is that the tool pins broke and i had to take it somewhere to get the links removed other than that its a wonderful item to have.

This is a great and beautiful band that when attached to your fitbit it looks a bracelet. Got compliments on ‘my bracelet ‘ and how it looked good with my dress.

Very comfortable and classy. Makes the fitbit look like an expensive watch.

Great item, exactly what i wanted to turn my fitbit from gym to office day wear.

I love this band it looks elegant and i get a lot of compliments. The band is not that long, i am 5’0 130 lbs, i took out 2 pieces to fit me perfectly. Sizing it wasn’t that easy until i finally got the technique down. Use the tool it comes with to push the pins out, it does not take it all the way out so you have pull it all the way out with a flyer or a long nose. When you get down to your desired length, insert the pin into the other side of the band do not use the same hole where it came out of. You have to use a fresh hole for the pins to go in easily with a slight tap. I love that it is also stainless steel, i get it wet and i can just easily wipe it dry and there is no odor accumulations. My friends are ordering this band too😍.

I wanted a fancy band for a wedding i’m attending and this perfect. Quick and easy purchasehighly satisfied.

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This band is colorful and has bling to it. Most people who have seen me wear it can not believe it is a fit bit bracelet. I wear it when i dress up and it is such a nice accessory. Seems to be quality material.

Able to remove links for a proper fit.

Love it, exactly what i wanted. Better than wearinf the original plum plastic, looks classy and everyone cant believe it’s my fitbit.

Looks great, and adjustable. Perfect for when you still want to wear your fitbit, but want something a little prettier than the basic rubber wrist band. I did get this for the charge 2 and it fits as advertised, just know that the charge 3 is different and it will not fit the charge 3, i just got the 3 and i’m sad none of the charge 2 bands will fit, especially this one.

I like everything about this band.

Love the bracelet- clasp did not hold up. I get compliments all of the time on the bracelet. However, the clasp became loose and would periodically come loose, which i could feel and would resecure it. Well today it slipped off unbeknownst to me, and ended up getting run over in the church parking lot. I am going to order another one, because i liked it so much, but if the clasp loosens again it’s going back. *update- ordered a second one, the clasp broke apart 6 weeks after purchase, with minimal on/off usage.

One side of the clasp does not hook to my fit bit correctly, you have to push on the flexable clasp down then it will stay attached to my fit bit. It’s probably just a fluke problem with mine. I love the look and have gotten many compliments.

It looks great lots of compliments.

I loved the look, disappointed that it fell off my arm. Afraid of losing it, i discussed nnecres my fitbit immediately and started the return process. I have already ordered a replacement – praying there will be no problems. The tool used to remove links worked perfectly (i felt so empowered). I didn’t have to have my husband do it for me. I’d love this in gold (not rose gold) also.

Very traditional elegant vintage piece instead of band for your tracker was not hard to remove links as my wonderful husband did. And this band is not to flashy and i like simple things so if you do purchase this awesome band.

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Looks great, fit great, and feels great.

As someone else noted, this product doesn’t properly clasp to my fitbit on one side, but not enough to really matter. It also doesn’t come with instructions on how to add/remove links, but it’s pretty easy to figure out, and the tool very much helps. However, my biggest complaint about the product is that is the links themselves are very obviously nickel plated. I always specifically read product details to see if items are nickel plated, and didn’t see any statement of the sort. The decorative circle parts have not caused any problems for me, but as someone who is allergic to nickel, it became apparent after just a few days of use. The picture doesn’t even show the worst of it; this is after not having worn it for a couple of days so the rash could heal a bit. Disappointing, because i wasn’t planning on having to (continuously, because it wears off) paint the inside with clear nail polish as i’ve had to do with so many cheap watch bands in the past, but here we are. Other than that it’s a decent product; just beware before buying if you have an allergy.

I purchased this wristband because i wanted my fitbit to look more like jewelry than it did right out of the box. It clips onto my fitbit securely, although i had to remove a link or two. The tool they send to remove links works great. I’d like a little more sparkle on it, but that’s just me ; )i’m happy with it. I feel like it’s a good value. And if i want to change again, i haven’t sunk a fortune into this band.

Fits my fitbit perfectly and is beautiful. Feels like a i’m wearing a watching instead of a clunky fitbit.

Just took me a minute or two to see how to adjust the size. The picture i attached doesn’t do the band justice. I want all of them, but my husband wouldn’t be too happy with me.

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