Granted it’s not an exact science but it will tell you if you did more today than yesterday, last month. I even love the feature that tells you to get up and move by the lighted display. The congratulatory songs in the app are priceless as well.

I actively used this product until it was no longer supported by nike and had to purchase a new product, i.

So far, my experience with with this nike band has been terrific*right out out of the box it took about an hour to charge up from the computer. *i ordered the small and needed the extra link so ended up using both and it fits just right for me. It did say if you needed both links you should order the next size up but it was comfortable so i stuck with it being impatient to use it. It’s that comfortable that i forget it’s even on sometimes. *some of pros i like about it:it has a long battery life, i went about 6 days before i had to charge it up again. I use the step counter more than anything, and enjoy a nice run, and it’s great to be able to track all of it. I use the nike run app and the nike+fuel app. The led is bright and i can see it during the day. A simple press of the button to check the time like a normal watch. You can customize your setting and which order you want them in.

This is my second one and i love it. I looked at alot of others but i just didn’t like them. My first one lasted 3 1/2 years. It still worked but i wore out the button that gives the readings. Im just sorry that i can’t find at any store. But i found it on amazon so i’m happyvporter.

Finally, after trying 4 different pedometers, here is the one. Every other one i tried was so uncomfortable to wear i ended up returning them. It has only been 2 days but i have exceeded my fuel band points each day. I have been idle for way too long and this is giving me a kick start to weight lose and health. I was worried with my thin wrist but all i had to do was remove the extra little link.

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Ok, for giving my opinion about this product i’ll split the review in ‘physical aspects’ and ‘software aspects’. Physical aspects:* look and feel:i’m a fit guy, not skinny nor bulky, so i got the medium/large size. It came in the box with one link attached, but i removed it leaving no link. That way it fits really well. After a while you forget your are using the fuelband because it’s comfortable to use. I’ve read that fitbit is more comfortable to wear and it seems that way, but i have no problem wearing the fuelband all day long. I got the black/volt one as i wanted it to match most of my fitness gear and it looks great. People at the office or in the neighbourhood ask me about it and it’s good for starting a conversation. I wear it with gym clothes and even with formal/party clothes and i find it really nice to have. * ambient light sensor detects environmental light levels and adjusts accordingly:that’s actually true.

It was hard for me to set up online at first i don’t know if it was my internet connection or what. But other than that it’s a cool watch. The steps is obviously not accurate and sometimes it says i haven’t taken any when i have. Sometimes when i clip it on it pinches my skin. Other than that it’s a cool watch for show.

Keeps me honest in my workouts.

Honestly, after having got the nike+ fuelband, i find myself wishing i bought the fitbit, i mainly got this one because my family all had one. Thats what made it work for me, the goal system is simple and thats why it works. Looking at your watch at the end of the day and finding that your 500 fuel short of your goal is an effective push to go on a run when you really don’t want to. Especially if you have friends and family who also have ones.

The fuelband was a little bigger on my wrist (could have ordered a small), but it works well. I use it when i hit the gym and the app is easy to use. The band is super easy to use once you learn how to use it.

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I got it faster than i had expected. The product was 100% authentic and brand new. Very good*** the product inside the package was covered by white stain when i opened it but it faded away within a week.

Works for what i wanted which was a way to gauge how much i was moving/steps. It is not accurate if you drive alot as it seems to pick up vibration but overall it does what i wanted it to do.

Took me over 40 minutes to complete set up , no fault of the tracker just fault of nike’s website. Yes some minor cliches but over it will work for me. I ordered a small and it comes with an additional link to adjust. Here are the specifications for the Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Available in three sizes: small (5.79 Inch/147mm), medium/large (6.77 Inch/172mm) and extra-large (7.76 Inch/197mm)
  • Includes two easy-to-insert links (.32 Inch/8mm and .63 Inch/16mm) for a fine-tuned fit
  • USB charging cable and sizing tool included
  • Ambient light sensor detects environmental light levels and adjusts accordingly
  • Bluetooth 4.0 pairing to smart phones

Way better looking than other trackers.

To be honest this order was a mistake that i tried to cancel, but apparently didn’t go through. I ended up going with the garmin vivofit because it had many more features that i would use and it was also more comfortable. After seeing it in person i’m very happy with my decision. This would be a great fitness tracker to start with or for someone that doesn’t need a lot of features. It’s a bit bulky, but not heavy. I will definitely be looking forward to what nike comes out with next though, great brand.

Great product but it just not sold or updated anymore.

Not as accurate as i would have liked. My grandson wore his nike band on one wrist and his mom’s fitbit in the other for a day. The nike band showed about 1,200 steps less than the fitbit. In the end, he likes the nike band and that is what is most important to me.

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It does what it’s supposed to do which is to track your daily movement but it is lacking a few features. For one there is now heart rate monitor and there is no real way to calculate nikes measurement of ‘fuel’. But i will say the step counter is very accurate to a degree. The screws have came lose and now have broken hopefully nike will replace it.

If you want to count your calories, know how many steps you have taken, and track your overall movement this is the way to go. Very light weight feels like wearing a bracelet. It is a little pricy but cheaper ones will not compare. I have bought 10 or more smaller ones that you loose, they stop working, they don’t work correctly. This is the first step in getting serious about your dieting and exercising.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This was a good idea
  • Super Band, makes my day more awesome!
  • Worth every penny

Came in amazing condition and works perfectly. I love it and it’s versatility. It does not have gps tracking in case anyone is curious.

I love all of the features with the fuel band. It would be nice if it tracked biking better, but i put it on my ankle and it tracks it that way. My husband clips it to his shoe, so at least we are able to get some of the points from biking.

Really loved the idea of this watch. However, it stopped working after only a month and on top of that it was inaccurate when it came to tracking steps.

With one over night charge i’m on my second week and going strong.My only complaint, and this is completely my fault, is that it’s for iphone. So i plug mine into the computer to update. But it’s light, completely water proof.Showered woth, gave dogs bath with, no damage.