I give these a 5 out of 5, because for what they are, they work flawlessly and i have no issues with them. I have a nike+ gps watch and i had to replace it under rma. When the new watch came (one of the colors that doesn’t come with a pod), i had to pair my old pod with it and it worked flawlessly. I recently ordered 2 more (old one will go in a pouch for my non-nike shoes and for convenience i have 2 new pods to put in my 2 pairs of nike shoes so i don’t have to remove them from the under liner placement when i switch). The new pods both registered to my watch instantly (just tapped them on my wrist to simulate walking after i pushed the power/connect button) and they work just fine. As far as non-product specific comments (i leave this out of my score, because i’m not reviewing other protions of nike+, i’m reviewing the pods themselves), i do have a few comments and feedback that i can provide to help users decide overall on product choice. Previously the nike+ site had major issues. I nearly returned my initial watch for that reason. There were posts indicating to do some ‘fake’ short runs and after a few it would work. The new site is much much better. Their mapping and stats are great. I have been thrilled with the battery life on my watch too (i’d definitely recommend the watch over the non-gps product options for sure). They have also begun integrating with other fitness/tracking sites.

Normally i’m a fan of the nike +, and have used one before. However the one i bought through amazon didn’t work. I bought it to replace one i had that had finally run out of juice, and i’d used it for about a year and a half. My biggest complaint with the product is there is no way to know how long it has been on the shelf or how much power is left in the sensor, so you never know if you’re going to have a working sensor for a year or a week, or in my case, not at all. I was extremely disappointed to receive one that didn’t work, and from now on will buy them at a local store where i can ask what their inventory turn over is. Otherwise, it does do a good job of tracking my run, it stays calibrated, and is accurate with distance. I’ve even used it with a treadmill and found the treadmill is slightly inaccurate. I love the concept of knowing distance, speed, and comparing progress. But because i don’t know how long each sensor will last and i don’t want to keep replacing them, i may just stick to an app on my phone from now on.

I like this product because it measures distance with better accuracy then a pedometer. I use it when i’m doing walking for speed and distances. (i don’t jog) it’s a great tool for these types of workouts. It helps me keep track of them. It is also helping me get more steps in same amount of time. My complaint is same as with my first one. No way for consumers to change batteries.

This unit is a welcomed addition to the my personal running efforts. I am the type that competes only with myself so to be able to track (and later view) my runs is great (nike plus community website). The unit is light and unnoticeable. The process of syncing this unit with my nike plus sport watch was very easy. It tracks very well, however i have noticed that it will display accuracy difficulties when i run on the treadmill at various cadences. Take for instance it’s tendency of recording a faster speed and slightly increased distance if your cadence is faster as opposed to a slower cadence. I was able to notice this by comparing the reading from my nike sensor and sport watch plus with that of the treadmill distance tracker (i kept the treadmill speed around 7 mph during this process). But this inaccuracy was very slight. I am not one to ‘pad’ my numbers so i make the necessary adjustments by running farther than originally intended when i notice that this is occurring. Cons:(1) it only comes with an on board internal battery that cannot be swapped out.

I have bought many of these little sensors over the years. It was as it is supposed to only if you are running or walking. Forget about using it on an elliptical machine, it never picks up the signal. I think that these die very fast, probably last about a year or a year and a half, depending on how frequently you run/walk. It works as it should, but apple really needs to improve this product. An on/off button would be nice. It works, just know you will need to replace it. As the battery does not last and you can not replace it.

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to get this product as man reviewers stated that the sensor did not last the 1000 hours as stated. So far, i’ve had it since april 29 and it’s still going strong. I also have not tested the sensor by walking and running within the same time frame. Many reviewers stated that the sensor did not calibrate correctly when you switch things up. You have to walk the entire time or jog the entire time. I love this product because it keeps track of all my workouts and keeps me motivated to stay fit.

  • A must have for beginner to expert.
  • now (this is my third sensor) but I don’t like running with my phone (too big) and I do
  • Not bad, but not GPS

My first one – which i use with the kit and my ipod nano – lasted over 4 years of steady running. When it stopped working, i looked around at options. There are directions out there on the ‘net showing the crafty amongst us how to open the unit and replace the battery. Then i looked at the price of a new one and the frustration that some indicate about having a unit that doesn’t stay together properly. I bought the new sensorif you need this. Why are you reading this review?.

If you have a device such as an iphone that supports nike+ all you really need is the sensor and a holder. With the sensor you can track your runs to see how far you’ve ran, how long you’ve ran, and how many calories you have burnt. The information is all graphed out and easy to read on nike. If you don’t have shoes that support nike+, get a holder that straps the sensor onto your laces. They are cheap and easy to install. Make sure once you have the sensor installed you calibrate it as well using the software on you iphone or ipod. I would suggest calibrating it a track like at a high school.

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Mixed feelings on these sensors. They do the job (within reason) and let you track your walks/runs with your idevice without too many issues (after calibration) but the issue here for me is the expense. You have no idea how long the battery has been in the unit or how much of its expected run time is left. This wouldn’t be an issue if you could charge or replace but no you have to throw it away and by new .At $19 each i don’t believe this is great value and hope that over the coming months and years we see other more renewable approaches to this in a category that is bound to get even more products soon. If you need this to track your exercise there aren’t a lot of options but a throw away sensor at $19 just seems behind the times.

I have moved on to garmin devices for my activities, but that is mostly because i do more than just run and nike’s sport watch couldn’t handle swimming and biking. That said, the nike footpod sensor is far superior for treadmill running than the garmin version. I found the pace and distance to be almost completely accurate once calibrated. I can’t say the same for garmin. If you are using the nike sportwatch and have no intention of moving on, and you run on a treadmill, i highly recommend this.

I’ve been using my nike+ for about 3 months now with my ipod nano and it has been almost 100% accurate. I made sure to read the manual and set it up correctly, though. I’m assuming the others that are having problems didn’t do so. I’ve tested it several times at the track and it is almost 100% accurate. Just like anything, it is going to be slightly off. My treadmill is less accurate than the nike+ so i can’t complain. This device really motivates me to push my workouts harder and it’s fun to track your stats on the nike+ website. I’m using two different sensors in two pairs of shoes with one nike+ ipod adapter. The other great part is that i wear adidas shoes and if you get micoach compatible shoes, the equivalent of nike+ compatible shoes, the sensor fits perfectly in the area beneath the shoe insert. The sensors are virtually the same exact size.

Features of Nike+ Stand Alone Sensor Kit

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP2) Home or Professional
  • Simply place the Nike+ Sensor under the sockliner of your left Nike+ ready shoe and start running to sync it with your Nike+ Sport Watch GPS, iPhone 3GS or other Nike+ tracking device.
  • Measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned.
  • Not compatible with iphone 6 and 6 plus.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I bought this product because i didn’t want to spring for a smartphone (yet) or a gps watch. It’s decent, but it’s not great. As i start to train for a half marathon in february, i’ll probably need to upgrade because, too often, this is not accurate enough. It just happened to be affordable and it works with my ipod touch. The instruction booklet claims that this chip may work out of the box, and if not, you can calibrate it once and be good to go. I calibrated my first run because the mileage it gave me was way off. Then my next several runs were being clocked considerably faster than normal, so i started to run periodically on a track so i knew the exact mileage. It took several calibrations to get it right. But that wasn’t the end of it.

I know this is kinda dated now (this is my third sensor) but i don’t like running with my phone (too big) and i do not need to let others know where i run. It’s small, it works well and i like it and hope to keep on being able to use and replace them (but i have a feeling it will be put out to pasture pretty soon as the ipods that the sensor attaches to are obsolete now i think too.

I bought this about 3 years ago when i started training for my first 10k. I needed to make sure i kept a steady pace throughout the whole race. I love all the things you can do like setting playlists and even certain songs to ‘boost’ your motivation. I love that it tells me my distance, time, speed, and calories burned at the end. I don’t use it everyday, but i’d say 3 times a week is about average and my first one just died on me so i had to purchase a new sensor. I highly recommend purchasing a little pouch that ties into your laces and something to wrap on your arm for your iphone/ipod. I carry mine in my pocket when i’m walking but running makes me nervous that it will fall out. Another tip – make sure to read the manual so you can learn about all the great features this offers. You’ll miss out on a lot if you don’t.

I got this as a spare sensor to be used in a second pair of running shoes. I got tired of having to switch the sensor from shoe to shoe as i generally rotate 2 pairs during any given period of time. Take my review with a grain of salt. I use these with my nike sport watch (gps). Usually, i’m tracking my runs with the gps in the watch and not the sensor – the sensor is just my backup if i’m unable to get a gps signal (rare) or running inside on a treadmill. So i don’t put these sensors to the test all that often. As long as they can sync to my watch (which they do just fine), i’m all set.

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It worked great with my iphone 5, easy to setup, very accurate. I used it with my nike running app, and everything was perfect. Then i bought and iphone 6, it is not compatible with iphone 6, and there is no way to use it. So be careful when ordering. Iphone 5, 5s and 5c are all ok, but not iphone 6.

I’ve been using the nike + system with my 2d gen nano for the last 2 years and i couldn’t be happier. No more driving my running route with my car to know precisely how far i’ve run. This device (when coupled with the receiver of course) gives you the independence and spontaneity to run whenever and wherever you like. With the touch of a button (on your nano/ipod) it will tell you how far you’ve run, your average pace, and total time. Make sure you calibrate it first so it has your baseline speed. Once you’re all set up, you can upload your runs to [. You’ll have your own personal training log (for running). I’ve been doing it for two years and have virtually all my runs logged.

Compatible with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP2) Home or Professional

Although i use my phone with nike+run for outside runs i still use my sensor for the treadmill activity. The key is to calibrate it first and it will be more accurate than the general treadmill readout. I bought marware sportsuit sensor case for nike + ipod which is a little pouch that slips over your laces and works well. One word of warning the sensor needs to be a specific way around to work but once it’s calibrated you’re good to go. The software built into the ipod/iphone is pretty straight forward and you can sync your runs to the nike website. I have a couple of minor frustrations with the website but that’s probably just mebarry.

You can use this for road running, but the nike+ app already has a gps/mapping feature built in. I run more often on treadmills, so this is perfect for tracking progress. A quick tip: make sure you click the ‘wake up’ button three or four times before you start running. I couldn’t figure out how to get my phone to recognize it until i unearthed that little nugget from some long-forgotten message board. Also, hold down the button for three seconds when you’re done. This will put the device to sleep and will help maintain battery life.

The way it works is:you attach it to your left shoe. It communicates with your i phone (it might work with other phones. I am not sure) through blue tooth technology. Enter a few parameters into the app (not included) and it will ask you to walk around a bit. Once it connects to the phone then your are off on the run. (for application help visit your local apple store. )the neat thing about this product is; it does not require a gps satellite connection to work. So, a run thought the deep woods or an indoor track is not a problem. The device was designed to fit into a slot within the sole of a nike+ shoe:· the bad news- they are discontinued and therefore hard to find· the good news- if you find the shoes they are on sale· more good news- you can buy a shoelace pouch http://www. Com/gp/product/b001rnl3wi/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=utf8&psc=1· the results of the run link directly to another app which make updating of my over all health automaticmy inseam challenged wife will get this one. She is happy with her i-phone without gps.

Well when i first bought it it sync’d just fine, then i put it in ‘sleep’ mode and it wouldn’t wake up. I threw it in a drawer until tonight. When i finally called nike+, and they helped me revive it. Now i can go to spin class and see how many miles i did.Btw, to put in sleep mode, press and hold the back button for 6 seconds, and to ‘wake’ it press the same button 6 separate times. If this doesn’t work, go into the setting of you device and select ‘new sensor’. Nike+ support is real helpful if you get in a bind. 🙂 good luck and happy exercising.

If you know the exact distance where you run so you can calibrate these to match that. Where you measure your stride then sync it in. But that’s for a pace that your going to keep. So you’d have to reset this if you were just walking or running. So a lot of recalibrating with this. Works a lot better with this. Using the gps to calculate thie distance and pace for this sensor.

I got this for my mother, but she could not figure out how to calibrate it. It is not very good if you are going to be walking and running at the same time. It is fairly accurate if you are just running or walking. I like that i do not have to look at the screen to see my distance or my time. I just push the ipod button and the lady tells me my distance, pace, and time. I don’t have the nike shoes, so i duct taped it to the tung of my running shoes and it works well. A lot of people have a problem with the battery. I have not had a problem, but i am also not expecting it to last forever for $20. I don’t use my running shoes for anything but running, so the battery is not being worn down by everyday use. It should be good for 1000 hours.

Simply place the Nike+ Sensor under the sockliner of your left Nike+ ready shoe and start running to sync it with your Nike+ Sport Watch GPS, iPhone 3GS or other Nike+ tracking device.

I use the nike+ sensor with my brooks glycerin 9 shoes, mivizu lace sensor pouch and iphone. It is my first time training for the marathon and this set up keeps it simple enough where i can track my mileage but not get overwhelmed by the different mileage breakdowns. I love running with the sensor and not having to plan out my run ahead of time, but know that if i just got, my trusty iphone will tell him where my half-way point is and when it’s time to head back. I haven’t had any problems with the sensor and i highly recommend this as a much cheaper option compared to purchasing a garmin watch (that is, if you have a compatible apple device already). It’s also quite nice to have my music and audiobooks on my phone when i want them, and sometimes have lance armstrong telling me i’ve just run my fastest mile yet.

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I have been buying these for years and go through 3 a year. I was glad when i was able to buy a attachable sensor case because i’m been hostage to nike shoes. The sensor cut out in the sole doesn’t always keep the unit in place and therefore they aren’t always accurate. I just wish they could come up with something that is in a arm band that would accurately calculate runs in distance, not fuel.

Works great it is completely water proof and no battery’s requiredpros: waterproof / water resistantdoes not break from a dropno batteries needed to workwill work for a long timecons: it is not accurateyou have to calibrate at least a mile of walking and another mile of running/jogging to be accurate.

Original item old & defective, doa, likely internal battery was discharged due to the products age. Item returned and refund processed immediately – can’t beat the amazon prime return process, they send the ups label, you place it on the package & ship it back – very quick and easy. Repurchased the sensor from a different vendor click and deal, item arrived in 2 days as promised, worked perfectly – the accuracy of the new sensor matched the accuracy of the nike+ sports watch gps, even without calibration. Highly recommend if your still using this sensor for indoor workouts with the nike+ sportswatch -this is the sensor and provider you want to use.

I used to love my nike+ sensor until it sopped working. I thought it was a connection problem until i read that the battery only last about 3 months at the most and then you have to but a new one. What the heck is the nike people thinking?. I give it 3 starts because it was my favorite gadget for the best part of those 3 months, otherwise it would be a -1 start for been stingy and not making a gadget that either could be recharged or the battery replaced.

This is a great product and great website (though wish nike+ fuel points could be traded for nike products as reward, even if high exchange rates). I won’t go through all the details on the product as there are very thorough reviews, but wanted to help those considering this product who want to use it with older apple technology — in my case, an ipod touch 8gb 2nd generation mc model. Because of apple policies, itunes only keeps the most up-to-date versions of apps, and the current nike+ running app will not work on ipod touch 2g models, which can only have ios 4. Thankfully, nike has built in the nike+ ipod app to all versions of ios from 4. Find it in settings and ‘turn on’ and you now have the app on your desktop without having to download anything. Maybe this is simple for others but i thought i’d write it because so many people have new technology that there doesn’t seem to be support for those with older technology that want to repurpose it — in my case, to take advantage of the excellent and addictive nike+ app, sensor, and community. Hope this helps someone else, as i was frustrated getting it to work and worried i’d spent money on no-longer-supported technology.

Pretty accurate once you sync it (a treadmill is great so you know your exact distance). I don’t use this anymore since i have a smartphone and fitbit now, but i loved this sensor for years until i got my phone, and i would even still use it in the gym when my phone couldn’t track via gps.

Measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned.

My old nike+ sensor was faithful for almost four years but it finally gave up on me mid-run on a monday. I checked all of my local stores sporting the next day for a new sensor but none of them had any on hand… oh no. I have a weekly running goal to obtain through my nike+ challenge and i needed a new sensor asap. Once i got home that evening, i placed an order on amazon and i received my package on thursday afternoon.I was very happy that the sensor arrived during the day because i was able to strap on my shoes and get back to running. Making up two days worth of running wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been to make up a week worth of running and that’s how long it would’ve taken to wait for an online order through dick’s sporting goods. Thanks for being fast and prompt by sending out the nike+ sensor.

The ‘most helpful’ review for the nike+ sensor was written in 2010. Welcome to the 2014 nike+ experience. Let me start off by saying i have an iphone which comes with the nike+ ipod software already installed on it. (i assume a version of this is available for android devices, but to be perfectly honest i’m not sure. ) all i had to do was put the sensor in my shoe (after removing the foam piece occupying the space the sensor first in), open the app, walk around a little bit to activate it and viola. I was ready for my first workout. If the sensor has been properly installed, it will sit completely flush with the rest of the shoe under the insole. No, it doesn’t matter which way it is inserted as long as it’s in its designed space flat. It’s also easy to remove should the need arise. The sensor is so lightweight it’s 100% undetectable.

Not compatible with iphone 6 and 6 plus.