This is the 4th or 5th pedometer of this model that i have owned and i bought it to replace the last one that i had. There are only two problems with this model pedometer: 1) it is very difficult to change the battery because i do not have a screwdriver that fits the opener screw for the battery compartment. 2) the plastic case is more brittle than most other models of pedometer that i have owned and, therefore, if dropped, the case tends to break. A break in the case is the reason that i had to replace the last two of these that i have owned. However, the working features are so good that i will try to get one of the same model when this one is no longer usable.

This inexpensive little gem was a fabulous step up from the freebie pedometer my library gave out over the summer as a part of our ‘fit for life’ campaign. The freebie pedometer just counted steps and kept resetting itself when i bent over (and hit the reset button). This pedometer has a nice snap close front to protect the buttons (no accidental resetting). It keeps track of a week’s worth of steps, distances, and aerobic steps. All you have to do is enter the length of your stride. It’s very simple to use, accurate, and comes in nice colors. The only thing keeping it from getting a five out of five is: the clip on the back. I only got to use it for a month.

Have been using this product for over a month now with no problems. Only downside i can think of is getting it set to measure miles walked accurately. It is easier to get accuracy by setting your length of stride to a measured distance rather than trying to measure your length of stride by walking 10 steps and dividing length by 10. Once i went to a measured trail with 1/2 mile markers and set my stride to them i got a more accurate reading. Other features were easy to set up and it has been working with no problems since i received it. I would recommend this unit above rest because of features offered at price below others.

I have always used this ormon pedometer and had been able to purchase locally until recently. I ordered this and paid more then i did before but i’ve been satisfied. Every couple of hours it resets to the factory setting so whatever steps i had gone, it doesn’t keep track of the steps for previous days. Then 2 days ago it totally died. I only purchased this on september 27th, 2019 i dont think i should have to replace the battery after only 6 weeks of use.

Love the details for steps, miles, date and time. This is a great product to use for my 5 mile a day walks, the only problem is the battery life is very limited. I had it less than 3 months and the battery died. I had a hard time finding that particular battery, but lucked out that a similar battery could be used instead. I had a pedometer that was less expensive and of less quality that i had for years and the battery lasted until i broke it.

It is simple and gives me just the info i want, not the sun sign, not the temperature in madrid, you get the picture. Steps walked and time of day, and a few other pieces of info if you want them. Two adjustments to get the correct steps, a sensitivity switch on the pedometer and you can moved the pedometer back and forth on your waistband.

Key specs for Omron HJ-105 Pedometer with Calorie Counter:

  • Digital pedometer displays time, aerobic steps, distance in miles, and calories/fat grams burned
  • Track your exercise program progress and reach your goals
  • Equipped with a seven day memory function to track a week’s worth of workouts
  • Set time, weight, stride length, and you’ll be ready to go
  • Lightweight design features a spring clip and snap close back case

Comments from buyers

“OK pedometer, but you can’t keep them – so, cheap and cheerful!
, Omron has my respect
, The best pedometer

It is so rare to find consumer electronics where the manufacturer takes pains with every little detail, that i was pleasantly surprised by this pedometer. At the price, it is a minor work of genius. First off, the thing actually works, which right away puts it in the top 10% of pedometers. The casing is lightweight and attractive, with a secure clip. You must take a few minutes to set it up, but the task is much simplified by a well-written, thorough, and easy-to-follow owner’s manual. The only thing the clock really does is to reset the device at midnight every day. Second, you set your weight. This enables it to calculate calorie expenditures. Third, you set your ‘stride length’, which enables it to calculate distance traveled from the number of steps.

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I keep daily track of my mileage, and so i wear and consult a pedometer. I’ve gone through many, and omron is a worthy brand. I bought this particular unit on price, from amazon, but only within a necessary parameter, which is that a pedometer must have a lid, for otherwise your clothes invariably push the buttons, and your end-reading is nonsense. I liked the software of this unit, such as automatically reverting to zero at midnight – but with the data preserved in memory. The flaw, though, and the reason i’ve only given a qualified appraisal, is the clip (that holds it on your belt) is insufficient. This means that the unit falls off, and sooner or later you don’t notice, and you’ve lost it. This seems a common problem with pedometers, and i’m not sure what’s the solution – a pedometer watch perhaps?. In any event, this probable fate for pedometers encourages economy in purchase. As you do go through them because of this. Otherwise this unit seems fine – i’m not fussy about accuracy, though features like calories or steps are useless to me.

I had owned this pedometer before but lost it. Tried others at local stores and finally had to order again through amazon. There were several sellers all with different prices. Same product: hj-105 with different descriptions. So i ordered based on price. This one has all the same features i remember as the one i lost: 7 day memory, easy to program, accurate counting of steps. Unfortunately for me, you can only enter weight and stride length in metric. There is no option for pounds and inches. So, at the end of the day, i will also have to translate the km distance to miles. But, i am looking forward to having a quality pedometer again.

I bought this for my husband who was trying to walk more, be more healthy. Setup is well explained, but a little time consuming and then when the battery dies (as it did 3 months later), it has to be re setup. I like the week long memory features, steps, weight lost, clock and that it closes to keep from buttons being pressed accidently. I have replaced the battery ($6) but hubs has not reset it to make it functional again, deterred by the setup. When it works, it is terrific, but it doesn’t seem to have a long life. Still you can’t beat the price.

This was the first pedometer i have ever used, so i didn’t have a lot of background on what a good pedometer should be. It calculates # of steps, # of aerobic steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It took me a little while to get it set up to correctly calculate the number of steps i took, but once i achieved that, everything else about its operation was simple. Although it’s rather plain looking (and a little on the cheap side), it’s accurate and easy to use. I’d recommend it to anyone on a budget who is trying to measure these statistics. The included battery didn’t last very long. When i went to purchase another i found that the price of the battery was almost as much as the product.

I bought this because i needed that extra push to exercise a bit more than i have lately. I check my progress throughout the day to see how close i am to achieving 10,000 steps as a base. I like this pedometer as it seems to be fairly accurate and i love that it has a cover so i cannot accidently reset it and loose my progress as i have with other devices in the past. I recommend it, it works to keep me moving and reaching my goals. It tracks calories burned and miles walked and has a 7 day memory function also.

This was my first pedometer, and, by golly, it just might be my last. Very easy to use–just set it up, clip it on, and go. I love that it allows me to view miles walked, aerobic steps vs all steps, and calories burned. It’s a great, handy little device. Wearing it on low-rise jeans with a long shirt (i usually layer a longer tank underneath a t-shirt or blouse), it’s barely visible. On higher pants, however, it does create a bulge. It works well clipped to a pocket (reducing visibility slightly), but it is slightly more prone to pop off. Still–handing and great for the price.

I purchased this standard step pedometer for my mother in law to help her with losing weight and to push her to walk more. She had a little trouble setting it because the buttons were small and she got a little confused. I set it up for her and she was good to go. She accidently cleared the settings a few times but it was no big deal to set it back up. This was a good choice for an inexpensive unit. I have purchased others in the past and were unhappy at the accuracy of them. This one is pretty accurate.

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For just counting steps while walking, this is a decent product. However, it is not totally accurate if you go running. Also, car rides can sometimes increase your step count is the road is a bit too bumpy. The setting for measuring distance is not accurate at all, but i don’t really mind. I haven’t had any problems with it breaking or the pedometer falling off. Also, this pedometer is definitely purple. I’m not sure why they labeled it as ‘blue’ when it is without a doubt purple.

I love this pedometer and it has made me painfully aware of how little activity i was doing prior to getting it. This has made me accountable to get out and move more. It is pretty accurate, i took it out with the pedometer on my i-phone and compared the two and they are very similar. It counts calories, aerobic steps, and keeps a 7 day memory log of all your steps. I am proud to say i am averaging around 20,000 steps a day. I really do move a lot more.

This item has been very useful for tracking my movements throughout the day and is easy to use. I would recommend purchasing a safety strap to ensure that the pedometer isn’t lost, as it sometimes gets dislodged. Very effective product given the price. I plan on purchasing several others in the future so that my whole family will be able to become more conscious of their activity levels throughout the day.

For the most part, this is a great pedometer. Sometimes it gets a little temperamental but for the most part it is great. It displays the number of steps along with the time. It also let you know how many aerobic steps you have for the day (you’d be surprised how difficult it is to rack up aerobic steps). Relatively easy to set up and fairly reliable. Be sure to get extra batteries. They don’t seem to last long (only about 4 months, for the first one i had) but don’t let that discourage you (since i got my first one, i have ordered 4 more since this is such a great pedometer).

Got this for a walk group at work. Came quickly and is really easy to operate. The instructions indicate that if you are wearing sandals that it might not record your steps. This is absolutely true with my athletic styled sandals. Not true with the dress sandals i wear for work. Has to be parallel to the floor. I clip mine on my waistband or in the middle of my bra (hooked on my bra it worked with the athletic sandals – go figure).

This is an old tech device but still probably one of the best on the market. One of its main features is a spring hinged belt clip instead of a very breakable plastic one. My brother gave me my original one 10+ years ago but it finally wore out and i was surprised they were still available. Another feature it has is a 7 day memory.

I had one of these pedometers before and liked it very much. When i lost it, i tried 3 other types and none suited me as well as this one. It is small, stays on clothing securely, and gives just the right information. My previous one went through a lot and kept on ticking. I wore it for many years before loosing it and having to replace it. This exact model was hard to find outside of amazon, so i was very happy to find one here.

This was one of my first pedometers when i started walking and like everyone else, found it easy to use. I recently found it, bought batteries for it, and it’s great, but i realized that it has no ‘timer’ on it. It has a clock, but it doesn’t tell you how long you have been walking. I ordered another one while my first one was lost, but will probably be sending it back to purchase one that has the actual timer, not just a clock. Otherwise, it’s great for people that are more interested in steps and not so much time because once set up right, it’s very accurate.

I use this pedometer to record how much i walk each day. So far it is doing pretty good. Sometimes at the end of the day when i want to see how many miles i walked it shows zero. I don’t know if it got accidentally reset or if it never started recording at the beginning of the day. I don’t have this problem figured out yet. When it records my miles walked (which is almost all the time) it does a good job. This is the only feature i use on the pedometer and i can’t comment on any of the other features.

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I have been wearing these omron pedometers for years. They are amazingly durable, and you can replace the battery. I’ve had one fall off my belt in the garden and found it a day or so later, still working. They are accurate in counting steps and have an adjustment if they start to count too many or too few. Try for 10,000 steps a day and the calorie counter won’t matter. You can also see how far you went yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that, and so on.

It works great, and i love all the functions and features. I’m glad that you open it to view the information, because the one i had before didn’t have that–it was just open faced, so by walking or sitting or anything, i would somehow push the ‘erase’ button and it would erase everything. This pedometer is fantastic.

This isn’t the most sophistcated pedometer but i’ve used this model for two years. I lost it while mowing and ran over it destroying it. I suggest you pin it to your jeans as it’s easy to have it slide off without noticing it. It gives me a rough estimate of how many steps i’ve walked and keeping the count above 10,000 daily has been helpful to me.

I use it for a step program at work. The memory feature is very nice since it allows me to avoid keeping a daily log of my steps. As long as i write down my steps at least once a week i never miss writing them down. You can always review the last 7 days of history.

I have purchased several of these and they work fine, except for one little thing. Why can’t they make the clips of a stronger or more flexible material?. Do that and you’ll get 5 stars.

All he wanted to do was count his steps and see how many miles he walked each day. Not only does it do that, but it also shows how many calories burned. It is nice and small and light and clips easily to your belt or pant tops.

I’ve tried 6 other pedometers, including products more expensive than the hj-105, and not one comes close to the accuracy, reliability, and durability of this unit. I like its low profile at my waist band making it more comfortable than most. It’s stays in place, and doesnot reset if it is dropped. It had a seven day memory that is also convenient for tracking progress and stating motivated. Overall, a high value purchase.

My husband and i have been using pedometers for over 5 years to track our daily steps. The omron is the easiest to use, and the cover keeps it from accidentally being changed. The memory function is easy to use and very helpful. It also has the sensitivity adjustment, which many more expensive pedometers don’t have. For the price, it is the best value we have found.

The omron pedometer (hj-105) has some very nice features. You input the time of day, your weight, the average length of your stride, and it will tell you the total number of steps each day, plus the number of aerobic steps (how does it know?. I don’t know), the number of calories expended and the number of miles. The included manual is easy to understand and the interface is intuitive, at least to me. Be careful you don’t cut the manual when you cut the industrial-strength plastic case to get at the pedometer. I did, and i had to tape some pages together. I bought ten and am re-selling them to friends who want to lose weight and be healthier. I almost forgot the best part: it resets itself every 24 hours.

This is a great pedometer but you *must* get the safety leash or at some time it’s guaranteed to pop off your belt. Once i played with the adjustment button, it counts my steps precisely–no deviation whatsoever. Another reviewer said only the cobalt blue pedometer resets itself automatically at midnight. This is a critical feature–fortunately i happened to get the right one. It is grossly misleading for the company to sell a model hj-105 that does not reset just because the color is different.

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