This pedometer is simple to set up and use. Be sure to follow the instructions in the accompanying booklet before originally setting the pedometer – you’ll need to measure your stride length first (very easy to do). If you don’t get it right the first time, you can easily do it over. The versatility of this product is very helpful. Sometimes i slip it into my front pocket, other times i attach it to my belt, and these (and the many other) options are beneficial because i wear different types of clothing at home versus at work. If you choose to use the clip to attach it to a belt or waistband, it’s very sturdy and i’ve never had it fall off. I put it on in the morning and i often forget i’m wearing it until the end of the day. I also like that it doesn’t look like a typical sport-style pedometer. The small, sleek size and black color helps it to blend into my business work wear. I love having the ability to scan back through 7 days to view my total steps each day.

I was fed up with the clunky omron pedometer that i’ve had for several years. It still worked and i had no problems with it but it was just too big. I thought if they can make an ipod why can’t they make a slim pedometer?. Decided to check on amazon and there it was and by the same manufacturer as my old, faithful but large, pedometer. Have used it now for over two months and really like it. Even with dress slacks it is almost invisible in my pocket and i don’t lose steps if it is not in perfect position. Update: still love this unit. Last year, i accidently left it in my pocket and ran it thru the washer and the dryer. When i opened the dryer and saw it, i was sure it was ruined but to my amazement, it was working.

I felt the higher price was worth it for a pedometer usable in any orientation. The narrow width of this pedometer fits nicely into the keys pocket in my jeans, and other choices wouldn’t have fit so well. The stories about washing machine durability are true – my girlfriend forgot hers until the drying cycle, and it still worked. Having used it a few months, the 4 second trigger is probably the feature i least understood but value most now. Pedometers vary in how soon they track steps as walking, versus getting bumped. The omron hj-303 tracks steps, and if they continue for several seconds, adds them to the total steps and keeps counting. I now realize i could have been stuck with a pedometer that ignores walking under 60 seconds in length, like walking around the house. Under rated feature, but valuable. Like other pedometers, a cell phone can interfere with it. Once in the past few months it didn’t have the right time and had carried over the previous day’s steps.

I bought two of these for my wife and i and we use them regularly. First, they are very accurate. It took a few weeks to get our step size tweaked in just right and i had to do it a bit differently than recommended. I took a known route that we walk and clocked it with the car first, then kept adjusting the step size until we both were showing the same distance after the walk and it measured correct miles. I read the reviews about the belt clip that let the item get lost and i agree. The included clip uses rubber ‘tabs’ to hold the device in place and it could slide out if you are running and clothing pushes or rubs on it too much. There is a little tether included with a dandy little clip that i’d recommend using which keeps it from dropping out of a pocket or the clip. My wife clips the device on her waist band, i drop mine in a front pocket. Any position seems to work good.

Only misses very small movements, but i haven’t found one that will pick up those. It even works when in your pocket. It is very small in size and exteremely easy to use. The clip holds very securley, but it does have a backup clip incase it gets knocked off your waistband. Backup clip also works great when using it in your pocket, you don’t have to worry that it will fall out if you reach into your pocket for something else. Love that it resets at midnight, you don’t have to remember to do that each morning. Just clip it on or put it in your pocket and go.The history setting are very easy to check and it even has a trip setting that doesn’t reset at midnight.

I have it on me at all times, since you’re supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day, right?. Day my daily game it’beat the pedometer’. It’s easy to read, and probably keeps far more information then i really need. It can go in my pocket (doesn’t have to clip to a belt) hich is nice. It come with a strap, and a little clip, and i must admit i haven’t been able to figure out how to have both the strap & clip on the pedometer, but i’m still working on it. It was a ittle difficult to set, until i found a paperclip, which was the only thing i could find that i was able to use to push the ‘set’ button. But really no problems, love it.

Omron HJ-303 Pocket Pedometer

  • Omron tri axis technology; counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally
  • Tracks daily distance and calories burned
  • Automatically resets daily to accurately track steps
  • Five tracking modes, track steps, moderate steps, time, distance and calories burned
  • Stores up to 7 days of information in memory; Resets to zero at midnight

And can be adjusted to your own stride. I have purchased this for myself and for other family members and highly recommend it. Additionally — not that i recommend this (and your mileage may vary, as they say) — i have unfortunately sent mine through the washing machine twice and the dryer once and it still works.Not only do you find out how many steps you take each day, but there are scads of other statistics that will help you understand how fast and how long you are actually moving.

I have been using this daily for about 6 months. I track my steps on an xcel spreadsheet. For the most part, this pedometer is very accurate. I attach the clip to my belt or belt loop and stick it in my pocket. Nobody knows that it is there. The clip broke and i had to order another. I have also replaced the battery once after about 4 months of use. My wife is not as excited and has quit using hers. I try to walk 18,000 steps a day on average. I do convert my elliptical exercising to steps in my spreadsheet to get that high.

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This is a second one just to make sure i have a back up for when my original one dies. I have owned the original for over two years and it is accurate. The smooth edges and low profile make it real easy to wear even with dress slacks and not be obvious.

I’ve used this monitor for 10 months and i love it. It provided just the motivation i needed to change my couch potato lifestyle. I always get my 10,000 steps even if i have to take short breaks at work and walk around the block. The results have been amazing. I’ve lost 65 lbs and feel much better. Diet was part of the solution, but activity was the key. This was the key to the activity. It really doesn’t matter if you put this in your shirt pocket, your pants pocket or coat pocket. It has a belt clip but i don’t use it since it’s so easy just to throw it in an available pocket. I’ve bought a couple others and given them to friends.

I’m loving my new omron pedometer. It tracks my progress over 24 hrs and over a week. I can scroll back over the previous days’ progress. If i walk with more intensity, it records the steps and duration. The calories i burn are counted for me. It’s small, sleek and easy to use. That’s everything i want in a pedometer. What events it recordsthere were a few things i wasn’t sure of when i purchased the pedometer. I’ve heard some pedometers record the miles driven in a car as steps. What a problem that would be for me.

Other reviews are covering the accuracy of this unit pretty well. For the money, it’s an excellent unit. The sporting good store ones are usually the cheaper type, while still costing as much as this one. I’ve had no issues with it working while in my hip pocket. What got me to write is i just accidentally washed and dried this thing in the laundry. It was very hot to the touch after the dryer, so i let it cool off a bit. Still works fine and looks very clean 😉 kudos to these guys for a well-made and idiot proof pedometer.

This pedometer works really well. It is so much more reliable than the last one i tried. Both my wife and i enjoy a little extra walking because of the goal setting that comes naturally from just knowing how much you really are walking. Some details: works great in the gym on the elliptical machines; i leave it in my pocket when bicycling and get some counts there too (though not quite the same of course); the first battery lasted for about 6 months of daily use and degraded gracefully, keeping the display operating even after it could no longer count steps. One thing to note is that after i got to 999,999 steps i had to use the reset button to get counting working right again, but this is very easy.

Works in any position, which is really convenient. I wear it on a lanyard, but it can be just stuffed in any pocket or worn on the belt with its included bracket. I use a lanyard because my experience with belt clips is that they work their way off and i don’t want to lose this. It’s easy to calibrate, and i have checked it numerous times by just looking at the counter, then counting off, say, 40 steps and rechecking the number, which assures me that i have it properly calibrated for my stride. I recently had to change out the battery (i’ve had it a while but forgot to review it) and was surprised and pleased to discover that it held onto its original calibration; i didn’t have to reset it manually.

It’s narrow, thin design makes it fit nicely in women’s smaller pockets, or in the tiny pocket in the waistband liner of most yoga pants. I let the first one go through the wash, and stupidly pressed buttons to ‘test’ it afterwards. It never worked again, of course. The 2nd one went through the washer and dryer accidentally, 6 months ago. This time, i kept my mitts off the buttons, unscrewed and took it apart, removed the battery, and put the whole mess into a ziplock with dry rice, for a week. Put it back together, and it’s still working 6 months laterlove that it works no matter which side is up, so it works if you toss it into your purse.

This is the third pedometer i’ve owned. I had an older radio shack one that was just plain inaccurate, you could hear the pendulum moving back and forth as you walked. Then i bought the omron 121 that is sold here, and it was fine, except that you had to keep it in line with your stride. I lost that one, no idea what happened to it. I bought this one so that i could throw it in any pocket and still have it work. I just leave it in one of my cargo pockets and forget about it. I’ve tried comparing the distance read to a handheld gps that i have, and it’s pretty close. (that’s of course more dependent on the length of stride that you set. ) where i have a problem is it computing calories burned off of a moderate pace, which it measures separately. My gps measures average mph as well as time moving and time stopped, and i really can’t figure out how this pedometer comes up with the calories burned, when compared to the gps figures.

I have both the omron 720it (computer downloadable) and hj 112. Both are extremely accurate and easy to use. This revision of the pedometer concept is terrific. Small size is convenient for pocket but large numbers are easy to see. It really does work in any position. The display blanks out to save power so it is inconvenient to constantly look at it. Still not much of a problem. I checked it against my other omrons and it’s within 0. It keeps better track of aerobic activity than the others (they only record after 10 min of activity. The hj 303 after 4 seconds). Overall, the size (small) and accuracy and ease of use make this pedometer an outstanding device for walking or running.

Omron HJ-303 Pocket Pedometer : This is my third omron pedometer. I have had 2 other models, each with their strengths, but so far i appreciate this one the best. Of primary consideration, it is very accurate and records steps and movement perceived as steps. Part of its accuracy lies in the fact that the pedometer may be suspended in any position, and it will record steps taken. My second most important reason for appreciating this model is the security of the clip. The pedometer lodges into the clip so neatly that i have little fear of it ever popping out. The accompanying leash comes with a plastic clip that seems a tad more durable than other models, but of course, being plastic, its life span will be short lived. However, i am so confident in the security of the pedometer clip, i don’t even use the leash with it. One final factor that i appreciate about this model is its size and shape. It is fairly compact compared to other models, and easily clips on horizontally.

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This is my third pedometer and also the best. It comes with a lanyard that clips to your clothing or you can use the mini holster to attach to your belt. The best part is that you can just put it in your pocket and forgetit is even there. I also like that it automatically resets at midnite which my two previous pedometers did not do. I alsoput this unit in my sock or bike shorts when i go for a bicycle ride which counts my pedal strokes. Also very simple to navigate through the different displays using the 3 buttons. I bought a second one for my wife so we can see who can get the most steps in a day. She usually beats me hands down.

My previous pedometer accusplit eagle 140s became very inaccurate after 3 years. The warranty was still in effect but required $12 plus my paying for shipping and insurance to their office. After considerable research, i decided to purchase the omron hj-303. My reluctance was that i wanted a pedometer that i could not only use on my walks but primarily around the house for routine use. I was concerned that the 4 second delay that is built into the pedometer to filter out irregular motion such as riding in a car might work against me. It works just great around the house as i walk from room to room or even use the stairs. Cutting the grass which does not always result in regular steps is registered very well on this pedometer even though the instructions does warn that such irregular steps may not register. I started using the belt clip accessory that came with the pedometer only because i had grown use to using other brands of belt clip pedometers. The instructions point out that the 3-axis accelerometer sensors can work just as well when the pedometer is placed into one’s pocket.

Is a bit of a challenge for most pedometers. I’ve found that this accurately counts my steps throughout the day. With the tri-axis technology i usually keep it in my front shirt pocket and away i go. I’ve had this for over 18 months and still going strong. I’ve recently begun mall walking and this has helped me with my goal setting. I’ve been able to keep off 20 pounds so far and counting.

My husband and i tried the pendulum style pedometers. His would read 8,000 to 9,500 steps while mine would read 1,800 to 2,000 steps at the end of the day. I walked the same distance as him on our vacation and told him that mine was broke. We switched pedometers and the results were the same. This pedometer is as accurate and you are probably going to get for a pedometer. I like the fact that it resets itself at midnight. It gives the distance and calories burned as well.

I bought this product to keep track of my walking and running on days i don’t go to the gym. Trying to keep healthy and stay active. I found it very easy to use. The power down mode that turns the dispaly off to save the battery is very efficient. You just have to tap the mode button to turn the display on. The step count and total miles has been very accurate. However, when using the eleptycal equiptment at the gym, while accurately counting steps, it does not record it as ‘moderate’. It does record walking briskly outside and on the treadmill as moderate. The safety clip is great to prevent loss.

This pedometer does everything it is advertised to do, including features i don’t need. I use the ‘trip’ feature, which can be reset for each walk using ‘clr. ‘ the pedometer also resets its daily counts to zero at midnight automatically. This is helpful for people who just throw this in their pocket and just check it once every few days. This unit has a very consistent step count, and, after setting the stride distance to 32’ seems to be very close to the actual distance i measured with a gps. Once set, the calorie count is consistently about 10% higher than i measured with a heartrate monitor, but that’s close. It has a handy clip to attach it to clothing and a leash to protect it from falling off.

This pedometer would be perfect for me with a couple of tweaks:- you have to press the button to see your current steps, whereas i would prefer it to stay on as i use it as a watch- the moderate step count starts as soon as you walk at any speed, compared to the previous model i owned which counted aerobic steps after you had been going for 10 minutes. I appreciate not having to push for a minimum of 10 minutes, but the new method seems too generous when it counts, say, 33 quick steps as a higher level of exercise. The size, shape and colour of this one is a big improvement and makes it a lot more discreet to wear on a daily basis at work.

I’m pretty active while at work, so i bought a pedometer to track my steps ultimately to enter them as activity points on weight watchers. Except, i’m not sure how accurate it is going up and down stairs, but the directions have a disclaimer about stairs. Beyond this, i put the pedometer in my purse and then hug my purse up, somehow, it counted this move as 70 steps. That said, it’s touchy, don’t move it unless you are putting it your pocket or using it your purse like the directions say you can. At the end of the day, i’m sure it gets pretty close.

I’ve wanted a pedometer for about 5 years and just recently my workplace started a pedometer challenge. They gave out basic, basic pedometers. I took this as my opportunity to finally get a pedometer. I’d been looking at larger omrons for years but hadn’t seen this model. I’m glad i chose this model. It’s completely quiet and accurate. It’s not totally noticeable, it was easy to set-up (even with having to calibrate it for my stride), the buttons are more simple than a digital watch, and the belt clip and safety clip are great as well. The display is easy to read even if the pedometer is at your waist. I’ve stopped wearing a watch and now i can use this as my timepiece. So far, i’m not regretting my purchase at all.

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I hate having things clipped to my belt. I’ve lost cell-phones and pedometers to the point where i won’t wear anything like that anymore. So this product really caught my eye. I carried it and an old clip-on pedometer for a day (and managed not to lose the clip-on) and the two agreed within a few steps as to the distance walked. The memory features are great, allowing me to log my daily distance and time easily and without worrying about missing a day. I love the convenience of carrying it in my pocket. Five stars for this little pocket miracle. Omron hj-303 gosmart tri-axis pocket pedometer.

Ok, first let me fully disclose i’ve never owned a pedometer before. I assumed they were all roughly the same. I only purchased it as a backup for my hiking gps so i can reasonably accurately measure distance if i need to fall back to a map and compass. Turns out it is poor for that purpose. Doesn’t feel cheap and the belt clip device is secure. I picked this model, in part, because it is supposed to measure steps even if in a backpack and it appears to me to be capable of doing that. The description says it monitors # steps, distance, calories, etc. What is missing is that the ‘trip’ function only resets a step count. Every thing else resets at the beginning of the next day. So if you want to measure the distance for the leg of a hike, you will have to multiply the steps by your stride. Not exactly something i want to be regularly doing while hiking. If you just want to measure your daily stats it probably does well at that. But, for me, this will end up in my box of useless gadgets and i now i know to specifically look for a ‘hiking pedometer’ will allow me to measure and reset distances walked.

My husband and i recently each bought one of these pedometers to help us track our activity as we try to get back into better shape. I have tried various pedometer apps on my cell phone but really wanted something that could count my steps all day without killing my battery – as well as count steps for specific workouts. This handy pedometer does that and more – it keeps track of your steps for 7 days so you can compare your activity level throughout the week, counts calories, tracks distance, shows you how many moderate steps you’ve taken (i. Active walking and not just walking from your desk to the bathroom or kitchen) and even what time it isi really wanted a durable, well made pedometer that i’d enjoy using and wearing that would stand the test of time and so far this seems to be doing a great job of that. It’s fairly easy to set up and it’s gosmart technology means i can put it in my purse or pocket and it will accurately count my steps – this seems to be true. I also really like the extra clip / strap feature to keep the pedometer secure and prevent it from falling – very handy. I’d recommend this pedometer to anyone looking for a good, useful pedometer willing to spend more than $10 to get it.

Got for wife, since she wanted to track her steps daily. Will let you know this, the things battery only lasts about 2-3 months then you are replacing them. Luckily found them on monoprice. Com for reasonable price (about 1. But, there are definitely other ones out there that are supposed to have a better efficiency level with the battery, i would do a bit more research, i wish i did.

I’ve had this pedometer for over a year now. I love it and it still is working fine. It was very easy to program and it’s easy to read. It keeps your progress for the past 7 days and also accumulates it from month to month. It clips easily on your pants. It even works if you put it in your pocket or carry it, but i think it’s most accurate if you clip it around your hip area. Wearing it daily motivates me to get in more steps during the day. When i can see at the end of the day that i didn’t do very well, then the next day i can pick it up and make up the difference so that i can get in during the week what i need to be physically fit. I only walk with it, have never tried running. I recommend that you buy one of the safety leashs that have a metal clip that attach to it, so that you have something to catch it if it falls off your waist.

This pedometer does a good job. . Although it might help if the thing would give me an electric shock every time i stop walking. I bought two, one for me and for my husband. I am amazed that he has worn his every day. He just sticks it in his pocket and it is very unobtrusive. I don’t always have pockets so i clip mine to my waste band. A few times it has slipped off, but mainly if i caught my hand or something else on it.

I had ordered this exact item for my sister-in-law a few years back, and when i was looking for a pedometer of my own, she verifed that this one is the best. It’s little and i can slip it in my pocket while i’m at work, or use the clip to secure it to my clothes while i’m outside. I initially purchased it for a trip to rome, but now i carry it almost everyday, just to make sure i get my 5000 steps in 🙂 it worked great in rome, walking around for 2 solid days, we logged almost 20 miles according to it’s calculation.I love that it keeps track of your past days info, and i haven’t had a problem with the battery, screen, etc.

So many pedometers are inaccurate because of the pedulum movement they depend on. Don’t know exactly how, but you can even wear it around your neck and get an accurate reading. I love how the numbers reset themselves at zero each midnight, so you don’t need to remember to reset the unit each day. It also keeps a running tally from when first activated.

After losing the omron 303 which worked very well for three years, i ordered the same model. It worked okay in the beginning, but when i paused to drink water, it stopped completely and would not start again. It registered only the miles covered before i stopped. I received a replacement the next business day which was a monday and they sent ups to pick up the defective one. The new one works just fine. I recommend this product to others. Just be sure it works first. Omron hj-303 pocket pedometer.

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