Prior to receiving the product i received an email that explained some of the set-up and provided a phone number in case i ran into a problem with set-up. I did have a problem where i didn’t follow the steps and ended up not being able to do the set-up. I called the phone number assuming i would get a call center and have to wait. Instead the call directly went to a customer service person. She patiently walked we through the steps and i was up and walking. The instructions were pretty clear, mainly i didn’t use the mode and reset buttons correctly. I have never experienced such great customer care prior to the sale and at receipt with any other consumer product.

This pedometer was simple to set up. I like that no app is needed and that it just accurately counts steps and tells me what time it is. The mileage indicator seems spot on when you enter your stride length correctly. I had been using a fitbit for a year prior to this. I found that i didn’t really need or want all the extra bells and whistles it provided, plus it quit working after 13 months of use and $150 investment. I also like that this device clips to a pocket or waistband rather than being worn on the wrist. The fitbit didn’t always count steps when i was pushing a shopping cart, stroller or wheelchair. This step counter works in every situation.

I’ve been through about 6 step counters over the past 3 years. Lost one, one didn’t work well, one drained batteries every few days, and the rest ran through the wash. Got the onetweak last month and it’s definitely the best of the lot. Two things i really love about it is that the clock shows on all the screens. This is great feature for me because i rarely wear a watch and don’t carry my phone when i work out. The 2nd thing i love is that i can reset my stride length in less than 10 seconds. I’m a competitive race walker as well as a golfer (i always walk the courses i play). There’s about a 6 inch stride length difference between each activity, so being able to reset quickly for each is important. For eas of use and accuracy at a very reasonable price, the onetweak is my clear choice.

First off, i usually think a 5 star rating is bogus. I purchased about a month or two ago. The other day the numbers had faded and the top portion was blank. I don’t know why i waited till today to read reviews hoping others had the same problem and their solution for fixing it. Long story short i called the phone number that was posted. I left a message for onetweak person to all back. I looked to see if there was a return button on the order page. It gave the option to press a call now button so i did. My phone was ringing before i could get back to amazons front page.I told steve ( customer rep.

My wife wanted a pedometer for work, it’s a large warehouse and she wanted to figure out her mileage each day. She reports the device was easy to set up and works well. She’s doing 9,000 – 13,500 steps a day. She did not use the mobile app, so i can’t report on it. Update 5-13-2019 the faceplate has fallen off, i’m going to try and glue it back to the body of the unit.

Finally, a pedometer that’s accurate, tracks useful information, has a holder with a strong clip, a lanyard if you prefer to hang it on your neck, is well designed and seems well built. I’ve dropped it on the street and it just kept going. Add to that, it’s very reasonably priced. The best part is the customer service. The owner has sent three emails offering helpful hints and tips and even provided a personal cell phone number if needed. The owner’s emails almost begged me to call if i needed any help with setup or any questions for that matter. It’s like the customer service is from another planet. I asked one question in an email before using the device. The response came back in about an hour with five paragraphs of explanation, offering more than one option to accomplish what i wanted to do. Several reviews have mentioned the difficulty with setup. I found the instructions to be clear with both text and pictures, concise but comprehensive, large type font and well illustrated in color. This is an electronic device with lots of features and if you want to set it up to take advantage of all of them, you need to be able to follow and execute 9 steps. I’m trying not to overstate this but, to me, these instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The only difficulty i had in setup was the quick timeout on each setup step.

The accompanying guide is very easy to follow. One side shows step-by-step setup instructions, and the other side shows the 6 modes of operation. Both have clear, concise instructions, as well as a graphic – great for visual learners. The pedometer is lightweight, and i find it very unobtrusive when clipped to my waistband, unlike other pedometers i’ve worn. I’ve had other pedometers pop off my waistband without knowing they were gone. This one seems to stay firmly in place. The size of it could contribute to that. It was easy to set up and very easy to read. The mode, set, and reset buttons are large enough and easy to operate. The display is a good size for aging eyes, and even the different modes (which are in much smaller font) are still easy to read. The pedometer tracks daily steps and stored steps for the past 7 days. It also shows distance and gives you the choice of in/mi/lb or cm/km/kg. You can choose a 12- or 24-hour time setting. The set-up guide also give typical stride lengths, which was very close to my own measure.

Key specs for OneTweak New EZ-1 Pedometer for Walking. 3D Tri-Axis Clip-On. Back-to-Basics Step Counter. Simple to Use. Multi-Function. New Pause Function. Perfect Fitness/Exercise Tool.:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Exceptional Guarantee! NEW EZ-Setup Model. Cutting-Edge Accelerometer technology. Simple to Use.
  • Ranked #1 by Fit&Me & Happier Living today! Best accuracy and craftsmanship.Pause Functin for vehicle travel.Uses the latest 3D Tri Axis technology for superb accuracy.
  • Counts steps, distance, calories, and time. Tracks 30 individual days in memory. Keeps 7-digits worth of cumulative steps in memory.
  • Automatically resets daily step count at midnight; hibernates when not in motion and reactivates when in motion. No need to turn on or off. Exceptionally easy to use AFTER setup.
  • Includes Pedometer, Clip-on Holder, Lanyard, Battery, User Manual. Additional setup tips upon request. Register for Warranty at website.

Comments from buyers

“4.8 Rating
, Very pleased with the OneTweak pedometer!
, Finally, an accurate pedometer at a reasonable price

The device will accurately count your steps. But if you also want to measure distance you will have to input an accurate value for your stride length. This is best done with a gps enabled smartphone. With an android phone look in the playstore for apps with the name like ‘gps distance’ or similar. Now with the app you can mark two points on your local street. Walk from one point to the other letting the onetweak count your steps. Convert the distance to inches, divide by the reported steps and multiply by 2 (a stride is a left step plus a right step). Input your stride to the onetweak.

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I am very happy with this pedometer. I was able to set it up with the instructions in an email that the company sent before i had even received the item. It is easy to read without my glasses on and does exactly what i want it to do – it counts my steps each day. One mode tells me how many steps i walked the previous day, another mode is keeping a running total of how many steps i have moved since setup, and each morning it is automatically reset to zero steps again. I am sure the other modes work just as well, but i am not that into fitness; i just wanted a reliable device to count my steps each day. I clip it to my skirt waist with the device on the inside in the morning; it holds securely until i remove it at the end of the day and it is hardly noticeable to others. I was especially impressed by personal email from the ceo of onetweak checking to see if i needed help setting the pedometer up correctly. A great product with great customer service.

I had thought about getting a fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist, but i didn’t really want to deal with the blutooth and app that had to go with it. I realized all i needed was a pedometer. It’s accurate and tells me everything i want to know, i. How many steps, distance, calories burned, time, etc. When i use my stationery bike, i clip it to my shoe and it works, whereas the other type would not work in this situation.

We have both the realalt and the onetweak, both work well and i believe the onetweak may be made by the same company. Nevertheless i slightly prefer the onetweak form factor as the display is easier to read and i prefer the angled shape. Once the pedometer is set up it tracks the steps accurately and the count resets at midnight. I’ve used it with the clip inside a pocket and on the leash around my neck. With some alternate activities such as riding a bike or rowing machine it will track the stroke count by attaching to a moving part, and of course it works on a treadmill. It’s more dependable than the step counter on my iphone, mainly because i don’t always carry my phone and the phone cannot be used with bike riding or rowing machine. I can vouch for excellent vendor support as i lost my clip and the vendor pleasantly replaced it at no charge. An issue, noted by others, you have to be careful not to press buttons when unclipping. This could be solved by providing a plastic bridge over the buttons. If you do inadvertently press the menu button it does not reset but just changes the display mode.

A few minutes setting up with easy to follow instructions and i was off and walking using the lanyard provided. I usually count my first 100 steps and match my count against the device. One tweak was right with me. I wore an another simultaneously and it was off 6 steps. Having owned at least a dozen different pedometers over the years i match two that are close and average the difference. I can recommend one tweak based on my maiden walk.

This item is wonderful – i love the ‘low-techness’ of it. But what is more wonderful than the product is the awesome customer service. After a year of use i had a slight problem with the pedometer and i called the company, the owner and creator of the one tweak – jan – answered personally and after i explained my issue she told me how to possibly correct it but also said she would send me a new pedometer. We then got into a delightful conversation. I would probably buy anything from this company/woman again without any concerns whatsoever – a company who stands behind their product is definitely a company i can have faith in.

I read the negative reviews of the pedometers at this price range and selected this onetweak. It arrived in good shape a few days earlier than promised. One common negative comment about these pedometers is inaccurate counting of steps – the onetweak did not have comments about inaccuracy and that’s why i picked it. I have found that it is accurate. A negative comment about the onetweak is difficulty with set up — i received the quickstart guide and had absolutely no trouble getting started. It took me about 5 minutes max. The quickstart guide has diagrams and simple instructions. Big bonus for me, with my 60-year-old eyes: i did not need reading glasses to see the instructions or read the numbers and markings on the device. The other common negative comment about the onetweak is that the device clip is not secure. I have found that to be true.

When i received my pedometer, i had trouble setting it up. (duh) i emailed customer service and received a very courteous reply within hours with additional info. My son dropped by and set it up in under 2 minutes so obviously my problem was the nut behind the wheel. The clip hangs on very tightly and the steps are counted accurately. What more could a person ask for?. But—the customer service was the thing. If only i could get service like this on all the things i buy. Well, life is pretty wonderful anyway but it would then be awesome.

5 stars, but i’m rounding it up to 5. This is a well-built pedometer that was very easy to set up and start using right away. In my tests, the counter is very accurate, though like all of them it can be confused if you don’t wear it near your hip. The reason for the deduction of a half star is that the daily steps target setting isn’t very useful. I set my target to 10,000 steps, and when i reach it, a flashing bar appears on the unit. But i have to look at the unit to see it flashing, and when i do that i can also see that my step count is over 10,000. So there’s no added value here. It doesn’t make a noise or vibrate when you reach your goal either. But otherwise it does everything else very well.

Super easy to set up – took only a few minutes. Instructions were clear and well illustrated. Seller was kind enough to follow up on purchase with an email containing enhanced instructions (which were not needed) and tips for using/wearing (very helpful). I’ve been wearing it for 10 days and find it very easy to use and accurate. Only thing i’d change is that i’d like to be able to enter my stride in fractions of an inch. Not a real big deal as this otherwise seems perfect.

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This is the first pedometer i have owned. I bought it because after moving to seattle, we decided not to buy a car, but instead to use the great public transportation system and car2go. This decision meant that i walk more on a daily basis than i ever have. The onetweak is nicely designed and well made. I suggest you use the eraser end of a pencil so it does not slip off the set button. As stated, the electronic circuit is sensitive to movement. I clip it to my waist and loop the lanyard to something so it cannot fall off. There are a lot of hills here that affect your stride length so i simply set it at 20 inches knowing that the data would be understated. Great little product and i recommend it without reservation.

I am not very gadget oriented & i returned at fitbit because it was too difficult to set up/use. On the other hand, the onetweak pedometer is easy, straightforward and keeps track of all the stats a walker would want; steps, miles, distance & kcal’s used. It also allows you to check & set your stride, the date, year & time. Lightweight yet very secure clipped on to waistband. I did have a few questions so i called and left a message for judy. My call was promptly returned the next day & she was generous with her time, making sure i had a good working knowledge of the pedometer. Oh, if all purchases were this pleasant. I highly recommend the product and the wonderful customer support they give.

This pedometer works very well. I haven’t tested it for accuracy but i don’t need to know exactly how many steps i did for the day. The instruction sheet tells you all you need to know. It’s not rocket science to learn how to set it up. Plus there is an instruction video on youtube for you. And they even send you an e-mail to make sure you are happy with it which includes a phone number. Then i was sent another e-mail with the instructions included again. So just load your data, height, weight, stride. Set up the time and date and your daily target. I set mine for 10,000 steps.

This is an excellent pedometer for the price. Does what its supposed to do, and does it well. The numbers are large enough for my aging eyes to see, it clips on well and stays put, even through the times i have done yoga with it on me, and most importantly, it does not keep resetting itself in the middle of the day.

The first pedometer, another brand, i ordered, aand then i returned. Complicated (and i’m a good direction-follower). Went back to amazon and found this one. Delivered quicker than i expected. Received an email inviting me to call for assistance if needed. Followed the setup (which was also available to follow online–bigger print), and it worked fine. Once or twice i made an error — easy to back up a step and get it correct. Have been using it now for a few weeks.

If i were to design the perfect pedometer, this would be it. It’s 100% accurate, i love the seconds on the clock (now i don’t have to wear my watch to work–yay, thank you thank you), i can input my stride length–not one of the (inaccurate) predetermined choices; it doesn’t start counting until step 8, the instructions were easy and had illustrations, 30-day memory, and exercise timer. Seriously, this is crazy good. For kicks, i tried wearing it around my neck, and yup, accurate step count.I had often read that a pedometer should be clipped at the waist, straight up from your knee, so the neck count was a nice surprise. This pedometer has it all, so thank you. When i remove it from my pant waistband, i have to be careful to not hit ‘reset’ in the process, thus losing my progress for that day. I’m afraid it would hit ‘0’, and i’d have to start all over again before the day is over. Two suggestions for the company: please have the plastic clip/holder available for purchase by itself; i’d have ordered at least one backup, b/c no matter how careful i am, my dogs find the clip and destroy it. The lanyard is long, for around one’s neck. It would be good to also have a shorter one to act as a safety strap for one’s waistband/pocket; and both sizes should be adjustable. As it is, i have to tuck the excess lanyard into my pants. No biggie, but it would be nice to adjust its length (like a bra strap’s adjustment).

Please see my seller feedback for more details. But, this product is my favorite of the several models i’ve had. It’s a little larger than some, but that just makes it easier to read. The seller sent me detailed setup instructions before i even received it. Apparently some folks had trouble setting it up; it was a actually a breeze. Didn’t look at the instructions and it takes 5 minutes if you know your stride length. Nice feature set for this price range. The seller obviously wants to make its customers happy.And no, i’m not a sponsored reviewer-i didn’t receive a free product or any discounts.

Good ol’ fashioned pedometer that more that does what it’s supposed to do. Very easy to set up and easy to use. I love being able to wear it around my neck if i so choose, though i typically just put it on my waist. I don’t mind the wrist fancy schmancy pedometers, but since those usually rely on hand-movements to track steps, it’s good to fall back on these old fashion style pedometers. I have zero complaints, other than the fact that i totally misplaced it for a few days and was feisty about it. But now i found it and i’m good again lol.

I got my onetweak pedometer 4 weeks ago. This is my first pedometer and i see no reason to want anything different. It’s very easy to use, light weight and does not interfere with my active life – i clip it to my waistband and wear it everywhere i go. The readout is easily visible and it is easy to scroll through data summaries. I have checked the accuracy against a gps-based walking app on my cell phone and get the exact same results with my onetweak. The main thing it has done is to motivate me to keep walking, stay active. I try hard to get my 10,000 steps per day and as a result i feel better. A nice bonus is that i sleep better too. I have had no problems at all using it. It works right out of the box once the initial data (date, time, stride length, etc) are entered.

I walk a lot at work, and i’m always curious exactly how much that is. I have had pedometers in the past that didn’t work exactly the way i wanted (more expensive ones than this), so i did a lot of research and asking around before settling on this one. This one has been perfect for me. I also do a lot of bending and squatting at work, so figuring out a good way to wear a pedometer is an issue. I actually clip this one to the middle front of my bra and it’s perfect. I don’t even notice it’s there until i want to check my progress. You will not regret working with this seller either. You get very personal and friendly service with lots of useful information. I haven’t had any issues with the product at all, but i have no doubt that if i did they would be resolved quickly and with no trouble. Wonderful product from wonderful people.

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I wanted a simple pedometer that does a basic job of tracking steps and time. I didn’t want something that syncs with other devices or requires any more thought than just putting this on my waistband or in my pocket and starting my hike. This fills the bill perfectly. When i got it i called customer service to ask a question about set up and i had a friendly conversation with someone who was amazingly helpful and conversant and whose main focus was to help and not just get me off the phone. I like this product so much i went back and bought another because, undoubtedly, i will lose one.

I didn’t want a device that did everything but the laundry. After reading reviews about many of the ones on amazon i chose this one. I like that this pedometer is small, easy to set up and not complicated. It seems to fairly accurately record my steps. I don’t care if it is 100% accurate as my goal is to be motivated to exercise more. It would be nice if the device were reversible in the clip holder because every time i clip or i clip it i hit the buttons.

This is a replacement for the one my son gave me last year. It survived a dip in our camp pond, but not a trip through the clothes washer. This item works great and has become a trusted friend to keep me motivated to hit my daily walking target. Some have complained about accuracy. I found that i needed to adjust my stride length a couple of times to get it right. Just walk a measured distance, i used one mile, and adjust the stride length until it matches the distance. This guy is easy to use and automatically resets each day for you (and gives you the previous day’s step count – that’s what shows up as ‘-01’ on the device). Just go out and walk, but remember to remove it from your pocket before doing the wash.

Ok, i’m a person that reads tons of reviews before making a purchase on amazon. I had recently gotten a fitbit flex. I got steps for rocking in my rocking chair, i got about 800 steps just driving down the highway. I promptly returned that item. It was a tossup between this pedometer and another that tracked only steps. Both had pretty good reviews but reviews on this were a little better as far as accuracy plus for only $1 more i liked that it told the time since i don’t wear a watch and had other features i thought i would like. Now, i read a lot of reviews about the difficult setup so i didn’t jump right in and start pressing buttons. I read the manual over and let me say, i didn’t think setup was as bad as most people are making it sound. Yes, i think there is a ‘time out’ feature but i knew this so i just kept pressing ‘up/down’ button so it wouldn’t time out.

Wanted something low tech and useful. It measures accurately, and the company is super helpful in communicating. I measured it immediately against my ‘map my walk’ app on my iphone, and the numbers were nearly identical. The only *small* disappointment is that i chose this one because a reviewer said it can be worn in a bra, which is how i used to wear my fitbit. Yeah, i can clip it there–but not without on creating a huge lump emitting from my chest. Many times my work clothes do not have anything i can clip the pedometer to, so this was important. However, if i take it out i’d the case i can rest it inside. If not, i’ll figure something out.

This is my third onetweak pedometer that i have purchased over the years. The first one i lost after a year of constant use, i had knocked it off while getting a shopping cart and didn’t realize until later in the evening that was the sound i had heard when it hit the ground. Alas when i went back to search for it i wasn’t able to find it. The second one lasted a little longer before it was accidently run through a wash/spin cycle before i realized it. I fished it out during the rinse cycle with it still firmly attached to my shorts. I didn’t have high hopes that it would still function since there was plenty of visible condensation inside. Happened to have my dehydrator running so placed it on a tray, figured i had nothing to lose. Checked it after 6 hrs and it was dead. Popped the battery compartment open and it was full of water. Dumped the water out and put it back in the dehydrator (minus the battery) until all the condensation appeared to be gone.

I hesitated before buying this little thing because of some reviews saying that it was difficult to set or to read parts of the display. But then i thought ‘how difficult can it really be?’. Answer: no more than setting any digital clock. I did order it, and i found that setting it up was a breeze. And i had no problem reading everything on the display. I don’t understand why people reported problems with that. I have checked its accuracy several times by counting more than 100 steps at a time. When it is worn as recommended it showed exactly the correct number (when i had it hanging freely with the lanyard it did count a few step more, but the instructions clearly warned agains wearing it like that for this very reason, and it makes perfect sense). Even on a treadmill it measured my steps accurately. One warning: when trying to pause it temporarily from counting steps, make sure you use two fingers and press ‘mode’ first and then ‘reset’.

This the best pedometer that i have ever owed. I mean i got mine about 2-3 weeks ago and it has been awesome. I took it too the school 1 mile track and it is spot on thank you. I would suggest this pedometer to anymore that this is the best real easy to set, well worth the money, you will not be sorry trust me. Also i spoke too the ceo of the company, she is just the nicest and very helpful to me thank and thanks again, i’m going to buy and extra one just in case one my friends ask me about it:).

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