Was expecting something more heavy duty. Will not hang a $5000 camera on this. Maybe for one of my little digitals.

At 6’5′ most camera straps are way too short making it a hassle hanging from my neck. These extensions make my nikon d600 much more comfortable allowing me to adjust to carry higher or lower in front or over my neck/shoulders on hip. Very nice addition for a great strap.

I use this set on all my cameras, as they are too heavy to carry around my neck, but these short straps allow me to have a shorter handle for the cameras, so i can hang one off the tripod while i use the other, then swap them out, when i want a different composition, etc.

After bought op/tech strap but found that it was too short to carry across the shoulder diagonally, this product just makes it right. Swap to the pro loop, adjust the length and it gets perfect.

Great straps even though i bought the wrong one. Actually should have gone for the regular size.

I have several items from optec and i use them interchangeably everyday. For the price i have not found anything that competes with these items.

OP/TECH USA 1301372 Pro Loop Connector (Regular) – System Connectors

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Allows cameras, binoculars or gear with tighter connection points to connect to a strap
  • The quick disconnects can be clipped together to create a small carrying handle
  • Available in two fully adjustable sizes: 10″–13″ (Regular) and 13″–19″ (X-Long)
  • Contains one pair (one male and one female connector)
  • Made in the USA

Works much better than the webbing for me — i should have bought this earlier.

Well made, don’t underestimate the loops, they are really strong, and attached so good, i don’t worry about trusting it on any of my nikon dslr’s, even with heavy long lenses, like the 400mm f/3.

I use this to attach one to the camera and another to the lens (when they have the plate) when using my harness as a backup strap in case one breaks. Op/tech is great, you can buy so many different adapters / straps and create your own little system. At least, that is what i am using them for.

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Works very well for my camera.

I’ve been looking for a good camera strap for a while. What i really was looking for was a strap that was long enough so i could wear it as a sling. I looked at the black rapid strap and other like it but what i really disliked about it was that it took up my tripod mount on the bottom of my camera. I also didn’t quite like the hybrid plates that allowed you to keep your tripod mount but would have the attachment to the side. Although it seems quite stable, i didn’t want to take the chance. I bought the optech system and originally had it stretched out to the max and it was basically just about 3 inches too short to be comfortable. After i added these extenders, problem solved. Now i have my camera secure with 2 connection plus i get to keep my tripod mount. Some people do not like the quick release for fear that it may become unbuckled. I just mcguyvered it and used some velcro strips to wrap those us – thanks internet for the tip.

I have probably 20 pieces in the optech system and none has ever given out.

If you are on the big or tall side, the extra length provided by these allows you to carry your camera to your side, hanging from your opposite shoulder rather than hanging straight down from your neck. This is much more comfortable for me. The design and construction is perfect.

Have a bunch of op tech stuff.

I bought one a few years ago, so i knew what to expect. This product is extremely durable. The old one is hardly distinguishable from the new one. You really need to look close tosee which one has been used (a lot). Still love the fact that these connectors ‘fall away’ from the camera body, so they neverget in the way. I’ve been mostly using them on a dslr with a battery grip and an 17-50 f2. 8 lens, connected toan op/tech pro strap.

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If you combine these excellent straps with the padded neoprene neck section of the op/tech utility strap (sling), you will have duplicated the strap canon professional services has been giving away with first year membership. Took me a while to figure it out, but this is the combo that makes the cps strap so great for carrying heavier cameras like the 5d mark iii with chunky lenses. Oh–of course the strap will not have the cps logo, but ‘op/tech’ looks just fine and attracts a little less attention anyway.

I have a few op/tech straps, and being able to buy the connectors at a very reasonable price is a great feature of their system. The connectors give a positive click when attached, and are very strong and secure.

OP/TECH USA 1301372 Pro Loop Connector (Regular) – System Connectors : Longer straps work better for carrying my camera cross-body.

Excellent option to convert my utility strap into a conventional camera strap.

I use a telephoto lens for birding. Longer lenses have their own tripod mount, and that is where i attach the carrying strap. If i want to switch to a much shorter lenses i lose that lens mount for the strap and i never like to have my fancy camera strapless. These add on straps with quick buckles allow me to quickly switch the carry strap to the camera body. It’s the kind of solution i would want to invent if it didn’t exist.

Just now opened the package and kinda wish it was shorter for what i’m planning to use as a safety with black rapid strap sling. Or i wish it included 1 uni loop. Saw this prior to buying:http://enthusiastphotographer. Com/2011/12/20/black-rapid-arca-solution/#comment-587hope it works out.

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Love op/tech and their all american prices.

Oredered the strap but read the specs first, knew i would need these extenders. Puts the camera down n my hip instead of my chest.

I’ve been an op/tech customer for a long time and really like these pro loop connectors. I use them on all of my cameras because they are just so useful. For example, i just had to send in a camera for service. Rather than all of the muss and fuss of taking off a normal camera strap, i simply released the long strap and then plugged the 2 connectors together and put it in the box. I also like to take off the strap whenever i’m using a tripod or change the strap from a short neck strap to a long bandolier over the shoulder type strap. These qr loops make doing that stuff so fast and easy. As i said, i’ve been using these for years and never had a failure with either the buckles or the straps. All of my cameras are pretty heavy, ie nikon d300, d700, d3s, etc, but these buckles don’t care.

Best straps in the business.

Great addition to the op/tech 1501372 pro loop strap for camera equipment (black). I like that it offers a wide adjustment to the neck strap. I can cinch it up if i want the camera to hang around my neck or i can extend it to hang off my arm. I know i will get years of use out of it.

The standard style optech straps had actually come lose once or twice. I was constantly checking them. These provide greater security for me, and cleaner lines along the strap. As a big guy, the extra length helps too.

I needed to replace the pro loop connector on my almost 7 year old op/tech pro loop strap after one of my dogs decided to chew on it. Fortunately, he only destroyed the connector. Still fits the same as it did 7 years ago.

Returned as they didn’t meet my needs.