Simple, easy to use, and keeps the time. Only negative is that it does not use a aaa battery. After a year you have to buy some round battery.

It is a stopwatch and it does what it is supposed to. I purchased this model because i wanted the countdown feature. Our coaches and refs frequently want to know how much time is remaining in the period and a countdown timer saves me the math. The ergonomics are well thought out. You are probably going to want to keep the instruction sheet as the controls are not as intuitive as i would like. I like that fact that once you set the countdown timer, it will reset to that time until you manually change it. All in all, i feel this is a good value.

Use it to time curling stones. Only thing was the buttons on the face to change modes are easy to accidentally change while i’m crouched down in the hack. Would still buy again if it happens to brake.

I use it to time my stretches after working out.

We use this for competitions especially the countdown timer.

Simple to operate, with out all the bells and whiles. Works great, just what i wanted.

Sits in my shirt pocket with cord around my neck. Good springs on the buttons so it keeps running without changing itself when i’m moving around. Others had sensitive buttons and would stop the timer when sitting in my pocket.

Key specs for Robic Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single event, lap and split stopwatch
  • 1/100 second precision to 10 hours
  • Two finish timer memory recall
  • Countdown timer shows time remaining; counts up to completion
  • Audible alarm at completion of countdown
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Comments from buyers

“Stopowatch always stays on
, Easy to start and stop when using countdown mode
, Keeps the time

Was surprised how quick it was to set it to count down from a specified time. Great countdown timer for the price. Should be easier to spot when (not if) i drop it in the grass.

To count down run time and to accumulate lost time. Easy to use and is very effective in accomplishing both timing tasks. Used in beagle trials in tcp running format.

I use this for a kitchen timer. Works great to remind me of items on the stove or in oven. Like the alarm and count down/up feature. Do not like the fact that the display stays on all the time, would like an on/off switch. However, the battery does seem to last even though it stays on all the time.

If you are looking for a stopwatch with the countdown function, this is probably the best deal on the internet. It’s not hard to use in my opinion. It just takes a little bit of reading the instructions, but any intelligent person should be able to handle it.

This is hands down my favorite countdown timer. As a part time fitness bootcamp coach, i could run effective rounds without it.

Works as described and i have not had any problems.

Broke my timer and purchased this as a replacement. Works great plus has a lanyard so i won’t drop it.

This is an accurate and easy to use stopwatch/timer. My only complaint is that i cannot figure out how to turn it off. There is no info in the instructions. It beeps often when not in use. I’ve had to bury it in my dresser when i’m not using it because it drives me nuts.

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Buttons became hard to press after a while.

As a coach this was an extremely easy countdown timer.

I bought this for my husband for our six year old’s soccer games. Keeping time is important in soccer and you don’t want small children to play more than they should. Easy to start and stop when using countdown mode.

Would have given it five stars, but beeper is very weak.

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