I love that i can measure my steps and also convert them to mileage. My husband and i are trying to increase our exercise time walking and it is a lot more fun if you have this little gadget handy. It is inexpensive, accurate and very easy to clip on your shirt or pants. It also comes with a lanyard which i have not yet used but think is a nice feature. I did not want anything fancy that i would be really sad about if it were lost or stolen so this is perfect for me. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Count the steps i take in a day.

I just like it’s size and the way it works.

All we were looking for was a step counter and it performs perfectly. I know it offers other features but we had no need to set them up. The setup process took a while to figure out.

This pedometer has been everything expected. Not only does it accurately monitor my daily steps, it is also waterproof. I left my pedometer in my jeans and washed them. The pedometer came out unaffected and working perfectly.

Small and gets the job done. I like it that it’s small, almost invisible and it clips to my waist band. As for the description of what it does: all accurate. Very happy with this product.

A great product that works as advertised. I especially like that it was easy to set up, as i’ve had others that were not. It’s well made and sturdy so i anticipate it will be long-lasting.

I use this to track my steps throughout the day to remember to get up and move. It’s a perfect size to wear in the gym or with office clothes. I have found that the steps can vary quite a bit depending on where i clip the pedometer. If my pants or a skirt sits at a different place on my waist my reading can vary greatly. Yesterday i had it attached to my boot and i had my highest step count yet. Overall i am very happy with this as it gives me a pretty good idea of how much i am moving.

Just what i neededi love this product. It does exactly what i want it to do and also comes with a built in clip and a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck if you wish.

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Pedometer works fine but was difficult to set up. Also belt clip will not stay on belt.

This is a well-built pedometer that was very easy to set up and start using right awaymy partner and i originally bought a fitbit, and found it had just too many extras we didn’t need or want, which was frankly annoying. This one is so simple to use, and we are both totally addicted already.

Both the display clarity and the information feedback are great, so i’m very satisfied with what it does. However, the back belt clip was disappinting. First, to expand it to fit around your belt, pressure must be excerted on the opposite end, which happens to be where all the larger dials are. Constatly you’ll find yourself changing your default settings without wanting to. Second, the clip is rather short, so if you are using any of today’s slightly wider belts, you will have problems with the reach, as it won’t cover the width of the belt. Thirdly, if you just attach the clip to your jeans or pants, be forewarned that the clip will not stay there if you happen to bump into it with some force. The clip is not that sturdy. The solution: just throw the pedometer inside your pants’ pocket. There it works like a charm and allows you to ignore all the shortcomings of that clip assembly.

It was a bit of a struggle to figure out the directions, but so far, so good. I believe that this little unit is actually more accurate than my previous, no-longer-serviced-with-software-updates, etc. I was not happy to find out accidentally that there was no way to update my previous fitbit clip-on, &, not wanting a wrist-type device, this little clip-on with big numerals is just great, especially for the price. Here are the specifications for the OSports Pedometer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Excellent accuracy walking step counter with innovative 3D Tri-Axis sensor technology – Keeps track of all your steps, calories burned, distance, exercise time and stores 30 days of your activity records so you can easily achieve your health goals.
  • Simple to set up & use – Just a few minutes set up from our friendly user manual and you are ready to go. Need help? Just contact us and never worry about the need of internet connection, Bluetooth, downloading an app or forgetting to charge the device for 12 months so you can simply enjoy your walking.
  • Designed Smartly – Small clip on pedometer which has a fashionable look allows you to clip it everywhere, even on your shoes. The free lanyard included gives you the opportunity to wear it on your neck and if you want to keep it hidden, it will work perfectly in your pocket or bag.
  • Extra features – Large Display to keep track easily of your steps, Auto sleep function activates the pedometer when you start walking and turns it off when you stop, Built-in clock makes it the perfect watch-pedometer combination.
  • Friendly Customer Support – Our goal is to be your partner in achieving your health goals and we are here to help you anytime. We are honored that many women, men and elderly have chosen us and we will do our best to be the best pedometer for your family and friends.
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Everything is accurate and has great features. The clip is wonderful and secure. The customer service is amazing. I’ve had other pedometers but they don’t compare it to osport.

I am not a fan about the complicated setup,; however, the pedometer works great.

I love the fact that i erroneously washed my pedometer in the washer and it came out i dried it out and it still works perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though.

Even tho i considered many products i decided to stick with my old school ways and wanted a original calorie & steps counter. It took me a little time to insert my info and details started but once i got it started never looked back. Really satisfied with this one, worth the price.

Great looking, light weight and sturdy material. Very simple to use and also has a convenient clip.

My husband uses this product to keep track of how far he goes on his daily walks. It is very accurate and easy to use. He clips it to his coat sleeve when he goes, and it never falls off. It also tells you the time, how many calories you burn, and can count your steps. Very easy to set up and use. We would gladly buy this again.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better Than Fitbit for Me!
  • Great Pedometer, But Clip Disappoints

I wear this every day to count steps for my company wellness program- it is easy to use and seems pretty accurate. Go through the instructions a time or two before activating the battery so that you will more easily be able to do the initial set up.

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I just upped my review to 3 ⭐️ , due to quick respons. Seller explained why the device seemed to be off: measuring your stride is extremely important. Being off just a few inches, it seems, will affect your mileage. To calculate correct stride length, use it once on a known course, divide number of steps by course length. Contact seller with questions. My original review: i purchased this for my 70 year old husband who decided to begin daily walking in the park. The course has been measured at four miles by park officials. He checked with two different park employees on two different days. He used the his pedometer on three days and it always registered at 2. Very disappointing for a guy who thought he was walking 4. At least it was consistent for those who are not concerned with exactness.

I initially bought this product to keep an accurate count of my steps while i’m working. Not only does it do that, but it has so many features that i honestly didn’t expect. I love that i can check how many kilocalories burned throughout an exercis, also keeps track of how far you have traveled.

Great quality for the price. Does a great job for counting steps. No wireless connectable but this makes it easier to use in my opinion. It has a battery that is replaceable, you don’t have to charge it every few hours. The large display is a plus.

Works amazing, my wife uses it every day for her running routine. It tells you how many calories you loose as well.

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