This is a handsome band and a review of the manual (english language instructions are in the back of the manual) reveal that this band has the functions that i purchased it for, namely bp, hr and spo2 (blood oxygen level), so i am anxious to try it. The amazon description states that this band is ip68 rated for water resistant, but the manual says the band is ip67, a lesser water resistance rating. This is no problem for me (if i am swimming it means the boat sank and i have bigger problems than whether the band will survive or not). The manual is honest about saying the band will need to be charged, the battery was completely empty (not a problem and the company makes sure to mention the need for the first 2 hour charge. Update 2/27/2019i have worn the band for a month and it has good battery life (~ 4 days), is comfortable to wear and relatively easy to use once you get used to its environment. My only concern is that the sleep takes a while to update in the app. Well worth the price, and now my wife wants one too.

Keeps track of my bp, hr, o2, sleep (when i can get it), etc. Stays bound to my android phone with no issues. The only problem i have with my fitness band is that it records almost every move of my wrist as a step, showing that i have walked farther than i have. I would and have recommend this band to friends. I would definitely purchase it again.

I like the style, the trackers, and the bp especially. However, the worst is that it will no stay connected to my iphone. It keeps disconnecting from bluetooth and every time it connects and disconnects it vibrates, annoying.

The tracker is easy to set up and to use, and most of the functions (step count, calories burned, etc) appear to be accurate. However, the heart rate and blood pressure readings are wildly inaccurate. I compared the fitness tracker’s heart rate and bp readings to readings from a calibrated bp cuff. My true heart rate was around 55 beats per minute (bpm) resting, but the tracker reading fluctuated between 85 and 63 then back to 85 as new readings were displayed. The bp readings were even worse. While the tracker showed my bp to be 104/68, the cuff showed 135/80. Don’t count on this tracker to give you accurate heart and bp readings. If those numbers are important to you, find another tracker. This is a low-priced fitness tracker, and you get what you pay for.

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I already am challenged with my eyesight if i don’t have my glasses on to read messages (one of the perks of old age). Can’t read anything on the tracker without them or difficulty.

Some found it easy to set up this tracker with their phone. For me, i’m 73 and struggle with computers, it wasn’t easy at all. However i hit some buttons yesterday and today i’m finally able to download my steps and my degree of fatigue. I still don’t have everything working yet. I go to aquafit classes 5 days a week with my friend, who has a different brand of tracker, and i always end up with more steps than her. I would like to think that my steps are accurate. I wonder if any other user questions the step record. This tracker works just fine in the water for an hour long aquafit class. It records the time, the steps, the calories burned, the distance travelled, ‘training’ which i haven’t figured out, hours of sleep between 10 pm and 8 am ( last night i lay on a couch to watch tv and it recorded the 1 hr 50 minute movie as sleep so i’ll either take off the tracker or sit in a chair), the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level as a percent, notifies you of messages on your phone, stop watch, finds phone, power off button bed and a system button (have to figure out some of these still). I didn’t see any other trackers for sale on amazon with this many features.

Just received this today so i really haven’t gotten to mess with it a lot. My wife has a fitbit charge hr and i compared them to see how off they were cause some people were saying it wasn’t accurate. But they were either reading the same or off by 1 or 2. I got this specifically for the heart rate for my anxiety, so having an accurate number is important for me. I’m not the biggest guy ( 5’6’/150lbs ) so i do have smaller wrists and it fits nice and it’s comfortable to wear. If you have larger wrists, i still have 8 more holes to make it bigger so you should fine as well. The touch screen on it is really nice looking and responsive ( i can’t stand it when they have that delay ). I’m using an iphone with this. Downloaded jyoupro off the app store and it was really easy to setup.

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Comments from buyers

“Highly Inaccurate Heart and BP Readings
, So far i’m happy with it!
, With a small wrist, nice that this fits.

For not much more than forty bucks, this fitness tracker works great. I use it for sleep tracking, time and notifications on my phone mostly, but it is also fun to see how many steps i take a day.

Monitors steps, sleep patterns and calories. Has an app that comes with it that allows you to track progress and is very user friendly. Has a touch screen that vibrates and tells you whos calling and other notifications from your phone like text, facebook, etc. Sizeable to fit a variety of wrist sizes.

Blood pressure is about 20 mm low. Drops the connection, logs out and stores nothing. In fact it is mostly useless. The watch itself works ok with the previous reservations. It is certainly no fit bit but it works.

Wow where do i start the watch has many great features, i like that it monitors your sleep, and blood pressure. Totally would recommend this product to a friend.

We could not afford the smart watches we wanted so we found the ones we bought for $35 each on amazon. They arrived yesterday and are working just fine. Yet i am reading reviews from other buyers complaining they don’t keep accurate counts of steps and bp. Hello even your phone says its not completely accurate its a representation. How many pedometers actually keep accurate count. Your phone is closer because it uses gps but again not accurate. Geesh you get what you pay for people.

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Like it functions and been great of help with my exercise,checking my bp n oxygen besides all. I feel healthy keeping track of my body.

I ordered the purple one, and it works as advertised. The instructions are a bit awkward, but, i figured it out. In daily use, one needs to reboot the band system once a week or so to resync it (or it stops holding the settings you chose like i set it to do not disturb between certain hours and to not light up when wrist is lifted). The one thing i noticed is that my wrist starts to feel clammy and itch a little if there is moisture between the band and my skin. I do not know if it is waterproof, but, washing my hands has been ok (minus the moisture build up). It is a silicone type material in the band, so be aware if ordering it if you have any skin sensitivities. I have not been able to match the o2 sensor and the heart rate/bp readings yet to verify how accurate it is. (so, do not use for serious medical monitoring unless you do match it to verify accuracy. ) =)it holds a decent length of charge.

After a few days of wearing, it has irritated my wrist at the point where it communicates my vitals. I recommend it be taken off unless needed. Also, the original face keeps changing when i sleep.

It has everything that a fitbit has without the price tagquite happy with it.

My boyfriend has been wearing it and absolutely loves it. He said he likes it better than his fitbit he used to have.

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