I ordered the 4×3 pedometer to keep on me all the time. I was both curious how much i walked in a day, and also wanted to use it for my exercise routines. It was easy to program, however there were no instructions on how to program or set it differently for walking or running. I called the company and was informed it had to be programmed for one or the other, but would not be able to calculate distances accurately for both. I carried it for about a week, looking every so often to see how far i’d walked and how many steps i’d taken. After a week, it froze up with a strange message, lost my data and i was forced to reset it. I e-mailed ozeri explaining the problem and they immediately apologized and offered to send a replacement unit at no cost (in fact they offered to upgrade me to a newer, more expensive model). The replacement model that arrived was the same as what i’d had, but i was still very satisfied with the swift response and the positive action taken on their part.

An excellent value for the money. The seller is very professional and followed up with me post sale to verify i was happy with the transaction and to offer details on when to expect the product. I was very pleased with that. Even more happy to say what an awesome product this is. This pedometer offers a 7 day memory, 3 split modes, a night light, a calorie counter and not only counts steps but also tells you how many miles you have gone and your average pace. It allows you to set your stride for even more accurate results. The step counter does not start until you have gone 13 steps, so no worries about jostling the device around. The device is not water proof but it is certainly water resistant, so no worries about sweat or rain. Most impressive is the tri-axis accelerometer it contains. You truly can put it in your pocket, on your hip or my favorite, around your neck.

I needed a pedometer for a class in school and this one caught my eye. It had all the functionality i required and at a very good price. Shipping was quick and the pedometer is just as advertised. It is easy to use and straightforward to setup and operate. An additional positive feature of this particular device is the fact it is very flexible as to where you keep it. Other pedometers have to be kept in a certain position or on a specific part of your body to function properly. The 4×3 feature provides the extra axis to add to the convenience. It can be kept around your neck, in one of your pockets or a purse. Either way it will tell you what you need to know.

I walk a lot, walk when i play golf. I’ve used pedometers before but they never seem accurate enough or tell me what i want, and they seem to be someplace else when i want them. This ozeri is very simple, very light weight, easy to use and seems very accurate. I especially like that it resets each day, and yet retains previous walk distances. It has provided the same distance each time i’ve walked the same path and that distance corresponds with a more expensive gps system so i am happy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy inexpensive way to keep track of the time, distance or steps they take.

The best pedometer i have ever hadin an effort to reach the recommended 10,000 steps a day, i have been wearing a pedometer throughout the day for several months. In that time i have gone through three inexpensive pedometers, so i decided to purchase a higher quality device that i could rely on. So far, i am very happy with this pedometerbest features:size – the size is great. It fits easily into a pocket and is barely noticeable(my old pedometers were so bulky). I can easily walk or run with the device. Tri-axis technology – this pedometer tracks accurately regardless of it’s position. This allows me to put it my pocket, purse, or wear it around my neck. I love that i can check my step count while walking and see the count go up step-by-step. Memory & auto-reset – the pedometer automatically resets each day and keeps a seven day history. I don’t have to worry about remember to reset the count each morning and i can compare my step count to past days (additionally, the clock is great when i go for a walk or run without my phone).

I’ve already reviewed the ozeri 4x3motion digital pocket 3d pedometer, yellow version:. Com/ozeri-4x3motion-pedometer-tri-axis-technology/dp/b004fg0e9c/ref=cm_cr-mr-title>. Recently, i ordered an additional 4, 3 in black and 1 in yellow, as gifts for friends who either walk or would like to get started walking, and they’re delighted. I’m trying to replace my sedentary lifestyle with a more active one, so i wear the pedometer and pendant all the time. It’s accurate, easy to read, and makes a great gift, especially at the amazon price. My only quibble is that the battery lasts less than 3 months and is also a bit cumbersome to change (you need an unusually small phillips head screwdriver), but i still give this product 5 stars. I’ve even written to the company to suggest that they also produce a jeweled version of the black one–rhinestones or gold trim or something classy–that would allow women customers to wear it on dressier occasions. Keep up the good work, ozeri.

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I received my ozeri 4×3 pedometer quickly. I was impressed with the shipping. Took it out of the box and it was very easy to set up. It even came with the little screw driver to reset the device. I have only used it for a couple of days (received it saturday 2/9/14) but so far so good. I like being able to hang it around my neck and tuck it into my bra. I won’t jump into the pool like i did with my fitbit. The size is great, not too big, not too small (like the fitbit). I think i am going to be happy with this device. Love this neon yellow color too.

Key specs for Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Records steps, distance, speed, calories and time with the world’s most advanced Tri-Axis technology.
  • 3 Recording Modes: Today, Split & Total — with a split screen display for multi-data views.
  • New 3D Tri-Axis Sensor (X, Y, Z plane detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps with 7-Day Memory, and includes a built-in Clock, Calendar & Sports Timer and Auto Sleep Mode technology.
  • Used by professional athletes, the 4x3motion boasts an ultra slim design that fits in any pocket, and features a blue backlight for night viewing. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Comments from buyers

“Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket Pedometer User Review
, A simple and great no nonsense activity tracker
, Decent, affordable pedometer

This little gizmo is fantastic. At first glance it might look complicated, but take a breath and do what the instructions say step by step and it turns otu to be very easy. I love the fact that you can just put it in your jean pocket and start walking – or (ladies) if no pockets you could even stick it inside your bra. Also comes with a lanyard – but in all honesty i do not see how you are supposed to attach it (only drawback) — but, i honestly do not see why you need it because you can stick this one in any pocket, purse, or jacket and off you go. Easy to use – resets itself everyday – but can store data. Easy to read, easy to use, has stayed accurrate. Great price for a great gadget – it helps motivate me every day.

This simple little gadget is a marvel of technology. I found that it works best for counting steps when you are jogging or power walking because it detects a stride or step based on a certain kind of movement that the unit experiences as you move. (this unit does not require necklace or belt loop wearing. You can actually put it in your pocket and it works fine. ) i didn’t find much use for the various modes since i just read the results at the end of a workout session rather than tracking multiple sessions over time. I found that the mileage indicator is directly related to how long your stride is (that you tell it) and how or when it detects a ‘jolt’ that means a ‘step’ to this machine. I suspect that it is similar to the ‘fall down’ detection in medical alert gadgets. Once you get used to how it works, it’s as good as anything else and better than some. In general i would say it’s a good purchase, at a decent price; however, if you find that your ‘old-fashioned’ pedometer works fine for you, this would be a nice gadget that is as much a new toy as it is a ‘medical’ device. It’s good but lacked just enough flexibility in step detection to prevent me from giving it a higher rating.

This small us based company is a pleasure to work with and makes great products. I had a small issue with the first unit delivered and they promptly delivered another. The device works exactly as described and fits nicely & discretely in my pocket. The only criticism i can think of is that the imitation chrome band (actually plastic) that wraps around the device scratches fairly easily, so i try to avoid putting the unit in the same pocket as my keys. I’d rather the device all be made of the rubberized material that covers most of the rest of it, but this is a minor issue. Since the device remains hidden in my pocket, it doesn’t really matter if it gets scratched. If you are looking for a pedometer, this is it.

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I have used six pedometers before getting the ozeri with tri-axis technology. I ended up disliking, if not totally hating them, because they would reset themselves, wiping out my data; break at the hinge; not count my steps accurately; burn out batteries quickly; and need the manual to figure out operations. The ozeri has none of those flaws. It has been accurate in all activities i’ve done. It has kept my data with no inadvertent wipe-outs, even when i sat on it. (my phone pocketed dialed, the ozeri just kept counting steps. ) the ozeri also has intuitive programming; once i learned the steps, i could remember them because they made sense. Its screen is larger than any other pedometer i’ve used, so i can easily read the data. But it’s also compact and slim enough to fit into any pocket.

A little confusing to program. The instruction manual is not easy to decipher–as most manuals are. I would love to know who writes any of these manuals, because they are all vague, not just this one. Once you get it programmed correctly, it is good. It is for my husband and he seems to like it. My suggestion is improve on the manual, the device is good. I do see you have a customer support number which i wanted to call, but my husband did not. Men always want to figure out things on there own. So good to see a company with made in america products.I will support that all the time.

Definitely a lot better than my wife’s misfit flash. At least if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can still see your progress for seven consecutive days. Otherwise, if your internet connection is bad or intermittent, good luck on trying to sync with the website to view your progress online. Contains just about everything i will ever need without the useless bloatware that many fitness devices now required. Simple, functional, great looking and definitely works. However, do not put in it your pocket when sleeping. Somehow, pedometer gets reset prematurely as you toss and turn in bed and all data is reset to zero. Otherwise, i was not compensated for this product review. Just my honest opinion from one who has gone through a lot of other inferior devices.

I bought this first for the ability to wear around my neck, or in my pocket. It has worked very well and i put it on in the mornings and wear it all day. I am keeping a walking log too on my own. It has helped me to be more motivated to walk more. And helps me to see how i am doing at any given point of the day. 2nd reason was cost, it was very inexpensive for such a good product. My only complaint is that it is extremely difficult to put the lanyard on the unit. I finally had to resort to a very small key chain ring and put the lanyard on to the ring, it works great.

It was delivered remarkably fast. I have been using it for 4 days now. Keep the box and instructions and you should have no problems. I have walked around counting in my head and find that it is reasonably around the same number (+/- maybe 6-10 steps sometimes). I check it periodically throughout the day and it seems pretty accurate. The only minus (and this seems to be a problem with most little electronics) is the hole to put the lanyard through is impossible. I don’t mind this because i like keeping it in my front pants pocket. I would buy it again and i would buy from this vendor again as well.

I purchased this pedometer after considering several others including the fitbit. After much debate, i decided to give this one a try. I figured at less than $20 if i didn’t like it i wouldn’t be out that much. I’ve been working on dropping a few lbs and i wanted to use this for when i walk. The product is small, easy to use and very accurate. And on top of all that, made in the usa. I’m very glad i went with this product instead of the fitbit because walking is just a small portion of my exercise routine. I also use my elliptical, run and do some power lifting. I have recomended this product to both family and friends.

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Overall, a very easy to use instrument and what seems to be great price. I primarily bought it for the ‘distance traveled’ function. The accuracy/precision seems to vary by. I run a former railroad line with the unit in my shorts pocket. 5 miles away from my starting point. 5 miles on the trail (as determined by the pedometer), i turned around and went back the exactly the way i came. So, my total distance should have been 5 miles, but the unit stated i had traveled 4. Its done the same thing on a few other routes. Since i’m not a competitive runner, i don’t really care that it is off a little, but if you are retentive about such things, this may not be the unit for you. I am quite happy with all the other functions though.

This is my second ozeri 4×3. My first one was the yellow model, which i wore into a hot tub. I replace it with this black one, which i love just as much. It is great that it is so small and light and i love that it comes with the lanyard. You forget it is even there (ie, how it ended up in the hot tub. ) it is convenient that it has the date and time as i don’t wear a watch these days. I also like that it resets itself each day, but i can scroll back and look at my data for the preceding week. I wear the ozeri all the time and it really encourages me to keep my activity up. I’ve quit driving around looking for a parking space as i know parking down at the bottom of the parking lot will up my step count.

I purchased 8 of these pedometers for our office when we implemented a fitness challenge. All in all, these are good pedometers. I like the auto reset at midnight , as well as the seven-day record of what i’ve done. It was easy to set up and it is easy to scroll through the different functions. Within our office, several folks have tested this unit for accuracy. One tested against their fitbit, and another counted one hundred steps. Both found this pedometer to be close, but not exact. The one with the fitbit registered more steps on this pedometer than on the fitbit, while the one counting, found it registered only 92 of 100 steps. A third coworker also noted that they walked over 100 steps at dinner one night with this unit in their pocket, despite never getting up from the table. My only complaint is that some sort of clip would be nice for those who do not have pockets on all of their clothing.

I bought this when i switched jobs to keep track of steps, miles, and calories burned while i’m on shift in the hospital. I love it, except for one thing: i cannot put it in my pocket doing my patient care tasks of bending, kneeling, lifting, leaning, etc. The first two shifts i kept it in my front pants pocket and the buttons apparently got pushed and reset it back to the ‘set mode’. Putting it in the pockets with other items had the same effect. I have not tried to wear the lanyard as i feel the same thing would happen. I simply tuck it in my bra strap. It stays put, it doesn’t move, you can’t tell i’m wearing it, and it doesn’t get reset. I have not had other pedometers, but the reviews on this one decided my purchase. I’m with the majority~ this is awesome.I have learned that during my 8-12 hour shifts, i can burn up to 350 calories and i walk an average of 4 miles every shift.

I’ve been using this for 3 months primarily for a fitness challenge where i work. There are some positive and negatives:pos:1. It does seem very accurate for walking distances. I love that i can pretty much have it anywhere on me and it will work the same. I like the calories burned and minutes exercised. I wish it has some sort of clip for a belt or waste, as a women i often don’t have pockets and wearing a lanyard around my neck isn’t the most professional look2. Durability- granted this was my fault but after one drop on a hardwood floor from about 3 ft, the screen froze on me, luckily removing the battery and putting it back in seemed to fix it3.

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