I have a very heavy work schedule running 2 businesses and a household with 2 small children. I do not have a lot of time to ‘play’ with a gadget to learn its inner workings before i can use it. This pedometer was clipped on my pants and in use within 10 minutes of opening the box. Everything is as it’s supposed to be. Very light, i don’t even realize it’s clipped to my pants. I originally thought that i was going to wear it around my neck, under my shirt. But the lanyard that came with it was too short for this. But because the belt clip is so comfortable, i don’t feel the need to go out and buy another lanyard in order to do this.

Pro: it works as advertisedcon: none so farhave tried several pedometers that sorta worked for step count. This one actually works very accurately for step count. It is easy to use, calculates a calorie burn based on your weight, the clip is strong enough to not worry about it falling off (which is a problem i have cussed on some others) and though small, is large enough to not get easily lost. It counts steps for each use, and keeps a running total until you completely reset it. Display is large and easy to read due to high contrast between numbers and background. Distance is of course a function of step length, and since walking across varying terrain step length changes so distance is not as accurate as a gps, but on constant flat terrain it is pretty close. Really killing the step count accuracy is the steep uphill sections where i take shorter short steps, but hey its a counter, not a gps enabled computer. Interestingly though the total calorie burn readout due to extra steps recorded on varying terrain is about the same as the calorie burn on the map my mile app which does not count steps but considers total distance and elevation change.

It resets at midnight so i don’t have to think about it. The manual is very small and hard to see. Don’t care for the goal setting function. If i set a goal of 5000 steps i don’t need a graphic telling me know how close 4000 steps is. But at least it is not obtrusive. I could live without the total steps walked because i don’t know what to do with such a number. The calories used display is nice but depressing. The tether has a nice locking jaw. I just slip the unit in my watch pocket and forget about it. If it would beep when i am about to step into dog ‘you know what’ then it would be perfect.

I bought one for me, then one for my wife a few months later. They provide good clear image of the time, steps, mileage, etc. And fit nicely in the pocket or one can use the clip which is tight and ‘form fitting’ on the little item. Steps are very accurate when walking or running. They do go up on a bumpy road when driving, otherwise car rides don’t change things. We have used several omrons before, which also worked well, but we do like these the best of any of the simple pedometers.

Bought this for my training for a marathon in a few months. I had some tracking apps on my phone but it got so frustrating when the app would glitch out after i was 1/2 way through a jog or walk. Runs on batteries so you’re not constantly ‘re-charging’. I just clip it on my pants pocket and wear it most of the day nowadays. It records steps, miles, minutes, etc. Initially i just used it when i was training but now i realize that even in my normal day-to-day walking, i will put on about 3 miles, which is fascinating. You have to set it up by physically measuring the length of your pace.

I’ve only had this pedometer for one day – well less really, it just came today. However, i can already say that it was super easy to set up and seems to be really accurate. I had it opened and ready to go in about 5 minutes. I like that it has you enter height and weight because i feel this will give me a much better idea of calories burned – my last pedometer did not require specifics which always made me wonder how accurate it was.

You have to be careful because the clip makes it very easy to lose. The first one i had i loved. The second one keeps resetting which is very discouraging and i don’t like how it keeps cumulative steps over several days when i just want to know how many i did that day. It is a comfortable fit and records most steps (though not as well if you are stepping in place.

I do quite a bit of hiking and needed a pedometer. A pedometer counts your steps and computes the miles from the step length you had previously entered. 7 feet when i walk normal and about 3 feet when i walk really fast. I programmed the unit for 2. 7 feet and increase the resulting miles by 10% if the pace is fast. If the pace is less than fast or faster than slow or has a lot of moving in piace, i adjust the multiplier accordingly. I calibrated the strides on a 1/3 mile measured loop. I thought about getting the unit with two saved stride lengths but it seemed too complicated and unnecessary for me.

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For me the most important thing is that it be accurate. I’ve tested it several times by counting 100 or 200 steps during a walk, and it always is either right on the nose or else at most 1 or 2 off, which i attribute to maybe changing my stride at the end of the count by accident. By the way, my sense is that the accuracy is a bit better when i wear it on my belt than it is when i wear it on a shirt pocket, although the instructions seemed to say you can wear it anywhere. I have not really tested this, though, since i’m just happy that it’s accurate, and the belt is fine; i have almost never worn it elsewhere when i walk. I’ve seen reviews complaining that the ’30 day’ memory is actually only 7 days, but i’ve had mine for about 14 days now and it remembers the daily total (and other data) for each of the days i’ve had it. So i think the ’30 days’ is probably going to be accurate, and i’m glad the pedometer has this feature. I don’t really care about the other data (miles, calories, minutes, total steps since purchase) so i have no comment about them. I’m glad they’re there since i like numbers and occasionally glance at them, but that’s about it. I know some people will pay more attention to those numbers. Occasionally i’ve been glad to have the time of day there, when i wasn’t wearing my watch.

Love it, gives me all in information i was looking for. It did get wet but i took it apart and put in in some rice for a couple of days to dry it out. Put it back together and it runs like a champ.

After looking through the reviews, this ozeri pedometer looked to be what i was looking for. It was shipped on schedule – thank you – and looks just as great as the photos show it. I am impressed with the quality, the appearance and the solid feel it has. After setting it up, i have used it and it does just what the article says. The functions work easily, it is easy to read, and is a nice small easily carried size. The clip it comes with is sturdy, but it is just easy to slip it in a pocket and forget it until time to read it. I am pleased with this product and glad it is made in america by and american company. And i recommend it to folks looking for a quality pedometer at a fair price.

Have been using for over two months now. Seems to be extremely accurate, much better than my old-style pedometer. I wear it everyday, clipped to pocket if i have one, otherwise i clip to my clothing waistline. I have found using the included short lanyard clip to be helpful because the clip on the holder slips easily. The clip on the lanyard holds strong. This little device has motivated me to move more. The 30 day review has worked with no problems. I have not only used to count steps, but to also determine distance of my walk routes. Everything seems to function exactly as planned.

I bought this for three reasons: 1) 30 day record – it may have a record for 30 days but you cannot see it. Edit – you can see it fine but you have to own it for 30 days and get data. If it has no data it shows nothing. Other reviews made me jump the gun on this impression. 2) tracking stairs climbed – which i guess it does but it will not track your steps and your elevation gain which is what i wanted. If you want the stairs climbed you have to reset your stride distance then it counts each step as a stair climbed even if you are on level ground. 3) it claims to have a graph of the results – it’s a real stretch to call it a graph. Note: this is my first pedometer so my expectations may have been too high, but the product was definitely misrepresented. Here are the specifications for the Ozeri 4x3sport Tri-Mode Activity Tracker:

  • New Tri-Mode edition designed for walking, running, and stair-climbing, with multi-axis detection technology for superior accuracy in any position.
  • Records daily steps, stairs climbed, distance, calories burned, and exercise time, with MotionLock to prevent unintended motion activation – such as when in a vehicle.
  • Enhanced Steps2Target feature tracks and calculates your steps toward your daily target and graphically displays your progress.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps with memory for 30 days of activity, and includes a clock, calendar & sports timer.
  • Boasts a slim pocket design with large easy-to-use buttons; ships with a lithium battery, lanyard, belt clip and instruction manual. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Works exactly as advertised. Step count and distance matches my manual count. It will also count a few steps while riding in the car. There is no off switch so disregard some of the ‘steps’ if you drive to your walking area. Overall it is a good product for a reasonable price. My only piece of advice is to use a back-up to the belt clip. The device is so light it could easily slip off without noticing it is gone. You can buy a ‘pedometer safety leash’ with a clothing clip and lanyard loop to make sure you don’t lose the pedometer. I speak from recent experience. I will be buying another ozeri and safety leash from amazon soon.

I really like my pedometer except that i can only see how many total steps i take because i couldn’t figure out how to use the other buttons. I’m not very tech savvy and i found the instructions to be very vague. I even went on line to see if any of the utube instructions would help. I wish the instructions had more pictures. However, i’m happy that i now know how many steps i take a day and hopefully i’ll find someone to help me figure out the other stuff.

I did not purchase the unit that i have from amazon. However, i can say that i am very happy with my device. It has capped track of my steps since april 18, 2016, which is well over 30 days. I like the various modes that are displayed at the touch of a finger. As a result of the benefits of using this device to keep record of the number of steps walked daily, i purchase a device for a friend from amazon which i will be giving to her very soon. It is my hope that she will use the device in order to become more active. I gave my daughter a device which was purchase from a health clinic and she has been using it for about 2 weeks with great success. I highly recommend this device as a tool to assist one in seeing how active they are on a daily basis. Walking does not cost anyone but time. Walking is a nature function, thus i would not consider it exercise.

I like the slender design and very secure clip. I did not like the instruction booklet’s lack of labels of the parts and lack of clarity for setting it up for use, but finally figured it out after multiple attempts.

This product was just what i was looking for. I read the other reviews and decided to give this product a try. It justly deserves the many high ratings. The read out is large and can be seen without glasses. The unit is easy to set-up and this pedometer is accurate. My thanks to the many previous reviewers who helped me make this choice. My purchase replaced a unit that originally cost $10 more and is junk. Don’t waste your money on other units – buy this one first time out and you will be happy. I love that it comes with both the belt clip and a tether.

I purchased this pedometer about 3 weeks ago. I wear this on my belt loop throughout the day. No issues with it coming off. Clip appears to be well made. Have found it to be accurate in recording steps. I work as a caregiver, so often will take just a few steps in either direction when helping a resident, these steps do not record. Unlike other units, the pedometer does not record any steps while traveling in a car. The first few days i wore it, i was constantly looking, checking and counting my steps. No need to check any more, it does a great job. Also records miles, calories burned, and minutes walked.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • my sense is that the accuracy is a bit better when I wear it on my belt than it
  • Accurate and Motivating
  • Great device is recording once movement on a daily basis which can aid in assisting one to become more active. 10000 steps daily

It seems to be extremely accurate and calculates whether i’m holding it in my hand or if it is in my pocket. As just about all of the reviewers wrote, the set-up isn’t so straight forward. I didn’t find an online manual for this model, but found one which was close. I never could figure out the 12 hour clock set-up, so went with 24 hours (1pm = 13:00)i recommend getting the set-up done right with your customizations before you start a regimen that really counts for a total number of steps over a period of time. Ps – i’m on target to accomplish 1. 5 million steps within 8 weeks, woohoo600,000 steps in 3 weeks.

This is the first pedometer i have used, so i can’t compare it to other products. But once i used it for a few days, i got to like it a lot. It taught me to really step down on my elliptical because it only counts steps when you really take a step and not when you just go through the motion. How it knows, i don’t know, but i think that is great – now i exercise better. It is totally accurate on the treadmill, no matter how fast or slow i set it. It is pretty good counting the steps i take around the house or go shopping. When the display refreshes after a quiet period, it starts counting before it displays the first few steps, i guess its computer is busy waking up and resetting. Once you realize that, it is ok since it counts even when it does not immediately display. At first it seems to count a few extra steps, but that is negligible. I have held the device in my hand and watched it count, and it does a very good job.

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Great pedometer, very easy to use, though at first i was a little daunted by the instructions. They are not clear at all, in that i wasn’t sure what they were trying to get me to do (to what end). But to use for your average purpose, you do not need any instructions. Seems to be very accurate and unobtrusive (so much so that i always leave it attached to what i am wearing that day and have to go back into the hamper to retrieve it every morning). Ozeri 4x3motion digital pocket 3d pedometer with tri-axis technology, in black.

Got the pedometer in a timely manner in excellent condition. Relatively easy to set up and have been using it to track my 10k program. Seems to be about as accurate as any pedometer and not as sensitive to position as some. The lanyard has kept it from falling several times as the belt clip can come of during exercise depending on what you have it attached to. I also like the multiple day tracking record for days i don’t get my exercise for the day recorded at the end of the day.

Very good, except that it only remembers the previous 7 days of activity, not 30 days. Also, sometimes when i push the button, it jumps forward 2 screens instead of just 1, so i often have to cycle back around again to see the info i want. Oh, and the tether’s clip is a little confusing at first; you have to flip the clips lever up to make it open and down to make it close, which is the reverse of what i’m used to. And i really had to put some effort into opening it the first time or two. To the point that i was worried i might break it, but it’s sturdier than it feels.

You would normally look at the price for this little step counter and think ‘it can’t work’ but actually it not only works, it’s quite sophisticated. However sophisticated as it might be, it’s not hard to set-up.

I had an iphone based pedometer, but found out very quickly that it burned through the battery in a hurry. So i looked around for a dedicated step counter. I got this after reading the positive reviews on amazon. It’s easy to set up, just the right size, not to big, not too small. I’m mostly interested to see how many steps i’ve taken every day, trying to get to 10,000 as often as i can. You can overdo it with fitness devices and forget the most important thing. This step counter is inexpensive, well made, accurate, and gives me the information i need.

I ordered a fitbit for $89 and i couldn’t even get it to work. After i returned it, i researched other pedometers and this one fits the bill perfectly. The only thing this doesn’t do that the fitbit does is have an app. But i really could care less about the app. I held this one as i was walking and it is perfectly accurate. It fits in my pocket and i really like it.

I gave this product a five because i like its ease of use, large display, simplicity. It’s fun, and i enjoy keeping track of how much i walk since i got a terrier mix and i’m walking with her all the time hitting city parks all over the place. I heard (don’t know of the accuracy of this yet) that 8,000 steps is the minimum one wants to walk daily, and 10,000 daily is even better. This provides a challenge and a report of my daily achievements. The health provider for the staff where i worked (i am out-posted there) got each employee a pedometer, and we have contests and we compare results. A great way to invest interest in getting healthy.

I should have purchased a leash. When i replaced it i purchased a leash and the pd4x3-2 which is smaller and fits in my pocket better. Com/gp/product/b005g00ah2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1both oteri pedometers are very good, accurate and easy to set up.

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