I have used these in the past for my pedometers, so i knew they were good. I ordered this one for my 90 year old father who needed a way to keep his cell phone (flip phone) attached to his shirt pocket. I just attached the leash to the phone cover and the clamp part to his pocket. Thank you for a great product.

This leash may be targeted for pedometers, but i use it for much more. It does work well for my pedometer, but i also use it for my hearing aide remote, my slide show pointer, etc. Think about it for all those things you do not want to lose. I find it is important to securely clip it onto a belt loop rather than around it. It is not clamped tight enough and you can easily brush against it ant open it. It may not work well for a heavily loaded set of keys, but one or two could work. Also how about those pesky flash drives that often get left in the usb port on a computer (i recommended it to many of my students in the computer classes i taught for 14 years as i saw how frequently they left them in the classroom computers and heard about them leaving them in the computer open lab. ) it is better than keeping them on a key ring where they can readily get damaged.

I have an omron pedometer that i just love but the leash clasp broke (made of plastic). Looked for a replacement at omron, but could not find one. I found this one on amazon and decided to give it a try. Metal clasphere is what i did not like: 1. The leash is twice as long as my original. It has a tendency to catch on things as i walk by. The nice part is the leash is easy enough to shorten as long as you or someone you know can sew. So, overall i am really happy with this device and would recommend it.

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I bought the pedometer safety leash as a christmas gift and liked it so much that i decided to buy two more for myself. One for my pedometer which i will give my husband and the other for my new fitbit received at christmas. Using the leash could potentially save me the $99 to replace the fitbit if it were to come off and get lostthe leash has a strong thin cord loop like found on cell phone bling only a bit longer – more like string loops used for small cameras. The cord loop is attached to a plastic clip that releases from the leash, which comes in handy since you can remove the pedometer from the leash to read the numbers without having to unclip the leash from your clothing. The metal clip has strong jaws and stays attached even when tugged. Thanks big fly sports for keeping the price low.

This lovely little safety leash for pedometer has stayed firmly attached to my fitbit ultra since i bought them in 2012. Yesterday i did a load of laundry and only when the clothes were half way through the drying cycle did i realize that my fitbit with leash and clip were still attached to the garment i had been wearing. When i took them out of the dryer the entire assembly was still together. The leash remained intact, the clip is intact, but the fitbit ultra had died a watery death as proven by my failed attempt to charge it. The leash did its job very well. Over the years it has saved my fitbit repeatedly, keeping it attached to my pocket or belt even when the fitbit in its clip was trying to escape. I will save the leash and reuse it for another device well done little safety leash for pedometer.

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These are much better made than the original leashes that came with our omron pedometers. (the omron leash clips were made of brittle plastic, which inevitably breaks. ) these leashes have metal clips, and even when the clips quit grabbing well, they can usually be bent back into working condition. We have even had a few of these leashes outlast the pedometer it was attached to. (one went through a washing machine and dryer, which didn’t ‘bother’ the leash at all. ) :-)i have continued to use the leashes for other things, like usb memory sticks (many of them have a leash hole in them), so even after all the pedometers are dead and gone i can imagine ordering more leashes, if they’re still available.

What is it about pedometers that make them leap off, into toilets, or quietly diving for soft ground so you don’t notice they’re missing till too late?i have several pedometers, but only one had a leash. I’ve been using both the leash that came with the omron (plastic locking clip) and this one (metal locking clip). And i cannot knock the price of this. I bought three, on the off-chance it might wear out. But in a month of daily, hard use, it’s showing no sign of wear or failure. And it’s saved my pedometer from the soup many, many times.I’ve never managed to knock it loose from my waistband.

  • Inexpensive reliability
  • Very veersital for many other uses.
  • Handy and creates peace of mind.

Safety Leash for Pedometer (1) Unit. Helps Save Pedometers From Loss

  • Attached to Pedometer Clip
  • Prevents Loss
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