I owned the 235 and it is very similar in how it works but even better. Love how easy it is to navigate and it tracks everything needed, so glad i purchased the 935 along with the bundle as it is worth paying the extra instead of buying each piece individually.

Great bundle it comes with everything,.

❤️best christmas present to myself.

Very stylish watch that provides accurate metrics while biking, running and swimming. The bundle package is very convenient which includes all needed bands and chargers. It was nice to learn that you can synchronize your watch with your phone for messages. This was a great gift to my husband but i hope to see a more ‘girly’ version in the future (too big for me).

Best improvement i made in my training routine, having metrics in many disciplines to help improve form and track progress. The swim hrm takes awhile to figure how to get it adjusted just right.

Upgraded from my garmin 920xt. This is an excellent watch for multi-sport athletes. It seamless integration with garmin connect and strava allow for automatic uploads when in wifi range. Love the new features this watch provides over the 920xt.

  • Fantastic running gps watch
  • Best Garmin Triathlon and Multisport watch to date and unbeatable bundle!
  • Topnotch!!

If you are changing your lifestyle from sloth to active this watch makes the transition fun. It tells you distance heart rate etc and it’s accurate.It does the same on runs and i reccomend getting the chest strap so you can get the most accurate heart rate reading possible. Worth the money and is very durable.

This is my 5th garmin, and i will say so far it is the best (forunner 101, vivosmart, vivoactive hr+, 1st generation computer running watch). If you are a multi-sport athlete you need this garmin. If you are a single sport athlete then i wouldn’t recommend it, only because you won’t need all the options this garmin offers. But for my multi-sport athletes this watch is so accurate and i love the treadmill setting. We runners know that the treadmill and garmin are not accurate, but this garmin asks you how far the treadmill says, and records what you input the treadmill distance. For type a people this is amazing. The heart rate monitor is so nice, can’t even feel it, and accurate. I can’t wait to take it in open water. Oh and the battery life, yeah i have had it for a week, work out everyday sometimes twice a day and still haven’t had to charge it yet.

It is expensive, but worth the money. Wish i would have switched two years ago when i had issues with my fitbit. Excellent product, user friendly, and provides detailed information to help improve her work out regimen (whether it be triatholons or whatever you are working to improve athletically).

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Researched many sport watches and this has all the features that athletes need to reach their goals. This light weight gps running/triathlon watch with wrist-based heart rate monitor is the perfect fitness tracking companion for endurance athletes. I’ve used the watch for 3 weeks on all my training runs and races, and no longer need to carry my phone in my pocket to track my runs. This watch automatically synchronizes with the garmin connect app on the phone after each run and then uploads the data to strava and runkeeper. The option to use the hrm-run strap is also a bonus if you want more heart rate and running metrics; however, i haven’t had to use it since the wrist based monitor works well and i don’t like having a strap across my chest while running anyways. The included hrm-swim strap will come in handy during training swims since the wrist based monitor won’t work underwater. The battery life on this watch is surprisingly long for all the features crammed into it and it can even calculate your vo2 max and lactic threshold. The screen protectors and battery chargers make this bundle the complete fitness package for any athlete.

Features of Garmin Forerunner 935 (Tri-Bundle) Power Bundle | Includes HRM Tri & Swim Chest Straps, HD Screen Protector Film (x4), Extra Silicone Band, PlayBetter USB Car/Wall Adapters | GPS Training Watch

  • [GARMIN FORERUNNER 935 TRI-BUNDLE] – Garmin Forerunner 935 (Amp Yellow Band) GPS Multi-Sport Running Watch, HRM-Tri Chest Strap, HRM-Swim Chest Strap, Extra QuickFit (22mm) Silicone Band (Black) & USB Charging Cable
  • PLAYBETTER POWER BUNDLE] – HD Screen Protector Film (4-Pack), PlayBetter USB Car Charging Adapters & PlayBetter Wall Charging Adapter
  • ULTIMATE TRIATHLON BUNDLE] – Prepare for your next triathlon with the HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim chest heart rate monitors plus Forerunner 935’s incredible training metrics
  • ADVANCED RUNNING METRICS & MULTI-SPORT ACTIVITY PROFILES] – Detailed metrics including running dynamics, wrist-based heart rate, training status, lactate threshold, VO2 max & many more; Custom activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor/trail), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), skiing, paddle sports, hiking & more
  • [PERFECT BUNDLE] – The extra QuickFit (22mm) silicone band allows the Forerunner 935 to match any look while the HD Screen Protector Film will keep it looking brand new and the PlayBetter USB Charging Adapters (not included in original packaging) will make sure you’re never without a charge!
Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri-Bundle Premium Running/Triathlon Watch
Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle - Hero

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri-Bundle Premium Running/Triathlon Watch

Get your hands on the Forerunner 935 Tri-Bundle, Garmin’s premium running/triathlon watch package – including two HRM and two wristbands. This watch is packed with advanced features to help you train, race, and play better than ever.

Top Features with the Forerunner 935 (Tri-Bundle)

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle - Bike

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle - Black

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle - Recovery VO2 Max

GPS Running/Triathlon Watch + Activity Tracker | Count Steps, Calories and Sleep!

Forerunner 935 can track other sports including golf, paddling, skiing, and, of course, cycling; making it compatible with Garmin’s line of Varia cycling awareness devices. It also accurately monitors your steps, calories and sleep topped with an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours in GPS/activity mode.

Customizable & Comfortable Design + Wrist-Based Heart Rate | Reliable Training Buddy!

Featuring a lightweight built, comfortable fit and slim design — Forerunner 935 completes the deal with its built-in barometer, altimeter and compass which allows you to track your training data. Compatible with heart rate strap monitor such as HRM-Run or HRM-Tri, this triathlon watch allows you to unlock advanced features such as lactate threshold and HRV.

Monitor Training and Recovery | Helps you Prepare for an Intense Race

Have an effective training plan with Forerunner 935 which helps you monitor your training and recovery all day long. The new anaerobic training effect metric provides an overview to a critical aspect of training, making you aware of when to push your limits and when it’s time to slow down.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle Components

Includes HRM-Tri, HRM-Swim + Two (2) Silicone Wristbands

Package includes two Garmin Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors – HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim. Plus two silicone wristbands, one Black and one Amp Yellow. Plus a USB Data Cable.

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garmin forerunner 935 premium gps running triathlon watch wrist-based heart rate multisport training

Accessory #1: HD Screen Protector Film (2-Pack)

Keep your Forerunner 935 screen protected with our crystal-clear HD film! Installation is a breeze and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your watch screen is completely protected from scratches and cracks.

garmin forerunner 935 premium gps running triathlon watch wrist-based heart rate multisport training

Accessory #2 & #3: PlayBetter USB Car & Wall Charging Adapters

We worked hard to pick the most functional accessories for the Forerunner 935 GPS running watch – including the PlayBetter USB Adapters that will ensure your electronics are never inconveniently without a charge!


I bought this for my husband for christmas. He liked it so much, and i was so impressed with it that he bought me one, also. We mostly run, but i’ve used it for all my other workouts (swimming, biking. This watch provides amazing data that aids in training. I really like that it shows aerobic and anaerobic training effects. The numbers are much easier to read than my old forerunner even when i’m not wearing contacts. When swimming laps, it vibrates as an alert on lap 4 for 100 meters.

Thank you for deliver it’s so fast.

I bought this for my husband. He ended up returning it and buying the phoenix which he absolutely loves.

Battery life is great, which is why i needed to upgrade from the 235. It has more workout options, but you definitely need to read the manual to adjust settings. For example, i could barely read the pace in the 3rd screen. I also have to sit down with the manual to set up the tempo run feature – a very cool tool in theory. Wish it had a similar track workout feature. It was a very expensive gear purchase, but this watch will certainly be able to last through a 50k or a very long mountain adventure.

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This is a fantastic watch for triathlons, i absolutely love it.

The battery life allows you to use the watch for more than one week without plug in the watch. The yellow silicon band gives the watch a sport look, and if you want, you could change it to a black one, for a formal appearance.


My progression with garmin gps watches began with the 310xt, then to the 620 and now finally the 935. I was not real impressed with the 310xt. The 620 seemed to make a lot of gains in terms of fixing many of the issues i’d had with the 310xt and now, finally, the 935 seems to have gotten it all together. I’m sure i’ll add to this review as i go, but after a couple of weeks with it here are my first impressions. First up it is amazingly small for a gps watch. It has a wrist based heart rate monitor and seems to monitor just about everything you do if you wear it all the time. I had not intended to do that, i never dreamed the battery life would work for that, but it has amazing battery life. I haven’t changed any settings to preserve battery and even wearing it 24 hours a day i’ve not yet seen it go below 90% charge. At that level if i plug it in for 20 mins it’s back up to 100%. That would mean sleeping with it on.

Only downfall is that the notifications are either all or nothing, it is pretty annoying to constantly being alerted to work email on my wrist, but i still want the text notifications.

Bought for my husband, he is training for his first ironman and he absolutely loves it. Easy to use, very lightweight, great transition from activity to activity.

Bought watch four months ago and absolutely love it. Easy to use and tracks all most everything. Haven’t used the heart monitors yet but will be trying them out soon.

Awesome multi sort watch and play better is a top notch company and any time i or someone i know is looking into this type of product ian recommending play better all the way.

I had an older model which was bulky and a little cumbersome. This is so easy to use and customize. It fits easily on the wrist and it very comfortable.


The watch and the bundle are awesome, but there seems to be a glitch between the garmin connect app and an app called trainingpeaks. Syncing seems to be an issue.

My training has increased tremendously.